22 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-20-23

  1. Mr P has been crying. He doesn’t understand why he is crying and I am not.
    I had to explain that even though I knew my father was dying I didn’t cry until it happened. Then I cried for a year or more.
    Amos is getting lots of love and anything he wants today.

    Little Miss named her cat Buddy. I asked her if she was sure because sometimes we called Amos “Buddy”. She said, “MiMi, Amos knows his name”. Today I am glad she named the cat Buddy. He is Amos’ third cat. He has Callie Leigh and Mo.

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  2. Aww . . . that is sweet about Buddy. I hope Mr. P is still doing well with his recovery. Everyone processes grief in their own personalized timeframe. I remember that in the Bible, David was a mess when he was waiting for the child he’d had with Bathsheeba to die. After the child died he cleaned himself up and got back to business.

    It’s probably good for the young to take in the differences and gain understanding that either way is perfectly fine.

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  3. Thought of you first thing this morning Kim and prayed ❣️still covering you all

    Off to a brunch I didn’t know I had until this morning! All is good but this has changed my entire day of plans. Had errands in town but now need to take home someone further out in the county…I have some very absent minded friends. I suppose the old saying “birds of a feather…” rings true for me!!

    You can check in now RK…Aj has headed you off at the pass 😂

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  4. Two-thirds done with rad, but the last third will be most difficult. Thanks for continuing prayers♡ The parking lot elevators were still down, but we now know the alternate route to the other small elevator that does not require the long way around inside the building that we took yesterday. It may be a staff elevator we are using, but it works!

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  5. Praying for you, Kim. I still hurt of the loss of Tess and Cowboy, I think I’ll always miss those guys.

    And for you, Janice. And the hospital absolutely should provide staff elevator availability for the public. They should also be posting signs for folks who may need direction to find those or just may need someone to respond to help out.

    I wasn’t sure if my neighbors had an appt today or not, they had appointments on Wednesday and Thursday but I’d pulled into my driveway when I got home from the home group Bible study last night, remembering they’d only mentioned 2 appointments this week and so those were done?

    But just in case, I went out this morning — still in my sweatshirt and flannel drawstring pants and chunky winter slippers, looking quite ‘with it’ for 8:15 a.m. — and moved my car down to the front of the house.

    Literally moments later, the neighbor zipped their car up into the driveway, they apparently had a very early appointment (9 a.m.) and the timing was “just in time” for them to get the car in position. Whew.

    Her surgery is now only 2 weeks out so they’ll be going more frequently to various appointments and I’ll plan to leave my car out front M-F, just so we don’t have to keep touching base for when the next appt will be. I’ll “assume” they’ll have frequent appointments now, going forward.

    She worries about this one getting canceled also, after what happened last time, and I told her that’s perfectly normal, considering that experience.

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  6. Abby’s really trying to get Annie to play this morning, bouncing all around her, play-bowing, running in circles.

    Annie: She just wants to sit on her heater vent, thank you and go away, please.

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  7. I’d love to have another dog for Abby.

    So today I have a homeless story, part of a big package of stories we’re all doing for next week’s homeless count coming up in our region, and I have a bunch of interviews and notes done — but nothing that really matches what the editor decided this story should be about.


    So I need a them to tie all of what I have together — plus I have zero “feeds” from other reporters in our other areas.

    There’s a homeless staff call coming up in 30 minutes so we’ll see if I can get any help there. My deadline, of course, is today.

    We have overly ambitious editors.

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  8. Ha, ha, AJ. I actually got up earlier and then went back to bed without turning on the computer. Was having crazy dreams about NG tubes. Don’t ask.

    I was wondering how Mr P was doing, but not in terms of Amos, for whom you have my most heartfelt condolences.

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  9. Our older dog, Blackie, has/had her own cat. She originally had a black one named coffee. They were constant companions. I think an owl got her. Now she has Zebra, a gray cat. She attempts to make them all hers, but is not successful in that endeavor. VolK9 likes to chase them, and would play with them if they would not hiss at her. Way too rambunctious.

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  10. Mr P is doing well. He is following doctor’s orders this time instead of thinking he is super man.
    He is reliving a little guilt because he was sent to Cuba after his mother died. He took her Cocker Spaniel with him. Soon after he had to euthanize the dog and it was more than he could handle so friend handled it for him. Today he told me about taking the dog to the beach for the day. Seeing how this is going and that I have planned to be with Amos until the very end makes him wish he had done the same. He is going with me tonight. I figure if he falls apart today he will hold it together tonight when I can’t hold it together any longer.

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  11. Oh how I dislike hard days and I get all teary thinking about sweet Amos and his humans 😢 (I like Cheryl’s suggestion Kim 💙)

    Hi Jo in Portland! Hoping you are having a delightful time with your family. Is it raining up there too?

    Brunch was enjoyable and now it is snowing again. I ran to the grocery before heading to Kneaders and felt as though I would freeze to death while filling the car up at the Safeway gas pump. I ran into Kohl’s real fast to grab a beanie and mitttens…life saver it was I tell ya! Brrrrrr 🥶

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  12. Good afternoon, all. Busy busy here. Brother left this morning, headed back to Boise for a week and some. He plans to be back and is a huge help whenever he comes and a big lift to my dad.

    Meanwhile, dad in law had a very tough night with breathing being an issue. He is now on oxygen whenever he wants it and a nebulizer every six hours.

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