40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-13-23

  1. Happy birthday, Kizzie! Bet there will be cake and maybe even pizza??

    Hi Kevin, good to see you.

    And yes, we all marvel at Jo’s mysterious years in Folsom Prison where a horse just magically appeared in the prison yard one day … You think you know someone but then — something slips.


    Happy Friday also, everyone.

    My neighbor finally got a new date for her first knee surgery — Feb. 3, barring anymore unforeseen delays or complications.

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  2. Seen on Twitter this morning:

    ~ “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, (Matthew 5:43-44 ESV) ~

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  3. Good morning, all.

    I heard somewhere that when Jo and her family were sent to Folsom Prison for crimes too numerous to mention, they were caught trying to bring in contraband on horseback.

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  4. Thank you, everyone! And DJ is correct – there will be pizza and cake today. But since Nightingale is staying away from sweets this month, she is buying a cake rather than baking one. That’s fine with me, as long as there’s still cake. 🙂

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  5. And I thought Jo’s family members were in there as missionaries doing prison ministry. Did I ever get that wrong! And that horse was a prop as they went from cell block to cell block emulating circuit riders bringing good news to the lost.

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  6. The story. Let’s see. My parents found the horse at a stable and this was an older horse which was very good with children. In fact, even years later, you could put a young child on his back and just walk in front of him and he would quietly follow you.

    However anyone older and he knew all the tricks. Didn’t matter where you wanted to go he would take you under a tree with a low branch. My Mom got on him once and I can still hear her calling, “Dave, Dave, get me off of this beast.” So not much fun if you weren’t little. We had five acres with a couple of cows where we kept the horse, Prince.

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  7. oh, did you mean the prison part of the story??!

    My Dad was the chief medical officer at Folsom Prison. They had housing on the grounds for employees. Eventually we had a home across from the wardens residence. There was even a pool up the street. A park and places to play.

    But Dad finally left and bought a 40 acre ranch. Decided he didn’t want to raise us in a prison. We had prisoners who worked in our yard.

    See!! not an exciting story but fun to include in a conversation about my five years in Folsom Prison.

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  8. So Wednesday I went to BSF. We had a sharing time for fellowship first and then went over the lesson. Near the end of the lesson a young gal sitting next to me said something like, your story sounds so interesting I wish that I could just listen to you. I was a little shocked. But then, after glancing at the leader for permission. shared about how God worked when a family counselor wanted to take my children away from me and not let me see them for six months.
    I was thinking last night about the testimonies that I would like to write up for my children. This is the story that I shared with my youngest last week when I told her about going to Israel last time. It was so hard because I knew that I was returning to a custody battle. I am praying that God will use the story to move her heart to Him.

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  9. The truth does seem to get in the way but it is also a neat story so we will go with that. I guess I heard wrong and saw wrong, no horse in the picture.

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  10. I walked in the driveway and had a few moments of frozen precip falling down upon my thoroughly encapsulated body. I have coats and know when to wear them.

    I saw the older man and woman walking their two dogs, one black and the other white. On their return trip the white dog stopped to poop in my yard. So thankful the man had a collection bag.😀

    I hate to think about all those who are suffering from the tornado damage and now must bear this cold weather without heat because they have no power.😪

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  11. The black dog and white dog can both visit my black-and-white vintage tile-and-beadboard bathroom.

    I have to say, Abby is producing some significantly larger waste than my medium-sized border collies.

    As I said, I think she’s part horse, or at least part racing hound.

    Rain returns for us tomorrow morning.

    Then rain again on Monday.

    Then — still chilly (high 50s, low 60s) but sunshine forecast for the rest of next week.

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  12. On the plus side, though, no “Abby” accidents in the house, so someone must have house-trained her along the line, for which I am very grateful.

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  13. The Hobby Lobby in Griffin, GA, got hit by a tornado. The roof collasped with workers inside the building. The workers were not injured. I think Hobby Lobby is known to have a strong connection through the Green family to God♡ The news folks could only thank goodness.

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  14. Nightingale bought two pizzas – a shrimp scampi pizza and a cheeseburger pizza. She also bought two cakes! Well, one is actually several mini Red Velvet cakes (like very large cupcakes). The other is Tiramisu, rectangular. Both are absolutely delicious! (As are the pizzas.)

    It was a nice day.

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  15. One of the doctors told daughter she did not have to stay if she did not want to so she left. Son brought her back to town. And here we go again.

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  16. According to today’s email from Smithsonian .com. . .

    “On this day in 1968, Johnny Cash performed live for the inmates at Folsom Prison. While some assume his song “Folsom Prison Blues” was based on personal experience, it was actually inspired by the 1951 movie Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison.”

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