38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-6-22

  1. Very pretty. I cannot remember the last time I went out to eat.

    Another night is done. Again, grandpa has done a lot of sleeping except during the hours of ten pm and three am. But husband should get home today so that should ease it a bit.

    Meanwhile, my dad, though he has commented several times that this is a really good place for him, is wondering if he needs to get back to Moscow to round out some business dealings. Most of his business dealings were finished several years ago and my Moscow brother is working on clearing out the rest. We will see. He still has the home so it is possible he can go back for a short time.

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  2. Morning all! Such a charming room Aj. Did you sit close to the fireplace? I am certain Cheryl loved every moment of her day with you ♥️

    Mumsee do the Grandfathers interact much with one another? Continued prayer over you all…and hoping you are getting some sleep

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  3. Good morning! Such a lovely setting for a special meal. So glad you got to enjoy that with Cheryl, AJ.

    We went to the tag office this morning. So glad to get that required sticker once again. The new tag office is very close to the home where I lived when young. It’s great to see new facilities upgrading my old neighborhood.

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  4. NancyJill, it is an interesting dynamic. Father in law (grandpa) is four years older than my dad and recognizes that my dad is living here. He was disappointed to hear that my dad is no longer able to play cards (he used to play Bridge) and does not understand that my dad cannot hear him or understand him.
    My dad (dad) asks where that older gentleman is and if has left or is coming back and is generally disappointed when I say he is sleeping.
    They seem to enjoy knowing the other is there and watching tv together but don’t really interact due to the hearing challenges.
    Both of them say that we should not go into offering an old folks’ home as it would be too exhausting as there would be too much to do. And both say they really like it here.

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  5. Good to hear things are somewhat getting settled there, mumsee — or as settled as they can be. Hoping things remain stable for a while so the guys can feel at home. I’m glad they have each other, seems like that will help.

    I had to look up what a “tag office” was.

    It reminded me I still have to put my registration tag on my license plate, I’m a December renewal. Renewed online as usual and the new tag came in the mail at least a month ago or more, but I’m bad about getting to the sticking-on-the-tag part.

    Case in point: When I was in college, I was probably 19 yrs old, and driving my cute, used baby blue VW beetle, I was pulled over for not having current registration.

    Oh, I told the officer, but it’s right here — I quickly produced the registration slip with the tag still attached.

    He said, “So why don’t we get out of the car and just put it on the plate now, so you won’t get pulled over again?”

    What a great idea! That sounded reasonable!

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  6. Kim, what is the new real estate scam?
    I’m so glad you asked. The scammers look at the tax records for vacant land in an area, then they look to see who is an absentee owner, then they assume that owner’s identity, go on line to find an agent and list the property. Very often they under value it and tell the agent they need to sell it quickly and would prefer a cash offer.
    The scam is some unsuspecting buyer loses thousands of dollars to purchase their dream lot to build on and their money is wired out of the country.
    Yep. That is what I have been dealing with for the past month or so. I think we may have foiled most of them. Just making you aware in case you own land.

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  7. We met with the attorney today to update everything.
    Provisions were made for children and grandchildren should we both die at the same time. Otherwise what’s mine is his and what’s his is mine.
    I will have medical power of attorney still.
    We discussed the parameters for using it. As I have said before I will not make a decision without Youngest Stepson. I will sign any papers to keep him from doing it.
    Mr. P keeps wanting to give me my Christmas present. NO!!!!

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  8. Thanks for the head’s up, Kim, on that scam.

    So concerned for you, Kim, over that upcoming surgery. I have had to remind myself at times that the Holy Spirit is my 24/7 companion Who strengthens me from within so I can do whatever is necessary at any moment. It helps to cut worry and anxiety down considerably to keepcturning thoughts back to God. “Take every thought captive . . .”

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  9. Dj, I see you now know what a tag office is, but it could also be where one goes to get the rabies tags for pets who have their shots, I suppose, or where people in the military grt their ‘dog tags,’ or maybe where one might buy sale tags for yard sales😀

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  10. We’re finally back home again after our Banff trip and Christmas in Calgary with my family. It was such a good trip, but I missed a lot here on the blog – mostly my pictures 😔😊. Thank you for all the kind comments.

    We met baby Charlie for the first time. Exactly one month old and already moving when laid on his tummy! Very strong little (big) boy! And so sweet.

    The twins were busy as usual but also listening to mom & dad when told to obey.

    Now I have so much laundry to do, but so glad to be home.

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  11. Oh I loved watching Lawrence Welk! Every Saturday night we watched as parents were heading out to square dance!

    Oh and now I am reminded to get Pip’s license tags!! We’ve had two surgeries and I totally forgot!

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  12. I had an aunt who always called him Lawrence Welch. Why do things like that stick in the brain? I always thought of grape juice or maybe something alcoholic when I saw all those bubbles.

    Glad Pip will get needed tags. That is what an old folks blog is for, lol!

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  13. Brrrr Kare! It is 40 here but feels colder with the breezes. I need that sweatshirt that says “I’m always cold”!

    While the Humane Society doesn’t require licensing for dogs in the county I always do it. They are vaccinated, chipped and registered at my vet but if they should become separated from us and were taken to the Humane Society I would want them to know exactly who owns these fluff balls!

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  14. I finally have a meet-up scheduled for potential new dog, next Wednesday. I still need to ask for time off next week but that shouldn’t be a problem, things will be slowing down, work-wise, for me after this week.

    I’m waiting to schedule two hourlong interviews with the outgoing & incoming councilmen, plus set up photos, which all needs to get posted/published before this weekend. Not hearing back from anyone yet, though outgoing said they’d send me some time options so at least that’s something.

    Also need to schedule arborist visit to check out Charlie Brown 2 but can’t do that until I get the rest of the week set up. I have PT today and Thursday …

    Our dogs are licensed with the city of LA and I’ve always done that for mine (though most dog owners don’t bother).


    I remember restaurants …

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  15. We may get more rain later today & by the end of the week, with snow flurries in the mountains.

    But the rain amounts we’re getting so far aren’t much, like 1/4 of an inch — still, anything helps in these dry days.

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  16. We’ve just had lots of rain which stopped this morning thankfully considering all those standing outside in lines to vote. It will be a long night for some people here in Georgia. I expect these metro counties will have the longest evening.

    The fog is pretty when I look out the window at the bare trees in the mist.

    Miss Bosley has continued her quest. If I hang out in another room, she will stay with me, velcroed to my lap, so that is one solution. I think she does not like that Art has the television going while he works on his computer. She is not the focal point so exhibits bad behavior to get our attention focused on her. She is such a Diva.

    I thought she might pull the sheet down while we were ag the tag office, but told Art I thought she wouldn’t because she sleeps when by herself. It was intact when we got home. Proof it is all an attention getting tactic.

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  17. Sitting in my daughter’s house wrapped in blankets as the countertops go in— and the door is open!

    It’s 50ish outside and my phone won’t make calls!

    Once countertops are in, the Engineer will figure out the plumbing, hook up the sink and dishwasher and he’s done.

    Daughter will move in for good.

    For 40 years there’s been a kid in the house—mostly visiting the last 10 years—for Christmas.

    This year, we’re done. They all have their own homes.

    Since the Engineer retires Dec 30, it feels like major completions.

    With everything else so busy, I didn’t want to even bother with a tree.

    (Hence the 3-footer).

    I suspect I’m doing a curious grieving. Which seems ridiculous, but what do you tell your heart?

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  18. On the prayer thread, there was some talk about witnessing. I was so glad when I read not too long ago a minister admitted that most ministers don’t realize that the average person cannot witness to a neighbor or coworker the way a minister can witness to someone, which is often the way they suggest that we witness.

    People expect that a pastor would talk about Jesus, and he’s not going to get into any trouble for doing that on the job – it is his job (or at least part of it). The writer said that those kinds of sermons often leave us feeling guilty for not being able to do it the way the pastor is suggesting. I know that I have felt that way at times.

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  19. On the way home from PT I stopped at Sprouts as I was out of milk & desperately needed some things in the freezer for dinners, but didn’t have time to deal with a big grocery store.

    Made a quick pass through and wound up buying a live (potted) Stone Pine tree which I will set on my front porch with battery lights — and then ? maybe plant it in the backyard also, Charlie Brown 3? I’ll ask the arborist when he comes over for his thoughts.

    Michelle, agree with Kizzie, not ridiculous. I even felt a little sad reading that, a turn in this thing called life.

    And yes, my neighbors know I am a believer — I remember once the neighbor’s husband, R — this was probably 5-7 years ago at least — was complaining about people who “read the Bible” and did such and such (I don’t really remember the context of the comment, now).

    His wife, S, corrected him, “*some* people who read the Bible (not all),” having seen me frequently getting in and out of my car on the driveway carrying my Bible.

    But it is different, neighbor to neighbor, when you have this whole other relationship in place, one that’s comfortable and easy going; knowing that introducing the gospel “could” be seen as an unwelcome turn in what was a familiar day-to-day relationship where very serious matters aren’t often discussed in that way.

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  20. I find that we Christians seem to forget that “one plants; one waters.” When you talk to others about how they came to know the Lord, it is amazing the steps they have gone through. God has not called us all to act and speak the same way. The bible is proof of that. Extroverts often do not understand introverts either. Sometimes, people are, literally, driven out of the church because of that. We can easily just be intimidated or whatever, too, of course.

    That looks like a nice place to have a special meal.

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  21. Kathaleena, that’s so true and I do keep that always in mind. We’re part of a chain, often times, that God is pleased to use to bring his people to faith.

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  22. And thanks for that reminder.

    We may be a waterer in any given situation, others may have gone before planting a seed. Or two.

    May we be faithful planters and “waterers,” in whatever role we are called in a given situation or relationship.

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  23. wow, we even get news updates on here. Had Bible study this morning. Then I went driving with my friend to leave her car at a friends and then take her home. Then I went to my house. Handyman was working in my room and it is almost done. I told him that I didn’t agree with his math on the bill I paid last Friday, but whatever he says. He got busy and checked over the numbers and I owed him another 400. Oh, well, we do what is right.

    I was happy to get my two little jobs done. He helped me get my table put together. Then I got the lights over the sink hooked up as a friend and I had taken them out to stain the board they were on. Took me three days to get that board back in there. Had to figure out how to get it in. Funny because I literally went to sleep working on how to get it in. Oh, come from the other direction, that will work.

    Went and paid for my bed and confirmed that it will be delivered on Thursday. So things are going well except for my newsletter not being done.

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  24. Moving into my house is a huge change for me. Nothing is put away as it is all in boxes. But mostly it is like I have to learn how to live in a new place. The changes I have made are all so nice. Now to fit my things in there. The handyman likes all of my choices, so that is good.

    So I wanted to say that I am also in a kind of turmoil with grief moved in.

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