35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-16-22

  1. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here as the sun is beginning to bring some light and we can see dimly. I don’t know what this “we” is as it is just me up at this time.

    Husband and grandpa have a car trip planned today.

    My brother is coming down from Moscow if all goes according to plan.

    And so it goes.

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  2. I’m huddled in front of the space heater with a fleece throw over my legs. Just got the car pulled out of the driveway in case the neighbors have an early appointment, there was someone parked in front of my house last night or I would have done it then; but they’re gone today so I was able to scoot the Cherokee down early — and pull a just-emptied trash can up the driveway with me on my way back inside.

    Kind of concerned, not hearing back from the foster for the dog after I confirmed yesterday early evening that I was all in for Abby. I know they now have another eager applicant, hope they don’t decide they would be the better option for this dog.

    But if so, I guess I start over again.

    Editor approved next week off for me, though a little reluctantly I think. But things really should be slowing down by then, it’s the week before Christmas. Yesterday was the final port of la commission meeting for the year, today looks to be last one for LB.

    If the dog adoption falls through, I guess I can just plan to work next week anyway, though, maybe just grab a couple days off since I haven’t so much had time to hang a wreath on the porch yet.

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  3. Our gas and electrical bills are going way up. Even with my heater not running, my gas bill was still $100.

    Annie’s standing perched on my shoulders behind my head as I type this.

    I did send foster a followup email this morning confirming that yes, I do want to adopt Abby. Thought it was odd she never responded to me yesterday when I sent the email confirming my final decision was a ‘yes.’

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  4. In His care Dj… ♥️
    Kim I sobbed watching that video…and yes Chas is ever present in our hearts and minds…how I miss him

    We dipped below zero this morning and it is now 7 so we are warming up a bit! The snow is beautiful as the sun shines on it’s glitter. Canceled breakfast with daughter who lives in town. Grandson was taking a friend home last night and hit a curb, blowing his tire. She will be a busy Mom helping the boy with the car that is now parked on on another street in town.

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  5. Exciting times! With trepidation. It will be fun. It will be different. It will be challenging. But you are being blessed. And you will have a new best buddy. And, being an only dog, she will bond more with you and with Annie.

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  6. It was brown to happen eventually. An agent who had caused some problems left.
    He reported that one of the reasons is that I am witch- not the exact word but close enough and he wasn’t comfortable coming to me for help.

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  7. I may be peeling the cat off the ceiling in the beginning …

    But yes, I’m looking forward to just one dog — at least for a while — so we can really focus on developing a bond (hopefully early).

    I need to get a crate in place, she’s used to sleeping in a wire crate but I’m guessing may resist it over here initially — but if I absolutely have to dash out of here in the first several days I want to make sure everyone’s safe and can do no harm.

    Kim, do you usually replace the agents automatically or not necessarily? Probably a slow time for real estate through the holidays, I’d guess.

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  8. Yeah, Dj, you have your Christmas present!!!J

    In thes 30s here. Loving my new fireplace as I don’t have to heat the rest of the house. Just push some buttons.

    Ok, must get to work. Handyman is here. I have a board to stain and then he will add the hooks and put it up. Yeah, now there will be somewhere to hang coats and to replace the board with hooks that renters stole.

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  9. Kootenay loves his crate. We didn’t realize how important crates were with our first dog and had difficulty overnight for a long time. Then we got a rescue dog for our daughter (because her hamsters kept dying😳) and although an older dog, he could not be trusted in the house. We bought a crate and he could NOT wait to get inside – he dashed in while we were still assembling it. He also retreated to his crate whenever there was a thunder storm and did just fine. Since Kariboo, we’ve always crate trained.

    I’m so excited for you, DJ, praying the transition to your home goes well.

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  10. Tess liked the crate and it stayed up in my bedroom for years, she’d often just go snuggle in there for a nap. But it’s folded up and in the garage now … somewhere … And not sure it’ll be the right size, Abby is taller. But we’ll try it out.

    I will ask them to bring her blanket or a toy or something familiar.

    She sleeps in a crate at night — but getting her into a new crate in a new place might take a bit of coaxing, we’ll see. She’s feel unsettled for a while here, I’m sure.

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  11. Good thing I got the wreath from the office to use since Amazon says the wreath I ordered is lost. They said I could cancel the order and get a refund, but if the wreath shows up then I will be charged (like if it shows up after Christmas, lol). Maybe I should enlarge the photo of the wreath I ordered and tack that on the door until the wreath arrives. I guess that would look too tacky?

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  12. Janice I had once ordered slippers through Amazon and was notified it was lost. They stated if it hadn’t appeared within the next two days I could ask for a refund. I did just that and a few days later the slippers appeared in my mailbox. I called and was told to just keep them at no charge. Maybe they have changed their policy now and will charge you if the item finally shows up?

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  13. Whew, I had enough to pay the handyman. He is now officially finished. Now the house is mine. None of my children have yet to express an interest in seeing my home. oh, well….

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  14. I doubt I could swap crates, her’s is really big at the other house and belongs to the rescue officially — they have quite a few rescue border collies and Aussies in and out to I imagine they need it.

    They also live quite a distance away so not easy to just return it in a timely way necessarily.

    At any rate, they didn’t offer and I was emailing with foster about crate sizes the other night. Not sure the one I have will work with her.


    I ordered a couple summer tops from Amazon and was told they were lost and I could request a refund. I did. Message back said if I got the shirts I could return them.

    I did get the shirts but had trouble trying to contact Amazon with that particular issue and how to get a label so I could return the items — and I really did try. So I hung on to them, was never charged. One I didn’t like, so I gave it way in a clothes donation; the other I have but haven’t worn. I think by the time they arrived it was going into fall. And I’m not big on summer clothes which is why I ordered the tops in the first place, I needed a few nice ones (that aren’t my usual summer Ts) to transition into for work purposes.

    On the other hand, I have quite a few fall-winter turtleneck sweaters and winter pullovers.

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  15. I was expecting them to say to just keep it for free if it shows up as I had heard others say they do, but maybe it depends on the item.

    I did get free parking when I went for my CT Simulation test today. It was much easier on this machine than at the other location. I will start after Christmas.

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  16. So happy for you that you are in before Christmas Jo!
    Perhaps the kids will want to come over as busyness in their lives calms. My daughter and her family will come over on Christmas Eve…they’ve not been here since last Christmas Eve and they live but a half hour away….so it goes

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  17. My dad and step mom moved into a house half a block from my sister and he often bemoaned that he saw more of me than of her and her family. I lived in Germany at the time. People do get busy and forget about the important thing. But maybe they are busy with the important thing and it is different.

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