17 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-12-23

  1. Now about those dangerous gas stoves…..

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  2. After the outrage, the walkback….


  3. Lying, senile, or both?


  4. Let me guess, the first Biden heard anything about it was on the news….

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  5. These people are disgusting, but this is what happens when you need the campaign money the abortion industry provides. Decency and truth are the first casualties.

    As if the abortionist’s knife isn’t….

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  6. The old lady your police on horseback ran down in her wheel chair knows first hand who the authoritarian is Justin, and it’s you.


  7. About time.

    “Pentagon Finally Ends Covid Vaccine Mandate

    It’s time to have an honest, science-based discussion on whether the mandate should have ever been imposed on the military in the first place.”


    “Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has officially announced that the Pentagon is formally dropping the covid vaccine mandate for troops.

    President Joe Biden signed a defense policy bill just before Christmas that included a provision cleared by the House and the Senate to repeal the administration’s military vaccine mandate.

    The National Defense Authorization Act terminated the COVID-19 vaccine for military members but did not reinstate those who were discharged or had their benefits cut for refusing the vaccine. Reinstatement has become a priority for some Republicans who said the strict mandate is among the reasons why military recruitment is at an all-time low.

    The legislation gave Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin 30 days to rescind the vaccine mandate. The Defense Department had already stopped all related personnel actions, such as discharging troops who refused the vaccine.

    The punishing of those refusing the vaccine ends, and those discharged can petition to revise their record. There is no word yet on whether discharges would be reversed.

    According to the memo, no adverse actions will be taken against service members who have been seeking exemptions to getting the vaccine, and any service members who received a letter of reprimand or some other “adverse action” will have it removed from their record.

    Those who refused to get vaccinated and received a general discharge can petition the Board of Corrections for Military Records to revise it, although the memo does not say what the correction to the record could be or whether those discharged could rejoin the military.”


  8. “Tucker Carlson: Biden, Classified Docs, and UPenn’s China Ties”


    “TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: They always accuse you of the very things they’re doing themselves. If there’s one rule you can keep on your fridge, write it down, put it in your wallet to evaluate the behavior of the people in charge, it’s that. They blame you for their sins every single time. The latest example arrived this week when we learned that Joe Biden, fresh from lecturing us about how Donald Trump was a criminal because he had unauthorized possession of secret documents, that very same Joe Biden himself had unauthorized possession of secret documents, but don’t worry, it’s not a big deal.

    Unlike you and that despicably orange Donald Trump, Joe Biden is a good person. Joe Biden is so virtuous he has transcended temporal law. It’s not a crime when he does it. So, that’s the frustratingly familiar headline from this week’s story, which you’ve probably seen by now, but the details of the story are actually pretty interesting. So, a week before these last midterm elections, Joe Biden’s lawyers were, for some reason, rooting around in a locked closet in the Washington office of something called the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, and while in that locked closet, Biden’s lawyers found a sheaf of highly classified government documents.

    The first question here is: Why were Joe Biden’s lawyers doing this in the first place? We can’t say for sure because they haven’t told us, but it is weird. Lawyers don’t typically search locked closets. Yours probably don’t, but Biden’s lawyers did, and we guess they did because they understood that Republicans were about to win back the House and with it, congressional subpoena power. They were likely conducting a cleanup operation preemptively trying to get ahead of a scandal they knew was coming and, of course, they hid what they found in that closet until after the midterm elections, because there’s no reason to influence voters too much with information. So, there’s that, and then there’s the question of the so-called Penn Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

    What is that exactly? The whole idea of an academic Biden center is pretty funny. Joe Biden is a moron. He’s always been a moron even before the dementia. For decades in Washington, ask anyone who lived there, Biden was famous as the dumbest member of the Senate. People made jokes about it. So, why would an Ivy League university name a think tank after a man who can’t think and then pay him nearly a million dollars a year for not doing anything? Hmm. Good question. Well, more on that in just a minute, but first, a word about classified documents.

    Now, this is not a partisan point, not attacking anybody. It’s just the truth. These people you see on television huffing and puffing about vital state secrets on both sides, by the way, not just Democrats, everybody, vital state secrets, they’re either lying or they don’t really understand how Washington works. How many legitimate, vital state secrets are there? Well actually, not very many at all. In a democracy, the government has no right to hide what it’s doing from the public except under extraordinary circumstances. It’s fine to classify the Normandy invasion until it happens. It is not fine to spend 60 years hiding the fact that the CIA was involved in the murder of a president. Hiding your involvement in the Kennedy assassination is not a national security precaution. It is criminal behavior and it’s made possible by a classification regime that was designed not to protect this country, but to protect and enrich our permanent political class, which it very efficiently does.

    “Oh, but our enemies,: screech the morons on TV. “If we had declassified these documents, whatever they are, if we do that, our enemies will learn our secrets.” Please. China already knows our secrets, all of our secrets. The Chinese government has hacked every agency in Washington, and everybody knows that and nobody seems to care. The Biden administration cares so little in fact, it just suspended a counter-espionage program designed to stop Chinese spying. In other words, the Chinese can know, but you can’t know. Biden trusts Beijing more than he trusts you.

    The media’s job, its only job really, is to push back against attitudes like that and to seek the truth. Reporters are the people who are paid, who for a living find out what your government is doing and then tell you about it so democracy can continue, but there are very few of those left. Julian Assange is in prison for his efforts. Ed Snowden lives in exile and the news organizations that remain are so thoroughly controlled by government agencies that even the suggestion of more public transparency drives them to hysteria. Watch CNN and MSNBC, for example, react to the news that Republicans in Congress might tell us some of what the thoroughly corrupt intel community has been doing in our name.

    It’s outrageous to tell people the government is spying on them, especially since the government is spying on them. That’s confirmed, by the way. That’s a fact. They spied on us, but if you want to know what your government is doing, scolds Joe Scarborough, you’re “targeting America’s intel community.” You’re unpatriotic. You’re a disloyal American if you don’t want to be lied to. That’s what they’re saying out loud on MSNBC tonight. In the past few months, we’ve learned that for years, Twitter functioned as a mouthpiece for the FBI and the spy agencies. Clearly, the same thing has happened to cable news and that is a graver threat to our democracy than any group of Trump voters who wandered around the Capitol on January 6. It’s not even close, but back to our story and the hilariously obvious double standard on the question of classified documents.

    It was just this summer that NBC’s hyperventilating House historian Michael Beschloss suggested that Donald Trump deserved the death penalty for keeping classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. Fried like the Rosenbergs in the electric chair. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden agreed. “Sounds about right,” Hayden wrote, because at this point it’s totally normal for CIA directors to fantasize about killing American presidents. Just for fun today, we reached out to Michael Beschloss to ask what punishment he thinks Joe Biden deserves for keeping classified documents in his office. Of course, Beschloss didn’t respond to us. He was too busy applying pancake makeup in his living room for another MSNBC hit, but to be fair, it wasn’t just Michael Beschloss who claimed that Trump was endangering America with those documents. They all said that.

    The funniest part was Bernstein, formerly the Washington Post, who literally participated in an FBI operation — not guessing, documented — an FBI operation to drive a sitting, duly elected president from office. Carl Bernstein participated in that and he’s lecturing us about how, “No, we have to keep the secret things secret.” Last night we learned that Joe Biden, someone with no power to declassify anything when he was vice president, stashed classified documents in the closet of his private office at the very same time he was sending the DOJ after Donald Trump for doing the same thing. How exactly are our news media going to make sense of this? Well, of course, with maximum shamelessness. Today, CNN trotted out a CIA lawyer called Brian Greer to explain that mishandling classified information is no longer a big deal, in fact, honestly, kids, it happens all the time.”


    There’s plenty more…


  9. Quiet please, Joy is journalisming……


    And now you get an idea why MSDNC viewers are some of the most un-informed people on the planet.

    Here’s what the Social Security Admin says…. and it’s exactly the opposite of what this hack is spewing. Her guest is correct.


    “Social Security’s main program, also known as Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI), ran a $39 billion deficit in 2014, closing out five years of consecutive cash-flow deficits as the program’s unfunded obligations continue to grow.[1] According to the 2015 annual Trustees’ Report, the 75-year unfunded obligation of the Social Security OASI Trust Fund is $9.43 trillion, a $70 billion increase from last year’s unfunded obligation of $9.36 trillion.[2] After including federal debt obligations recorded as assets to the Social Security trust fund of $2.73 trillion, Social Security’s total 75-year unfunded obligation is nearly $12.2 trillion.

    The Social Security OASI program is projected to reach insolvency in 2035. This means that the program is expected to have only enough revenue from payroll taxes, interest on the Trust Fund balance, and repayment of borrowed Trust Fund dollars to pay out scheduled benefits until 2035. This is one year later than projected in last year’s report.[3]

    If no action is taken to improve Social Security’s solvency before its Trust Fund runs dry, benefits will either be delayed or reduced across the board by 23 percent. Congress should avoid indiscriminate benefit cuts which would harm the most vulnerable beneficiaries the most by adopting commonsense reforms that modernize the outdated Social Security program.”

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  10. Called it.

    He’s a fed, and this was all fed orchestrated.

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  11. Again, told ya’.


  12. Good questions, BS answers.


  13. Of course….

    The fix is in.


  14. Pay attention.

    This is what corruption looks like.


  15. Like

  16. Bribery is still a crime, right?


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