60 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-11-23

  1. Good morning all! It’s a relatively mild but breezy overcast day today in SE TN. But the birds have been busy at the feeder. They usually are in the mornings. I’ve got chickadees, a bluebird, a tufted titmouse, morning doves, and a grey-brownish sparrow-looking fellow l can’t quite identify. Yesterday, the red-headed woodpecker stopped by a couple of times. That beautiful blackbird with the red markings reminds me I must go throw out a few peanuts for the pair of crows that visit every few days. Who knows what else today may bring?

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  2. Good morning. I got up at 5:45, hard to break a habit😀
    I made biscuits to send a few to the office to have with the salmon patties I had made last night.

    I am just not good at wound care. I knew early on that I was not designrd to be a nurse. I am suppose to use a little Neosporin every other day on Art’s toe and apply a bandaid (after cleaning it). It sounds simple, right? I guess I put too much Neosporin because the bandaid would not stick. I added more bandaids and bigger ones and tape. Nothing held. I pulled it all off. Washed off the toe again and put on a bandaid, then another, and they seemed to hold. Then I have to wrap Art’s leg with an Ace bandage instead of him using a support stocking on that leg. I am good at Ace bandages, earned an A+ in Ace school. I just have to learn what works.

    While doing this wound care, I started having a hot flash as my hormone blocker med is known for. I was a Hot Mess this morning!😀😒
    Now I am chillin’ with Miss B!

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  3. All those birds, Debra! We have many here, but often I can’t see them to know what they are. I enjoy their sounds. I hear about three different ones right now. They are not close enough to get Miss B’s attention. She is sound asleep.

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  4. Morning all! Birds chirping causes me to be hopeful for Spring! As I was approaching the entrance of my favorite antique shoppe the other day I could hear a choir of singing birdies in the bushes. My heart sang right along with them!

    The “warm before the storm” happens today! 50 degree temps should be felt here in the forest with 60’s in town. A foot of snow predicted for Tues-Thursday ⛄️

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  5. From World Magazine:

    Super Bowl LVII kicks off Sunday night, with Jalen Hurts leading the Philadelphia Eagles and Patrick Mahomes quarterbacking the Kansas City Chiefs. Commentators have noted that this is the first Super Bowl to feature two teams with black quarterbacks, but Ray Hacke reports these men have something else in common too. They aren’t shy about their Christian faith. “I thank God for just letting me be on a stage where I can glorify Him,” Mahomes has said. “And I feel like the biggest thing that I pray for is that whatever happens, win or lose, that I’m glorifying Him and doing everything the way that He wants me to.” Hurts echoes those sentiments: “I’ve just matured and realized God is everything, and He’s worthy of praise.” ~


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  6. Abby’s determined to give Annie a bath this morning.

    I’m starting to mix up their names.

    How did I wind up with two pets with almost the same name?? That’s not confusing!

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  7. Janice – It’s too bad that we don’t live closer to each other. Nightingale actually enjoys doing wound care. (And you may have previously read – several years ago – about how I had to do sterile dressings on my MIL’s open surgery wound until it healed. The wound was about 2″ wide by 3″ long, and almost an inch deep, at the lowest angle.)

    Toes are tricky things to bandage. A while back, I had a toe that needed bandaging. What I did was try to put one bandage around the toe, with the Neosporin-type ointment, and then used a couple other bandages “linked” together to go around that toe and the one next to it. That helped the bandage stay on.

    That was for a pinky toe. For a toe more in the middle of the foot, having the bandages go around each adjoining toe would be better, I would guess.

    Of course, I realize that you may already have tried that kind of thing.

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  8. I missed walking yesterday so I’d better get out there today.

    Another adventure today. My trash bill!! They sent me an email saying that my bill is overdue. Well that is the first I have heard anything from them. Looking at the email I can see that they don’t have my mailing address. I was successful in going to their website and accessing my account. But couldn’t find anywhere to put my mailing address. oh, well.

    Then I went to my bank to enter the info to pay. But nowhere on the email did they give an address to send the payment to.

    And of course you cannot talk to anyone until Monday.

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  9. Good morning, all, or is it afternoon? Beautiful day here. We have been out for a couple of walks, cleaned the chimney, made bread, cleaned the house, visited with twenty one and a friend, and spent the past couple hours trying to convince my dad that not only am I his daughter but nobody pulled a fast one. No success though he does say if it is true, it must be hard on me. I assure him it is not, I know who I am.

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  10. Abby and I were out for a walk, gorgeous day, the sun is now out and the air is brisk.

    We did some more car training when we got home, she will eat treats from the open cargo area (while all 4 of her feet remain on the driveway). I guess that’s progress. I’ll keep working at it, but I’ve never had a dog so skittish of “new” things. She’s ridden in a car before, fosters said it wasn’t super hard to get her into the back seat and she rides calmly once in, but it’s a no-go for me so far.

    I’m guessing she hasn’t been in cars often and they may not have necessarily a good connotation in terms of her past experiences, who knows.

    But I have to get this dog mobile.

    I still need to set up an introductory vet appt and I would like to start socializing her at the dog park and with an obedience class. Can’t walk to all those places!

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  11. Thank you, Kizzie. No, today was only the second time I dressed it. And my first time using doctor’s simple instructions. When Art first went to primary care I had used a really big thick sterile pad to wrap it and keep it safe from the horrid fungus toenail that had cut it. That was actually easier than this. So thankful the doc trimmed that slasher nail!
    And when I had my bandaids ready for the first attempt this morning, Miss Bosley sat down on them! Was I ever mad😡 Hot flash of anger!

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  12. Oh, Miss Bosley. …


    I may eventually have to find someone to work with me on the car lesson.

    ~ Use treats and praise to coax your dog into the car. (me: haha, right.) This often works better if two of the dog’s favorite people work as a team. One can hold the dog on a leash on one side of the car while the other lies across a seat from the other side, using treats and a happy tone of voice to encourage the dog to get inside. ~

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  13. Her “favorite other person” would be the cat, so that’s a problem.

    I’ll have to recruit Real Estate Guy who lives close by to help me, cousins are too far away; I’ll also call my dog trainer friend see if she knows someone who can help (she’s rehabbing right now from an injury).

    But first I’ll try sliding into the back seat with treats and see if she won’t follow me in with some more coaxing.

    Cleaned up the kitchen sink area, hand-scrubbed and shined up some stainless pans that needed it (my hands are now like sandpaper), and then dumped the dead (but bagged) poinsettias, so that’s all off the front porch.

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  14. That is a strange way to do business, Jo.

    We reached 45 degrees today according to the thermometer fairly close to the house and under a porch roof. It was warm enough to pry some very thick, heavy ice off the deck. I know it was heavy because I dropped a piece on my toes. Ouch.

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  15. Our deck, on the south side, is kept shoveled by the two children so any ice melts quickly making a very pleasant site for my dad to walk. He comments on how nice it is every day.

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  16. I got out and drove up to Castle Rock. Visited my old employer’s booths at the Emporium and purchased a few of her wares along with some of her wool for a new project I am going to start.
    50 degrees and only needing a sweater. No Spring flowers around just mountains of snow on the sides of roads.

    What is it with pets today? Pip ran out into the road and barked at a neighbor’s visitor!! Of course I was not home but husband said she did not listen to his command and she did get in trouble on that. Then while he was grilling he turned around and she was gone. He whistled and she came running from our friend and neighbor’s garage! They love her and they do not mind but it is a big no no!! Now husband has separated the two dogs because they were going at it over something unknown to us. Lu is in trouble and Pip is outside chasing the ball with husband. The tilt of the earth must certainly be off today!! 🌎

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  17. Yes, it does seem a strange way to do business. You only pay every other month so I don’t think they have gotten a payment from me.
    This is why it is taking me so long to adjust. I really still don’t know what my bills are going to be. very confusing.

    I did two miles which is the best that I have done in months. With all of this leg pain, I have been holding off, but it is getting better.

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  18. Jo – What you are going through with bills reminds me of how I had to come up-to-speed on our bills after Hubby died, including having to figure out how to cancel a few accounts I didn’t need anymore. Be assured that eventually, it will all fall into place, even if there a couple or more hiccups along the way.

    I even pay my bills and do my banking online now! That is something that I thought I would never do! But it’s actually easier than writing out checks or waiting for the monthly statement.

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  19. Coming out of the grocery store tonight — they were busy, as usual (it’s Saturday) but it was also pre-Super Bowl Sunday prep day — a young woman got her purse out of her trunk and clicked something that was supposed to close the trunk lid (an Audi sports model) automatically.

    But it only went down half way and stopped. By this time, though, she (fleet of feet!) was all the way inside the grocery store. I had just finished loading my groceries into my Jeep, so I manually / gently closed her trunk lid most of the way, it didn’t seem to want to click shut and I was afraid to force it.

    My friend and I were laughing a few days back about how the folks who sold us our last cars tried to show off by demonstrating how the cargo doors closed automatically, but neither of our cars had that.

    “Hmmm, I guess this one doesn’t have that feature,” the credit union rep who found my car said, moving on.

    But she repeated that line several times, I apparently have the very low-tech 2018 Jeep model.

    Friend told me her salesman kept kicking at the air, trying to trigger the cargo door to automatically go down on the new Hyundai SUV she was purchasing. No go.

    OK, then.

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  20. Not much happening around here. We take a walk every two hours out on the deck. We watch TV. Mostly golf or tennis. On the side, I try to give my children a bit of guidance here and there on schoolwork or chores or they play Monopoly. They are a big help with making certain grandpa gets his coat and hat and gloves for the walks and often escort him as well. They are quite attuned to his needs and try to help him throughout the day. He seems to like them and misses them when they are gone. Still thinks we are some sort of facility. And often asks if we will be sending a bus to the memorial (for his wife on Memorial weekend) and if we will have space for him.

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  21. I second what Janice said, Mumsee. It’s more work for you and Mike, but what a blessing to have the different generations together under your roof for a space of time. Those are life lessons the children will not forget. And you have the satisfaction of seeing the elders to the end. Blessings all the way around.

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  22. I was up at 5:30 this morning so it will seem I have almost done a day by the afternoon.

    Art and I went to Publix right after 7 a.m. i bought only 27 dollars worth of food so a few bags. When I got home I realized the bag guy, an older black gentleman, had not given me the bag of bread with two loaves that cost ten dollars. It seemed intentional from my perspective. I called to be sure it was there. Yes. So we went back. I asked if they gave a prize for me coming back, using my time and gas. Puzzled look. Then I said, “Or something?.” I was given a ten dollar gift card and the manager told the customer service clerk to count it as Customer Satisfaction. The clerk looked sour. I hope others will speak out when treated like this. If I’d had a lot of groceries, I would have felt it could have been an honest mistake. But with the few bags I had, No.


  23. Good morning, all. The closest I come to grocery shopping is walking out to the pantry. Though I did tell daughter I would have time now to take her grocery shopping some.

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  24. My neighbors have extra food storage space (2 large freezers, etc.) so they tend to love places like Costco and tend to shop “in bulk.”

    As a single with a very small freezer, I shop pretty much for the week ahead, but grocery shopping also is fairly quick for me.

    Not as cheap, anymore, though. I bought a dozen eggs yesterday and “only” paid about $8. Better than the $10 prices we were seeing a few weeks ago.

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  25. We shop all the stores, Sam’s bulk for the office, online shipping from Walmart, Staples, Amazon, and regular grocery stores along with Sprouts. I had to correct Art’s direction this morning as he pointed the car toward Sprouts and I said we are houng to Publix. And we get meds at Kroger.

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  26. I couldn’t find the peanut butter when I got home from the store yesterday.

    Checked and re-checked bags, checked the cargo space to make sure it hadn’t fallen out. I eventually spotted it in a bag that I thought had only water bottles inside (I leave those on the patio to grab bottles as needed).

    Not long ago I got home without an item, but didn’t bother reporting it; I think it’s usually just one of those things that happens at the checkout counters, when things are busy and items and bags are flying, some getting left behind.

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  27. Lots of stuff getting shot out of the sky these days.

    Good service and sermon this morning, we’re getting toward the end of what’s been a long trek through the Book of Revelation.

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  28. I’ve never wound up with a random bag that wasn’t mine, however. lol That could be kind of fun.

    I figure someone wound up with my stuff … or the cashier threw it into another bag or was flummoxed about why it was just sitting there after the rush had died down …

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  29. I told my husband that today was Abe’s birthday! He said no all the Presidents have the same birthday now….it’s next Monday!! 😂
    I just remember making silhouettes of Lincoln and Washington on their birthdays in elementary school….and we had cookies to celebrate!

    Good word spoken at church this morning. Husband is on a hike with a friend from church. I just returned from a long walk with my neighbor.

    Before my walk I was cleaning the kitchen after lunch and noticed the fork I was holding needed polishing. Well that led to two entire sets of silverware being polished and the silverware drawer being cleaned! Now the house smells like silver polish….

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  30. My daughter went in for a haircut on her lunch hour and found her jacket missing from the rack where she had hung it. Turns out there was another woman who had a very similar jacket. Fortunately, the shop was able to confirm that she had taken it by mistake and that she would bring it back ASAP. My daughter was able to swing by on her way home to reclaim her own jacket.

    We’ve had to return for groceries. More often than not a clerk is able to catch us first. I have seen workers chase others all the way to their vehicles.

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  31. Reminds me, I used the self-serve checkout once just to buy one item (after I’d already been through the regular checkout stand for a bunch of groceries).

    It too so long to get through the self-checkout process that I walked away afterward — without the item. A clerk came running after me just as I’d realized, woops, I didn’t take what I’d bought!


    Walked Abby, we took the eastern neighborhood route this time, first time for her, so she got to sniff and check out a whole new part of the neighborhood.


    And now my hands smell like hot dog — After the walk, I cut one up to use as enticement to get Abby to get into the car. It didn’t work, but she did get brave and eat some of the pieces off a paper towel on the back car floor; she’s OK as long as all 4 feet can stay on solid ground.

    I’ve turned the Super Bowl on but feel unfazed. No team in the game this year for me.

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  32. I normally would give grace on the bag of bread, but I was there so early, and they were not busy. I often bag my own to help the cashier as they don’t have enough help just after the store opens because no one is there right after seven a.m.. It was just odd and seemed intentional given what I typically encounter there.

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  33. Around here they usually will no longer bag your groceries for you since you bring your own. I place my bags at the front of the counter thinking they will bag for me. Nope….while the clerk rings everything up we are expected to bag our own stuff in our own bags! I suppose they will only bag if the customer pays 10cents for their flimsy bags.
    A few years ago my steaks were given to the customer ahead of me. Didn’t realize it until I got home. Went back and they said I would only be given a store credit…for their mistake! I said oh no that doesn’t work for me. I marched back picking out two similar steaks and told them they should eat the 2 dollars difference due to my having to drive another hour to fix their mistake. They did so and I continue to be a reliable customer….

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  34. Happy Birthday, Kare!

    Chiefs are doing well; while I don’t have any strong feelings about this game, I guess I did sort-of lean toward KC based on my Midwest roots, though I’ve been to Philadelphia and used to know people who lived there.

    I still just buy the plastic bags, I tried the reusable ones but it was just too much hassle for me. When you buy the bags (which most out here do), they bag it all for your.

    And the heavier plastic bags are handy for other things, then, around the house.

    And you can also toss them into the recycling bins.

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