14 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-7-22

  1. Good riddance to another partisan player at Twitter.

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  2. This guy is dirty.

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  3. Get your kids away from public schools.


    Look at that, actual journalism.

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  4. Why is Baker not in prison? Oh wait…Democrat..that would explain everything.

    And I see the GA citizenry elected a disgusting person to “represent” them…he had a D behind his name I see. I suppose I can sympathize with those who did not vote for him. We have a couple disgusting Senators with a D behind their names “representing” us here in CO 😞

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  5. That whole debacle in Virginia is so disgusting and sad. Those who are supposed to keep our children safe when they are in their care, showed so little compassion for those girls. Those girls will never be the same, although they can overcome with God’s help. Some would never have had anything happen if this boy was treated as he should have been.

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  6. Your terms are acceptable, but we wonder why you never did this when you ran things and they were committing all these bogus acts….


  7. Exactly what I’d expect from these frauds pretending to be journalists.

    And yes, PBS ignored it too.

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  8. You’d think a journal might do a little background before saying something stupid and false and further beclowning himself, but you’d be wrong.

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  9. It was still an almost 50/50 split in Georgia so only a tad over half are on board with the ‘elected’ senator. There was a Dem who claimed Georgia to be a Blue state. A Republican quickly said Deep Purple because all other elected to upper level state government positions were Republican.

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  10. Cautionary tales /

    From World Magazine opinions

    “No thanks, not for me.”

    We live in an age when discernment and wisdom are so important.



    Ye, Nick Fuentes, and Alex Jones

    They may seem like a grotesque carnival act, but parents should pay attention

    ~ … What in the world do we make of all this? And why does it even matter?

    To begin with, it should be noted that perhaps the most-repeated words in the entire show were “Christ” and “Jesus.” Over and over, both Ye and Fuentes claimed Jesus’ name in the service of their own blasphemous, ego-driven agenda. Fuentes is an avowed racist and Holocaust denier who styles himself as a “Christian nationalist,” frequently linking the slogans “Christ is Lord” and “America first.” Gab CEO Andrew Torba has hailed him as “a voice of reason” for “young, straight, White, Christian men” who are treated as second-class citizens for holding “Biblical values.” If Christians aren’t paying attention, Torba thinks they should, because Fuentes and his large, young fanbase are “the future.” …

    … As for Ye … the signs have always been clear that the man is deeply troubled and could plunge down a dark rabbit hole at any moment.

    That moment has arrived. Ye may still claim the name of Christ, but Christians should no longer praise the rapper or his message. We should condemn his message for the arrogant blasphemy that it now is. …

    … Meanwhile, we have a challenge much closer to home, for Andrew Torba’s supposed legions of Fuentes-following young Christian men may not be as numerous as he thinks, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t real. And behind them, there are all the boys who are so young they don’t have fully-formed beliefs about much of anything. They’re just vaguely “anti-woke,” and they just think Ye is funny when he pulls out his props and does a high-pitched Netanyahu voice.

    Chances are good that all of us know a few boys like this, who will watch the interview but won’t bring it up at the dinner table, because they assume the adults in their life just don’t get it. They’re worried that if Mom heard them laughing at the line, “Every human being has something of value that they bring to the table, especially Hitler,” she would confiscate their phones, ground them for a year, and whisper to all her friends that she’s worried her 13-year-old son might be turning into a neo-Nazi.

    That’s a 13-year-old boy’s caricature of Mom, of course. But it still wouldn’t hurt for Mom (and Dad) to understand what their nice Christian 13-year-old boys are probably watching on their phones. This is obviously true for many things, including darker things than videos of Kanye West and Nick Fuentes on InfoWars.

    But for conservative Christian parents, it’s particularly important to keep a finger on the pulse of cultural currents that appear to young men and boys in the guise of “conservatism” or “Christianity.” Under all the filth, there are small nuggets of truth with a powerful appeal to young men who resent “wokeness,” who resent the mainstream liberal narrative of everything.

    So, Mom and Dad: Don’t panic. But also, don’t just teach your boys to be “anti-woke.” Give them something better. Give them something so nourishing that when the next “Christian” in a gimp suit comes along, they can say, “No thanks. Not for me.” ~

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  11. And, also from World opinions …

    To preserve, protect, and defend

    A president’s most important promise is to defend the Constitution

    by Albert Mohler


    ~ … But there is another Donald Trump, marked by naked political self-interest and moral recklessness. That recklessness has now been translated into words that intentionally subvert the Constitution. This is also a subversion of conservatism. You simply cannot contradict the oath of office just after you demand that voters allow you to take it yet again. It is by no means conservative to call for the Constitution to be put on pause when we feel we have adequate cause. … ~

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  12. And Mohler’s point would carry more weight if he had defended all the injustices and outright lies the media pushed about Trump.

    But he didn’t. Not once did he care about the constitution then, so I’ll pass.


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