32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-21-23

  1. Morning all! It is 40 degrees at 7am! 51 a high before this storm arrives bringing cold and snow once again ⛄️

    Interesting article and I did read some of the comments which were all over the place in opinion.

    I’m not there so I must form my observations on what is being reported. Some reports are pointing out that the students “don’t feel loved” and are disillusioned. But being honest there seems to be something missing. I have yet to see a report of “repentance” or a call to Christ being the way the truth and the life. So much reporting saying the message is “come to God” but no mention of our Mediator, our Savior, the Messiah. The One who laid down His life so that we can come before the Father.
    That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. I’m not saying the Lord God Most High isn’t in the midst of this. I pray He is and that there is revival in the hearts of not only those there but beyond those walls. I have read commenters saying to be patient and don’t expect this type of revival to play out according to a formula.
    I observe and pray to the Father over all that He would accomplish His work through it all ❤️

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  2. Indeed, difficult for us to judge something happening far away from us. I have read some on it, including the opinion shared by Cheryl yesterday. Interesting reading.

    We’re back to pretty winter with not pretty temperatures. Off to help assisted living residents celebrate Mardi Gras. Too bad I have given any beads I had to my grandchildren.

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  3. Good morning all! We’re sunny and warmish here in So TN.

    In the late 90s one of the other revivals (Brownsville) spread to our church in Connecticut. It was transformative for me. I repented of my sins (which were many) and was filled with the Holy Spirit and with the power to endure. During those few years of revival, I entered broken, and experienced a deep spiritual, emotional, and mental healing that has stayed with me to this day. I came away from it with a love for Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Father and for Scripture. Before that time, I had read and even memorized portions of the Bible, but it was never the living word. Now it is. The Bible is not just a book, it’s truly ALIVE! And it never returns void to the Father, but accomplishes ALL he sent it to do.

    As for the Asbury revival/renewal/never-ending prayer meeting, I haven’t heard anyone claim this is the next Great Awakening [though one can hope]. But it’s pretty clear from reports, including from some I know personally, that Jesus is lifted up, repentance is happening, and faith is being renewed. Some of these people (not all) will come away with emotional healing, sustaining faith and empowerment to meet life events that they would otherwise not have had. That said, there are always people who want to manipulate a move of God for their own purposes and agendas. I pray that the Spirit of this revival/renewal/never-ending prayer meeting will spread, that Jesus will be exalted and that faith grounded it the word of God will be produced, and that God will protect it from ungodly influences and purposes. I pray that the Word will go forth and not return void but accomplish everything in this move that God intends by his perfect will.

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  4. I appreciated Cheryl’s link, especially the author’s biblical reminder that we are to test the spirits — and the mention of how we sometimes can develop what become idols when it comes to our other desires to see the nation and culture reform.

    I don’t think anyone’s “bashing” or “hating on” what is going on, at least not here. But the cautions, I think, are also warranted — and, more importably, they’re scriptural as yesterday’s final link correctly pointed out.

    Again, if some of those young people come to true saving faith — not just an emotional response that lasts for a season — then that is something that comes by the move of God with that individual, not as a result of our creating the “right” setting that feels like a concert or a campfire experience.

    Annie’s feeling much better and is eating, I’ve switched up her food (I’m doing that often now, it’s important that she eat). She’s also back to her loving self, not leaving me alone when it’s time to get up, walking on me, purring giving head swipes on the iPad or whatever else is handy.

    But she’s still not playing with Abby, Poor Abby. Still, I’m grateful they seem to like each other (SO MUCH in Abby’s case, tolerated in the cat’s case, but the fact that the cat feels safe around Abby — if sometimes annoyed — has been a blessing).

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  5. I think we harken back to the Great Awakening when the term “revival” is used. But these terms are loose, of course, and not altogether biblical, sometimes more cultural.

    Again, if people come to saving faith, that clearly is something we can rejoice over and celebrate.

    We also have an “event” that occurs every Lord’s Day, of course, where sins are confessed, the gospel is preached, and communion observed, amen?

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  6. Thanks for referring to Cheryl’s post Kathaleena I hadn’t looked at yesterday’s thread to see if anyone posted late! I appreciate this young man’s perspective.
    Appreciate your insights as well Debra❣️

    Thankful Annie is coming around to feeling like her old self. Abby needs a puppy 🙃

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  7. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood here. Blue sky and a front rolling by with significant clouds. Beautiful.

    Today is my dad’s birthday, he is ninety three. He grinned when I wished him happy birthday. Hopefully somebody will come up with some cake.

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  8. Abby would love another dog, for sure.

    Any thoughts on a good (but affordable) commercial dog food? It’s been so long since I’ve explored dog food issues — I received the Whole Dog Journal’s annual “best dog food” edition and my eyes just glazed over. I wanted to just ask my vet his thoughts but, so far, because of Abby’s car phobia, we haven’t gotten to make that appointment just yet.

    I’ve had her on the Costco dry food (and I add shredded chicken I pick up at Sprouts, along with chicken broth), but the humongous bag of that food is finally running low and I’d rather not buy another (though it is cheap — and it’s what the fosters were giving her so seemed easy and best to just continue with that in the beginning).

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  9. Happy birthday to Mumsee’s dad!

    We’re getting a cold front with especially low temps for us, some rain (most of it more inland), low snow levels in our mountains, all starting Thursday and going through probably Saturday or so — then it will be still cold the following week.

    Another high gas bill in the works.

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  10. My uninformed view on the Asbury business:

    I have not paid much attention other than to pray for those involved and have not read what people have written about it other than Debra’s showing of the first sermon that was the apparent start and NancyJill’s local pastor input.

    In my view, we are not to be judging our Lord’s other workers in that it is not up to us how God uses His tools. At the same time, we are also called to be wary and not get pulled into false teachings.

    Watching the video, the pastor seemed to be one who loves the Lord and wants others to know that Love. He used Scripture to guide his message. He did not seem to be trying to stir up emotions but rather to stir people into knowing God. That all seems good to me.

    The Colorado pastor indicated the guy has had a changed life and is working to spread the Truth.

    Those all leave me with the thought that God may indeed be doing a mighty work in the hearts of many and we should be praying for them to hold firm in the Truth and to be bathed in His Love. We should also pray that the Message will remain clear and people will be drawn to the Living Water, Jesus Christ and be transformed. “For He delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of Hs beloved Son” Colossians 1:13.

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  11. Donna, it’s so hard to pick a food. Some say this, others say that. Then there’s raw!!! I could never do raw, but again, that’s a personal opinion.

    We feed Kootenay Purina Pro Puppy (no chicken) as that’s what he was on and the breeder and her vet husband recommended. Duke is on a Canadian food Horizon Pulsar Pork. (It’s made less than 2 hours from our home) It’s really helped his boxer gassy belly 🙂 It’s a bit less expensive than other foods we’ve had him on, but he’s doing well on it. https://horizonpetfood.com/pulsar-pork/ I’m not sure if you can get it in the States though.

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  12. We’re also going to have quite a windy few days ahead.

    I need to start using treats on our walks, getting Abby to sit before we step off a curb.

    It may also help her in other ways — she still associates the “sit” command with having to first run to her dog bed or crate. Then, she sits, perfectly. It’s really kind of funny.

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  13. My vet told me a long time ago that raw food required a lot of effort and big freezer capacity, neither of which fits with my lifestyle or kitchen setup.

    The “Farmer’s Dog” fresh food is being pushed heavily now in ads here, but again, it requires lots of space in a refrigerator and/or freezer. I have a small refrigerator as I’m constrained by space with built-in cabinets here.

    Some of the premium foods get great ratings but they can be expensive, up to $500 a month to feed a large dog.

    My other dogs were on Merrick, a mix of dry and canned food, and I guess I just kept them on that for so many years — until I had to start cooking for them in their last months — that I have been very out-of-the-loop on the current crop of commercial dog foods. And they all seem to have some specialties — as you mentioned, one of the foods helped with your pup’s gassy tummy, etc.

    On the up side, they now say it’s fine to switch foods on your dog from time to time — used to be said you should keep them mostly on the same food.

    So until I can get her to the vet, I’ll improvise.

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  14. Lu gets Purina One chicken and rice. The vet told me keep giving it to her as her coat is amazingly shiny and Lu is very healthy!
    Pip is on Blue Buffalo Wilderness puppy formula. No other food agreed with her…all giving her diarrhea except for this food. Since she is now a year old we have been mixing Lu’s food with hers and so far so good!

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  15. Just wondering who has made time to watch the chapel service that launched ‘the revival?’ I found it convicting in that I don’t love others as I should. It really is pointed about how selfish all people are and the need for repentence in not following Jesus’ command to love one another.

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  16. Nancyjill, quite a few of the ladies really appreciated your suggestion of Behold Your God. Our oldest member, age 92, desires to study one of Paul’s letters to the Gentiles. I found a study, Earl Grey with Ephesians, by Sandra Glahn (Dallas Theological Seminary) as a possible study. We need to pick this week for approval by the pastor and then to allow time for shipping of the order.

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  17. Janice I watched the video up until the young pastor walked off the stage. I don’t know why but his delivery did not resonate with me which doesn’t mean it wasn’t heartfelt but I just was left with a “hmmm”. And I would hope I would not be judge for not getting it. Like I said before my prayer is that this truly is touching the hearts of those there for His glory…that they would truly know our Savior and be touched by His deep deep love for them.

    I haven’t heard of Sandra Glahn but will look her up. I am certain ya’ll will pick out just the right study for such a time as this. ♥️

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  18. NJ, that was why I thought it could well be God. The instrument was not doing the drawing. As he said at the start, I don’t want you to remember me, I want you to know God and His Love. My paraphrase. It was not a standout pastor drawing crowds with his charisma, it was a stumbling human trying to share the Truth on the platform he was given.

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  19. I confess that this cracked me up when I read it on yesterday’s Daily Thread: “made a spreadsheet with my bills and then printed it. Then I got out a calculator and added it all up.” Does someone need some training in Excel? (said lovingly)

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  20. Good points, NJ and Mumsee. I had already, this week, been convicted, by a Romans study, of not loving people and being judgemental so when I watched this chapel presentation it was like a recurrent theme of the week that I need to learn to love well since Jesus is my example, and I want to follow Him more closely.

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  21. This is a comment I made on Romans 15:7:

    In reading verse seven I questioned, why does giving acceptance of others give glory to God?

    Since we are all made in His image, every person has inestimable value and for that reason alone should be deemed worthy of acceptance. If we reject people for some personal judgement then we are rejecting the image of Himself that God has placed in them. We are placing ourselves above Him and His commands if we pass judgement of worthiness. In that line of thinking, I concluded that we essentially are breaking the first of the ten commandments by putting ourselves in the place of God by making such judgements.

    I am convicted. I need Jesus over and over as scripture reveals personal sins in my daily study. There would be no hope except for Jesus. To whom else could we turn to who would take on our punishment for the various sins that are common among people?

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  22. Janice, we can apply that lesson to ourselves as well. Just like I am learning not to see an odd action and think “what a jerk” or whatever cut can pray for them and their safety in getting home to their loved ones, I can drop something on my toe and instead of saying “what a stupid person I am” I can say, “thank you God for how You made me and that I did not cut off my toe.”

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  23. Does that mean you will be up all night? My dad has been headed for bed since four. Finally went at seven. I am off to bed just in case I may need to get up several times.

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  24. I’m up late. Slumber party?

    The wind is really blowing here tonight; rain and cold temps and snow levels down to 1,000 feet to come in the next few days, at least that’s the forecast.

    Ah, just heard one of my empty trash bins crash down into the driveway. That often happens when it’s windy.


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