54 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-29-22

  1. Is that a pregnant doe? Bambi’s Mom!♡

    Good morning from a dreary looking Atlanta, overcast and chilly, probably due to the folks who came to town yesterday to pump up Dems to vote. Not much time left before we will be hit with run-off elections and escalating ads.

    For the body scan on Thursday I received an iodine contrast dye through IV, and yesterday I received a radioactive injection in nuclear medicine for my bone scan. Does that mean I qualify as a Bionic Woman?

    The radiology tech told me the injection substance is from an all natural source, from rocks in Montana and another state, and that no one ever has an allergic reaction to it. He said we get more radiation from cell phones than from it. He said he’d never want to do the other test with iodine because some people do have bad reactions to that.

    It appears from a report I received late yesterday that all is fine with the bones. Patients now see test and procedure reports before the ordering doctors have time to review and get back to the patients so I will still need to hear from the medical oncologist to make sure he reads it the same as Art and I did. This is all because of the new communications system which they are trying to make work. It seems less than wise for patients to get uninterpreted test results, IMO. It’s easy for for to jump to wrong conclusions.

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  2. Morning all! I was going to post a “tick alert” but M had already seen the header! 😂

    Posting test results on a patient’s portal before the specialist has a chance to review them is concerning. Routine bloodwork is one thing but specialized testing is another. My cardiologist actually signed off on my stress test/nuclear medicine testing results before they posted them on my portal. I still didn’t have a clue as to what the results truly were but at least I knew he had reviewed them.

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  3. OTOH, the results can be comforting when you have an idea of what the numbers should be. We are kicking and screaming with the whole online transition. Even for bills I prefer paper. Lots of older folks do not even deal with computers. When our generation is gone it will be different.

    I had radioactive iodine way back when for my thyroid issues. I am glad your results seem so good, Janice.

    That deer looks so gray. Is it the lighting or is it really that gray. Ours are so browner. I am hoping that putting the net lights on our cedar early will help stop the deer from eating all the green off it. It has just recovered from their last ‘pruning.’

    We have plenty of crabapples for them to eat. I have never seen our trees so loaded with apples as they have been this year. All that rain must have made them very fruitful.

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  4. Good morning all. Another beautiful day here. The clouds are full and heavy looking. Not much light yet but that is to be expected. I suppose we will be changing our clocks soon.

    Another busy day here. In addition to the usual, my cousin is coming to visit for a few days. That should help in many ways. The same cousin who came to cook for us so many years ago.

    Husband has tickets to come home late November. Last time he had tickets, he lost them when the folks took a serious down turn. This time, he hopes to have them in a care facility closer to the daughter. Not that she will visit them then either but step mom holds out hope.

    No DJ, medical assistance or van across country is not in our financial ability.

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  5. Last night went so much better with the pup! He actually slept for at least 2 hours before whining to go out. We restricted his water at 7 but then Duke showed him where the outside bowl of water is at 8pm. Sigh. 🙂

    No baby news yet 😦

    AJ, I did send a pic – or you can steal some off FB if you want.

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  6. mumsee @10:11, last graph — not in most people’s I’m assuming, definitely mine either, by a long shot, but thought I’d throw it out there. Yours is the second case I’ve known recently where that kind of service would be so helpful, but I always figure it would be out of anyone’s financial range, most likely.

    It’s chilly these mornings — and we may get some rain later in the coming week, along with some snow in our mountains.

    Maybe I’ll make some cream of wheat this morning. And coffee.

    Later, I’m hoping to get through the rest of my sample ballot so I can fill out the real one and get it dropped off. It’s a long one for us this time.

    I don’t quite get why GA is having sort of a “primary” this time with runoffs afterward? Our primary was in June? So those elected now are the final choices.

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  7. Last time we dealt with this, it was mom in law being sent from Florida to Arizona for me to take care of at my brother in law’s house. The boys and their dad put tossed her in the motor home and sped off, only to have the motor home break down just in Texas. They ended up with her in the back seat, resting her head on one of the brother’s lap while the other drove.

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  8. Puppy pics on FB is adorable, Kare. He looks cuddle-ready (and trouble-ready), love the color (of course) and the name. 🙂

    How big will he get? Seeing how he’s mixed with poodle, not quite as large as a pure Newfoundland? We had someone with 2 “Newfies” at the dog park years ago.

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  9. We are expecting five inches the morning I am supposed to head up to Moscow so I am trying to coordinate Children’s work and housing for an early departure for me on Tuesday. I guess that should be on the prayer page but God can hear us here as well.

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  10. I see from a news release in my work email that one of our LA mayoral candidates will be walking in our town today, near the spot where I usually walk on the waterfront (but he’ll be there earlier).

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  11. Praying for all arrangements to fall into place nicely Mumsee…and safety for all.

    Kare just the picture in my mind of Duke showing brother the water bowl made me chuckle out loud!! The little ones do like to mimic their older “siblings” and I am certain they will be life long friends and conspirators!

    And I saw another precious pup on FB belonging to one of us here!! That one will be a great herder of sheep, goats and perhaps children!! 😂

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  12. Starting at the Fish Market and I just realized today also is the port’s big Halloween bash right there on the waterfront walk also — kids and dogs in the costume parade, included, of course. A politician’s dream for a photo op, clearly pre-planned of course.

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  13. Dj, we are not having our primary. We have Libertarians running in both the governor and senate races. They can easily cause a run-off in both races and because everything is so tight, they are expected to do so.


  14. Duke has a large “Duke proof ” ball that is about half the size of a soccer ball, that we throw and he plays with – Kootenay was watching him and then tried to do the same, but couldn’t even move the ball. 🙂

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  15. I am home again. Don’t want to change that many time zones for a while. Both plumber and electrician called me during my travels yesterday. One finished and one will work this week.

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  16. Okay , please pray. In an hour I will be going to Archie’s soccer game. Former family from Texas will be there and I will be happy to see them. Then I and my kids are invited over to ex’s house for ribs. I have decided to go, but will not stay too long. I am already uncomfortable.

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  17. Here is an interview with the lady who wrote the book about Christianity in Jane Austin’s times. She is a Word Weaver’s critique group member. Also, before I knew her, Wes was good friends with her son at college. It’s doubly sweet to know her.

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  18. … praying that the conversation at the after-gathering will be stimulating in your particular seating area/space and keep you engaged, that it will turn out being an enjoyable and even fun time, however long you decide to stay.

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  19. So your 6:40 on the prayer thread (Janice): These other candidates, like the Libertarian, were somehow qualified for the ballot following an earlier primary — or maybe there wasn’t a primary?

    We had a June (?) primary where the 2 top candidates for each race were settled and they’re the ones on the November ballot.

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  20. States are different in how they do these things — ours currently has what’s known as a “jungle primary” system where the top two vote-getters vie in the general election, regardless of party (used to be the top Republican and top Democrat who would then face off, but I think a third party candidate, like a Libertarian, also would be on the general ballot too? Not sure now).

    Anyway, typically where I live my choices are between two Democrats by the time we get to the general election.

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  21. Dj, I don’t know all the details. We recently had a Senate debate and the Republican did not show up as he had already debated against the Dem. For this debate only the Dem and Liberterian showed up. Kinda strange, but it really probably did not help anyone to decide. I think the Republican got spoken about negatively without being there to defend himself. But he’s already been dragged through so much mud that I don’t think it hurt him further.


  22. Thanks for the prayers. It felt strange, but my children and their spouses were there. I just stayed with my sister in law and her husband and we visited. Then I found out that there was shrimp in the macaroni salad so decided to leave in case I got sick, I’m fine. So it was a short visit. I do not
    plan on returning

    Sister in law said that she would like to go to church with me so I will pick her up in the morning and then we will spend the day together. I want to show her my house and this house.

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  23. Good morning, all. Another beautiful day here. At least, the roosters seem happy and are crowing in greeting. The sun won’t appear for a while yet but we like an early start.

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  24. Good morning! We succombed to the peer pressure of the blog and came home with a border collie puppy. Trey named him “Volcanine” . A man was giving them away at the livestock sale in Muleshoe. He was very timid yesterday, but raring to go thiss morning.

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  25. I got the pics ya’ll sent.

    The puppy dog is cute.

    The leaves and Waldo are nice too.

    And Lutheran Linda sent us in our Halloween pic for tomorrow.


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  26. Maybe we need a Border Collie here to keep Miss Bosley in line and other dogs at bay.

    One evening this week when I was highly frustrated about my inability to find time for my walk on the driveway, I finally decided a short fast walk would have to suffice. It was after dark so I had turned on the carport light which rather blinded me for looking out in the dark yard. I got about halfway down the drive when I looked out toward the street and saw the silent dog standing by the driveway across the street while the neighbor got his mail. I stopped in my tracks. The dog did not bark or charge though I probably had seemed to walk aggressively with my frustration being taken out in my firm steps on the driveway surface. The owner quickly departed for their door and I turned and walked to my door. I had not seen the dog out except for once since that “incident.” I guess that was a good test, but I went inside almost in tears over not getting to do my tiny bit of walking.

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  27. Janice, I am sorry that happened to you. Praying you get your walk in today.

    The name for the puppy was in honor of the volcano threatening to erupt in Hawaii.

    I see several prayer requests for people with covid. It looks like it will be a tough viral winter. We still have quite a few covid cases, but we have added in flu A, and RSV. We have had several children hospitalized already this season. Feels early for that.

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  28. Yes, Atlanta has many children afflicted with the flu now. Since my church has young families, that is one reason I am more interested in the flu shot this year, and also because radiation therapy can slightly decrease immunity.

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  29. Just finished the sample ballot, a really long one this time for us — 6 full-sized pages, 3 columns each page, filled with candidates, measures and judicial appointments (the hardest to get a feel for).

    Some races and measures I already knew how I’d vote, but I looked up most of the rest as I went, so I at least had some sense of the choices.

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  30. I started marking it up a few days ago, picked away at it, but still had most of it left when I hunkered down to get it finished, as best I could, this weekend.

    Grateful for technology that lets you quickly look things up for some background and context.

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  31. I’ve been getting the flu shot the last 10 years after my boss asked me so as to protect her ailing husband.

    We have a lot of older than me people at our church. I feel that getting the immunization is an act of love and mercy.

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  32. So it turns out that my ex sister in law was here on a 50th anniversary trip and she chose to spend her time with me. What an honor. We shared a lot together. Blessed

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