27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-9-22

  1. Well, I started to post that quite a while ago but then I heard the sounds of stirring. My dad had gotten lost in the hallway again. But he is back in bed and his electric blanket is turned on so he should be down for another hour or two. No word from grandpa down at the other end of the house, though he was up just before midnight wanting his shoes and socks so he could get on the road to New Meadows to have lunch with his sons and daughter. And so it goes here at the nest.

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  2. Liquid sunshine is always referring to rain here.

    I have always had good luck with Whirlpool appliances. The simpler ones the better. My washer does not have an agitator. It seems to work okay. Lots of settings, so you can run it longer for more stained clothes.

    I was so surprised when I called a number a few days ago for KitchenAid. Whirlpool appliances were mentioned in the greeting. I actually went back to see if I had called the right number. Yes, I had. I was even in their system, which puzzled me. Later I remember I did need some kind of part for a Whirlpool appliance (or something). The person was very nice and more than did what I needed. I have always found Whirlpool very good when I have needed anything.

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  3. I woke about 1:45 and didn’t fall back to sleep for a long time.

    After a while, I shifted bedrooms, turned on Enduring Word Galatians 13 teaching (which is what I’m teaching on Tuesday), and listened to all three parts before falling asleep again. I’m on my feet, now, 6 hours later.

    Internet is functioning, family is leaving or gone, and I have a day to write.

    I almost feel giddy.

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  4. We’ve been to Sprouts and Kroger. It’s wonderful to shop early when clerks aren’t tired from seeing too many people. We had a fun conversation about tomatoes between the cashier, bagger/head cashier, and myself. No time for conversation when they have a long line waiting later in the day.

    It is suppose to rain a lot later today. It’s a soggy December so far.

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  5. 51 degrees in the house this morning.

    Sitting in front of the hot-air-blasting — but tiny — space heater, you have to be about a foot away from it.

    We’re supposed to get rain this weekend, starting Saturday night.

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  6. aaaarrrrgh…. I thought since I am moving into my home I should call and change my insurance from a renters policy to a homeowners policy. Big mistake. They will not write a homeowners policy for me, USAA, and then transferred me to another company, which I did not understand, I thought it was just a transfer within the company. And the other company would not insure me either because of wildfires. But, I live in a firewise community and there is an inground pool within 100 feet of my house.

    Another thing to deal with, any ideas??
    like go back to bed?

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  7. Jo we live in a Firewise community as well. USAA would not insure us but SafeCo does and their premiums are no higher for us than those living in the city for the most part. I would check out an insurance broker so that they can do the leg work for you.

    Heading to my neighbor’s for coffee and cinnamon rolls..that should keep me awake!

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  8. Insurance: the one thing we buy but hope never to need.

    And it seems insurance companies don’t want you to file claims so they have to pay out. Personally, I’d like to see more insurance companies give a refund if you don’t file a claim. Over the years, I probably paid triple the value in insurance for the cars I’ve owned but never filed claims.

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  9. Janice – I’m glad to see that that woman was found safe. How scary that must have been!

    That kind of thing happens with kids in the backseat or in a car seat from time to time.

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  10. Get a broker, Jo. Fire insurance is a nightmare in California right now. A lot of people are simply uninsurable in my neighborhood and I don’t even know how they’ll sell their houses–which is which a bunch are trying to do.

    Finished writing up Israel 170 pages, lots of photos, and I’m exhausted.

    When is Christmas?


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  11. 3 assignments today, two stories & one adding to a port story. Finishing up the one story, already added to the other port story, and still need to do the other story.

    And I now have a work scheduling conflict on Wednesday when I was finally going to get to meet the prospective dog.

    I was hoping to get at least that one day off next week but I’ve just been swamped with assignments, unusual for this time of year when things are usually slow, news-wise.

    Not sure what’s up with the neighbor’s surgery — husband came home earlier than I thought he would, 2:30, and almost sounded like two car doors opening and closing in my driveway (which is used when she’s in the car), so I wonder if it somehow got canceled. I’ll wait to hear from them, maybe I’ll call this evening if I don’t hear anything.

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  12. Well I now have three new appliances, to be delivered on Dec. 27th. I will just use the old fridge until then, I suppose. I’m sure my friends would let me do a load of wash. Actually they are going to stay with me for a few of those days while work is done on their home.

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  13. Nightingale bought some hot chocolate “bombs”. (For those who may not have heard of them, each one is a ball – these are about an inch and a half or two inches in diameter – that dissolve in hot water to make hot chocolate. If mini marshmallows are included, they are inside the bomb and will appear as the bomb dissolves.)

    One flavor is Tiramisu. Boy keeps referring to it as Tsunami. 😀

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