21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-16-23

  1. Actually MLK was born on January 15th. We celebrate today because, you know, Uncle Sam wanted another Monday holiday.

    And that picture is a winter wonderland. Glad I don’t have to be out in that.

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  2. Beautiful picture! And another beautiful day here though it is rather a continuation of yesterday as grandpa was up most of the night. Forty eight hours of sleeping may lead to forty eight hours of awake. And so it is.

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  3. I see that scene often and always find it beautiful. Oh, how I would miss the beauty of winter! I bet my mother did when she relocated to Florida. Florida has its own beauty, of course.

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  4. Good brunch time! I appreciate the beauty of snow in pictures♡ I also love to see the flakes, the big fluffy ones, falling on warm ground and melting. I, obviously, have found the warmer climate of the south to be right for my needs. But I do understand that those who are use to a lot of snow would miss it. It’s greatest appeal here was the rare opportunity it offered for a day or more without having to go to school or work.

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  5. President Biden was in town at the Ebenezer Baptist Church yesterday for their main service. Glad to see MLK honored by the visit of a President, although it should have happened long before now. But truly the main church service should not have been used to talk about a political agenda subject of voting rights. I don’t think that would be pleasing in God’s sight.

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  6. Snow is beautiful.

    Rain not as much, but we’re thinking it’s pretty gorgeous right now in our parched part of the country (though we could use a little break?).

    Just realized today’s a holiday though we are working anyway. Feeling especially sluggish today, I think it’s the post-holiday blues (which I normally get in January-February), the training I still need to do here & also arrange (in a class setting) for Abby. A class starts tonight but at this point it doesn’t look like we’ll make it. She really needs some controlled socialization.

    My other dogs all seemed easier, but maybe it’s me. Or maybe I’m just forgetting how this process goes, it has been a while. We’ll get there.

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  7. Having a resident dog in the household also helped in a lot of ways, a “dog routine” already was in place and things like figuring out the dog door are a lot easier with 1 dog naturally showing the other one how it’s done.

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  8. Blue skies this morning. I was alert from about 2:30 to 4:30–awakened by the heat going on at 2:30 and feeling way too warm.

    I got up to check the thermostat–which for some reason is not programmed correctly–turned it down 13 degrees, and switched beds to pray and listen to teaching on Acts.

    I woke to the sound of the front door closing and haven’t seen Mr. Fit yet.

    Perhaps I should put on MY shoes and hunt him down in the great beautiful outdoors? 🙂

    There’s no paper either–could everyone be on holiday behavior?

    Some people have a dog to keep them young and active, DJ. 🙂

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  9. They say children keep you young. I wonder if that is true of dad’s. If so, why are we soooo tired. But wait, that was part of children as well. So, yes, parents keep you young.

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  10. So sad about the UGA football player and another athletics dept. staffer who died in a vehicle accident the day after the big championship win. I think both were twenty. Two others in the SUV are hospitalized. They veered off the road and hit two power poles.

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  11. Morning all! Our trees do not look like the trees in the header photo but our roads certainly are like those! Slick as slick can be this morning after a couple inches of snow last night that fell as rain at first…nice slick layer of ice under the snow making it a headache for drivers. ‘Tis beautiful but can be oh so dangerous!

    I figured Pip was going to be the very death of me when she was a puppy and she certainly is keeping us on our toes a year later. She is headstrong and listens most of the time but oh when when she is focused on something other than what she should be there is no dealing with her…she’s in her own zone. We have lots of work ahead of us with this sweet thing!

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  12. I saw that @12:29 on the late news, Janice, so tragic and sad.

    And I remembered the dog classes start tomorrow night, so there’s hope.

    I have nothing to work on today other than turning in story suggestions for an awards cycle that’s coming up, today’s our internal deadline to send something to the editors.

    I do feel perkier (that’s all relative, however) after having a shower and getting dressed — now for coffee.

    Mornings, especially Monday mornings, do not ever look good in my world. Especially when it’s in January to boot.

    Coffee …

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  13. I am going to do some training work with Abby on my own in the backyard with walking, teaching her to sit at my side when we stop. I bought some string cheese and other cheese yesterday for that purpose, and these should be workable breaks in the work day. Will use just a very short handle-type lead on her to keep her close. That’s also something easy enough to keep on me so I can leash her up unawares.

    I haven’t done a lot with the high-end treat training around here and think that’s probably my next step.

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  14. But first, now that the rain has stopped for now, I need to pick up her (huge!) backyard poops from the past couple rainy days! Gardeners also come late today, they’ve probably figured out there’s a new dog here but I’ll let them know.

    I guess the good news is Abby doesn’t use the doggie door yet. They have a closure panel I keep outside that they used to put in the slot when they arrived, though I usually beat them to it with the inside slot back when my former dogs were active enough (and could hear well enough) to dash out unannounced.

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  15. The frost has been absolutely amazing this year. So many days of fog with no winds (we love no wind). The road isn’t that slippery as it is cold enough that your winter tires grip nicely. One must have winter tires, though. The warm snow and ice are a different thing – if it’s around freezing we do need to be more cautious than usual. -23F and lower and it’s fine driving.

    We have a headstrong puppy too! But each day sees improvement. Now if we can just keep him from eating all the cat poop. Sigh. He found where the cat likes to go and knows that if he digs in the snow he will find a treat.

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  16. Mumsee, the couple you have been talking about, are those the same ones who were in the military?? I am getting confused.

    I emailed my Awana leader yesterday and told her that I needed to quit. She was so gracious and even asked if there was anything she could do to help me.
    What a difference it made. It meant driving in the dark and rain and it is close to a half hour each way. Plus I spent the afternoon taking care of all the trash as Monday is pickup day.

    You know in PNG we only had one market day due to covid. Then they added another day, Monday.
    The sellers asked if it could be on Tuesday as it took them a whole day to get everything ready and they did not want to miss church. We quickly changed.

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