31 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-18-23

  1. Every official who claims that the water from the contaminated creek in E. Palestine is safe should have to drink it live on the air. It’s completely irresponsible that there has been so little federal action (not even a press conference!) two weeks after the tragic train derailment.

    Joe Biden, of course, is nowhere near E. Palestine – he is in Poland to “commemorate the one-year anniversary of Russia invading Ukraine” (???). (It’s far more likely that he is there to ensure the continuation of laundering of American tax dollars through Ukraine to his crime family.)

    These kind of ‘accidents’ are happening in many locations throughout the country (at least in red states). It’s all part of the Biden Effect – the purposeful destruction and demoralization of the USA.

    Always remember, folks – stolen elections have devastating consequences.

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  2. Double Dog Dare Ya’s.

    C’mon, put your health on the line if you’re so sure.


    “Vance blasted the Biden administration for refusing to deal with the core concerns of those living in the East Palestine, Ohio area following last week’s release of toxic fumes after a train derailed on Feb. 3 near the state’s eastern border.

    “They are not getting answers from their authorities about exactly what’s going on, what’s being done to clean up the disaster,” Vance noted. “The railroad has completely failed to clean up the toxic soil that’s leaking into the riverways, into the waterways, and into the groundwater. So, there’s this question about whether we’re testing the water enough. The question that I have is why haven’t we cleaned up the contaminated soil that’s going to eventually contaminate the groundwater no matter what.””

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  3. These perverted degenerates are after the kids, and they aren’t hiding that fact. So pay attention when they tell you who they are, and what their evil intents are.

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  5. Like Tychicus said, how much is going to be laundered back to the Biden crime family?

    The money in the washer goes round and round, round and round, the money in the….

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  6. Only now do they tell the truth. They knew this during the campaign, but helped hide it from the voters until it doesn’t matter and a Dem Gov can appoint the next clown up.

    They are an enemy of the people, as well as fair elections.

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  8. I agree with Tychicus – anyone who says water is safe to drink needs to publicly drink that water. Norfolk Southern CEOs should drink the kool-aid but lets not stop there; any politician and water company that claimed Flint water is safe needs to drink up.

    This isn’t a Democrat vs Republican situation. The political class on both sides has failed. Trump rolled back rules and regulations for trains in 2018 (but then why didn’t Biden reinstate them?). However, this started way back in the Reagan era and was continued by Clinton.

    Modern corporate capitalism is focused on short term shareholder return not long term investment. The result is a complete disregard for private infrastructure. I’m sure they will go cap in hand for gov’t help soon.

    Another lesson here is the need to listen to the workers. Train workers were forced to accept a contract by the railroad companies supported by Biden. And there was no criticism from Republicans except Biden took too long and was too nice. However the workers were right.

    Finally Norfolk Southern was a large contributor to “Cop City”. Those on the far left see this as corporate America working with the police to keep the masses in line. A bit too conspirtorial for me but I do find it weird that private firms contribute to policing.

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  9. Forgot to mention, Ohio Republican Governor is responsible for the so-called controlled burn. Not exactly a brilliant move and gave Norfolk Southern a cheap way to afford a more thorough clean up. Now we have a chemical cloud over both E Palatine but moving with the wind.

    Agreed that Pete B and Biden blew this in terms of PR. However, at least, they didn’t try to fix things and make it worse.


  10. The tweets reveal what happens when health care is for profit. The doctor/admin is discussing the need to convince those in charge of the need to hire a social worker along with others when they open a gender clinic. Like any other potential private enterprise, they need to discuss return on investment, potential clients, etc. From the decade-long debate on ACA, Republicans have continued to stress the need for the gov’t to stay out of the health care business. The profit motive will distort and inflate demand – clinics will recommend tests, ultra sounds, CAT Scans, etc which may not be needed. In the same way, the profit motive will encourage gender surgery without due diligence and psychological evaluations.

    I googled US spending in Ukraine and the first few hits had numbers ranging from $31 to 120 billion. I suppose it’s which type of aid you count, when you start counting, and if you count approved as opposed to actually spent. Some of the money that has been approved won’t actually be spent for years. In comparison, military spending in Afghanistan was close to a trillion dollars. In terms of “return on investment”, Ukraine is far ahead.

    Russia along with China pose the greatest challenge to US hegemony. Russian armed forces will take decades and trillions of dollars to recover from their Ukrainian adventure no matter who actually wins in the end. Given Russian difficulties and western support, China is checking itself and keeping to cyberwar, industrial espionage, etc. Internally, China is having economic difficulties, real estate bubble bursting, and dissent. In all Ukraine is a bargain for the US.


  11. Jan6, the biggest govt fraud ever.

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  12. Still shocked that anyone still buys the lies the govt us selling. This was a fed up from the start.

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  13. Why did Julie Kelly think armed undercover agents at the Trump rally was mindblowing – of course they were there (they’re at almost any political demonstration) , of course they were armed (its America), of course, they were chanting the same stuff as others (they were undercover) etc. All of this does negate the fact people wilfully committed illegal acts. You break the law no matter the motivation there are consquences.

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  14. Dominion Systems is suing FOX for libel. Through discovery, they’ve obtained emails and memos from Fox that admit they knew Trump had lost and all claims to the contrary were false. They continued to make election fraud claims because they were afraid of losing their audience to Newsmax and OAN. I wouldn ‘t call FOX the enemy of the people but this does indicate they rather poison public discourse just to maintain their ratings. Now there’s a media circus people should avoid.


  15. That’s it HRW, keep ignoring the obvious, this was a fed run op. You would already know this if you paid attention.


  16. Pay attention

    But muh insurrection…..


  17. Here ya’ go, someone from your side. Maybe your like oughta pay attention too.

    It will be, once R’s release everything and the actual truth is known, not the made for TV fantasy Dems and the media have pushed which the gullible lap up willingly.


  18. This is a sham.


  19. This seems totally legit….


  20. Drink up peasants!


  21. “Somebody from your side”?? If you think I’m on Pelosi’s side; you haven’t really been paying attention. Why would I care what her daughter thinks? Mom indulged her so she could have some success as a filmmaker – trust fund artist (I can just hear my daughter if she heard those words). Her daughter thinks an insurrection needs people marching like an army – that would be a military coup not an insurrection which is asymmetrical – precisely what happens on the 6th.

    Did the Shaman do nothing? No he trespassed and helped interrupt a national legislature. Does he deserve 41 months for that? Probably not, but this level of repercussion is to be expected for a political act. Anti-pipeline civil disobedience were met with dog attacks, sound cannon, water cannon, tear gas, baton charges, etc. When arrested for misdemeanors, female protestors were strip searched and cavity searched in front of male police officers. In the end many received similar sentences to the Shaman. All for protesting a private corporation on land contested by the Sioux, the government and the pipeline corp. Have to love police used to enforce corporate rule. Do I have any sympathy for the Shaman – nope, his behaviour was just stupidity; he’s lucky the police didn’t shoot, tear gas, etc. Do I have sympathy for the people involved in the pipeline protests – yes overwheling force was used to enforce corporate rule not rule of law. And then there is the sexual assault….Shaman guy will serve less than 2 years in a mimimum securtiy, with parole.

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  22. Julie Kelly seems perpetually outraged. She’s shocked CI ‘s were paid in cash? She must be making this up. Of course, they are paid in cash; they are criminal informants with emphasis on the criminal. And the lack of accountability allows the police to skim a few bucks for coffee and donuts.

    As for change of venue, it only makes sense if there was increased local coverage but in this case the publicity was nationwide. You can’t find an untainted jury pool anywhere in the US. The lawyer is doing her job – laying the seeds for an appeal. However, would she be happy if the judge moved the trial to Balitmore? No, she wants to venue shop i.e. move the trail to friendly political turf. Venue shopping isn’t a reason for a change of venue and the publicity is the same throughout the US . Hence, the trial occurs where the crime was committed.

    And seriously the majority of people associate Proud Boys with right wing militancy, white racialism, etc. Essentially, the lawyer is asking for a different venue because there are too many blacks and/or liberal whites. If the KKK burned a cross near the Capitol, would we consider moving the venue to avoid people who have a bad view of the KKK?


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