5 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 11-15-22

  1. Thank you!

    Although Nightingale is getting better, as you know, “better” is relative. She is still feeling rather lousy, and very tired, but is planning on going to work tomorrow. Please pray that she will get a good night’s sleep tonight (which has been difficult for her due to the cough) and/or that she will realize that she needs to call in sick again (if that is indeed what is needed).

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  2. Neighbors have been going through some frustration — she had an MRI scheduled for one of the 2 knees they have finally agreed to perform replacement surgery on to hopefully restore her ability to walk.

    The first time they went the wrong knee was on the order, so that had to be canceled.

    The second time, this past Saturday, there was a medical emergency that required the place to cancel the MRI.

    And yesterday they went for a third try and the machine was down. Canceled.

    S is getting discouraged again, plus getting in and out of the car for these trips (in addition to her regular therapy appointments) is no easy task. She’s exhausted and is feeling depressed and very stressed over it all.

    Pray that a quick appointment can get set up this week (she sees the surgeon tomorrow but won’t have any MRI results to discuss). Her surgery date is now coming up fast, Dec. 9.

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