31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-17-23

  1. Just so you know, I’ve reported several of you to authorities for investigation of your radicalized reading lists, myself included. 🙂


    “There is also a reading list of historical texts which produce red flags to RICU. These include Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes, John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government and Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France, as well as works by Thomas Carlyle and Adam Smith. Elsewhere RICU warns that radicalisation could occur from books by authors including C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Aldous Huxley and Joseph Conrad. I kid you not, though it seems that all satire is dead, but the list of suspect books also includes 1984 by George Orwell.”

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  2. Lol, Aj, if it weren’t so pathetic.

    Oh, those cartoons are so subversive.

    I am sure I am on someone’s list. I am on God’s list, which makes the rest less relevant.

    The man, who was the reason for my husband’s jam group meeting where they do and also the reason for them playing in his assisted living place, passed away last night. His was a very long goodbye for his faithful wife. He loved the Lord and was a chaplain for the veteran’s group they were so involved in as well. His is a sweet release from a body so frail.

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  3. Janice, “my” boys, the Maryland State Boychoir, will be in concert 7:00 tonight at the Sacred Heart Church (1707 Bull Street) in Savannah. If you (and Art) could possibly make it, you will not be disappointed. They are wonderful. If you should go, tell the director, Steve, that I “sent you.” He would even know who you meant if you said “Lutheran Linda.” marylandstateboychoir.org

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  4. Finally got a wonderful haircut yesterday and am so pleased.
    The special part is that she also cuts both of my daughters hair.
    And then I found out that this sweet gal is going to my older daughters house to cut the hair of her in laws. They are older and have trouble getting around so she goes to the house. And does my daughters husband too as he also has trouble with mobility.

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  5. okay, this may be a very strange request. I enjoy Daybreak Insider. Most times I just read the headlines, but also enjoy the articles.
    When my email was disabled on Jan 1 for four days, I lost my subscription and to the World magazine posts, too.
    I have gone and resubscribed twice, but I think my email is blocked. I also cannot find contact info.

    So if anyone on here gets it and would like to forward it to me, I would be grateful. Or, if you have a way to contact them, that would help too.

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  6. I am currently just finishing up reading “The Inspirational Writings of C.S. Lewis”, which consists of “Surprised By Joy” (which I’ve previously read as well), “Reflections on the Psalms”, “The Four Loves”, and “The Business of Heaven,” which is a collection of some of Lewis’ writings put together like a devotional (but which I am reading through like a regular book).

    Soon, I will get to the book that Nightingale gave me for Christmas, “An Encyclopedia of Tolkien”.

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  7. Lutheran M, no, they are on a short winter tour, hitting Savannah and a couple sites in South Carolina. I’ll let you know if they’re ever in your neck of the woods.

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  8. Oh having a resident author around here is worth more than a thousand Googles!!! I too use Duck Duck go a lot but not exclusively.

    Thank you for your insights! I am starting on Hedlund’s book first as it was recommended to me and it has been on my Kindle for quite a while now😊

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  9. Wish we could make it, Luyheran Linda! It would be a six hour drive down and with it being tax season, Art only goes to work and doc appts. But, wow, what a wonderful opportunity. I have never heard a Boy’s Choir in person. I know it is a heavenly sound! Where will they be in SC? Some of SC is actually much closer to here than Savannah.

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  10. Art saw the podiatrist this morning who was late getting in to see Art. It almost made me late for my 10 a.m. PT appt.

    I am so thankful for this PT. The therapist relieved some concerns I had about my skin irritation. Also she is working on scar tissue which is an issue with this type surgery. The incision wants to pull inward as it continues to heal. She is using a Chinese method to fix that which involves using a series of very small suction cups across the incision to pull the skin outward. I hope I am not grossing anyone out, just want you all to know what is available to help anyone in your realm who has surgery with scar tissue issues. I knew nothing of this until today. A weekly surprise to learn about healing wonders.

    The radiologist where I had surgery at the smaller hospital, and where I originally went for the initial consult, said he always recommends PT for those who had lymph node removal. But where I ended up getting treatments, at the much bigger hospital, said nothing about PT until I questioned it. God worked it out for me to know it was available.😀

    I graduated to receiving a green stretchy band for my workouts. It will give greater resistance than the yellow band I received at first.

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  11. A couple or so years ago, I read “Katharina and Martin Luther” by Michelle DeRusha. The subtitle is “The Radical Marriage of a Runaway Nun and a Renegade Monk.” 🙂

    Janice – We are having a similar weather situation. Yesterday was springlike, with temps up to the low 60s, and today started off in the 50s. But now the temp is falling, and the low tonight will be something like 18 or 20. Gonna be back to wearing my socks to bed again tonight!

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  12. @1:59 — well, neighbor will be getting a whole lot of PT once she’s out of the rehab. I had a pretty simple, straight vertical scar but her handiwork will probably be a bit more involved.

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  13. Great horned owl (protected) in a tree is causing the cancelation of a museum fundraiser next week.

    It’s cold here, too, but not as cold as elsewhere. Still, we’re in for another cold week next week with possible rain on Friday & Saturday.

    It’s flannel sheet cold but not socks-in-bed cold.

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  14. I don’t remember if I have mentioned that the building I go to at Emory, the Winship Cancer Center, frequently has muscians playing live music. Today someone played the grand piano as I passed by going to PT, and later they had someone playing the violin by the elevators. As he ended a piece and before the elevator door closed I clapped for him. Another lady then clapped with me.

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