26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-13-19

  1. Good morning RK and everyone else but Jo.
    Good night Jo.
    Cozy looking fireplace.
    We had a wood burning fireplace on the lower level of our split level in Annandale.
    I used it for a few years, but dealing with the wood got tiresome and we stopped using it except on special days, like Christmas, Thanksgiving. etc.
    In Hendersonville, we had gas fueled firelogs. Elvera usually got up early and would turn the fire on and sit in her LazyBoy while I slept in. That was before her problem.

    QoD. Why do we interrupt this family? For somekinda flash?.

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  2. Kare is correct. We also have a fireplace tool set we don’t need as it is a gas fire. I like to turn it on and sit by it too. It’s a lot easier than a wood burning fire but I miss the crackle and smell. I don’t miss the clean up.
    Tonight is my company Christmas party. Luckily for me the weather has turned warmer again. Last night was the art center’s member party and it was a bit chilly.
    I finally caved and bought a black jumpsuit to wear tonight. It is highly impractical for me. I have the world’s smallest bladder. I was going to spend the night in Pensacola but have talked myself out of it.
    I have a grand total of TWO Christmas presents purchased. The pressure is on for what to get Mr P. At least BG sends me a wish list and I can pick. Last night one of the women at the art center told me to go shopping and just wander and look until I found something I though each person would like. I smiled and nodded my head while thinking “that sounds like the 7th ring of hell”. I love to wrap the presents. I don’t mind paying for the presents. I just don’t like buying the presents.

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  3. Good morning. A lovely setting to enjoy, Kim. I remember when you got this house. It has worked out well for your family.

    We are making a major investment to redo the roof. It is a start on all that needs to be done. I have no idea how Miss Bosley will handle all the commotion. Hopefully it will all be completed in January.

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  4. Morning! Pretty fireplace! We had a wood burning one in town but out here we have a gas fireplace. I miss the smells and sounds of the burning logs but not the mess.
    I need to wrap up my Christmas shopping and mail these cards. Snow is coming our way tomorrow evening and all day long on Sunday. It will be nice to be forced to stay home! 😊


  5. And here in the People’s (non)Republic, our city council voted to ban natural gas.

    It was the one thing that made life in the dark bearable.

    Busy day. Gym, work, volunteer at church— because my former prayer partner is back for the day! She’ll stay with us tonight before an early departure to drive back to Idaho, or what we like to call “St. Mark Church in exile.”

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  6. Michelle, I assume that is banning natural gas for new construction?

    Remember, anytime you want to move to Indiana, we’re cheaper, less regulated, and prettier too.

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  7. I changed my mind. I found a good rate on a hotel in downtown Pensacola. I can walk to the Christmas party, and Uber back because I really am a chicken.
    I decided driving home at 10pm for an hour really wasn’t what I wanted to do or all that safe either.

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  8. We’ve turned into a one-party state and it really does feel quite hopeless at this point. 😦 The climate and the state’s diverse beauty, from mountains to deserts to forests and the sea, can only offset so much. I can’t even name a leading Republican figure in our state right now. Everything is dominated completely by the other party.

    But maybe the tide will turn, that was an interesting election in Britain.

    It’s foggy here again this morning. I need to pick up dog meds at the vet’s office, fill up with gas with the equivalent of a bag of gold, and after that will try to figure out what to do around here as I head into my last few days of staycation. The hot water heater gets installed on Monday and I’m back at work Tuesday. Next Thursday the mobile dog groomer comes, he’ll do my dogs + my neighbors’ two dogs (90-pound Labs) as my driveway where he sets up is between our houses so it’s easy for her to just bring her dogs over.

    I love fireplaces — my roommate and I had a little gas one in our first apartment, a big selling point when we were apartment hunting. My house has the original wood-burning fireplace and I’ve used it through the years but mainly rely on the pre-fab logs which give you the feeling and look of wood but don’t require active “tending” and are much easier to clean up. Last year, after cleaning it out when one of the logs misfired and went into smoldering mode (ugh), I put battery candles and a tiered candle-holder inside — lots of small candles & they worked w/a remote, but the remote isn’t working now. I’ll figure it out later, could just need a new battery in the remote.

    A realistic gas log would someday maybe be nice; we also are hit with a lot of “no-burn” days when some Big Brother issues a ruling that there can be no fires in fireplaces.

    Janice, good luck on the house stuff. Mine kicked off with a new roof also. I had no idea how many other issues I would have to deal with going forward, but yours sounds a bit simpler than mine was.

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  9. I’ve taken a liking to smoothies I make with low fat plain yogurt mixed with unsweetened pineapple juice and powered ginger. It’s not vegan, but is vegetarian in my book because the yogurt came from cows which ate grass. That is how a brain on veggies functions. We are what we eat so my brain has turned to mush. Not to be confused with much.

    Last night when the roofing salesperson began asking routine questions, he asked if we have any skylights. I said, “Not intentionally.” He got a kick out of that.

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  10. I found a couple more of the Christmas boxes in the garage (still none from Christmas Past, however). But that’s a start — found the other 2 porch rail wreaths, a box of indoor/outdoor battery lights; a small wooden Nativity set (but not the one from Mexico — it’s in there, somewhere … ).

    But it’s something to work with for now. And the later it gets in the season, of course, the more one thinks “the more I put out, the more I’ll have to take down …”

    And, as an old church friend from Colorado reminded me earlier today, “Jesus was born in a manger and there were no decorations.”

    Perspective. 🙂

    Still, fun to make the homes look festive this time of year.

    I heard Reveille as I was in the garage an hour ago or so — played from the military base. Spurring me on!

    Lots of heavy fog here that’s lasting pretty much through the days; but it’s keeping the ground and plants and trees moist, which is good.

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  11. Janice, how do they expect you to get calcium without milk products? While greens do provide them, the body does not absorb it nearly as well as dairy products.

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