36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-11-23

  1. We have wind! Not my favorite. My project for yesterday was the mending. I now have 3 additional pairs of scrub pants back in the rotation. I am glad to have that pile dealt with.

    Today is my usual cooking day. I try to make several different things for my guys, and some salads which are easy to take in the lunch box.

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  2. Sorry about that. I typed the wrong letter in the code, so it didn’t make a link to the definition:

    1. of or relating to shepherds; pastoral.
    2. of, relating to, or suggesting an idyllic rural life.

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  3. Good morning! A horse farm! Lovely. Does someone take/give riding lessons?

    Nice to see you here, Rk. Those mending piles? Never are they ending at our house. Art had on jeans that were dragging the floor two days ago. I said I needed to work on them. New jeans, that I already had hemmed up once, now ready to be rehemmed. Did he shrink? Maybe so. They took out more than a large kidney stone with that surgery!

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  4. Morning all! It is cold and overcast here and we are expecting snow showers later on.

    How I love to see a horse farm. I am no “horse” person but I admire the beauty of them. My daughter in law is from a long line of “horse” people. Her parents own Sandy Run Stables in KY and that is where they all live. DIL trains horses and riders. My poor son is allergic to hay but after 5 years of shots he now “tolerates” the exposure. 😊

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  5. It was while playing in a barn with a friend that we learned our eldest had hay fever. Not surprising at all. I didn’t realize my own problems with that until I had all three of my children. I suffered the effects, but my brother was far worse, so I didn’t realize what was happening.

    Yesterday I spent a few hours cleaning out one piddly little desk drawer full of papers. I was astonished how many papers were stuffed in there and how old they were! I had a whole lot to shred and throw. I am glad I got this done and my children didn’t have to deal with all those papers (in case we passed away). Now to try to keep a better eye on what is saved.

    We have an overcast sky again today. That means we have, relatively, warm weather. It has been a warm January so far. The grandchildren had school canceled because of the icy roads. At least 10 semis in the ditch on one road, not to mention the car accidents lead to that decision. I am glad they don’t have to be on the road. My SIL fell on his steps on his way to teach school, so he has sore ribs. His school is still open. He said the freeway was not too bad, so the bad roads must be somewhat localized. It is nice to hear often how all of them are doing and that is thanks to Messenger and Facebook. Both can be good tools when used wisely.

    So sad about all the storms in California. If only all that water could be contained for the future! Hope you are all safe from the storms across the country.

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  6. Going through boxes here. I woke up realizing what a puzzle it is. Where to put things and what to keep. It is kinda good that I can’t afford furniture now so I have to focus on one thing at a time. I do want to get a couple of bookshelves next for all those books. But many are to get rid of. I need to deal with the things now so no one has to do it later.

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  7. My whole house is like a puzzle, especially my kitchen. Everything must be in its place, or it will not fit! Amazing the small appliance inventions since we built our house! I have way too many books and are always offering to send them with the children and their families. I am not looking forward to paring them down. There are some that can go, but the others…. 😦

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  8. It sounds like a very typical January with all the clearing out going on among bloggers. I also have too many books and old papers.

    I’m having a hard time focusing on getting back to (real) work this week.

    January isn’t my favorite month, it’s just so … blah.

    But we do have more rain coming by the weekend.

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  9. Good morning. Magnesium glycinaphate or some such is our friend here. The granddads are sleeping well, though grandpa was back to carrying on conversations last night.

    Snow on the ground, don’t know if more is expected. Expecting my Moscow brother for a visit today unless the snow is too much.

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  10. Snowing here……beautiful and cold. Just enough to make the roads slick

    I gave away a bag of books to Goodwill yesterday. I only display my antique books in my bookcases and these were hidden away in the office closet. I had read them and now onto someone else who might enjoy them!

    And as we were sitting on the sofa this morning enjoying our coffee my husband looked at me and said “what else can we get rid of”?! 😂 Tis the season of life to pare down possessions and stuff!

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  11. Books go into my little library–which sees lots of action–and to the library. You can write off the donation to the library.

    I’m going to have to get Adorables over again to scan more photos and docs.

    I, too, am thinking about my heritage of stuff. I’ve cleaned out houses after the death of 5 or so people? Maybe more, and I don’t want my kids to go through all this junk.

    So, it’s time to toss–will I ever use this again? Have I used it in years? Should I just throw away all my dolls from childhood since I forgot to give them to my daughter and granddaughters? They’ve been in a box cluttering the garage.

    So, if I ever get through my office, we’ll move into the garage.

    Having our daughter leave means I have another closet . . . which is good and bad.

    But at least the Giggle room is only full of children items, books, and a twin bed! Roomy!

    I finished writing up Israel last night and sent it off. 150 pages, 30K words, lots of photos. I wrote a book since our return November 5.

    But, now it’s done, the housecleaners come at noon, and I’ve now picked up the house–other than the box stashes. They’re good boxes, right? 😉

    Off to work on this rainy day.

    Also to offer apologies. 4 women drove through the driving rain to Bible study yesterday–they didn’t follow my directions to check their email to learn I’ve canceled. I need to come up with a better solution to canceling. I feel terrible about their drive for nothing.

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  12. Bit of a news blowup this morning with a computer outage at our airports, cause unknown last I heard; I made calls to the 3 airports in our region, including lax. The actual crisis seems to be over with, but the overnight cancelations and delays will somewhat mess with the flight schedules throughout today as adjustments need to be made to catch up.

    I’ll check with the library on passing on the books, I’ve taken some in the past to used bookstores (which don’t exist much anymore) and to Salvation Army which also takes them.

    But libraries probably can use them for their periodic book sales if they don’t want them for their collection?

    Interviewing someone today in Israel about the Eco-Wave technology that’s going to be tested out locally here in the coming year or so.

    I love horses, get to see them while driving through our peninsula’s adjacent, more rural “horse” country neighborhoods.

    Interesting (and complicated) how we now have segments of society that rely on phone calls (old school), email (already semi-old school for many) and texting.

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  13. The downed airline’s system was nationwide as it was the news this a.m. from our major ATL airport.

    I had a busy morming trying to get Art a new phone. Such a hassle. He hardly uses his phonr so I went with the free “upgrade” with T-Mobile for a MotoGo. I know nothing about them, but first thing I uninstalled TicTok.

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  14. My old-school cousin in Missouri – no voicemail, no computer, no email, no texting — was telling me how hard it was for him to get a new “flip phone” (the old style ones).

    The clerk told him they don’t make them anymore.

    Cousin insisted he wouldn’t take anything else.

    So clerk went into the back, talked to the owner who said, yeah, we actually have a few …

    So he got his “new” flip phone, still refusing to set up voicemail.

    Either you catch him when you call — or you don’t.

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  15. I do not use voice mail either and rarely answer my phone as I rarely hear it ring because I keep the sound off. I respond in my time to texts but do try to respond.

    My dad has noticed his memory is failing. Scary times for him. I try to write things down in his notebook and every time he picks it up, it is all news to him.

    As to the old dolls, Michelle, somebody in the family is going to want them. For historic value. Find out who it is and hand them over.

    My aunt sent me a couple of dolls from Ecuador that I saved for years from about age five. I gave them to two of my Ecuadorian children, who were thrilled, and promptly threw them out when they got bored with them. That is not who you are looking for! Somebody will appreciate them.

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  16. My mom had an old doll from probably the 1930s that she passed on to a cousin of mine who had a strong interest in those things. It was a special kind of doll that was deemed a collectible by then (probably in the 1970s?).

    Cousin died some years ago, though, so not sure where it went from there, hopefully to someone who has kept it (either a family member of whoever may have purchased it and kept it for posterity so it is still “surviving” somewhere in appreciative hands).

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  17. When I was young, my Great Aunt Nina (with the i pronounced like “eye”, not the usual way Nina is pronounced) made a Raggedy Ann for me. I loved that doll, even though it didn’t look like the more “real” looking baby dolls.

    Sometime when I was in high school, I lent it to a friend, who had already graduated and I rarely saw anymore, to go along with her Halloween costume. Never saw Raggedy Ann again. Even 44 or 45 years later, that still makes me a bit sad when I think about it.

    At some point as an adult (I have no idea how old I was or how long ago this was), my mom mentioned that story to her cousin, who mentioned it to Great Aunt Nina. She surprised me by making me another one! This one is different from the first one, though, and didn’t give me the same feeling of nostalgia.

    I would like to give it to a little girl, but at this point don’t know who might like it, and Nightingale thinks that little girls these days would not be interested in a Raggedy Ann. There is a young couple at church with two little girls, so I am thinking of asking the mother if she thinks her older daughter would like it. (The younger one is only a few months old.)

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  18. I have a raggedy Ann doll that my Grandma made me when I was in college. I will give it to one of my daughters.
    The hair is curly yarn and it looks just like my Grandma’s hair

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  19. When I walked on the driveway earlier I saw the dog across the street, the Austrailian Shepherd, Calvin, in the yard from across the way for only a few minutes. A little later the much larger dog was on the lawn for a momentary romp. I had thought they must be two different dogs because Calvin did not seem big enough and the hair was not the same, but with my poor eyesight I was not sure.

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  20. Great idea on the Raggedy Ann dolls.

    Mine were just cheap plastic dolls. They were in storage when we lived in Hawai’i, which was the right age for my daughter.

    But, Adorable 7 might be interested at 3.5.

    Yes, libraries sell donated books at library book sales through friends of the library.

    When you’re done at your house, Jo, feel free to come to mine . . . and throw things away. 🙂

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  21. My mother had a huge Barbie collection. My daughter does as well, some given to her by Pop after nanny died. My Dad is still in possession of an original 1959 Barbie doll, as well as the first 1961 Ken to hit the scene, with the original cardboard boxes.

    But my daughter has expanded to any and all dolls really, action figures included. She has quite the collection. As her Nanny used to say, “she gets it honest….” 🙂

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  22. I have a flip phone. They’re hard to find but mine is modernized and has WiFi abilities. That comes in handy at the cave office as regular cell reception is spotty in the valley (or hollow, as we say here) where it’s located. The problem is that the battery doesn’t last long.

    I miss my military grade Kyocera or the old Motorola.

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  23. So Jo is the official thrower-awayer? She can come here, too. Just don’t toss the cat or the dog.

    I wasn’t never much for dolls, but had a few, and I think I had that original Barbie with the striped bathing suit (but mine had red hair I think — didn’t they originally come in blonde, brunette and red-head?).

    I was amused for a while, but not too long — my parents were just as glad when they realized the myriad of “outfits” children then were inspired to covet and demand for Christmas.

    I was always more impressed by a set of little western horses and other figures, a fringed jacket, a baseball glove …

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  24. ~ Originally, the first doll was available in brunette or blonde. Not until 1961 were red-haired Barbies available on the market. ~

    I guess mine was the 1961 version.


  25. the things you learn. Yes I had a Barbie.
    Later, when I had kids, I realized that when you play with Barbie’s, you are playing dating. Whereas with a baby doll you are practicing being a mommy. So my girls never got Barbies. Also never asked for them as we didn’t have a tv.

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