51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-26-22

  1. Good Morning Everyone.
    Today is better. I may even venture out today or I may not.
    I think we are both looking forward to having Little Miss back tomorrow.

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  2. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

    I very much enjoyed mine. I got to see my Dad, all my brothers and sisters, plus my son and granddaughter even made it. 🙂

    I even got some pics of my dad, me and Cheryl, Liz and Isaac, and my son Allen and his daughter Ryleigh. I didn’t have any with all of them.

    And on top of that I’ve been asking God for the opportunity and words to tell my one brother and 2 sisters and their husbands about our Lord and Savior, and how He’s helping get me thru all the medical issues. Walked in to the kitchen at one point and bam, there they were. Perfect.

    So we talked about my cancer, why I don’t fear death, because I know what’s next as a believer. I explained why my faith is instrumental in my life, especially at this time. I told them I wanted the same for all of them, and thru faith in Jesus, they could have that thru God’s grace too. They heard me out, and I told them at the end that there are numerous family members who could tell them more and help them if they were interested.

    It went very well. 🙂

    It was the best Christmas in a long time. 🙂

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  3. Oh, Aj, how wonderful that you could have that time and experience. Prayers for the seeds to be watered and growth to be steady and fruitful.

    Kim, glad you pulled through your slump. I often feel that way this time of year. Fortunately, being in the word seems to lessen it more and more.

    What a mysterious and glorious thing the incarnation is! So worthy of celebration!

    Soon it will be a new year of bible study. Does anyone have any plans for how they will tackle that?

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  4. As to Bible: I will probably just continue plodding along. Still in Colossians, reading over and over. I would like to be able to memorize but that has always been a challenge for me.

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  5. I’ll venture out of the house today into the rain and see where Stargazer works, go on the underground tour, and enjoy being with my family. It’s been a lovely vacation.

    And one we needed.

    Extremely low key Christmas. Total presents exchanged: 6. My husband cheated by handing Stargazer one of our 2 gifts on Christmas Eve: a book.

    My husband then spent yesterday reading it. Sigh.

    Blessings to all.

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  6. Morning all! Oh Aj I read your post through tears of joy and thankfulness. Thank you for sharing your heart not only with your family but with us. It especially hits close to my heart….

    Today will be a day of getting this house back in order and gathering more stuff to send to Goodwill…after the first of the year. Most are trying to make it to the drop off before the end of the year for a tax write off…that is not the case here…I just need it to be gone!

    I’m not certain how my Bible reading will come together this coming year. I failed miserably this year…

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  7. We exchanged no gifts on Christmas. I bought my husband a Fast Track game board, but we opened it early so we could play the game with my daughter and grandson. We had a lot of fun with it.

    We have decided to go watch our grandson lose in basketball this week, since the weather is supposed to be much warmer, and we didn’t get to get together. I was told the team was not good. I enjoy watching basketball and he seems pretty good from what we have seen online. More importantly, our other daughter and her family will join us to finally celebrate Christmas.

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  8. Thank you, Peter! I can’t imagine not having the extra day off at Christmas time. 😊

    We had a low key Christmas – just daughter here for a few days. The dogs have been a trial. Kootenay doesn’t know when to stop, so we are always on alert to step in and Grizzly does NOT like him at all (he’s a mostly Cane Corso mutt). He’s daughter’s dog and usually a big friendly goofball, but he has no patience for Kootenay even looking at him. So we’ve been playing games with Kootenay on our side of the table on a leash and Griz on Jill’s side on a leash. They do manage to sleep and be calm in the same room, but not if off leash.

    AJ, what a blessing to be able to so openly share with your family. Thanking God for the opportunity alongside you and praying for those seeds to grow.

    I need to do a good sweep of my house for the Salvation Army donation bin, too.

    Kim, prayed for you yesterday and am glad you’re feeling better today.

    We also exchanged no gifts (well we did gifts with the children and grandchildren earlier) Kootenay was our gift to each other this year.

    Kathaleena, I loved watching my daughter play basketball – I think they only won one game in the high school years, but it was so good to see her on a team and how the teammates all treated one another.

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  9. I love reading all the good reports of Christmas, and especially of AJ’s best Christmas of all. What a perfect gift from God, AJ!

    Despite this being a rather dull Christmas for us, I feel joyful that it was as blessed as it was because it could have been so much worse. The pastor started off the sermon time yesterday talking of members who had lost heat and had frozen pipes. We escaped from those catastrophes. Art was very pleased to get the t v trays since he is working more from home and needs room to spread things out. A tv stand can serve like a L-desk surface when needed. I had not even considered that! We had a good laugh about the “surprise” gifts of tv trays.

    I think for those who are well off, as all of us are by world standards, that gift giving does not have the same significance as it does to those who have little and then splurge once a year on gifts. At our age, too,we hardly need more stuff.

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  10. Ah, the day after Christmas. The buildup to the holiday seems to always be the most fun, with the lights, the decorating. The “day of” often goes by too fast.

    And …

    It’s over.

    And the annual cycle begins again, with the promise and hope of a new year.

    AJ, so good God gave you such an opportunity, he opens the way for those moments. You may have planted or watered or began a harvest. It is in God’s providence what ultimately becomes of it all. The parable of the soils.

    And those times of sharing the faith also seem to strengthen and grow our own faith and practice in our lives. God at work in all of us.

    So I woke up to Abby softly howling in the living room … then I heard the sirens in a distance.

    She has a BIG bark, BTW, always good in the appropriate settings.

    We’ll continue our steps forward today, hopefully. I may pick up a dog bed at Petco and start to barricade that couch — it won’t last otherwise.

    I’m back at work (still from home) tomorrow, but it’s a short (and hopefully) easy week for us. The gas company also comes by tomorrow afternoon to do a heater check so I’ll get a better idea of where I go from here on that whole issue.

    I have to work the New Year’s “holiday” this year, I think that means next Monday, Jan. 2, but still am not clear on that.

    Meanwhile, neighbors passed on numerous plates of homemade cookies and other goodies. They forget I’m a single person (and with limited freezer space).

    The sun is out this morning, tomorrow begins several days of off-and-on rain, much needed here, of course.

    My Bible habits need some honing and more due diligence on my part this year.

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  11. I still wonder how I wound up with such a big dog from a border collie rescue …

    I think I’ll do the doggie DNA swab sooner rather than later to see exactly what it is I have here.

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  12. Ah, found the work holiday schedule, I’m on early shift (8 a.m.) for Monday Jan. 2. Holiday shifts go by fast, usually 2 reporters covering back to back but we have all of LA County to keep track of (though I think breaking news team also has someone doing strictly the crime stuff). Hoping for a very quiet New Year’s celebration.

    (I’d originally had a Labor Day shift but the knee surgery bumped me out of that timeframe so someone else traded with me.)

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  13. Rose Parade is on that Monday, the 2nd this year — tradition goes way back that they won’t hold it on a Sunday. We’ll see if the rain ends and the sun comes out for it (as usual) this year. Someone from our Pasadena outlet usually is designated to cover that separately.

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  14. Got and gave simple gifts. Gave youngest daughter a crocheted afghan that my grandmother made me in 1968. Glad to get rid of it as it was supposed to be for my wedding that year, but then I got pregnant and the guy left me. It is beautiful and I did not tell her what I just told you. She will treasure it as she also does crochet.

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  15. Listened to the four year old yell that she didn’t get enough presents. they were checking everything under the tree at aunties house to see what else might be for them.
    Thankful that we decided that I wouldn’t watch them today. I need a quiet day. My friend is coming to put curtains up in my bedroom.

    Later in the day I gave each of my daughters a key to my house. They have not come, but now they can.

    Rather sad here

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  16. My at home children are suffering the effects of Christmas cookies and hours of watching Lawrence Welk. I try to find some work outside for them if they cannot self motivate. They cannot self motivate. Husband has them outside breaking up ice so it will melt faster.

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  17. My Bible study remains the same: daily online group with Kathy Howard as leader, Reading the Bible Together, which goes through the entire Bible in six years; Wellspring ladies former church group doing various study guide books; new church group doing Zoom studies through Right Now media which has video teachings along with some homework.

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  18. Oh my when once we begin a project and everything snowballs! Moving furniture, dusting, mopping, vacuuming. Now it’s sort of one of “those” projects of putting things together and there are those leftover parts! I have things sitting all over the family room that no longer have a place! Some will find their way to the basement and others will be “outta” here!! Tooooo much stuff….but it’s really nice stuff!! 😞

    We do need a photo or description of Abby. I imagined her as a big Aussie but is she more Border Collie?
    Pip has a very loud deep bark. Lu has a higher pitched “woo woo woo” bark…she talks a lot too!

    We had a “still quiet” Christmas. Christmas Eve service at our friend’s church. Very low key, reverent and honoring to Christ the Saviour.
    Home to read the Christmas story and opened a gift I purchased for daughter and husband. Then we had dinner and pondered the rest of the evening. We like the way our Christmas turned out…very satisfying.

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  19. Looks like a giant blue merle border collie (smooth coat – short hair).

    But LONG legs, and an oddly curled up tail (?). Foster thought maybe regular collie — she told me to go online and look up blue merle, smooth coat collie. And there is a strong resemblance.

    I’ll send in some photos to AJ.

    She’s tall and lanky, skinny, large paws, a bit of a longish face.

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  20. Friend who founded the border collie rescue I went through knows her border collies and from photos determined (mostly?) bc.

    Foster said she thinks regular collie in her (rescue founder didn’t think so).

    The curled up tail is curious to me. It’s thick, and does go down, but is usually curled up toward her butt.

    Jo, sorry today’s a little sad. And the 4-year-old, reminds me of that Dennis the Menace cartoon they’d run every year — Dennis, sitting amid a pile of wrapping paper, torn boxes, and toys, saying, “Is that all?”

    We live in an era and a land of material abundance.

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  21. “And for the rest of us” harkening back to @1:02 🙂

    Online studies I think are a good idea. For me, my time for those specific kinds of meetups is so constrained w/work, mainly.


  22. Dj, the online study with Kathy Howard is a drop in at your convenience time so people are posting at different times of the day or even a few days later if they get behind, really about like we post here.

    I am late on Bible study today because we went to Sam’s at 8 a.m. so i am doing Bible study after lunch today. That’s cool . . . whatever works . . . and the ladies who post really know a lot about the Bible so I learn a lot more than I would on my own. Romans will be our next book.


  23. Good afternoon everyone! Glad to hear Christmas was mostly good for everyone. It can be so stressful sometimes.

    We had my oldest son and his 2 children (3 and 6) up from Florida. Son and I both got a 24 hr bug on Christmas afternoon, so neither of us ate Christmas dinner. But it wasn’t too bad and we were able to sit and talk. Grandson had the bug on Thursday before they came.
    The children were well behaved. Son is a single parent at this time and he’s doing so well. And we took the kids to church . Son does not take them as he works night shift on weekends, but he did express interest.

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  24. I found it but had to hunt.
    Finally found my receipt for my ceiling fans to get holders for the remote controls. It was in my purse since I had returned another item.
    I seem to have skipped breakfast so now it is time for lunch.

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  25. Another good book from the sounds of it:

    Rediscovering the Adventure of Christian Faith

    Every generation faces the temptation to wander from orthodoxy—to seek out the jolt that comes with false teaching, and to drift with cultural currents. And so every generation must be awakened again to the thrill of orthodoxy, and experience the astonishment that comes from stumbling afresh upon the electrifying paradoxes at the heart of the Christian faith.

    In The Thrill of Orthodoxy, Trevin Wax turns the tables on those who believe Christian teaching is narrow and outdated. Returning to the church’s creeds, he explains what orthodoxy is and why we can have proper confidence in it, and lays out common ways we can stray from it. By showing how heresies are always actually narrower than orthodoxy—taking one aspect of the truth and wielding it as a weapon against others—Wax beckons us away from the broad road that ultimately proves bland and boring, and toward the straight and narrow path, where true adventure can be found.

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  26. It’s 43° and feels like 43°, sunny, and I’m loving it. My favorite weather requires lightly layered and cool enough to barely sweat when taking a brisk walk.
    I can do laundry today! I won’t stress the dryer in the unheated utility room attached to the carport. This is my last day to tote more than 10 lbs. for a while. No picking up Miss Bosley😀

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  27. A Miss Bosley diet coming?

    It’s downright balmy feeling outside today — 73 degrees. Kind of strange as we’ve had a fairly chilly fall and (so far) winter, for us.

    Temps will drop starting tomorrow when rain comes in to the area. By tomorrow and the rest of the week, highs go down to the low 60s, high 50s.

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  28. Ok, first walk was a success.

    I wasn’t sure how long she’d want to go, but we made it up to the city park west of me, up a slight hill, where there are duck ponds, all ver pretty and hilly, shaded by trees all the way.

    It was the old route I’d take all my other dogs on, maybe a 40 minute walk round trip altogether. She was good, curious but well behaved. I kept her on a fairly short leash.

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  29. Well, as you may have noticed, I was feeling a bit sad. But then friend came over with her daughter to do more work on my bedroom. Even some wax stuff to wipe on the cupboards to restore them. She says that God told her to do this for me.
    Oh and at least two sets of towels and we are still deciding on curtains

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  30. so… are you saying seven days a week??

    My friend actually brought me four think bath towels and two washcloths and two hand towels. amazing

    Washing out cupboards, the bathroom linen cupboard. It is enormous.

    Janice, you would love my laundry room. I will like it better tomorrow when my new washer/dryer come. so I can actually do laundry.

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  31. I found the Rose Among Thornes right away. It was the 2nd book listed. And since Janice put the WWII in her note, it was even easier to tell I got the right one. (And the spelling of ‘Thornes’ differentiates it from the ones spelled ‘Thorns’).


  32. Well, my dad fell about an hour after bed. The towel rack he was using to get up, disassembled. Didn’t pull out or break, just came apart. We got him up easily enough and he appears uninjured but having a tough time getting back to sleep.

    Other dad went for a car ride and is quite agitated. Going to be a long night from the look of it.


  33. My dad got back to sleep eventually. Other dad is still busy. Asleep but busy. The noises he makes are so frequent and so varying, it is difficult to know when he is just making noise and when he is attempting to get up or whatever in his sleep. So I am again up.

    Lots of wind out tonight, I hope the children had everything buttoned down!


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