30 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-3-23

  1. Another one of those “He was on radar but we did nothing” stories from the inept FBI.



    “The NYPD and FBI investigation into a machete attack on three police officers near Times Square on Saturday night now spans from New York City to Maine, where the suspect is from.

    A high-ranking police source told CBS2 the 19-year-old suspect, identified as Trevor Bickford, was recently placed on an FBI terror watchlist, because his aunt reported he had been radicalized online and expressed a desire to travel overseas and fight with Islamic extremists.

    Police say at around 10 p.m., the 19-year-old man, unprovoked, tried to strike an officer in the head with a machete and then struck two other officers with the weapon, causing cuts and fracturing the skull of one of the officers.

    One of the officers shot in the man in the shoulder.

    Early Sunday morning, Mayor Eric Adams said one of the injured officers just graduated from the Police Academy on Friday.”

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  2. Doesn’t pass the smell test. He was a fed plant, and note the Antifa rioters present as well.


  3. And it begins….

    Soooo predictable.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.



  4. I have made no bones about my dislike for all things major league sports. For their “progressive” positions thrown in the faces of anyone standing for what is good and right. They seem to have a particular aversion towards Biblical morality and faith and anyone taking a stand towards that end.

    So here I read they may have done something good. They put player over the game. I saw a photo of players huddled together as they cried and prayed on the field. I still won’t support the NFL “progressiveness” but this I hope shakes them to their core. And I pray for this young man and his family.

    Monday’s NFL game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bill was postponed after Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest on the field. But in a similar situation 51 years ago, after a Detroit Lions receiver collapsed on the field from heart failure, the NFL finished the game after he was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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  5. Far too many of these young, healthy athletes are dropping like flies – connect the dots…

    Something positive from the tragedy:
    “Hamlin previously organized a children’s fundraiser ahead of Christmas in 2020, which has continued on as an annual holiday toy drive. Within two hours of the on-field collapse on Monday, more than $400,000 was donated to the cause. By midnight, the fundraiser had reached well over $1 million, far exceeding its initial goal of $2,500.”

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  6. If I go by the information given by AJ, I would be convinced Ray Epps is a gov’t/police plant. He even looks like a cop. But then you read this;

    Police sometimes develop tunnel vision when they zone in on one suspect. In the same way, the right wing noise machine may have developed tunnel vision.

    In any case, the transcripts highlighted in the above tweets show very leading questions to such an extent that they are putting words in his mouth.

    The Jan 6th committee didn’t investigate the actions of undercover police because this is normal police procedure when dealing with crowd control and potential politically motivated violence. Why compromise police protocols. I’m surprised people consider their presence surprising and important. At most demonstrations, locating the police plant is often easy. The best is when they try to act like antifa – anarchists don’t look like they go to the gym everyday. And finally, does the presence of police agents and other agent provocateurs exonerated all those charged, convicted and jailed for the events of Jan 6th? No it doesn’t. Individual accountability and agency is still the center of western justice systems. Just ask the thousands in jail for buying pot from undercover police. Ray Epps or any other “plant” is a non-issue. You do the crime you do the time.


  7. Tychicus – young men involved in high performance sports do die or have heart attacks. It’s rare but I remember several hockey players suffering heart attacks during NHL games as far back as the 90s. These are athletes pushed to the extreme of human ability and the combination of violence and speed is hard on both the brain and the heart. Back in the 90s and then again a few years ago, the Maple Leafs detected players with heart problems during a training camp for new prospects. Heart defects that an ordinary person could have without any effects or not too much later will pose problems for young men who pushed their bodies to the limits. All for our entertainment.

    Partially because of the record of heart attacks occurring during hockey games, every hockey rink in Canada has an AED kit.

    Nancy – I have an aversion to professional sports but it’s the exploitative and violent nature of sport which annoys me.

    DJ – we have the same top three stories of the year.


  8. Michelle – the video footage from Bakhmut if put in black and white would resemble the western front of the WWI. People see the quickness of Kherson and Kharkiv offenses but in the middle there is trench warfare that is killing young men for inches on the ground. Humans rarely learn from the past. The famous quote which has a a few variations states “Those who didn’t learn from the past are condemned to repeat” should include and “those who learned history are condemned to watch people repeat it” I’m in the latter group.


  9. Just saw a picture of Fettermen being sworn in as Senator. He’s wearing a suit and tie, wonder if he borrowed it. Does the Senate have a dress code or will he be back to hoodie and jeans?


  10. HRW,

    And that has nothing to do with Ray Epps, so your point is…. ?

    You and the NYT did nothing to address why a man caught on tape encouraging and orchestrating was never charged, yet parading GrandMas were.

    And I love how you left leaning folks take everything the govt and FBI tell you at face value now. You finally got folks to see your point about them, but you’re gonna miss an opportunity at needed reforms to spite R’s.

    It’s funny really.

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  11. Suckers may still buy the Jan6 lies, but their hiding of the evidence speaks volumes.

    Only release what fits the narrative, and suckers fall for it.

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  12. You and the NYT paint Epps the ringleader as a victim, even though he’s blaming your side.

    Suckers fall for anything.

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  14. Oh look, another clown in the clown car.

    He’s sooooo principled…. 🙄

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  15. But muh narrative….

    “WSJ: Vaccines are fueling the evolution of new COVID variants”


    “There is a lot of talk about the dangers of the COVID vaccines these days, some of which is pure speculation and some of which is based upon solid facts and science.

    Let me focus on the latter, because speculation sheds a lot of heat but not any light.

    The Wall Street Journal has printed a story on its Editorial page that should cause a stir: recent peer reviewed studies indicate that the policy of frequently boosting vaccinated people against new COVID variants is speeding up the mutation of the virus and actually encouraging the spread of the virus rather than slowing it down.

    Drawing on studies printed in Nature and the New England Journal of Medicine, Allysia Finley’s article questions the wisdom of the constant drive to develop new vaccine boosters to combat the evolving strains of COVID-19. If I understand the argument correctly, our efforts are creating a situation similar to antibiotic resistant bacteria–we are teaching the virus how to evade the weapons we are using to combat the spread of the virus.

    Public-health experts are sounding the alarm about a new Omicron variant dubbed XBB that is rapidly spreading across the Northeast U.S. Some studies suggest it is as different from the original Covid strain from Wuhan as the 2003 SARS virus. Should Americans be worried?

    It isn’t clear that XBB is any more lethal than other variants, but its mutations enable it to evade antibodies from prior infection and vaccines as well as existing monoclonal antibody treatments. Growing evidence also suggests that repeated vaccinations may make people more susceptible to XBB and could be fueling the virus’s rapid evolution.

    It is that second part–that people who have been vaccinated and boosted multiple times are more susceptible to infection–that is particularly worrying.

    We use antibiotics despite the danger of creating resistant bacteria because doing so saves lives. However, we don’t use antibiotics constantly because that teaches the sneaky little bugs how to evade them without providing a life-saving benefit. We use them when necessary, and sparingly.

    However we are not doing that with the COVID vaccines, and that may be a huge mistake. Instead of focusing our immunity boosting efforts on people most in danger, we are pursuing a strategy of universal vaccination regardless of risk. That accelerates the mutation process, essentially wasting the temporary advantage we have against the virus (a vaccine that helps) in a vain effort to stop the virus cold.

    We know stopping the virus is impossible. Experience tells us this. So is our current strategy actually making things worse?”

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  16. hwesseli: The number of these “sudden death” tragedies among young male athletes has increased something like 2,700% over these last few years.

    Unfortunately, organizations like the NFL have mandated the jabs and boosters. Damar Hamlin received a booster on 12⁄26, as was indicated in a screenshot by his doctor who administered the shot.

    Hamlin was running at top speed for each defensive play of the first quarter of the game. It would be very strange that he would suddenly get up after making the tackle, if his heart had already stopped. What happened is that he got up, took a few steps (backwards), then his heart stopped as he fell backwards – just like what happened to a number of soccer players in Europe.

    Last night, Dr. Peter McCullough wrote:
    “I watched the play live both as a fan and a cardiologist and I saw blunt neck and chest trauma, a brief recovery after the tackle and then a classic cardiac arrest. I have communicated to one of the most experienced trainers in the world and we agree that it was a cardiac arrest in the setting of a big surge of adrenalin. If Damar Hamlin indeed took one of the COVID-19 vaccines, then subclinical vaccine-induced myocarditis must be considered in the differential diagnosis. We have been told he was successfully defibrillated on the field and has been intubated and is not spontaneously breathing which is consistent with anoxic encephalopathy. The nation prays for his complete recovery.”

    Dr. McCullough got it right – three hours after he said that, the Buffalo Bills confirmed that he was correct.

    Dr. McCullough had also written sometime earlier: “The vaccines set up the heart inflammation … and then it’s the big surge of adrenaline… during a basketball game — during sports, that’s triggering these deaths.”

    When it’s cardiac, its the jab until it’s proven otherwise. The jab plays a significant role in putting one’s heart in vulnerability and jeopardy. However, what is actually reported will be something else.

    If Hamlin doesn’t recover, then there should be an autopsy and the results should be reported to the public. Too many young people in their prime are being injured or killed, and the truth needs to be told.

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  17. We’re ruled by clowns.


    Guess who just became the favorite drug runners and dealers of the cartels in NYC?


  18. Having said that, it’s very encouraging to see how the fans and players reacted once Hamlin’s injuries became a concern. So many actually got on their knees, and prayed. As long as Americans still recognize the power of God, our nation still has a chance to return to greatness. Keeping God in first place will make other issues truly solvable – but on His terms, not ours .

    Praise you and thank you, our merciful God!

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  19. “Unsung Heroes of 2022: Whitmer Fednapping Defense Attorneys

    The Whitmer fednapping scheme shows what the FBI is capable and willing to do to create optics favorable to Democrats and boost the imaginary threat by “domestic violent extremists.”


    “A federal courtroom in Grand Rapids this week once again demonstrated how far removed we are from America’s founding principles of free speech, blind justice, commensurate punishment, and due process of law. The two-day performance by U.S. District Court Judge Robert Jonker demonstrated how much closer we are to a totalitarian police state where federal agents spy on and entrap citizens in a successful effort to criminalize political activity and send a warning to other dissidents—all with the solemn imprimatur of the judicial system.

    Jonker, who has presided over the federal case against six men accused of conspiring to kidnap and kill Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2020, didn’t attempt to hide his bias during the sentencing hearings for two defendants, Adam Fox and Barry Croft, Jr., convicted of that crime in August. Both, after all, were found guilty at a retrial in large part due to Jonker’s activism from the bench on behalf of the government. (Fox and Croft received a hung jury in the first trial in April; two co-defendants were acquitted on all charges.)

    The U.S. attorney for the western district of Michigan wanted life sentences for Fox and Croft; Jonker, declaring life in prison would be too harsh, nonetheless sentenced Fox to 192 months (16 years) and Croft to 235 months (just over 19 years)—terms usually reserved for murderers and otherwise violent, repeat criminals. All for an alleged crime that never came close to fruition.

    But handing down excessive sentences, which included add-ons for “terrorism,” represented just a sliver of Jonker’s shameful conduct. Jonker repeatedly preached, unprompted, that the case was not an FBI entrapment operation and insisted law enforcement acted bravely and appropriately.

    “This is what law enforcement is supposed to do,” Jonker said Tuesday morning before announcing Fox’s sentence. “I don’t see anything on the entrapment front.” Jonker praised the FBI for its “careful monitoring” of the alleged kidnappers and claimed if they hadn’t “pulled the plug early,” the governor would have been kidnapped and possibly assassinated. He also lamented the “emotional baggage” Whitmer, who knew of the alleged caper months before the October 2020 arrests, carries to this day.

    Jonker, appointed to the bench by President George W. Bush in 2007, continued his gratuitous commentary during Croft’s sentencing on Wednesday morning.

    “We were never going to experience the worst because law enforcement was in position early,” Jonker said. Dan Chappel, the lead FBI informant compensated roughly $60,000 in cash and personal items for seven months’ work, deserves gratitude for his role. “We would all thank him,” Jonker claimed.

    He again defended the FBI’s involvement, insisting no one had been “entrapped” and the agency was merely “trying to ferret out illegitimate activities.”

    “That’s something I need to reflect,” Jonker said.

    Except Jonker didn’t bother to “reflect” on anything of the sort. Further, the jurors in the first trial might strongly reject Jonker’s delusional reflections, since the government failed to win a single conviction after defense attorneys presented a compelling—and convincing—FBI entrapment defense. Fox, Croft, Brandon Caserta, and Daniel Harris went to trial in April on federal kidnapping charges. (Two other individuals pleaded guilty.)

    Following a three-week trial and more than four days of deliberation, a jury acquitted Caserta and Harris on all charges. After jurors could not reach a unanimous verdict on Fox and Croft—some news reports indicated a sole holdout—Jonker declared a mistrial.

    The outcome was a shocking and rare defeat for the Department of Justice in a case the government considered the biggest domestic terror investigation in recent history. (Prosecutors immediately announced they would seek a retrial.) Not only did the verdicts undermine the credibility of the entire Whitmer kidnapping narrative, but the painstaking work of the defense attorneys also helped further damage the credibility of the FBI by detailing an extensive entrapment operation that even the most talented fiction writers would be hard-pressed to conceive.

    At least a dozen FBI informants working with numerous FBI handlers and aided by at least three FBI undercover agents concocted and engineered the scheme. An investigative report by BuzzFeed in July 2021, based on filings by defense attorneys, first introduced the intricate plot to the public.

    “Working in secret, [the informants] did more than just passively observe and report on the actions of the suspects,” reporters Ken Bensinger and Jessica Garrison wrote. “Instead, they had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot, starting with its inception. The extent of their involvement raises questions as to whether there would have even been a conspiracy without them.”

    There would not have been, no matter how hard Judge Jonker argues to the contrary. For months before and during the first trial in April, the four public defenders—Christopher Gibbons (Fox), Joshua Blanchard (Croft), Julia Kelly (Harris), and Mike Hills (Caserta)—exposed the scheme. FBI informants had tailed their targets for months and had organized “militia” conferences, field training exercises, family gatherings, and other events to produce incriminating evidence. Most of the defendants were high or drunk, or both, as informants and undercover agents recorded their impaired conversations.

    The FBI set up a fake militia to which Chappel was sworn in as a “commanding officer,” in violation of FBI rules. By August, despite the FBI’s best efforts, no kidnapping plan existed, and the group appeared on the verge of splitting up. One handling agent instructed an informant tasked to watch Croft to “solve the differences in the group” and remind them of Croft’s “good ideas.”

    Defense attorneys further revealed that the FBI planted another undercover agent, disguised as an explosives expert, in the group in September 2020 to accelerate the scheme. The agent showed the group a video of a bomb blowing up an SUV; the FBI had produced the video.

    At the same time, defense attorneys discovered texts between Chappel and his handling agents as the pair attempted to lure another man in Virginia into a similar plot against Governor Ralph Northam. “Mission is to kill the governor specifically,” FBI special agent Jayson Chambers instructed Chappel.

    Defense attorneys uncovered hundreds of communications between FBI assets confirming what happened behind the scenes. Jonker refused to allow the jury to see most of the exchanges.”


    The FBI ran the same kinda scam on Jan6, top to bottom, a fed operation.

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  20. As I stated before, heart attacks among professional athletes aren’t entirely unknown and happened prior to the Covid vaccine. The speed and violence combined with the high level of athleticism is a dangerous mix. Interestingly the rate of heart attacks among ordinary young men has also been going up in the same time period; that is post 2000 not 2020.

    AJ’s article on vaccines and antibiotics may actually make sense. And its similar to my reasoning on not taking the various booster shots. First my employer doesn’t require the extra shots, second, the additional shots function much like the yearly flu shots. You’re being immunized for last years version


  21. AJ
    I’m completely enjoying the irony of the law and order party turning on the police. They finally realized the left wasn’t lying once standard police procedures were applied to them. But both the typical Democrat and Republican politician aren’t going to upset the apple cart. Even Ted Cruz knew he was playing for the cameras; he knew the FBI couldn’t answer his question as it would compromise FBI operations.

    Do I want the right to blow this wide open. Sure. But at the same time, I won’t hesitate to say in a somewhat intellectual manner; “we told you so”

    I didn’t paint Epps as a victim the NYT did. I view Epps as a useful idiot by the Trumpian popuists. First he showed up and joined the protest and now he’s a useful scapegoat. Its all about shifting the blame. The reason he wasn’t charged according to Epps and the NYT, he immediately called the FBI when he learned he was a person of interest and he never went into the building. (If some random guy in a crowd tells you to throw a rock at Starbucks and you do, who does the law blame)

    Same as the Michigan incident. This is standard FBI operations. Of course, they were found guilty, people are responsible for their actions and plans. Once again, I get to enjoy the irony of the party of individual responsibilty try to negate it.


  22. Canadian law has long held 12 to be the age of legal responsibility. You don’t stop crime or help children by enrolling them into the criminal justice system at a young age. Its a good move by New York. Of course, it will only work if the mental health help is in place for underage children behaving in a criminal manner. Having taught 11-14 year olds for 25 plus years I know these kids have very little concept of legal responsibility but I also know the local police keep track of kids before they turn 12.

    Republicans continue to eat their own. Apparently if enough Republicans vote present or are absent Hakeem Jefferies (D) becomes speaker, now that would be amusing. I think its telling that the “Freedom Caucus” and especially Matt Gaetz have settled on Jim Jordan as their candidate. Gaetz and Jordan – there’s a pair college kids should stay away from.


  23. I’m loving this.

    If you want Dem types to be in charge, then let’s just name Jeffries and kick it off.

    No more establishment RINOs pretending to be conservative until the voting starts.

    End the charade.

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