34 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-19-22

  1. When the left and media can’t control the narratives, they take their toys and go home like petulant children.

    Lol. Clowns.

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  2. So this is the report from CNN (gasp)!
    He is taking the “high road” in conceding…but in my suspicious mind he is just covering his sorry behind not wanting fraud to be revealed! So there ya go…


    Democrat Adam Frisch announced Friday that he had called GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert and conceded the race for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

    Although there will be an automatic recount done by the Colorado secretary of state’s office, Frisch said in a live Facebook speech that he did not ask for a recount, does not expect the results to change and does not want there to be fundraising done for an essentially fruitless cause.

    “The likelihood of this recount changing more than a handful of votes is very small. Very, very small. It’d be disingenuous and unethical for us or any other group to continue to raise false hope and encourage fundraising for a recount,” Frisch said. “Colorado elections are safe, accurate, and secure. Please save your money for your groceries, your rent, your children, and for other important causes and organizations. I just got off the phone with Rep. Boebert. I called her to formally concede this election.”

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  3. Bingo.

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  4. Let the next hoax begin.

    Bring in the clowns.

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  5. Glad to see Babylon Bee is back, I hadn’t heard they’d been banned but suspected as much after a while when I no longer saw them in my feed. I’m not on Twitter as much as some, it’s just a work-related outlet for the most part and we have strict work guidelines on how to behave on social media — which is a good thing.

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  6. I don’t have a Twitter account but the reposts on Facebook have left me wondering if I should have an account if only to watch it self destruct. Apparently, Twitter now automatically verifies an account for $8 so people are establishing fraudulent accounts which have cost companies millions in share prices and millions on twitter ads.

    Given the confusion caused by faked verified accounts, if I was a major corporation I would pause my Twitter activity. I’m a fan of free speech but when you let someone impersonate others for a few bucks, its not free speech it’s a middle school free for all. Share prices are dropping and he no longer has enough employees to monitor the free for all twitter has become.

    Watching a trust fund baby self-destruct in real time is always fun. Hopefully Musk tweets his decline in real time.


  7. Our company, which like many news outlets relies on Twitter to some extent, is very concerned about the security of the platform now, we’re cautioned not to use direct messages on Twitter and, generally, just to be very careful and cautious. It’s a wait and see situation.

    I suspect it will survive, perhaps not under Musk but under the “next” entity that acquires it.


  8. Post @ 1:02 … Twitter has done much to spread false information and provide the most combustable of our population a place to explode. Who are these people? I’m not sure. Why should we care about their opinions? We often shouldn’t.

    I’m pretty careful about who I follow so I miss much of that, but — to be honest — I’ve gotten more than a taste of it from posts I’ve seen reposted here over the years.

    Middle school is an excellent comparison, HRW (@5:28). So often I’ve thought discussions I’ve seen on various sites online sound like a bunch of 7th graders about to engage in a food fight in the cafeteria.

    Not sure what the solution is when it comes to social media. It’s great to have a forum, left as free as possible — but that comes with responsibility which often isn’t exercised, of course.

    The story of mankind, really, and it’s just one of the reasons the Bible makes so much sense to me in many ways. It gets “us” right. Our behavior hasn’t changed much.

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  9. “I don’t have a Twitter account but the reposts on Facebook have left me wondering if I should have an account if only to watch it self destruct. ”

    Self destruct?

    They cut thousands of dead weight lefties, there’s been no interruption of service as a result, and new accounts are thru the roof. And this despite the concentrated efforts by un-American, anti-free speech clowns as Hillary and Soros trying to scare off advertisers.

    I don’t think those word mean what you think they mean. Lol.

    “Twitter tells advertisers that user growth is at ‘all-time highs’ under Elon Musk”


    “Twitter’s daily user growth hit “all-time highs” during the first full week of Elon Musk owning the platform, according to a company document obtained by The Verge.

    Since Musk’s dramatic takeover, Twitter’s monetizable daily user (mDAU) growth has accelerated to more than 20 percent, while “Twitter’s largest market, the US, is growing even more quickly,” according to an internal FAQ obtained by The Verge that was shared with Twitter’s sales team on Monday to use in conversations with advertisers. Per the FAQ, Twitter has added more than 15 million mDAUs, “crossing the quarter billion mark” since the end of the second quarter, when it stopped reporting financials as a public company.

    If those numbers are in line with how Twitter reported metrics when it was public, they imply that the service has yet to see a mass exodus under Musk’s ownership. He tweeted on Sunday that, since his deal to buy Twitter was announced, “user numbers have increased significantly around the world.” Twitter last reported 237.8 million mDAUs and a 16.6 percent yearly growth rate for the second quarter.”


    Turns out folks who stayed away did so because of the woke leftist idiots who used to run the service and their censorship of views they disagree with.

    Go figure. 🙂

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  10. “Twitter has done much to spread false information and provide the most combustable of our population a place to explode. ”

    Right, and the media hasn’t?

    Lol. C’mon. Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, Steele Dossier, Hunter laptop is disinfo…..

    And that doesn’t even scratch the surface. They’re in no position to talk about others when they lead the way and show the folks how it’s done.

    Own it.

    Oh, and folks shouldn’t have a place to voice their opionions?

    That’s why media outlets have largely banned comments. They can’t handle the pushback on their lies and propaganda. They don’t want a free exchange of ideas and allowing people to chose what’s true.

    They’re a joke, and most are not to be taken seriously.

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  11. Our “comments” section — when our outlet sponsored them — were a complete nightmare, mostly folks personally attacking other folks, whether other commenters or people being interviewed for even local stories. Adolescent name calling was part of it, which goes beyond what should be responsible adult behavior.

    I remember a story I did on a young couple’s whose apartment was destroyed in a fire and for some reason a commenter started bashing them in particularly ugly ways. So yeah, it was taken down.

    We spent more time having to monitor the childish and cruel comments, often “anonymous,” than doing our real work.

    This was early on in the whole internet troll era so it sort of served as a canary in the coal mine, where the culture was heading.

    Free speech comes with one caveat, that it be exercised with some personal responsibility. It’s that latter category our society seems to have lost its grasp on, sadly.

    Our culture’s problems right now are deep. It’s not about politics.

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  12. I’m not sure why Elon Musk put up the poll about reinstating Pres. Trump on Twitter – perhaps as a means to expose and weed out the many bot accounts that are still there? In the first two million votes, 88% voted for reinstatement and 12% against. Once the sky screamers saw that, they surfaced in droves to try and tip the scales, to no avail.

    Pres. Trump , of course, never should have been banned in the first place – it’s embarrassing for the US that an active President was censored from the public square, and subsequently his private residence was even raided by the FBI.

    A poll isn’t necessary for freedom of speech in the USA – it’s a given. It’s truly amazing and deeply concerning that 48.2% of Twitter users don’t seem to believe in the 1st Amendment.

    Why are the anti-freedom of speech folks so afraid of mere words? Pathetic.

    Welcome back, Pres. Trump. Let freedom (of speech) ring!


  13. Remember when being religious was a virtue?

    The army doesn’t care at all about the jabs – they want to force out anyone who believes in freedom. They want to force out anyone who resists orders given by the Socialist States of America.


    “The U.S. Army is belittling and putting pressure on soldiers who are seeking religious accommodation to the vaccine mandate, according to service members who have refused to take the jab. Prohibiting off-base travel and promotions are only a small part of the greater push to compel service members like them to get out of the Army, they said.

    Such actions come as the Army, like other branches of the military is struggling with recruitment woes; the Army has only met 52 percent of its fiscal year 2022 recruiting goal.

    As a member of one of the Army’s most elite military units trained to conduct special operations worldwide, Staff Sergeant Drew Miller (a pseudonym) told The Epoch Times, “Soldiers who continue to object to the COVID-19 vaccine are being punished, not physically, but in a way that’s forcing them out of the Army.”

    “Several years of training and funding put into these individuals to become some the Army’s best is currently being wasted,” he said, having served over 10 years in the service. Miller spoke to The Epoch Times using a pseudonym due to fear of reprisals.

    “I and many others are simply stuck at [a military installation] doing nothing associated with what we’ve been trained to do,” he added, lamenting that “our job has been basically taken from us.”

    On top of that, Miller said, some of the Army’s most elite teams are being broken apart. “And in the process, we’re being hit with every kind of fearmongering, coercion, and bully tactic that you can think of to get us out of the Army,” he added.

    The belittlement, according to Miller, began immediately following Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s August 2021 announcement of a military vaccine mandate. “Shortly after, they brought us all together in an auditorium in front of the peanut gallery to tell us that the reason America was in decline was because of [unvaccinated] people like us,” he said. Essentially, various members of command said, “people like us included all those not willing to give into the unlawful order,” he added.

    Miller described the treatment he and others received on a regular basis as “mind-blowing.” “Each of us has the ability to critically think and has the ability to differentiate between a lawful and unlawful order,” he said. Miller, like others who oppose the mandate, believes that the mandate is unlawful.

    He said that even though there are legitimate reasons to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine, “we’re being told that the military has no use for us, and they don’t need people like us who are questioning things.”

    Careers are being threatened and soldiers are being coerced, he said. “We’re being told that if we don’t get the shot, we’re going to get kicked out and not able to find a job.” And while he and several others are holding strong against the threats, Miller said, “We’re sitting at desks and typing on a computer rather than learning, training, and doing our jobs.”

    Soldiers are “being brushed under the rug and basically sent to a dark office or dark corner somewhere.” That, he said, is “wasteful.” Miller is extremely concerned that “many [American] people don’t understand how significant this is and how it is tearing apart our nation’s military.”

    While the Air Force, Navy, and Marines have been temporarily barred by court orders from punishing service members who have sought religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate, the Army does not face such restrictions.”

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  14. Believers should be able to discuss all kinds of opinions. Sadly, the habits of social media have so tainted our own behavior and treatment of others we disagree with — fellow believers included — that we appear to be no different that the world in these discussions.

    Discussions and debate can be fruitful — or they can resemble a worldly food fight with mostly name calling, outright personal attacks and trite, put-down phrases.

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  15. I’m guessing Twitter continues to dwindle if it only flies back and forth between the extremes, anger unleashed. Musk, it seems, is discovering that some restraints on human behavior need to be applied. Who will do that when people can’t be responsible enough to do it for themselves? Lines have to be drawn by necessity. If not, it might be best for our own spirits and souls to exit the doors of social media sooner rather than later.

    It’s an old story of human nature without restraints, and the predictable and sad and injurious end that brings.

    Christians, at least, know a better way.

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  16. AJ – how many of these new accounts are fake or imitating real people and corporations? People are joining to deliberately troll Musk and any corporations who advertise on Twitter. Leftists aren’t leaving they are opening new accounts for their amusement and to sabotage the business. Apparently, Twitter has eliminated the department which kept track of copyright violations so people are tweeting entire movies – one tweet at a time. Musk can brag about new accounts and increased usage but most of it is from people trolling him, ruining advertisers stock value, and in general sabotaging Twitter. (For example, Lily lost $15 billion in value in one day from a fake tweet. Advertisers don’t like it when a social media site makes their stock value volatile.

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  17. Tychicus

    An employer can set the terms of employment. A teacher is required to have a TB test and some vaccines prior to being hired. The Armed Forces is a hierarchial organization which has more authority than the ordinary employer. Prior to Covid, I’m sure there was a long list of vaccines and medical tests a soldier needed to complete when elisting. And I’m sure they reserved the right to add to the list of vaccines at any time. If you don’t like your employer’s requirements you can quit. My guess the Armed Forces equivalent would be to not reenlist.

    I have yet to have anyone explain how one can take the long list of vaccines when enlisting but then claim religious exemption for the Covid vaccine. How does the Covid vaccine justify a religious exemption when one will take other vaccines. And once you join the Armend Forces, I don’t think you can suddenly claim religious exemptions to certain orders. I seem to recall a soldier who tried to claim a religious exemption to being sent to Iraq. Apparently, he converted to Buddhism and therefore was now a pacifist. He was willing to serve the rest of his enlistment but claimed a religious exemption to actual combat. I don’t believe he was granted the religious exemption. Somebody can correct me if I’m wrong.

    A quick check of armed forces size indicates only a slight reduction. Armed forces in the last 20 years peaked in 2010 but is now down to its 2000 size. Perhaps there will be a lag as people finish their service and lower enlistment in the last few years catches up. However, its not the vaccine requirement but rather a generation which grew up during 20 years of foreign wars coming to the conclusion they don’t want any part of it. There may be demographic reasons as rural areas (usually a large source of recruits) decline in population. Europeans found that rural areas were far more likely to volunteer than urban areas. As Europe urbanized, the armed forces has had to adjust.


  18. I was watching a piece on youtube this morning (nbc or cnbc if I remember correctly) and they were saying that the fraudulent FTX? that recently tanked amid much scandal was brought down by a tweet. A competitor tweeted that the company had no money or something similar and caused a run on the bank that collapsed the company. Much of our financial markets are run on sheer speculation, I suspect. When the foundation is on sand, it doesn’t take much to bring the house down.

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  19. hwesseli: The jig is up… 1) the jab does not prevent infection or transmission; 2) the jab kills healthy people, especially young men; 3) the experimental gene therapy was made for a virus that has long ago mutated into something else; 4) almost the only people getting Covid now are those fully boosted, and the more boosters you get, the more likely you are to get Covid; 5) you cannot trust our government; 6) this is all about control; 7) continuation of this policy is going to decimate our military.

    At this point, there should be NO mandate. There is ZERO evidence that it somehow supports operational readiness.

    The military is embracing far-left ideology in order to recruit a new generation that cares more about their identity than they do upholding the Constitution. By denying scientific studies that support natural immunity, they are implicating themselves at the highest level of their leadership – they are acting in a politically-charged manner.

    The fact they would reject religious exemption, ignore scientific data, and adopt extremist views is a clear indication that our military is not being run to uphold the US Constitution. It appears to be run by the Military Industrial Complex, which is for hire to the highest bidder – Oil, Pharma, Communists, dictators, billionaires, and/or the UN.

    Lloyd Austin should be prosecuted for committing the crime of violating the Nuremberg Code – against American soldiers!

    It’s an incredible shame… our forefathers believed in a well-run militia for many reasons, but one of them was to prevent the tyranny of a politically-charged military.

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  20. Audit Arizona!

    “ The Arizona Attorney General’s Elections Integrity Unit sent a letter to Maricopa County demanding answers on problems that took place with the election on Nov. 8.

    In a letter to Civil Division Chief Thomas Liddy of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright said the AG’s office had “received hundreds of complaints since Election Day,” and the complaints “go beyond pure speculation [and] include first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa County’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law.”

    According to Maricopa County election officials, at least 60 of 223 voting locations experienced technical problems related to ballot-on-demand (BOD) printers having “non-uniform” printer configuration settings.

    These non-uniform settings resulted in some ballots “unable to be read by on-site ballot tabulators.”

    County officials estimate the technical problems may have impacted more than 17,000 ballots on Election Day.

    “Based on sworn complaints submitted by election workers employed by Maricopa County, the BOD printers were tested on Monday, Nov. 7, without any apparent problems,” Wright said in the letter (pdf).

    “Many of those election workers report that despite the successful testing the night before, the tabulators began experiencing problems reading ballots printed by the BOD printers within the first thirty minutes of voting on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.”

    The letter said that based on a “plethora of reports from election workers, poll watchers, and voters, including the county’s admission of widespread printer problems,” the Elections Integrity Unit requested:

    • The voting locations that had problems with either BOD printers or tabulation
    • The specific problems at each voting location
    • Any other issues related to BOD printers and/or tabulators that may have contributed to the problems at voting locations
    • A comprehensive log of all changes to the BOD printer configuration settings (to include the identity of individuals making changes)
    • Maricopa County’s standards for the BOD printer configuration settings
    • The precise time the non-uniform printer configuration settings were found to be the root cause of the problem
    • The method used to update or reconfigure the printer configuration settings at each voting location

    The Elections Integrity Unit will also look into election day “check-out” procedures in which affected voters received provisional ballots or instructions to go to another polling location.

    Wright said the unit also requests a detailed report on poll worker training regarding check-out procedures and the “legal basis” for these procedures.

    The unit also wants to know “why Maricopa continued to publicly encourage voters to leave a voting location after having been notified … that poll workers appeared to be improperly trained on ‘check-out’ procedures.”

    “Due to the widespread problems in non-uniform printer configuration settings, many voters were unable to tabulate their ballots on Election Day using on-site tabulators,” Wright said in the letter.

    “Instead, voters were instructed to deposit their ballot in ‘Door 3.’”

    Maricopa officials have said that the ballots would be taken at the end of the day to the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center to be counted.

    Wright said in the letter the county “appears to have failed to adhere to the statutory guidelines in segregating, counting, tabulating, tallying, and transporting Door 3 ballots.

    “In fact, Maricopa County has admitted that, in some voting locations, Door 3 non-tabulated ballots were commingled with tabulated ballots at the voting location.”

    In sworn testimony, one poll watcher indicated that more than 1,700 Door 3 non-tabulated ballots from one voting location were “placed in black duffle bags” meant for tabulated votes.

    “Arizonans deserve a full report and accounting of the myriad problems that occurred in relation to Maricopa County’s administration of the 2022 general election,” Wright said.

    Wright said the issues are related to “Maricopa County’s ability to lawfully certify election results,” and requested a response from the county by Nov. 28.“

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  21. Debra – all economic systems are built on faith, trust and reliability. Once those start to diminish crisis emerges. I’ve had very intelligent friends describe the economy as a Ponzi scheme to which I’ve said shh don’t tell anyone or it will fall apart.

    Tychicus – whether or not a vaccine is neccessary for operational readiness is for the employer/military to decide. The enlisted men or employees don’t need to question their superiors or the discipline disappears and so does military effectiveness.

    The military has changed its management approach. The military now is no different than any other corporate structure that is modern corporatism. It runs like any other corporation – after all, governments should be run like a business according to Reagan Republicanism.

    Not sure why include communism as part of the military industrial complex. Western communists and socialists warned people of this problem even before Eisenhower’s landmark speech.


  22. hwesseli: The question is… why was an experimental injection that doesn’t immunize anyone from anything added to the immunization list?

    It destroys life, it does not save life, and it is a violation of our basic human rights as Americans that are embodied in our Constitution. The very Constitution that our soldiers, airmen, and sailors have taken an oath to protect and defend.

    Everyone has the right to bodily sovereignty, to allow or not allow, a procedure on or an injection into his/her own body. A religious exemption should actually be unnecessary. These injections are still EXPERIMENTAL, allowed only under an Emergency Use Authorization. There is NO emergency!! The jabs do not prevent infection OR spread, and the risks to this age group far outweigh any benefits. These mandates are a complete and utter farce.


  23. Sure, no bots at Twitter before, but now they’re everywhere. Oh wait, no, Elon disposed of thousands of bots when he took control.

    But yeah now that conservatives are flocking back to Twitter it must be bots.

    Some of you lap up the gruel they feed you on any issue.

    It’s amusing. 🙂

    But sad too. 😦


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