28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-2-23

  1. That is a beautiful set. I would not want to have to write with one of those all the time, however. Amazing all the wonderful things written with those simple tools when you think about it.

    I have decided to join an online bible app bible study with my daughters and others. I was asked for a few years now and decided this was a good time to take that plunge. They are reading in three different books of the bible to finish it in a year. They have done a chronological reading the last couple of years, so this is a change for them, too. I am sure it will become routine soon, but right now it seems clumsy. I wrote out my thoughts and apparently, they are too long to share. Lol.

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  2. Good morning. We sure write funny (in a strange manner) now, with just a tap to a key compared to back then!

    Glad you have that group study with those in your family, Kathaleena. That is very special. I love all my online Bible study friends. We learn so much together.

    Today is a holiday from the zap. But making up for it won’t be fun.

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  3. Morning all!
    23 degrees with a couple inches of new fallen snow and a layer of frozen ice under it all. Foggy with ice/snow covered pines…incredibly beautiful!

    I cannot for the life of me find my favorite devotional. It takes you through the NT and adds OT readings along the way. That will be my main mission today…finding that book!

    I love old inkwells. I have a couple but nothing that exquisite as up there! I have a collection of British antique ink crocks and always have my eyes open for them at antique shops. There are so many different shapes/sizes/colors and unique stamps on them. Fun to collect and they really aren’t that expensive.

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  4. And Word is being quite a pill with posting since yesterday. Cannot like posts, requiring signing in then telling me when I try to sign in that my post is a duplicate. Don’t be messing with this old lady’s brain…K????

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  5. Good morning, all. Twenty six here expected to go down to fifteen over night. Rough night for grandpa. Lots of projects involving the saber saw. Got himself up and put himself down to the floor, we were able to get him up from there.

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  6. I’m on the early holiday shift today, checking a pedestrian hit and killed from last night along with a house fire.

    Wide territory to keep tabs on today but editor feeds me the ones he wants me to do.


    Meanwhile, there was this from Ministry Watch in my email this morning:

    ~ A Mass Exodus From The United Methodist Church

    Just weeks ago, 487 United Methodist churches were approved for disaffiliation from the denomination, bringing the total of ratified exits to 1,314. Hundreds more have already voted to exit and are awaiting final approval. Almost all of them are theologically conservative churches anticipating the denomination’s official and enthusiastic liberalization on LGBTQ issues when its governing General Conference meets in 2024. ~

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  7. The split even made it into one friend’s Christmas letter.

    Interesting insight from Breakpoint this morning:


    Our pastor has us reading The Bible for the Persecuted–all-in-one-year plan (like Kathleena’s, reading from three or different passages of Scripture).

    I have no desire to own yet another Bible, much less the NLT translation, but the church office put together a pamphlet of the daily readings. We’ve got one copy of the aforementioned Bible and I’ll read along in my own ESV.

    We’ll see how I do. I don’t usually manage these things well.

    I’ll continue in the devotional side with Utmost and Streams. I’m planning, somehow, to finally get this Lettie Cowman biography published and out there in 2023.

    Exactly when remains up in the air.

    A gorgeous morning early today. I think I’m going shopping with CR for dishware. She got lots of serving dishes for Christmas, but no actual plates and bowls!

    Fortunately, she also got some generous monetary gifts to spend on her house.

    And with a lovely roommate coming next weekend, she’ll be able to upgrade her washer and dryer with the rent! LOL

    A canny young woman for sure.

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  8. Michelle, that takes me back. When I bought this house and rented out the lower section, I used the rental deposit to buy my dryer😀

    This week in doing the Glorify app, a daily Brittish devotional, the daily quote was from Oswald Chambers and the Bible passage was from Isaiah and spoke of “rivers in the wilderness.” I thought of your writings, Michelle.♡

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  9. My website had a lot of readers yesterday looking at Chambers material. I assumed it mean many people were reading My Utmost this year and wanted some background on who the guy was! LOL

    This is my first day back at my desk in nearly 2 weeks. I kept most of the backlog going, but I’m no where near caught up.

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  10. Hectic morning with trying to track breaking news from the coast to Riverside County to the Rose Parade.

    Why does the one of the county fire department’s media contacts put me into the voicemail of a probation officer who’s “out for several months”?


    Holiday shifts are frantic, but they do go by fast.

    And a 2nd reporter should be coming on in a couple hours, making the final few hours a little less harried.

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  11. Yesterday I moved my office out of the closet. I have a library table that belonged to my father that I had shoved in the closet as a desk. I moved it against a wall and had a iron and glass sofa table that is a little taller that I put beside it to make an L shape. I have a floor lamp in the corner for extra lighting.
    I had some wire shelves I put in the closet and put the printer in there too. It opened this room up more without a printer on a small round table. It went to the sun room to hold even more of Little Miss’ Calico Critters.https://www.amazon.com/Calico-Critters-Roof-Country-Home/dp/B078HQD92Z/ref=asc_df_B078HQD92Z/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309730969608&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=6649554809832555834&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9012939&hvtargid=pla-571130031263&psc=1

    Don’t worry Mr. P got most of the houses from the resale store up the street. We were going to give her the salon for Christmas but the first day the trees were up, she walked in and told Papa that was her salon. He assured her it wasn’t and Santa brought it.

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  12. It’s a small table and the closet double doors open out like a regular door.
    The house cleaner came today and brought a friend to help her. They didn’t get it all done and the one is coming back tomorrow. What the woman we hired did, she did really well. Her friend, not so much. But, Oh the part that is clean, lookes so good.

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  13. Me and mumsee should start our own club.

    Just back from the new-daily, brisk dog walk, my how I’ve missed this! It was lightly raining, cold, almost getting dark but not too dark — just dark enough for most of the pretty Christmas lights to be on throughout the neighborhood.

    And Abby’s getting the hang of it, she was still reticent getting leashed up but once we were out and on our way she became very animated and was almost bouncing when we got home and came up the driveway.

    Long holiday work shift, chasing traffic fatalities, a house fire (no injuries thankfully) pursuing the Sheriff I needed to talk to about the riderless horse entry in today’s Rose Parade (first attempt by phone got only horse whinnies before we were disconnected).

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  14. oh, my, has anyone seen my brain? or my memory?
    I can’t find any of my credit or debit cards, there are three. I have my license and everything else. I checked and no one else is using them.
    I am sure that they are in a nice, safe place. where? who knows?

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  15. so I am thinking that I need to encourage the older singles in my church. Last night I called one lady and asked when her birthday is, I knew it was soon. Turns out that it is on Tuesday. I asked what she was doing and she said nothing. Oh, I have been there. So tomorrow I will take her out to lunch.

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