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  1. These are the traitors who sold us out, along with their so-called “conservative values”…..

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  2. He’s the biggest idiot of all.

    “McConnell Stabs House GOP in the Back, Speeds Democrat Omnibus Boondoggle”


    “As if it were not painful enough for Republicans to watch the vaunted red wave merely ripple across their ankles, they now must endure 2022’s final insult: A red wave of deficit spending courtesy of lame-duck House Democrats, triumphant Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer of New York, and Senate GOP “leader” Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

    Fiscal responsibility be damned, Democrats are riding one whale of an omnibus spending bill. The $1.7 trillion Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 washed in on Monday at 11:48 p.m.

    Its 4,155 pages are thrice as long as Leo Tolstoy’s classic doorstop, “War and Peace.” This averages $409,145,607.70 per page. Taxpayers should be seasick.

    The omnibus’ 3,213 Democrat earmarks include “federal funds for LGBTQ+ museums in New York, community spaces for gender-expansive people in Ohio,” the Club for Growth discovered, “and $3.5 million to fund the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in Congress.”

    It also allocates:

    —$300,000 for a “Continuous Plankton Recorder survey.”

    —$3 million for bee-friendly highways.

    —$3.6 million for the “Michelle Obama Trail” in Georgia.

    —$212.1 million available for federal prosecutions related to Jan. 6 —essentially an anti-Trump slush fund.

    —$410 million for “enhanced border security” —in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, and Tunisia.

    —$575 million for family planning “in areas where population growth threatens biodiversity or endangered species.”

    —$1,563,143,000 for “border management requirements” that shall not “be used to acquire, maintain, or extend border security technology and capabilities.” So, $0 to stop illegal-alien invaders but $1.56 billion to “process” and rush them into the homeland.

    Want border security? Move to Egypt.

    Even worse, the omnibus runs through fiscal year 2023. The American people just gave Republicans a House majority of 222 versus Nancy Pelosi’s 218. But the omnibus snatches the GOP’s power of the purse until Oct. 1.

    Voters hired a Republican House to tell President Joe Biden: “No DHS money until you seal the border. No HHS funds until you demand China’s answers on COVID-19’s origins. No Pentagon budget until it stops its newfangled, gender-bending ways. No FBI outlays until it sings about pressuring Twitter to censor the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story.”

    McConnell is helping Democrats castrate House Republicans for 10 months. If they took control on, say, Aug. 1, waiting two months might be tolerable. But they take the gavel 13 days from this writing.

    Jan. 3 is two Tuesdays hence, just 48 hours after the Times Square ball drop. The Revolutionary Army is at Yorktown’s city limits, and McConnell is surrendering to General Cornwallis.


    Even worse, this is anti-democratic.

    Democrats screamed all fall about “democracy!” Now—along with their jumped-up bootblack, McConnell—they grind the popular will into the garbage disposal. Rather than scream, “Bloody murder!” McConnell laughs with Democrats as the Republican House’s fiscal-restraint tools slide into the sewer for half of its two-year mandate.

    McConnell could lead 40 other GOP senators, filibuster this trash, and demand a short-term continuing resolution until the GOP House arrives. But that would take courage.

    A half-eaten plate of calamari could lead the Senate GOP more valiantly than the live squid who now fails this duty. As McConnell gurgled in a floor speech on Monday: “The Senate should pass this bill.”

    McConnell has turned the Senate GOP minority into the Make a Wish Foundation for Democrats. From helping to raise the national debt limit twice (in exchange for nothing), pass a $1 trillion infrastructure bill, and adopt the $52 billion CHIPS corporate-welfare extravaganza, McConnell repeatedly recruits enough gelatinous Republicans to help Democrat dreams come true.”

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  3. Their false Jan6 narrative continues to collapse.

    Meanwhile political prisoners continue to rot in squalid DC jails.

    “‘Compromised by Politics’: Report Blames Pelosi for Security Failures on January 6

    Pelosi blamed everyone but herself. What a disgrace.”


    “A report from House Republicans placed the blame on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for the security failures on January 6.

    The Republicans provide plenty of evidence showing Pelosi’s office’s tight grip on House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving and the dysfunction within the Capitol Police (USCP).

    From the 140-page report:

    Prior to that day, the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) had obtained sufficient information from an array of channels to anticipate and prepare for the violence that occurred. However, officers on the front lines and analysts in USCP’s intelligence division were undermined by the misplaced priorities of their leadership. Those problems were exacerbated by the House Sergeant at Arms, who was distracted from giving full attention to the threat environment prior to January 6, 2021 by several other upcoming events.

    Specifically, the leader of the USCP Intelligence and Interagency Coordination Division failed to warn USCP leadership and line officers about the threat of violence, despite the fact that IICD analysts gathered intelligence that clearly indicated a need for a hardened security posture. In fact, IICD’s leader—Julie Farnam—spent the weeks leading up to January 6, 2021 attempting to overhaul the division, including by reassigning expert intelligence analysts to new roles and creating new processes for synthesizing threat data. Information about planned protests and threats of violence were siloed and not properly analyzed and disseminated during this key period because of Farnam’s misplaced priorities. One IICD analyst testified to investigators: “That unit was disbanded by her almost on day one. We, at the time of January 6, we were not doing proactive searches of social media like we had been before. We were strictly reactive and responding to requests for information.” This is also substantiated by USCP’s own internal after-action report that was drafted in June of 2021.

    Similarly, then-House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving—who served on the Capitol Police Board by virtue of his position—succumbed to political pressures from the Office of Speaker Pelosi and House Democrat leadership leading up to January 6, 2021. He coordinated closely with the Speaker and her staff and left Republicans out of important discussions related to security. As a critical member of the Capitol Police Board, the House Sergeant at Arms had an obligation to all Members, staff, and USCP officers to keep them safe by consulting stakeholders without partisan preference.

    The Sergeant at Arms (SAA) reports directly to the Speaker even when the House is in session.

    The SAA is supposed “to ‘maintain order under the direction of the Speaker and other presiding officers’ and ‘execute the commands of the House, and all processes issued by authority thereof, directed to the Sergeant at Arms by the Speaker.’”

    Therefore, the Speaker directs the SAA. The Speaker and SAA, along with others, “routinely have meetings.” This happens even when the Republicans have control of the House, so it’s nothing new.

    But the Republicans noted this situation is novel because we have a “Speaker who denies the relationship and ignores her office’s obligation to secure the Capitol, perhaps in an effort to shift blame.”

    Then the Republicans outlined how Pelosi’s office “micromanaged the Sergeant at Arms” before and during the Capitol Hill riots.
    It included communications with Terri McCullough, Pelosi’s chief of staff. They left Republicans out of meetings that covered security issues despite Irving requesting their presence.

    To cover up that fact, Irving told a senior Democratic staffer to act surprised to any of the changes made for January 6 when he sends the plans to the staffer’s Republican counterpart.

    “As demonstrated, the HSAA had a pattern and practice of seeking and obtaining permission from the Speaker for all security decisions,” wrote the Republicans. “This delayed the request for help from the National Guard.”

    USCP Chief Steven Sund requested additional National Guard assistance before January 6, but no one approved because of “optics.” Optics are more important:

    Later in the report, General James McConville is quoted at length, saying “the general feeling of all those involved [with approving the D.C. RFA] was that the military would have no role, and many people talked about the optics of having military at the Capitol.”

    Concerns about the optics of military personnel close to the Capitol were shared by Democratic staff in the House of Representatives. On January 5, 2021, a Democratic staffer on the Legislative Branch Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee emailed Irving about the placement of National Guard troops. The Democratic staffer said, “I only ask to be ahead of any members who might question a photo or live tv shot that shows National Guard with the Capitol dome in the backdrop.””


    Read it yourself, a set up from the start.

    Click to access final_report_of_investigation_real.pdf

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  4. The fix was in.

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  5. No one should EVER vote on any bill that is so big it cannot be read beforehand. Most people in Congress and the Senate are lawyers. Lawyers always talk about not signing anything before it is read. Yet, they sign bills that are impossible to read. Then they can all whine they had no idea that such and such was in the bill. Just pathetic. This is why people want to pay as little taxes as possible. Too much goes to absolutely ridiculous purposes.

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  6. And remember folks, the bill McConnell and the rest of the traitor faction just helped push thru expressly prohibits using any of that 1.7 trillion to actually enforce our borders., only to enable more invaders come.

    “Biden is killing El Paso”


    “Joe Biden is killing El Paso, TX with his policies.

    It has gotten so bad that after years of downplaying the crisis even the MSM is starting to cover the crisis. This began, of course, just after the 2022 Midterm elections wrapped up. There was a cone of silence over the problem–polling indicated that Americans were very concerned about immigration. But once the votes had been cast and the Democrats for the most part saved the media clearly felt more comfortable covering the facts.

    And the facts are indeed bad. Thousands of migrants are illegally crossing the Rio Grande in the region, and it makes good sense for them to do so. The river is low and concrete lined, making the actual passage there relatively safe and easy. The federal government does nothing to stop the crossings, and they are there to “process” the immigrants (hand out papers and free phones), and they even transport a fraction of them away from the city.

    But for many the free ride stops in El Paso itself. The federal government just dumps the migrants on the streets with a wave and a nod, and the migrants are left to fend for themselves. These migrants are “released to El Paso,” which really just means dumped onto the locals.

    The scenes are horrify, as you can see in this Fox News report.”

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  7. Of course, lest they tell people how bad it really is.

    Time for some whistleblowers.

    “White House imposes gag order on border agents”


    “The issues on the border between Mexico and the United States have long since reached crisis proportions. The crisis will increase significantly if either Congress or the Supreme Court doesn’t find a way to keep Title 42 in place for a while longer. So how will the Biden administration address this problem and solve it? Like any true leader facing a daunting challenge, Joe Biden leaped into action and ordered all officers from Customs and Border Protection to stop talking to reporters or publishing illegal immigration figures on social media. Yes, you read that correctly. Joe Biden is going to “fix” the border crisis by placing a gag order on the Border Patrol. (Free Beacon)

    The Biden administration on Monday barred Customs and Border Protection officials from sharing information about the magnitude of illegal border crossings at the southern border without approval from the Department of Homeland Security, Breitbart reported.

    The gag order points to the possible end of Title 42, a Trump-era rule that allowed agents to turn illegal immigrants away because of the pandemic, as reason to limit information coming from the border. The Biden administration’s directive specifically bans CBP officials from sharing data with media outlets as tens of thousands of migrants amass at the southern border.

    Such an order is unprecedented as agencies post statistics frequently, Breitbart reported.

    Yes, “unprecedented” is certainly the word for this. And there’s a reason that no president before Joe Biden tried to quash communications with the press and the public about illegal border crossing numbers. This is a public safety issue. Particularly for people living in communities along the border, knowing when and where the streams of migrants, drug mules, and human traffickers are crossing into the country allows them to be on alert. This information is also very useful to law enforcement agencies.

    The fact that this order was not released publicly and had to be leaked suggests that at least someone inside the Biden Administration knows just how wrong this is. And Biden’s team probably just assumed that most of the media would meekly go along with keeping a lid on the news. Sadly, that was almost certainly a correct assumption. I just did a scan of all of the news feeds and the only mentions of this are in conservative outlets and Fox News. There’s nothing at CNN, MSNBC, or any of the alphabet networks.”


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  8. When even MSDNC catches on, there’s a problem.

    “MSNBC: El Paso In “Chaos” As Hundreds Of Migrants Are Forced To Sleep Outside In The Freezing Cold…”

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  9. Let’s just keep doing what we’re doing, since it’s working so well as the next 2 show.

    You’ve destroyed the family. Now the community kids got from school is absent and under attack by radicals. What did you think was going to happen as a result?

    “The Loneliest Generation”


    “By all accounts, Americans are lonelier, more anxious, more depressed and more suicidal than ever. The Pew Research Center reports that at least 40 percent of adults faced high levels of psychological distress during covid. Alarmingly, young people are leading this trend, as they do with most trends; though with this one, their “trendiness” is a cause for serious concern.

    The suicide rate in the United States is the highest of all wealthy nations. One in 5 young women and 1 in 10 young men experience major clinical depression before age 25.

    Suicide rates among children 10 and older are the second leading cause of death among 10-24-year-olds, behind unintentional injuries and accidents.
    Close to 10 percent of kids 13-17 years-old have received an ADHD diagnosis and over 60 percent of those kids have been placed on medication. And 60 percent of them have been diagnosed with a second emotional or behavioral disorder. Thirty percent of those diagnosed with ADHD were also diagnosed with anxiety.

    Among teen girls who report suicidal thoughts, 6 percent of them traced the desire to kill themselves to Instagram. What’s worse is, Instagram — owned by Facebook parent company, Meta — knew their platform was adversely impacting teen girls and did nothing to stop it, presumably because that would interfere with the ever-increasing screen time for these young girls. In 2019, one Meta internal company slide in a presentation read: “We make body image issues worse for one in three teen girls.” But more screen time = more data to mine = more profits for social media companies.

    Of note, these alarming numbers are all likely underestimates vs the current state of affairs, as they are all from BEFORE isolating covid policies took hold.

    In March 2020 our kids were thrust onto screens for hours and hours each day, and were left with their only means of “socialization” to be on-line or “virtual.” They were forced to Zoom and DM and Twitch and TikTok all day every day, if they didn’t just give up altogether and hole up in their rooms under the covers, with absolutely zero interaction at all.

    If young people have little hope for the future, feel isolated, disconnected and as if their very existence doesn’t matter, what hope do we have for the future as a society? And when kids are deemed to be inessential, their schooling and activities at the bottom of the list of our societal priorities, how else are they going to feel but inessential?

    Recently, Democratic Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy wrote a piece for The Bulwark called “The Politics of Loneliness.” He rightly acknowledged that increased technology and social media usage have contributed to ever-accelerating social isolation which has led, in turn, to more anxiety and depression. He cites “the pandemic” as having accelerated this trend, which is the first point I’d challenge. It was pandemic policy not the virus itself that accelerated the isolation, loss of connection and a diminished sense of community.

    While in the beginning of the pandemic, almost all governors shut down schools, places of worship and businesses, it was Democratic leaders who persisted in keeping them closed, or heavily restricted for over two years. I place the blame squarely with them. And so my patience with Senator Murphy showing up to pretend he has the answer is pretty much non-existent.

    The ability to gather, celebrate, mourn, congregate and protest was taken away from the citizens of these left-leaning locales. There were no weddings, graduations, proms, holiday celebrations, funerals, AA meetings or in-person work with water cooler conversations. And then, we were lonely. And Democratic political leaders had the gall to weaponize our loneliness against us. We were demonized and told we were selfish to even want these things. If we craved in-person connection, we were labeled murderers and grandma-killers, creating shame for desiring connection at all. We were vilified for being HUMAN.

    The “solution” they sold us: stop being so self-centered; go online more (Zoom cocktail hour anyone?); and drug yourself and your kids (if Zoom alone isn’t cutting it.)

    And kids suffered from the most egregious restrictions and harms. Outdoor playgrounds were closed in San Francisco for more than 8 months. Playgrounds! Basketball hoops were removed from backboards and skate ramps were filled with sand, but golfers were permitted to hit the links. San Francisco is the city with the fewest children per capita in America. Gee, I wonder why?

    Is it any surprise that young people became even more depressed and despondent during lockdowns? What is a life but the sum of life markers, milestones and everyday activities? When a child has no idea when the forced isolation will end — when relief might be granted from these authoritarian dictates — how do they cobble together a life with any semblance of hope for a meaningful non-virtual existence?

    Closed schools shut children off from any sense of community. As Ellie O’Malley, a mom in Oakland whose daughter Scarlett has suffered grievous mental health impacts from the public school closures, said in an interview for a documentary film I am making:

    “Schools are more than the sum of their parts and more than education. They’re more than just this teacher to student knowledge. They’re about community. They’re about the ups and downs of life and how you deal with them and having practice dealing with them in a safe setting where you might have a crisis, but it’s okay because a teacher reassures you or a friend and you have this web of community around you. And without that, when that disappeared for kids, there was just a void.” “

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  10. Be prepared, because it’s only going to get worse.

    “When Gender Theorists Attack

    There is coming a profound change in identity affirmation politics. Prepare yourself to beat it off with an unlubed stick”


    “From my Substack yesterday, ICYMI:

    If ‘gender’ is a social construct, then each person’s gender can be determined by that person’s self-perception as it interacts with the outside world. Since there is no limiting factor on what potential experiences can make up a self perception — and no rule dictating the precise ratio of feelings and experiences that create the constructed identity — it follows that “gender identity” has no coherent limits: there can potentially exist as many gender identities as there are people.

    So congrats, queer theorists: you’ve spent countless years and spilled millions of words to create a verbally-larded and intellectually pretentious synonym for ‘individual.’

    Next time save yourself the time and effort and just ask a conservative.

    Today I’d like to expand on this a bit, because — while most academics are parrots for the current trendy “orthodoxy” — some are clever enough to recognize when they’ve been backed into an intellectual corner and need an escape hatch that extricates them from the immolation of their prior suppositions — often as such suppositions begin falling prey to opposing arguments that increasingly gain social and intellectual purchase.

    To that end, there are some gender theorists who are pivoting away from the idea that gender is a social construct, claiming instead it is a behavioral condition impelled by brain chemistry that then outwardly manifests. Thus, it is part of a person’s biology — and as such, denying that person’s gender is a form of physical annihilation.

    Leaving aside the depressing determinism and fatalism inherent in such a thesis — you are but a collection of your brain chemistry — the question becomes how we treat the dysmorphia that results from what is now framed as a neuro-chemical precondition.

    LGBTQI+ activists argue that such a condition must be affirmed; that a person’s truth is his or her own and cannot be challenged without denying that person’s humanity. And yet which disorders come to count as needing affirmation are entirely capricious; most activists, academics, or medical doctors wouldn’t argue, for instance, that anorexia or xenomelia should be treated similarly.

    Which creates a bind for gender theorists: Either we are able to help people with rare brain chemistry disorders — and your brain telling your body that it doesn’t coincide with the body’s chromosomal makeup is a disordering of the male / female design — or we are not; and if we are not, psychology and psychiatry dissolve into pleasing fantasy. But I would argue that having not yet found a “cure” for every disorder is not an invitation to embrace those disorders as forms of liberation. I know a cop-out when I see one.

    The fact is, we have been able to treat neuro-chemical brain disorders — not all, not yet, but many — both with behavioral therapy and / or medication. So why would we treat gender dysmorphia so differently? Why the impulse to affirm some disorders and fret over others?

    I’ve heard it argued that something like anorexia manifests itself physically in a way gender dysmorphia does not. That is, that the neuro-chemical disorder produces obvious signifiers of outward physical distress easily recognizable to both the clinician and even a lay interpreter. How this is different from gender dysmorphia, the argument goes, is that gender dysmorphia does not always manifest — that people bottle in their real neuro-chemical gender identities to avoid social stigma and to keep from giving expression to their own bodily self loathing. And this they conclude is the proximate cause for such high rates of suicide among transgendered people. Therefore, affirming the person is, it follows— while in one sense a reinforcement of a neuro-chemical disorder — in a strictly therapeutic sense, the best way to treat the underlying condition.

    The main problem with such a conclusion is that the data simply don’t support such an approach (though you’ll often be assured otherwise) — and more, that there is little attempt to differentiate between those exceedingly rare instances of actual gender dysmorphia (0.58% of the US population in 2016), and the exponentially-increasing cases of a social contagion that drafts off the disorder and is used as justification to begin transitioning children.

    The incentive structure, both financially and socially, thanks to the adoption of intersectionality to rank the various identity groups in a political and social hierarchy of claimed grievance, is toward affirmation. The medical industry gets rich and is able to virtue signal, while academic departments get rich churning out activists who provide the pseudo-intellectual justifications for mutilation and an end to the primacy of parent-child relationships. In exchange, they offer us hormone blockers, the removal of healthy body parts, risky surgeries, and the therapeutic “expertise” of the anointed, enlightened cultural relativists posing as sober creators and caretakers of the New Man. The nuclear family is oppressive. The kindergarten teacher with the rainbow hair and the cat eye glasses is the liberator.”

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  11. So stunning and brave….

    Or just another virtue signaling poser…..


  12. McConnell and company leave us little choice but to abandon them, as they have shown repeatedly, they’ve already abandoned their voters.


    “For the last thirty years, the Republican Party has been a battleground between two competing ideologies. One of these is fundamentally liberal, although it is packaged and sold under a variety of brand names: “compassionate conservatism,” neoconservatism, classical liberalism, and — most misleadingly — Reagan conservatism.

    The other ideology is a rejection of modern liberalism and the post-Cold War elite consensus in American politics. It is skeptical of free trade, large-scale immigration and US involvement in foreign conflicts. Pat Buchanan and Donald Trump are the primary representatives of this view, which is often called populist or nationalist.

    The two sides are not evenly matched. Liberal conservatism has until recently had a commanding advantage among the media and nonprofit institutions that shape Republican policy and rhetoric from the outside, and it had a dominant place within the party as well. Yet the lopsidedness of the fight only testifies to the strength of the populist idea, which survived and eventually prevailed. After nearly a quarter century of leadership by the Bush dynasty, John McCain and Mitt Romney, the Republican Party today is more Buchananite than it was when Buchanan raised his flag of rebellion in 1992.

    Liberal conservatism failed as much as populism succeeded. The liberal economic program was, and remains, suicidal for Republicans: by favoring finance and technology over traditional industry, liberals opt for a college-educated workforce over a less educated one. But as colleges have moved further to the left, college-educated workers have become increasingly attached to the Democrats as the party of progressivism, while the realignment of blue-collar workers to the Republicans has been retarded by the GOP’s reluctance to fight for jobs in Pennsylvania or Michigan as eagerly as it fights for the rents that owners of intellectual property rights feel entitled to receive.

    The liberal-conservative attitude toward immigration shows the same self-destructive prioritization of ideology over real-world effects. Republicans celebrate whenever they make inroads into communities bolstered by recent immigrants — yet most immigrant communities vote by wide margins for the Democrats. And even as the GOP makes gains among Hispanics, Asia has overtaken Latin America as the largest source of immigration to the United States. The liberal-conservative solution to this difficulty is to make the GOP even more pro-immigration, as if Republicans could outbid Democrats by admitting even more people whose relatives and community contacts belong to longtime Democratic constituencies.

    Liberal conservatives try to appeal to new immigrants with the promise of economic freedom. But few immigrants come from countries with anything like the American right’s idea of freedom, and most see no contradiction between seeking entrepreneurial opportunities while also accepting expansive government services. Democrats, as the party of markets and government, easily outflank pro-immigration Republicans, who emphasize only markets. Republicans of the liberal-conservative school tout the freedom to start your own unlicensed hair-braiding business; Democrats offer lucrative government set-aside contracts for minority-owned businesses. Who wins?

    The liberal wing of the Republican Party would like to believe it can enjoy the kind of success the Conservative Party has found in the UK. The Tories have held power for twelve years, even if the staggering body count of failed prime ministers during that time suggests they are essentially unleadable and aimless. Yet what has kept the party in power is not its liberalism, but its sole foray into nationalism: Brexit. With Boris Johnson as leader, the party received a tremendous popular mandate in the 2019 election for the purpose of following through on exiting the European Union.

    The popular appeal of the post-Brexit Conservative Party remains to be seen. As things stand, the Tories do not present the clear example of liberal-conservative viability that America’s liberal Republicans seek. And Republicans have to contend with a rival party that is much stronger than Labour. Class divides the Labour Party. The Democrats use racial politics to connect their highly educated, wealthy overclass with a less educated and poorer non-white base.

    Liberal ideology is like an opioid. It offers its users release from their cares. They can be certain that market efficiency will triumph at the end of history. Liberals will grow rich so long as they do what is economically correct, while politics is only really important as a way to stop a country from doing what is economically incorrect. Whatever cultural commitments must be adopted to do business smoothly — Christian morality yesterday, left-wing morality today — should be accepted without complaint.

    Nationalism is a problem for liberalism because it takes politics too seriously, and winds up with cultural attachments that may be bad for business. Both the moral consensus of the American elite and the interests of the rich are inconvenienced by nationalism. As a result, the nationalist wing of the GOP will always be deplored as much by liberal Republicans as by Democrats. It will remain at a disadvantage among the bipartisan elite.”


    And that’s why they sat quietly while Trump was unjustly slandered and tried over lies. The establishment R’s hate him more than the left does.

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  13. “Biden’s White House is fine with the chaos it created at the border. What’s the endgame?

    U.S. immigration policy seems scatterbrained, and nothing so exemplifies this incoherence than the Biden administration’s management of the pandemic-era Title 42 policy.”


    “Help me understand what the Democrats are doing at the border.

    They run the show. They control the White House and the Department of Homeland Security. Immigration and Customs Enforcement answers to them.

    Our Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris is essentially the border czar.

    What in Hades are they doing?

    The border is a mass of human dysfunction. Record numbers of immigrants are being swept up this year, indicating the flow of the undocumented crossing illegally is probably many times higher than that.

    We’ve known all year the border is a mess, yet at the end of the year we’re witnessing a crush of humanity at our southern doorstep that is so overwhelming that even Democratic mayors of border cities are declaring emergencies.

    What is the policy that drives this mass confusion, that seems disinterested as migrants overwhelm shelters from Yuma to El Paso and beyond?

    Democrats, whose socialist impulses tell them decision-making is best left to the smart people in Washington, are always social engineering. If that’s what is happening here, what’s the point?

    What are they trying to achieve?”

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  14. No one in DC is on our side.


    “This is no way to govern a serious country, yet it’s how our federal show has been run for years. Our leaders careen from crisis to crisis, cliff to cliff, deadline to deadline, with a tiny handful of people cramming together giant legislative monstrosities at the 11th hour, then dropping it on everyone shortly before voting begins. It’s crazy. This isn’t even in the same zip code as “regular order.” Another embarrassment in this bill is how toothless it is on the raging border crisis. Indeed, reasonable GOP amendments offered to help curb said crisis were denounced and rejected as “poison pills” by Democrats. Bogus alternative amendments were offered up as fig leafs by ‘moderates’ like Jon Tester, affording members political cover to be able to say they voted for something, with the understanding the provisions were going to fail and not get attached to the final bill. But that bill did include what critics are calling a bailout for sanctuary jurisdictions, as the Wall Street Journal’s editors flagged yesterday:

    “Tucked into the Senate’s version is $785 million for migrant services such as food and shelter. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wants the cash doled out to cities by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Awards will supposedly be determined through a competitive process, but Mr. Schumer has one recipient in mind. Politico reports that his hometown of New York will likely get a “substantial share” of the cash. Expect other Democratic strongholds to join the queue…this migrant pile-up is a direct result of the Biden border policy. Illegal crossings surpassed two million this year, overwhelming DHS facilities and allowing a greater share of migrants to be released in the U.S. on parole. The number of daily crossing has climbed by the thousands in recent weeks…The brunt of the migrant crisis is borne by smaller cities in GOP-led border states. Among the hardest hit is El Paso, Texas, which declared an emergency Sunday after the daily arrivals climbed to more than 2,400. The emergency will help the city earn federal reimbursement for the services it provides, yet it was declared after about 80,000 migrants had been released into the region since August. Compare that with the about 30,000 sent to New York this year.”

    The silver lining, I suppose, is that these hypocritical “sanctuary” cities can’t whine as much if and when GOP governors keep sending buses and planes filled with illegal immigrants to their areas. If you want to performatively call yourself a haven for illegal immigrants, you’d better be willing to do more than your fair share of housing and handling the migrants who are arriving by the thousands every day. Now that US taxpayers will be sending buckets of cash to these cities, for this purpose, guys like Abbott and DeSantis should escalate the buses and flights. For a further sense of Democrats’ total lack of seriousness about the crisis, the outgoing Republican governor of one border state has been forced to roll back his state’s frantic, makeshift efforts at border security (borrowing an idea from Texas) after the Biden administration sued the state. No illegal immigration deterrence on federal land, thank you very much — plus, think of the environmental impact:”

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  15. Please explain the difference to me, between Isabel-Vaughan-Spruce and the BLM protestors who were burning and looting and destroying and not being arrested?

    My children explained it to me. The officers were embarassed naturally, but the arrest was not against Isabel but against the God she serves. The State does not want to bow to the Sovereign King. Amen.

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  16. Traitors?? Pretty harsh word. One cannot be a traitor to a party unless people value party over country. From what I understand, budget reconcilliation is the only way to pass anything in the Senate due to the filibuster so everything gets thrown into it. (One more reason to ignore the filibuster “rule”). Looking at the Senators who voted with the Democrats — you get Collins and Murkowski who are independent in all but name as well as Senators where the military spends a lot of money. This was state over party if anything.

    In a bill of this nature there’s bound to be pork especially for states with a large military presence. However, plankton and bees are important and are worth the money. The money spent on Middle Eastern border security is essentially bribes for them to be friends with Israel. I’d be shocked if more than 50% is spent where its supposed to be spent. Egypt has been a paid Isreali friend since the Carter admin. Nothing has changed. If you support Israel its money well spent. The interesting thing is the exclusion of Saudi Arabia. There’s been a shift in alliances and global blocs; the authoritarians vs the liberal democracies; not much different than the 1920s. And like the 1920s we have Hungary, Poland and the US looking at both groups.


  17. The House Republicans blew it in their approach to the Jan 6th committee. No one is going to listen to their report, the committee had far more tools at their disposal to get at the truth.

    There’s no conspiracy against election day voters. However, American elections have complicated ballots and a glitch is predictable. And any political party worldwide knows the importance of early voting. The fact the Republican doesn’t encourage early voting is their own fault; its just plain stupid. Get the committed voters first then chase the indecisive ones to the end.

    The El Paso footage wasn’t too shocking – its typical city homelessness. I’ve seen airports with more people sleeping rough if a plane or two is delayed.

    Unless I read it wrong, the border is still operating according to Trump era rules so how is this Biden’s fault. It’s not a gag order, as someone working on the border, you really shouldn’t be talking.

    The UK has “anti-social behaviour” rules that are fairly ambiguous and can be a large net. Ironically they were originally written to prevent drunken hooliganism. This “arrest” was definitely done for the cameras.


  18. Mental health and especially children’s mental health has taken a nose dive over the last decade. This article weirdly takes pre-covid stats and yet criticizes lockdown rules. I’m also amused that the right who traditionally values charter schools and school choice suddenly sees the value of the local public school. And of course at the end it’s all about the screens. In reality, its about modern capitalism treating people as data or labour units, modern capitalism and the rentier class which has made it impossible to live a comfortable middle class life as was done in the 50s and 60s. Its no wonder millennials and those younger have no other ambition than to enjoy the moment since the long term appears bleak to them.

    The whole gender debate is interesting. In some respects its similar to the pendulum shift in the 80s where every other daycare seemed to have a pediophile and there was devil worship everywhere. Soon we should swing a little back and realize that yes trans is real but adolescents are also just confused.

    Preformative symbols of support and togetherness are often ridiculous. Turning out the lights is virtue signalling but how different is that from tying a yellow ribbon to a tree or putting a candle by the window?


  19. American political parties are both big tent type. And fractures will develop. Neo-con ideology was bound to fail as its economic policies would not work. It’s hard to believe it lasted this long. The recourse to isolationism and nationalism is predictable as it is the Republican party when they opposed FDR. And they will probably be just as successful as they were then.

    The success of the British conservative party had more to do with a first past the post system with a multitude of parties. Whereas in the US there’s only two parties, in the UK and other FPTP countries, there are far more parties and a majority of votes isn’t needed to have a majority of seats.


  20. Yes, traitors.

    Here’s a new low for Biden and company.

    I’m sure this was meant to be blamed on Rs if their omnibus didn’t pass.

    These people are reprehensible.


  21. There is no correlation between Ukraine aid and payroll issues. This has happened before when budget reconciliation goes to the last minute. Eliminate the filibuster and soldiers would be paid on time.


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