Our Daily Thread 12-22-22

Good Morning!

The header is from Kim, and I think one of Santa’s elves may be in their too. 🙂


Anyone have a QoD?

36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-22-22

  1. Good morning. Hope you are all snug in your homes, at least all those in the path of the nasty weather. Wind chills will keep us in and blowing snow will keep us in.

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  2. Good morning, or so the roosters say. I was just up checking on the grandpas. One was talking loudly in his sleep. The other had quietly gotten up in the last couple hours since my last check, and put himself back to bed, rather askew so I got him covered back up. Hopefully, he will be warm and able to sleep a bit longer. Back to bed for me.

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  3. Reading in Colossians these days. This morning, starting over again, reading about Paul and Timothy’s prayer for the believers that the Gospel would continue to bear fruit in them. Thinking about orchards and how slow fruit bearing actually is. Sometimes we think the fruit should be instant (and some is) but generally, it is a long process. We should not expect ourselves or others to have fully developed fruit in the first days of having a new heart. It takes time.

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  4. Mumsee’s post reminds me of the parable in Luke 13:6-9, in which the vineyard owner wants a tree cut down because it had not yet produced fruit after 3 years. But the gardener says to wait and let him care for the tree another year.

    I was amazed to learn that it takes up to 14 years for some trees to produce marketable fruit. Imagine that vineyard owner not being patient enough and having his way, he’d never get income from his trees.

    I’m glad the Lord is not like that vineyard owner.

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  5. What I love about this photo is that you can see the mess in the background. Mr. P snoozing. My mother’s French Provencial China cabinet. All of Little Miss toys. My house is far from perfect.

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  6. Good morning. It is my boy’s birthday. We will be headed to Albuquerque soon for some fun activities. I think it is too cold to do the zoo, but we may go to the aquarium and then papadeoux.

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  7. Morning all!! -20 at 6:00 and it has warmed to -18 now….3 or 4 inches of new fallen snow….White Christmas!! Soooo beautiful and thankful for a warm home.

    That elf has shorts and flip flops on!! He would be mighty cold around these parts ☀️ ⛄️ 🎄 🩴 🏖

    Encouraging words from the Word shared Mumsee and Peter. I read them aloud to husband and we both whispered…”yes”!

    Rk tell Trey Happy Birthday from us!! Thankful our Lord placed him in your arms to watch over and love…he has the greatest smile! ♥️

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  8. Happy Birthday. I have a friend whose birthday is Dec. 23.

    I think Abby is finally feeling more comfortable, she took herself out to the back a few times yesterday, trotted past me in the house and was acting a lot less scared of everything. Pretty soon, she’ll be getting bored.

    I’m sitting near the space heater as usual this morning, threw a jacket on, too.

    Still have to wrap K’s gifts, she’ll be here sometime this afternoon, and put some lights on the little potted Christmas tree on the front porch, but otherwise it’s all as “done” as it’s going to get this year.

    Ugh, and it’s trash pickup tomorrow so I need to get all of that hauled out late tonight.

    Always kind of strange when Christmas falls on a weekend, especially a Sunday, it’s harder to zero in on how many days left, etc. I’ll go to our Christmas Eve service at 5 pm Saturday and to church Sunday morning.

    We have Monday off for the official holiday, so I don’t head back to work until Tuesday — and it should be a fairly easy week, doing stories on the usual New Year’s happenings coming up, including the Polar Bear swim.

    I am scheduled to work the “New Year’s holiday” but am not really clear whether that’ll be Sunday or Monday — but I’m thinking it’s Monday Jan. 2. Will have to check on that.

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  9. Art got his stent out this morning and it all went well.

    Wes dropped us off and because he parked underground we had no way to communicate. I was worried over how we would get back together for him to take us home. I tried to send a prayer request to my Bible study ladies and it would not send out. I asked the Holy Spirit to ask them to pray. And I asked for a divine connection to get with Wesley.

    When we were headed back to the parking deck, we were waiting at the elevator to go down when a door opened. Wes walked out! Only God and his perfect timing arranged for us to meet at the elevators!!!

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  10. Happy Birthday to Trey. I have enjoyed all the Facebook photos of y’all enjoying adventures together. He seems like a really good young fellow. Many blessings and God’s favor upon him♡🙏♡ today and always.

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  11. Thankful for all good news! (When I typed “good” spellcheck entered “God”! How about that!! ❤️

    Husband cleared the driveway in this -13 temp. Skies are bluer than blue and I see two nuthatches out on the pine trying to find lunch! My mister is heading out with some seed for them…

    We are scheduled to have dinner with friends in Monument. I think I shall call to make certain the restaurant will be open. Many businesses have closed for the day. It should be -10 at 5 this afternoon….brrrrrr

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  12. I love all the updates.
    Mumsee, I have a 3rd Grandpa to send to you if you are interested. 🤣
    Of the multiple surgeries I have been through with this man- I believe this is the 8th – this has by far been the worst. He was out of surgery at 8pm and in a room and settled by 9:30. Somewhere along the line pain meds were not issued. I woke at 1am to missed calls and texts- when I called him back he was worked up and in a fizz. They had finally gotten someone to give orders. He has been mad ever since. He’s called the hospital to file a report and everything else he can thing of. He has pain meds now but is still nursing his “mad”.
    When he gets fixed on something like this there is no reasoning with him. Add to that – somehow in surgery his cornea got scratched. I had to take him to the doctor for that yesterday and he has a contact being used as a bandage and eye drops. I take him back tomorrow.
    Add to that I am still having trouble with my eyes so the doctor also called on a prescription for me and I can’t wear my contacts while using the drops. I am in a perpetual state of putting them on to see one thing, taking them off to see another, losing them, going and getting an old pair so I can find the ones I took off.
    We really are a comedy over here.
    Go ahead- laugh with and at me 🤣
    I made him creamed chicken with biscuits-something I have never made before- the recipe called for English peas. I forgot he doesn’t like English peas.
    He ate it anyway but was surly over it.
    I may call son and ask for an exchange. Bring me Little Miss and take your dad. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can sell that plan. 😇

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  13. It is kinda funny, Kim 🙂 And not.

    Do you have glasses you can wear? I had to quit contacts when I was diagnosed with “dry eye” syndrome. But I could never tolerate them for more than maybe 5-8 hours or so before having to switch out to eyeglasses anyway.

    The scratched cornea shouldn’t have happened, of course. Hopefully all repairable?

    But I’m so glad the surgery is now behind you both. Recovery will be uneven, but slowly will progress. Are you now going to have a 2nd Christmas celebration, too?

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  14. Yes. I have one pair from 2004 and one pair from 2016.
    No the cornea thing should have happened and neither should the pain medicine debacle but here we are and now that I’ve typed it out to all of you I can laugh a little.
    I am sure that at at 8:30 or 9 pm everyone in post op was tired or they had had a shift change while he was in surgery and while it is unfortunate that it happened I am one to extend grace. He got them eventually.
    He is the one that rushed to get this done before the end of the year. Luckily I was able to be off to take care of him. January 3 I will hit the ground running until some time in May.
    No, our Christmas will be low key. We will go to church Christmas Eve and I will probably go Christmas Day.

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  15. Oh, Kim. That is too much for him to not have pain meds after surgery😳 That is hard to even imagine. I am thankful he is well enough to be grumpy😃 This too shall pass.

    But I do know how difficult it is to be around someone fixed on voicing the same complaint over and over about something that can’t be changed. Over and over we go over speed bumps that I hear complaining about. It’s those constant ‘bumps in the road’ that frequently bother me, and guess what will have to be traveled over daily for 6 weeks? Yep, those bumps in the road. Oh, well. I think I am getting noise cancelling headphones for Christmas😃

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  16. He’s blessed you have a whole lot of grace, Kim. I sure hope this surgery helps him. I don’t blame him for being upset, though.

    I made cardamom bread today. I seldom do that except around Christmas.

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  17. My arm has continued to be sore from the pneumonia vaccine. With the cold weather coming in a few hours the rest of my body might decide to have some aches and stiffness so it will all feel the same😃 I need to go walk while it is a reasonable temp for these parts.

    I turned our thermostat down to 65 so our furnace won’t have such a struggle. Also, I wonder if there are brownouts from over usage like in the summer months? Maybe not since many like us have gas furnaces.

    If heat goes out here, we can pile up in the car with Miss Bosley’s food bag and litter box and go to the office. Thankful for our ‘second home.’😃 It only lacks a shower.

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  18. I was grumpy after surgery, too.

    But I also try to extend grace, whether having to do with the pandemic — which blindsided all of us, including the medical community — or other glitches we all encounter (and sometimes are guilty of ourselves).

    Just received an email from the church prayer thread that the daughter of a good friend — who was also at my former Presbyterian church and transferred around the time I did — died unexpectedly today of a “massive heart attack.” Lynette, my friend, who has had a bout with cancer recently and is near-deaf but just an upbeat person, lived with her daughter, who was an attorney. So there was a financial reliance in that arrangement, I’m guessing.

    Anyway, pray for her, what a hard thing to go through.

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  19. I sent her a quick messenger text of condolence, we’d been in touch when I was going through the knee surgery as she’d had a total replacement a while back, she was such an encouragement.


    Kathy texted to say she’d gotten onto the freeway (about an hour ago) so depending on traffic she should get her soon. House is as good as it’ll get; decorations sufficient, even pretty I think, in a simple way; presents wrapped, not very well, I need to go back to wrapping school; sun is shining but my house is still on the chilly side, thinking of lighting the fireplace tonight when we’re done with our travels around town and dinner out.

    I’m in a turtleneck & cords but may throw a heavier pullover on top of that …

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  20. Death at Christmas, especially sudden unexpected death, is really hard.

    Fortunately, son #1 got married on this day 19 years ago today—which helped redeem it.

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  21. I walked for about an hour in the driveway while talking to my friend, Karen. She loved the Christmas card I sent with a cardinal on it. So glad I found a special one for her.

    It is 45° now but will go way down tonight. It feels just right, if only it could stay like this. I had on a t-shirt weight hoodie with a flannel shirt hoodie over it along with sweat pants, so comfy.

    Wes has a Celtic Christmas cd playing, one of our older cds. Greensleeves instrumental with flute, fiddle, and guitar.♡ It sounds heavenly.

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  22. Yet another busy day. A nurse came by to visit the grandpas. My brother and sis in law from Boise came by. The Air Bridge guy came to improve the internet service. This that and the other.

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  23. Another day with the grands. I took them to the library today. We even did a scavenger hunt. Fun that they had activities.
    Before we went they showed me the Jesus Storyteller Bible that they had. So Archie was in his room but I read the Christmas story to Lucy. Later I read about the wise men to them both. Then got out a Bible to read about Joseph being told to go to Egypt and he had all those gifts to fund the trip.

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  24. Tomorrow I will bring them to my house. First we will go to Dollar Tree to get a little tree. No decorating has been done here. Then I will share with them some special ornaments.
    Finally we will go around this development to find and enjoy all of the parks and take a friend with us.

    Daughter says that so many are out sick so it really helps that I can watch the kids. We were throwing sticks into a creek today and it was a challenge to keep them away from the edge of rocks.

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  25. My cousin Linda was born on this date 57 years ago. Her mother died of a heart attack on this date on Linda’s 18th birthday. Many years later, Linda and her three year old son died on this date in a horrific car accident. (It is suspected that she may have been high on drugs. 😦 )

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  26. That is sad Kizzie. Sometimes we never know the pain in other’s lives that lead them to terrible decisions. 😞

    It is -19.5 here right now. We met our friends for dinner and had a lovely time of fellowship. Our hearts and lives are connected by our love for our Saviour and discussing important matters with them brings great joy! Blessed.

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