19 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-21-23

  1. Sure clown. 🙄

    It’s R’s fault for stating the truth, not the actual open borders and the anyone who comes can stay policies, that’s drawing them in.

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  2. Sure, but for you peasants a meatless future, unless you count bugs, are in store.

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  3. Bang up job there Dems.

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  4. Oh, and look what just showed up in the Friday News Dump….

    Dang those Republicans!

    “Friday night news dump: Highest ever number of illegal migrant encounters recorded in December”


    “The Biden administration has a habit of waiting until Friday evening to release bad news. DHS is especially fond of doing so, as its Friday news dump proved this week. The number of illegal migrant encounters at the southern border hit an all-time historic high in December.

    It’s almost a running joke for those who keep an eye on when these numbers are released each month. Typically, the numbers are released sometime within the first ten days or so of a month. That changed as the Biden border crisis continued to grow worse. Each month, the release of the numbers happened a little later in the month. Now DHS releases the numbers during the late middle to end of the month, and always in a Friday evening news dump. This month was no different.

    The number of illegal migrants encountered in December 2022 is recorded as 251,487, up 40% over the same period last year, according to Customs and Border Protection. It is an all-time high for the Biden administration, or any administration, for that matter. The escalating numbers report comes shortly after Biden introduced new policies on Jan. 5 to deter Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans.

    U.S. authorities stopped migrants 251,487 times along the Mexican border in December, up 7% from 234,896 times in November and up 40% from 179,253 times in December 2021, Customs and Border Protection said.

    Cubans were stopped nearly 43,000 times in December, up 23% from November and more than quintuple the same period a year earlier. Nicaraguans were stopped more than 35,000 times, up 3% from November and more than double from December 2021.

    More migrants were also stopped from Ecuador and Peru.”

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  5. “‘Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom’: New Film Shows Disney Left Family Content for Wokeism”


    ““Once upon a time, if it was a Disney movie, you knew it was going to be safe for children,” Media Research Center (MRC) Founder and President Brent Bozell says at the beginning of a new documentary, “Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom,” set to premiere next week on Monday, January 23.

    Subtitled “How Disney is losing its way,” the film explores Disney’s degeneration from an iconic, beloved family entertainment enterprise to an activist political operation opposing parental rights and bent on indoctrinating children into liberal, “woke” gender and sexual ideologies.

    The film features the insights of renowned conservative leaders, such as MRC’s Bozell, world-famous pediatric Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson and Catholic League President Bill Donohue, whose organization produced the documentary.

    It explains how huge asset management companies have succeeded in pressuring companies like Disney to push a radical environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda to and support subjecting young children to age-inappropriate sexual subjects without parental consent or knowledge.

    The hypocrisy of Disney’s censorship practices is also exposed in the documentary, which details how the company is deleting content that might offend those in the Chinese and Middle East markets – but, including the offensive material in the U.S., in the name of “free speech.”

    The film describes how Disney is promoting LGBTQ sexuality, publicly opposing Florida’s parental-rights law, rejecting the nuclear family, and even producing a streaming show called “Little Demon” – about a teenage girl who is the child of Satan.

    Disney has gone so far as to denounce some of its most cherished, family-friendly works, deeming them offensive.

    “You know, if you spend all your time with a microscope trying to find something that will offend somebody, you never have any time to actually spend on creating truly inspirational material,” Dr. Carson says, noting that woke ideology is based on creating division, not unity:”

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  6. It’s called oversight clowns, and you get no say., or no money. The House controls the purse.

    And you sound like people who have something they wish to hide.

    “DoJ to GOP: There are “limits” on our cooperation with your investigations”


    “One of the promises that Speaker McCarthy made as the new House GOP majority was being seated this year was that there were going be investigations taking place. Lots of investigations, particularly into subjects that the Democratic majority had curiously shown little interest in. One of those areas was the political weaponization of the FBI and other elements of the Department of Justice and the intelligence community against Joe Biden’s political opponents. But before they could even begin the process, the DoJ sent a letter this week to Jim Jordan, the new head of the House Judiciary Committee that would be conducting the investigation. In the letter, Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte informed Jordan that there would be “limits” on how much cooperation the committee could expect to receive. This seems like a rather shady maneuver from a group of public servants who are supposedly not doing anything wrong. (CBS News)

    The Justice Department told House Republicans there would be strict parameters limiting its ability to fully cooperate with congressional probes into the department’s work.

    In a letter Friday to the new House Judiciary Committee chairman, Rep. Jim Jordan, the department cited the need to safeguard ongoing investigations.

    “Consistent with longstanding policy and practice, any oversight requests must be weighed against the Department’s interests in protecting the integrity of its work,” Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte wrote. “Longstanding Department policy prevents us from confirming or denying the existence of pending investigations in response to congressional requests or providing non-public information about our investigations.”

    The letter may have come from Carlos Uriarte, but you know he didn’t make that decision without getting a green light from Merrick Garland and, by default, the White House. The last thing they want to see is any sort of scrutiny over how the FBI has treated people labeled by Biden as “mega MAGA” conservatives when compared to significant Democratic Party donors and supporters. When the GOP begins serious investigations into Hunter and Jim Biden’s business dealings, there will almost certainly be more talk of “limits” like this.

    The claim being made by the DoJ seems as thin as tissue paper. Uriarte is saying that the DoJ can’t release information that might cause “interference in ongoing investigations.” Their policy supposedly only allows such congressional oversight in “extraordinary circumstances.” But with all of the bizarre and shady things going on in the executive branch these days, nearly everything they’re doing should qualify as an extraordinary circumstance.

    t’s true that federal law enforcement typically won’t comment to reporters about ongoing investigations. (Though they break that rule also when it’s convenient to them.) And there are cases where public knowledge could cause problems during an investigation. But if Congress wants to know what they’re up to, the testimony could be moved to a closed session with no press access. And while we’re on the subject, I don’t recall the January 6 committee having any trouble getting people to come in and feed them information, do you? We didn’t hear any talk of “limits” over the past two years.”

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  7. This is what your lizard overlords have planned for you peasants.

    Think slums of South America…..


  8. What our govt is doing is un-American and vile.

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  9. Lest we forget they are a thing:

    Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈

    Breaking: Far-left extremists & #Antifa gathering for revenge against law enforcement in #Atlanta over the killing of their gunman at their autonomous zone smashed up businesses & set an @Atlanta_Police vehicle on fire.

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  10. Looking at presidents since WWII, other than Reagan, Nixon is the most responsible for ending the golden age of the American middle class. For short term political and economic gain, he destroyed the structure of post war economies. Its always interesting to see historical reclamation projects – Nixon is now an populist hero rather than a crook and self serving politician and MLK is now a good American as opposed to the socialist who was investigated and followed by the FBI

    Davos and WEF and those who take it seriously are amusing. Most presentations there are rich people bloviating their importance. Modern social and economic complexity will relegate any WEF dream to the dustbin. It’s rather amusing that a group of capitalists think they can plan the future – the very opposite of capitalist economic theory.

    Unilever speaking on a vegetarian diet is rather amusing given their profits depend on a typical western diet including meat. But if anyone wants to advocate the destruction of the food oligoply, I’m there
    As for insects, I’m more afraid its tofu they will push. Insects are a hipster chic restaurant dish already


  11. The Biden presidency is rather mixed. Depending on your political preference, there are statistics for you to push. If one looks at the credit card debt vs savings rate (assumed correlation), the change occurred prior to the Biden presidency and instead at the beginning of the covid shutdown. As for fentayl use, it’s just a replacement for oxy etc, no matter who’s the president fentayl or some other opioid use would have increased. Big pharma is to blame here.

    The debt ceiling is just plain stupid. The gov’t has essentially created a problem that doesn’t exist. Gov’t budgets are not the same as household budgets. As long as there is confidence in the US currency, debt is not a problem. Ironically, the debt ceiling will create a confidence crisis.


  12. I never liked Disney – it represents the commodification of childhood and traditional folk tales. It also reinforced stereotypes. Its employment practises are exploitative. And it’s one of those corporations that had a worldwide impact distributing American soft power and capitalist values. One may question why Disney would engage in “woke” policies. I’m sure they did their research and determined marketing would improve. Personally, if they are wrong and disney fails because woke means broke then everyone on the international economic left will be very happy.

    Checked into the antifa riots. No surprise – police body cams were not working when they killed the protester. Imagine the Jan 6th protests without police and legislatives footage and instead you were asked to just trust the police. As for the marines on Jan 6th, the 50 minutes in the Congress is 50 minutes of trespassing which last I checked is a crime. And participating in a riot is a crime no matter how low key.

    And of course the FBI and DOJ will have limits to their cooperation. That’s always been the case; it’s called operational secrets. Like its tracking and harrasment of MLK, I’m sure we’ll find out the truth in 50 years.


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