59 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-22-19

  1. Morning all.
    Feeling rather glum.
    to hear that they decided that our principal was needed elsewhere. My aide said that she felt like quitting. I do too.
    Okay, I can trust God, but have serious problems with some others.
    just crazy

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that Jo.
    Maybe it will look different in the morning.
    Good morning everyone else.

    We were just laying in bed with my arms around her. I said, “It’s 626, may as well get up.”
    She said, “It’s 6:27” I said, “Yeah, a minute later than it was a minute ago. That may be the last sensible thing you will hear today.”

    I got an advertisement for watermelon on a Harris Teeter ad. It occurred to me that we have had watermelon at the salad counter all winter.
    My dad never ate watermelon until after July 4. He thought watermelon could only be grown in Lexington County.

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  3. Here’s a QoD: Does anyone know what happened 37 years ago today (1982 for those who don’t want to do the math)?


  4. Strange: Purdue Alumni Assn. used to send me pocket calendars. They were handy for reminders. I went back to see if there was an entry for 1982.
    But they didn’t start sending them until 1983.
    So? What happened Peter?


  5. Morning! I am drinking my coffee as I watch my husband shovel snow from the driveway. ⛄️
    Well my guess would be perhaps you and Mrs. L were married 37 years ago? (I will admit I googled what happened on this date 37 years ago before I answered your QOD and nothing significant appeared! 😂)

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  6. That cardinal was sitting up there singing (I got singing shots, too, but his beak was facing me whenever he sang, and that isn’t as good a shot as the sideways one). I viewed him through the leaves of a tree or two, and got several photos. Then I decided to see if I could move past the intervening foliage and get another shot or two. A bit to my surprise, he let me.

    Male cardinals seem quite aware how visible they are, and are one of the quicker birds to flee when they have been seen. BUT there are advantages to viewing birds along a walking trail, in an area with lots of cardinals, on a path one walks several times a week. The birds get used to people, and used to you in particular. And I think there are also so many cardinals that their territories are fairly small, and they have to be far more concerned about flying into another bird’s territory than about whether a photographer sees them.

    At any rate, I liked the photos showing him through foliage better, since green and red are opposites on the color wheel and they play off each other well.

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  7. Congratulations Phos!!
    Happy Anniversary Peter?

    Logging in takes so much effort, I’m tempted to just go anonymous at times.
    Maybe put my name in the text.


  8. Good Morning Everyone. I slept in until 6:30 this morning. Amos had tried several times to make me get out of bed, but it was Lulabelle who was successful. You just can’t ignore a big dog who puts her head on the bed and whines in your ear! Mr. P was already in the shower.
    I was on the phone with an agent by 6:45 trying to unkink the offer he has pending for a buyer. The agent messed up. The lender had told him to ask for 45 days to get the loan approved, agent didn’t write that in the contract and the default is “30 days if left blank”.
    I am waiting until about 9 or 10 to go into the office today. I don’t want to be on the interstate during the morning commute times since my purse, wallet, and driver’s license is on my desk in

    Interesting to see a cardinal in the header this morning. A mother cardinal made her nest in the sweet olive bush outside our bedroom window. Yesterday we had babies. Mr. P got a photo. I may have to send it to AJ.
    Off to get dressed.

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  9. AJ, I just sent the photo to you of the cardinal’s nest. You can see the open beak of the baby. The photo quality is not that good as it was taken through a window with a cell phone camera but might be interesting to see.


  10. DING! DING! DING! NancyJill wins!

    Yes, Chas, people get married in May. It was a cold, wet Saturday. We held it in May so my desert-rat parents wouldn’t be too cold. But the weather didn’t cooperate with our plans. We told them to bring winter jackets since 45° and rain is cold for an Arizonan.

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  11. Happy Anniversary, Peter — and a big congratulations to roscuro, you’ve worked hard for this.

    We had strong, cold winds all evening last night and this morning the house is chilly. But I refuse to turn on the heater after March, especially after enduring those super-high gas bills for so long from November on. My gas bill this month is $11 and I want to keep them that way until late fall arrives again and they often shoot up to over $100.

    But it sure is cold this morning …

    I’m trying to reach a developer this morning to finish up a story I started yesterday and is done except for some quotes and an interview from the folks building the 137-unit residential building that’ll take our one of our go-to popular (and affordable) chain breakfast/lunch diners that’s been on the harbor for 50 years.

    I wish my shower were hotter. I think the the new-fangled fixtures that were installed are the kind that limit the temps to conserve energy. My hot water heater also is old, 20+ years, but I’m trying not to dwell on that. The water in the kitchen is still nice and hot. Someday that hot water heater is going to take a final dive, though.

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  12. Donna, the new fangled device on my new shower is a setting that keeps the water at the same temperature at all times. Look and see if there is another knob attached to it. You may need to adjust that.

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  13. Good morning from overcast but pleasant paradise I woke up at 4:50 but did not get up until 4:59, just lazed and watched the sun rise. Then Bible, chat with Okinawa daughter, and off on a walk and to chores. Nothing to do the rest of the day.

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  14. DJ, if you pay a minimum year-round for gas and you have only gas heat (in other words, if you pay for it even in the months you don’t use it), I suspect that if you use it for just a few hours one day in the month, it won’t increase your bill. I could be wrong. But it won’t increase it much, and it will take the chill off.

    I avoid using heat or cooling in May and September. But we had to use the air for the first time while my mother-in-law was here (just briefly) and debated using the heat briefly a day or two ago. But in those months I generally figure that if it’s just a little too cool today and a little too warm tomorrow, it will basically balance out, and it won’t be really hot or really cold.


  15. Hell: I don’t want to go there. The fear of Hell placed me at the feet of Jesus. I am seated with Him in the heavenlies. I do not want anybody in Hell and need to speak out because of that.

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  16. Chas, I don’t see anything ‘easy’ with which to adjust the shower temperature.

    This is what I’ve read about that and it sounds like kind of a lot to go through for a non-DIY person like me:


    Pry the center button from the shower faucet to expose the screw holding the handle onto the faucet. Remove the handle screw, using a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the handle off the faucet. Remove the handle that exposes the hot water stop and the faucet stem. The hot water stop regulates the amount of hot water flowing from the faucet regardless of the temperature setting on your water heater.
    Insert a flathead screwdriver behind the hot water stop and pry it from the stem. Turn the shower faucet on and rotate it to the hottest position, using pliers. Once the faucet establishes a hot water flow, rotate the faucet until you are comfortable with the amount of hot water being produced.
    Fill a plastic cup with hot water and place the thermometer into the cup to double-check the temperature of the water. Continue to adjust the faucet until you are satisfied with the final water temperature.
    Replace the hot water stop in the faucet while the water continues to flow. Once the hot water stop is in position, use the pliers to turn off the shower faucet.
    Slide the shower faucet handle over the stem. Secure the shower faucet handle with the Phillips screw you previously removed. Snap the center button back onto the handle.

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  17. I don’t have to go through all that. I have tow levers.
    One to turn the water on/off
    One that is set to the temperature I want the water to be.


  18. As for “Hell”
    I can’t wrap my mind around the concept of “eternity”. Hitler, Pol Pot, etc diserve a million years in torment.
    But FOREVER?
    I can’t imagine forever.
    At the end of it, there’s more.


  19. But the Bible indicates level of punishment:
    e.g. “many stripes, few stripes”
    Will be judged according to works.

    A thing I have wondered about is the concept of “age of accountability””. Are babies born to a Muslim family, who die before “the age of accountability” judged on some basis?
    David said, of his son who died as a result of his sin with Bathsheba. “I will go to him, but he cannot come to me”.. The baby is the “fruit of sin”, but he is God’s child if I read that correctly.
    Catholics, as I understand it, believe that if a baby dies unbaptized go to a neutral place that I can’t remember and can’t find in the bible I can’t remember the name, but believe it doesn’t exist.
    A heavy subject here.


  20. Chas, I used to have two levers. But when this fixture was installed, I remember the handyman guy asking me what temps I wanted it set for — we moved it up some from what he’d put it at but to be honest it’s not really as hot as I like. But it definitely seemed like something he had to pre-adjust behind the wall or fixture itself, it wasn’t something easily accessible.


  21. I figure the next time a plumber or knowledgable handyman is here for something else, I’ll ask them about doing it.


  22. The weather has turned super hot here. I went to sweep in the shady carport and came inside all sweaty just from sweeping. Last week I mowed and hardly broke a sweat. We will probably break records for the high over the next several days.

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  23. From online:

    While the Catholic Church has a defined doctrine on original sin, it has none on the eternal fate of unbaptized infants, leaving theologians free to propose different theories, which magisterium is free to accept or reject. Limbo is one such theory.

    And, at another site:



    Limbo is a theory developed by Medieval theologians as the place where unbaptized persons go when they die. Limbo is not an official doctrine of the Catholic Church, but it has not been officially rejected by the Church

    … History of the Theory of Limbo

    In response to Pelagius (d. 425), who taught that the heresy that baptism is not necessary for salvation (called Pelagianism), St. Augustine (d. 430) contended that unbaptized children who die are condemned to hell. They do not suffer all its pains because they are not guilty of personal sin, but because baptism is necessary for salvation, they will not enter heaven.

    Later theologians, in the Middle Ages, posited the existence of limbo as a way to soften the harshness of St. Augustine’s position. Unlike the state of quasi-hell posited by St. Augustine, these theologians defined limbo as a quasi-heaven. Limbo was considered to be a place or state of where unbaptized persons enjoy a natural state of happiness. These people experience every natural happiness, but they remain excluded from the Beatific Vision of God in heaven. …

    … The Current View of Limbo

    The Church does not accept or officially condemn the theory of Limbo because it is a theological theory. Theological theories usually don’t result in official responses by the Church unless it becomes clear that these theories are either excellent ways of explaining doctrine or that they explicitly go against such doctrine. The Church may also reject some theories as heretical if it becomes clear that they are not in accord with the truth found in Scripture and Tradition.

    … The theory of Limbo is not heretical because Scripture and Tradition do not explicitly say what happens to unbaptized babies. However, due to the problems with the theory of Limbo, this theory plays almost no role in current Catholic theology. Instead, modern theology and church practice stress the fundamental solidarity of redeemed humanity and God’s will that all may be saved.


  24. Oh Janice! I went out to finish shoveling the drive…the middle section…and I was clunked on the head a few times from falling snow from the tops of the pines!! It is 38 degrees and some of that stuff is melting from the very top of the pines…a person could get knocked for a loop out there…I do worry about the hummingbirds getting hit with one of those clods!!

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  25. Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. L ♡♡
    It’s a lovely time of the year to celebrate your forever and eternal love. Isn’t it great that as Christian’s we can use the word eternal?


  26. Speaking of eternity, it is with Jesus or in hell.

    Right now it is difficult to consider because a friend is angry with me and it really boils down to our differing views on God. I need to discuss the truth in my beliefs without sounding judgemental. It may be impossible. I have waited a bit for things to settle before addressing the rant. I must admit that I felt rather happy when told I have changed. It has been in progress ever since I read the Bible and took God seriously with believing that all He says is true and right. One person’s dismay is another person’s joy.

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  27. Happy anniversary to the L’s. May you have many more years of happiness together.

    I was also married in 1982, but in July.

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  28. Feeling depressed over the decision yesterday. A friend felt that how could they not listen to all of the ones who gave them feedback. Just buckle down and do my job, I guess. My aide is also depressed.

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  29. Congratulations, Roscuro! Well done.

    Happy Anniversary, Peter and Mrs. L!

    Thanks for the prayers last night, those who saw my prayer request. I’m better today, and I also found the book I couldn’t locate last night for the lesson. It was in the bookshelf by the piano, mixed in with other books that duplicate what my students have. (I keep them handy for lesson-planning purposes, and also to pull off the shelf to use during lessons if students forget to bring their own books.) The new book is thin, and sort of hid among the others on the shelf.

    I still feel like an idiot, though. Although at the end of the lesson, the student’s mom, who was there for the whole lesson, gave me a check for next month’s tuition already (it’s not due until next week), so I guess they plan to stick with the teacher who was phenomenally scatter-brained last night. 😛 LOL.

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  30. We’re getting rain and lightning here now this afternoon, they’ve closed the beaches. It’s been very cold all day but sunny — now it’s dark and foreboding, with hail possible in some areas. There’s been snow out in Palm Springs and in the local mountains.

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  31. I’m jealous of the cool, y’all! H’otlanta is not a misnomer today. Wow!

    At least the air conditioning is working, and with a fan turned on I can even use my toaster oven and microwave in the kitchen.

    Why on earth, in Atlanta today, Miss Bosley wants to be under a quilt coverlet, I do not understand. The other day she bit Art on the hand. I had been washing, putting medicine on the wound, and using a bandage to cover it once or twice daily. It looked pretty swollen so I got him in to see a doctor yesterday for antibiotics. Two were prescribed since he is allergic to the one preferred, penicillin. I really did not like how I was treated when I called in for the appointment. I was asked what we were doing for the bite, and it was like I was being made fun of for using Dial soap. The only reason I had the Dial soap was because it was previously told to us by Emory to use it for one of Art’s surgeries. Then I was made fun of for saying it was not the cat’s fault because my husband likes to play fight with her. The lady had an accent which made me think she is from the Islands. It just all seemed bizarre. The doctors there are outstanding, but some of the other personnel and systems have regressed.

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  32. Jo, I sympathize with the personnel changes and how they can affect everyone in what is a tight-knit, team-oriented workplace. 😦

    Yeah, playing or teasing with a cat is serious business, Annie’s got such sharp claws. She’ll nab you in a moment you’ll quickly regret.

    Respect the cat.

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  33. Speaking of the dog park, 2 of the former regulars, a young couple with a dog named Daisy, were busy planning their wedding last time I saw them, probably last fall or late summer? They both worked for the Red Cross and were busy with responding to some of our local disasters through the months since we’d gotten to know them.

    The guy was very large so probably had some pre-existing health strikes against him. Still, he was the happiest, nicest personality, always pretty upbeat — anyway, I heard through Real Estate Guy (who was helping to get ready to list the bride-to-be’s mom’s house) the other day that he heard the groom-to-be had died late last year but he had no details. I was able to look it up online and discovered that he had the flu which turned into pneumonia and then he had a heart attack — at only 29 years old.

    And their wedding was to have been May 18, last Saturday. 😦 They still had a website up for that and looks like they’d gotten quite a ways along toward all the specific planning for it with the wedding party chosen and announced. How very sad.

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  34. That is really sad, DJ (7:41).

    I hope something like that doesn’t happen to my son-in-law. He’s quite obese, and other than the fact that he doesn’t smoke, he reminds me a lot of my pastor when I was a teen. He was a little over 6 feet tall and weighed 350 lbs. Died of a heart attack in his mid-30s, leaving behind a wife and three young children, including an infant.

    SIL made a sheepish comment about probably going on a diet after he broke one of our dining room chairs a couple years ago, but, while it looked like he did lose a little weight at some point after that, he appears to have regained it.

    The hardest thing about sudden deaths is if the victim isn’t walking with the Lord. Our pastor obviously was, but my SIL is not. Neither is our daughter who is married to him.

    We pray that God will extend their time of grace, that they may return to relationship with Christ, while they still have physical life here on earth.

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  35. DJ, about my brain — I found the creative half that had to improvise what to do when I couldn’t find the book during lesson time. Whether the logical half of my brain will ever be located is anyone’s guess. 😛

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  36. Donna @ 6:45
    I never reported my lost brain to the authorities.
    I do miss it, but I don’t want any “authorities” messing with my brain.

    Yes, a sad story.

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  37. According to the Canada Free Press:

    “Amil Imani is an Iranian-American writer, poet, satirist, novelist, essayist, literary translator, public speaker and political analyst who has been writing and speaking out about the danger of radical Islam both in America and internationally. He has become a formidable voice in the United States against the danger of global jihad and Islamization of America.”

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  38. The young groom-to-be I mentioned was large enough that I always thought there was an underlying condition, possibly a congenital syndrome of some kind, that caused him to be as large as he was. It wasn’t just overweight, it was an almost debilitating stage of obesity where getting around was already, at his young age, a bit of a strain — he would bring his own chair to the dog park where there were mostly just those wobbly, plastic hand-me-down patio seats people had dragged in.

    Anyway, it was probably one of those cases they warn about in terms of getting the flu and having it spiral into something much more serious when immune systems are poor or there are other conditions that compromise someone’s system.

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  39. So very sad about that couple Dj. My neighbor is still trying to sort out her life and the lives of her two teens since her husband died suddenly at home of a massive heart attack. He was 45 years old and was a very fit guy. It has only been about 3 weeks since his death. 😞

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  40. mumsee, I’m not entirely sure, they spoke of their church which I believe was a Methodist congregation the bride’s mom was very active in, so not sure how connected they were or if they were actually believers or not. I remember talking with her once about the church connection but that was probably over a year ago and I didn’t really get any clear idea about their faith or lack thereof.


  41. Praying for Jo as she faces another day of teaching while worrying about the changes which are to come. Praying that God will raise up the right man for the job. Praying that He will give all of the teachers peace during this time of transition.

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  42. Thank you so much. Hearing that you are praying helps a lot. Bless you
    Our national employees are also upset. At their weekly prayer time they were able to share with the principal how they felt about him leaving.


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