18 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-15-22

  1. Our first snowfall of the season. And our kitchen is finally ready to restock all the cabinets. No more going through boxes in different rooms to find things.

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  2. Good morning! We are still waiting on test results. No news is good news?

    AJ posted something on thd political thread that had a link to this video which is so relevant to understanding what is going on with the young people today from the point of view of a high school teacher.

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  3. Peter, glad y’all are going to get back to the better kitchen set up. Ever since Covid, I’ve found myself overstocking on certain things so it does not all fit in our storage areas. I hate leaving things out in bags on the kitchen floor, but I have not found anything else to do. If I packed things away in another room I would tend to forget them so this is practical.

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  4. My house has a lot of storage, the painter was raving about it and kept saying that they don’t make houses like this anymore.

    So, once I move in, what should I stock up on??

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  5. I couldn’t get my iPad to charge today but finally it has enough charge for me to post! I have fat fingers and dislike to type on my phone

    Cold here today with a dusting of snow and a layer of ice. I stayed home all day. Daughter was going to drive up to have lunch with me but she was sneezing and feeling like she is “getting” something! We will put off lunch until next week. Today is the first day I have had no pain so the antibiotics must be working. The jaw pain has been intense with this sinus infection. Thanking the Lord for healing!

    Aj I cannot fathom having the house temp at 60. I am always cold! We have it set on 68 during the day and 62 at night (I have four quilts piled on top to keep warm and when it is really cold I get out the electric blanket!)

    Jo I’m always stocked up on pastas and sauces. Easy to whip something up in a hurry. Handmade pastas are my current fixation. Spinach fettuccine and tomato basil spaghetti have been a hit around here.

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  6. I am spending another night in the hospital with Art. They are waiting to see if anything grows on the cultures they collected. He has chosen to sleep/live in the recliner rather than use the hospital bed. I would love to be on that bed, but they might mistake me for a patient and start jabbing me😳 I admit to boredom by now. I have about exhausted all my supplies of snack food. I did finish off the fried chicken breast Art had for dinner. He has assured me he will be fine going back to our veganish diet once back home.

    I think this year I moved the thermostat up to 70 for Art.

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  7. It got up to almost 65 here today. So I found a natural stain and went and did a coat on the last two doors.

    The rest of the parts for the stairs were delivered. But not the large flooring order. So, after coming home by 4:30 since it gets dark around then, I called to see about my order. The tracking link is not working. This guy on the phone said oh, they deliver until 8 or 9 o’clock. I am not staying in the house that late waiting for an order. We will see if anything is there in the morning.

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  8. Janice @7:26, yes, you could wake up just as they’re wheeling you out to some surgery! Or worse, after you awake with a new part you didn’t need. Yikes.

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  9. This is a new building and we have a very nice room which I think the nurse said is like the penthouse of the hosputal facilities. I was born across the street in the old building . . . I assume it is still the same old building. Art has expressed much appreciation to both me and my brother for being here with him. I know the nurses appreciate it, too. I just had a nice conversation with the nurse about meatless meals.

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