11 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 11-26-22

  1. 🙂 Grandchildren for the holidays.

    🙂 Oh, what an abundance of good food! Isn’t it marvelous that God is preparing a banquet for His people?

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  2. Amen!

    And it is good to be living in a time when technology makes contact so easy as well as visual stimulation. We now have tv in my house. Unbelievable. I scrolled through some of the offerings on the guide and quickly put in parental controls. There is a lot of unhealthy stuff on there!

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  3. 🙂 We had enough food.

    😦 We had MORE than enough food.

    🙂 Many good and healthy conversations.

    😦 Sadness over the lost years. 50.

    🙂 Watching Adorable tween girls and their adorable tween cousins.

    Curious why we only have three boys . . .

    🙂 Nothing pressing today.

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  4. 🙂 A Thanksgiving with the cousins.

    🙂 Four days off

    🙂 A possible dog to adopt … except … 😦

    I’ve found out that there’s another applicant for the same dog and now I’m juggling what feels like a rush to schedule a meet up with the dog who’s an hour’s drive away. Foster wanted me to come up Monday but I have a news conference to cover that morning — and I would need to clear it with my editor to take a day of for that trip anyway.

    It’s also brought up some unexpected insecurities about my readiness as it’s been a long time since I’ve taken a “new” dog into my household (used to do it rather frequently but haven’t in 15 years) — and I’m afraid I am really out of practice. Will need a new crate & dog bed, figure out food, chewies/treats — other immediate supplies I have already on hand (collars, leashes).

    But the perceived rush and “competition” isn’t helping, I’m also looking at the next 2 weeks on my calendar and I have some PT and extra doctor appointments coming up that would also have to be juggled or will require some alone time for new dog (crate would probably solve that, but …).

    Or maybe I wait, let the other applicant take her?

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  5. I sent a followup email to the foster R (complicated also since she’s still visiting her sister in Missouri so her husband is handling the first visit today — R isn’t home until Tuesday. But she just sounded in a rush to take care of all this.

    Anyway, I let her know if the first applicant seems like the best or certainly a satisfactory match then I’m fine if they go with that, another ‘good fit’ for me will come along; otherwise I’ll find a day later this next week I can take out to come out there.

    Never been in this situation before with “competition.” Just awkward.

    I’m sure I’ll adjust to a new dog fine, it’s always a little bit of an upheaval but I’ve done it so often before I think I’m just feeling a little unsure of myself as it’s unfolding so fast right now.

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  6. I like that I can limit the channels I want to scroll through, mumsee. There are movies I don’t even want to hear about. Parental controls are a must, too, if you have a television and there are children in the house.

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  7. 🙂 Other applicant didn’t work out, per the foster; woman’s husband didn’t like Abby, the dog. And Abby could tell; so Abby’s still available, I told her I’d work out a time to visit soon, would be in touch.

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  8. 😀 Art commented on how much joy Miss Bosley has brought even during these difficuly days of his recovery (she is just so happy/content to have all her peeps at home)

    😀 Wes returned home today

    😀 The online connection worked well for teaching class from our home

    😒 The Falcons are losing

    😀 A long nap this morning has helped after being up so early to go vote

    😀 A simple one vote

    😒 The long lines to vote which are taking up to three hours for some people during this busy season

    😒 All the various situations that my Wanderer family members are dealing with that are just so very difficult

    😀 Wes is so good to his students spending time with each telling them how to improve their writing to earn better grades

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