39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-26-22

  1. Morning! I was awake at 4:15….second cup of coffee is at hand!

    Such a beautiful vignette up there! And we have a lantern exactly like that one…it was Paul’s grandfather’s railroad lantern. ♥️

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  2. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here, or will be once the sun makes an appearance with enough light to see by. Grandpa is snoring in his chair, husband is snoring in his chair. I am off to Moscow for a short visit as we think we need two adults on site most of the time to see to grandpa’s well being. The other workers have stepped up to cover my days so this is just a visit. I do face time him every morning and my Boise brother does so every afternoon.

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  3. The last guests begin their 900 mile drive back to Idaho this morning. I’m bushed and have declared this weekend a Sabbath. I’ve been running hard since September 1.

    But first, I need to figure out what I’m teaching in Bible study on Tuesday . . .

    Fantastic time together; much family healing. Epic soccer game yesterday. Everyone happy.

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  4. Good afternoon!
    Art is in the office for few hours this afternoon thanks to my btother. His first outing since 11/11. Things had to be done today, no way around certain deadlines.

    The weather is perfect today. It has been very nice lately. I am thankful that people could be out on decks and such for gatherings with not so many cooped up and sharing germs in tight spaces.

    We have guacamole and blue chips on the menu today which is a happy food for me. I will probably make some chickpea patties, too. We finished the dressing. I need to freeze leftover turkey. I ate some twice and it was delicious but has too much salt since it is brined to plump it up at the store. Not good for blood pressure.

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  5. Interesting


    ~ Although students may be drawn to those fields while they’re in school for reasons beyond salary and job security, “when we graduate, reality hits,” said Sinem Buber, ZipRecruiter’s lead economist.

    “When you are barely managing to pay your bills, your paycheck might become more important.”

    Of graduates who regretted their major, most said that, if they could go back, they would now choose computer science or business administration instead. ~


    I can’t say I regret taking the journalism career path I did, though. It’s been a fun and mostly satisfying ride.

    The pay? Yeah, that was kind of a downside, for sure, but not realized sometimes until the years go by and you begin to figure it out. But pay isn’t the only consideration in vocation, and not even the most important consideration.

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  6. Most important? I think that would be using the skills God has given you in a vocation that can be of service to the community, small/medium or large, in which you live. And, of course, all jobs provide us with that opportunity, from making shoes to creating the latest computer program.

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  7. And mapping the moon, occurs to me, too. 🙂

    Or writing books, teaching, parenting, grand parenting, caring for animals and people alike on farms or in cities, studying nature, sharing the gospel, treating and healing people, pastoring a church …

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  8. DJ, yes, using the skills and gifts God has given brings the most satisfaction in one’s job, I think. Both husband and I have lower paying jobs than we could have because we enjoy them and get to use our gifts.

    I have no idea where that copper pitcher originated – my sister gave it to me and a friend had given it to her when she collected all things copper. It’s one solid heavy pitcher.

    NancyJill, the lantern was given to me by my sister’s friend’s mom. She was downsizing and nobody wanted any of her antiques and then sister’s friend thought of me. So I got a couple of boxes of old things. 😊

    The blue sheet is covering Kootenay’s crate – not many other places to put it but I’m enjoying the view above it.

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  9. My hammered copper pitcher is a little shorter but the shape, down to the curl on the bottom of the handle, is an exact match. And it’s heavy. It was one of the things from Mexico I found packed in the garage when the clean-out took place a few years ago.

    There were several copper pieces which I’m now re-enjoying (some were from my mom’s trips, too, so those are now in use again as well).

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  10. The crate mention — In thinking about a new dog in here in the future, I realize I feel very out of practice. It’s been a while since I’ve taken in a new dog to get acclimated; used to do it somewhat frequently, every few years as my 2-dog generations were typically staggered and overlapping. But now it’s been 15+ years.

    I’m afraid I will feel really rusty.

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  11. It’s like riding a bike Dj…hop on and get goin’!! 😊

    Gamecocks beat Clemson!! Chas would be tickled!!

    Ohio State lost to …..Michigan…gasp. Lots of sad relatives today…except for my niece…she lives in Michigan!

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  12. I flipped a coin about my major going to college: history or English. It came up English.

    I’ve read thousands of history books since I graduated, maybe five books of poetry. Still, studying English taught me about textural analysis–which I’ve used ever since in teaching Bible study.

    The most important thing I did?

    Become a reporter and then an editor of the UCLA Daily Bruin. I grew up and learned how to ask questions, talk to anyone, write to a deadline, and edit.

    I’ve used it all.

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  13. ~ Learned how to ask questions, talk to anyone, write to a deadline, edit ~ @4:59

    All life skills reporting has left me with as well.

    I did fill in editing at work for a year or two, off and on. Found it quite boring (as a sole task). But editor once asked me to rewrite a story turned in by one of our “cub” reporters and I found that easy to do — though I wasn’t one to normally edit heavily for style, wanted to respect the writer as much as I could (so long as it wasn’t really messed up and confusing).

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  14. We enjoyed watching the soccer game here, too. I did wish I was with the grands who were all soccer players. I have learned some from them, but not all the rules at this level. Nevertheless, it was an exciting game.

    Grands have all left and I am exhausted. We had a ball, though, so I am not complaining.

    I did discover what may become a tradition for my after-Thanksgiving breakfast. I had a leftover sourdough pancake topped with leftover cranberry/orange sauce and drizzled with my homemade chokecherry syrup and a dollop or more of whipped cream. A side of pistachios just made it even better.

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  15. Although the original plan for our Friday Thanksgiving was for Chickadee to be picked up around 11:00, and then Stephanie and her family would be over later for dessert, there was a last-minute change. Instead, as Nightingale was picking up Chickadee, she got a call from Steph asking her to pick up her and Grace as well. (The man of the family was not feeling well.) They live quite close to the McKs.

    Chickadee quickly felt comfortable with Stephanie, and we all got along very well. Lots of chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

    The only problem was that somehow, Nightingale got the turkey into the oven much later than she had intended, so we didn’t eat until almost 7:30. (We usually have holiday meals in mid-afternoon.) So it was a long day, and we were all very tired by the end of it. And I still had some cleaning up to finish up!

    Today I am very tired. Hoping to get to sleep quickly tonight.

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  16. Met friends at my house who want to do my bedroom. This will be interesting.

    Gave up on staining the last bit above the door. I kept getting it on the white wall.

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  17. I am glad your Thanksgiving Day was a nice time, Kizzie. It can be frustrating when you have to wait for others to do what they need to do in a timely manner. Young people have no problem waiting to do things until older people are ready to just relax. It was so nice that Chickadee enjoyed the other guests.

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  18. I am thankful to not only have received my BBA degree in accounting, but to have also continued education in God’s University of Life. I got to learn practical teaching by following the curriculum of a private school in Baltimore, Calvert, where Wes was enrolled for five years as a corespondence/homeschool student. It was a great background for going forward through the other grades and also becoming a preschool teacher where I got more training in teaching. I also got a lot of caregiving experience in taking care of a child with asthma, taking care of my mother in a wheelchair, and now taking care of Art. All of the caregiving is like getting a degree in Compassion. It is amazing to me to consider all the twists and turns of this University of Life. And I continue to in a round about way make use of my degree in business administration by being the wife of a small business owner. God is good!

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  19. I was thinking of Chas yesterday too.

    He would have enjoyed watching his SC Gamecocks knock off the #5 Tenn. and #7 Clemson teams in the country the last 2 weeks. 🙂

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  20. Sunday Morning

    We voted at 7 a.m. There was a long line so I told a worker that my husband had recently had surgery. We got to go to the front of the line. It feels embarrassing to do so, but it had to be.

    On our way home, Art pointed out how many squirrels were running across the sreets in our neighborhood. Probably twenty or more. It was crazy! We had a big rain overnight, and I told Art they wanted to get on the street away from all the water.

    Art is having the horrible leg cramps right now from the leftover chemical imbalances. This is the worst since last Sunday when we went to ER. I am sad.

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  21. Praying for Art also. And for you Janice…better days ahead yes and amen ❣️

    We had frost overnight and icy road creating snow showers this morning. They promise the sun will appear later this morn to melt this ice…

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  22. Good morning, all. Grandpa was quite restless last night. I thought I heard footsteps and found him out of his railed bed, across the room in his walker. Things had been reorganized. Yesterday he was unable to do anything for himself. He rallies and then plummets. Pretty typical I imagine. Step mom was the same way. Last night he also had a lot of conversations with people who were not there. That is often a sign of decline as well.

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  23. I’m sorry to hear about Art’s leg cramps, Janice. Glad they let you go to the front of the line.

    It’s chilly inside the house again this morning, AJ’s “Cheryl-worthy” weather, in the 50s. My heater is still disconnected, can’t find anyone who’s young and agile enough to crawl under the house to get that reconnected yet (which will take about 2 minutes), so I ordered a small electric space heater which was supposed to arrive from Amazon yesterday but now has been “delayed.” Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow, they’re saying.

    I saw where Amazon workers are on strike somewhere (everywhere?) so maybe that will impact our service?

    It’s a big fleece couch throw in the meantime. Have to battle the cat for it sometimes though. She just follows it onto my lap if I get it first.

    Coffee is ready.

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  24. Got sidelined briefly this morning trying to help weekend editor and reporter find local Ischians to comment on weather event on that island in Italy. Lots of locals have ties there still.

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  25. Grandpa was not awake when church departure happened so he and I stayed home. He has been excited to go to our church until yesterday when he said he was not going. He also told husband that he is ready to go back to his wife, not understanding that his wife has moved in with her daughter and he will go to a nursing home somewhere. We are not encouraging that. Perhaps we will get some clarification when the hospice nurse arrives tomorrow for initial visit.

    Meanwhile, he is catching up on his sleep so he can be up and around tonight! We like to see him up and around even if it is the middle of the night.

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  26. Dj Amazon was supposed to deliver two packages yesterday before 10. They sent notice at 8 that one would be “delayed” and the other was still on it’s way. I checked tracking and the “deliverer” had my rug but it didn’t make it here until 1 this afternoon. The other is “lost” somewhere and if we don’t get it by Tuesday we are told to contact Amazon for a refund. Ain’t what it used to be…

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  27. Wonder how the strike and walkouts from Black Friday (and maybe ongoing?) will impact things going forward.

    Getting a lot done today, have 3 returns approved and ready for drop-off at UPS store, dumped out a very large bag of potting soil in the back yard (another one left, using it on plants out there, including some in pots), cleaned the stove top, got some things put away that were still in the living room where they were moved to make way for the exercise bike … yeah, that shoulda been done a long time ago, I know.

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  28. Kathaleena – Nightingale did not intend to start so late. It was due to a couple different things happening. Like me, she prefers holiday meals to be in the mid-afternoon.

    Janice – Just yesterday, I was thinking about my life of caregiving. It started with being a stay-at-home mom, and that overlapped with taking care of my MIL (who had Alzheimer’s) for several years. That included helping with bathroom stuff (enough said on that 🙂 ) and trying to get her to eat and drink enough. (I was very grateful that after a few months, she was able to go to a program for seniors with various health issues during the day, five days a week.)

    At some point, I started going with my mom to many of her doctor and other medical appointments. Within a couple years of MIL going into a nursing home (because caring for her was getting dangerous for both of us, as she became quite combative), Mom was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer, and then she needed my company at her appointments more than ever.

    I would also go with her to her chemo appointments. They were only once every three weeks, but each one lasted six to eight hours. I would go and sit with her to keep her company, and I brought along snacks. 🙂 When Mom needed in-home help towards the end, my SIL and I took turns staying with her for 24-hour stretches.

    And a little over four months after Mom died, Boy was born! And I became his caregiver. 🙂

    I never would have thought that this would be my life, but God had other plans. I am not complaining, though. It has all been a privilege, as well as a responsibility. 🙂

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  29. Thank you, Janice. I have always recognized that all of this was from God, and I can only hope that I have done a good enough job. I certainly know how I have not measured up.

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