22 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-16-22

  1. OK on Scalise, no way on McCarthy. He’s been part of the problem, but rarely the solution.

    “Steve Scalise Wins Unanimous Support of House Republicans as New Majority Leader

    “We’re ready to go to work day one, and we want to go fight for those hardworking families who are struggling and who are watching a Washington today that doesn’t care about them””


    “Current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is expected to become Speaker of the House when Republicans officially gain the majority in the chamber.

    Until then, Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana won unanimous support from House Republicans to be the new majority leader.

    Scalise is an excellent choice for this role.”

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  2. Oh, and….

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  3. Huh.

    “Republicans who won were willing to call out Democrat abortion extremism

    Democrats outspent GOP 35-to-1 on abortion, but Rubio, Budd, Vance won by going on offense”


    “As Republicans’ hoped-for red wave turned out to be more of a red ripple, GOP presidential hopefuls should make note of what worked and what didn’t.

    Various post-mortems were quick to blame pro-life candidates and the Dobbs decision. Headlines proclaimed, “Abortion Again Proves to be a Winning Issue for Democrats” and “Voters solidify pro-abortion stance at the polls.”

    This facile narrative is wrong.

    Most Americans are not “pro-abortion” by any stretch. The position of today’s Democratic Party – abortion on demand until birth, paid for by taxpayers – has never been popular. Even immediately after Dobbs, it garnered only 10% support.

    In the presidential election cycle that’s just beginning, it is a given that candidates must go on offense – but it’s not sufficient. They must also center a strong, pro-life GOP agenda around national minimum protections for the unborn child and mothers. One prominent Democrat pollster conceded the party’s fear of this debate, saying, “Debating [gestational] weeks is not where we want to be,” and blaming voters: “People are terrible at math and terrible at biology.”

    The kernel of truth is that Dobbs posed the best chance Democrats will ever have to use the abortion issue politically and energize a demotivated base. It was a unique, once-in-a-lifetime, seismic event.

    During this general election, Democrats spent an unprecedented $391 million on abortion-focused TV ads alone, compared with only $11 million on the GOP side – outspending them more than 35-to-1. Combined with the primaries, Democrats spent more on advertising than McDonald’s Corporation did last year (albeit less than Planned Parenthood’s annual taxpayer funding). “

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  4. Interesting discussion on Twitter. GOP is very messy right now. Won’t be boring!

    Yes, I will need to finally buy some pearls to clutch, apparently lol — perhaps AJ will as well. 🙂


    One exchange on twitter:

    ~ If the field is fractured like it was in 2016 he (Trump) will only need 40 to 50 % solid for him to win the nomination.~

    (and one reply):

    ~There will be tremendous pressure from donors & others on Pence, Haley, Youngkin, etc to clear the field for DeSantis. If DeSantis flounders, sane Republicans will jump to 1 other candidate as an alternative to Trump. I don’t think 2016 will be repeated. The stakes are too high. ~


  5. But dont you dare call it what it is, Replacement Theory.

    This is exactly that.

    Maybe stop pushing for people to kill their children you pompous clown.


  6. And he’s lying again. It’s closer to 20 million, at least 4 mil in the last 2 years counting the 40% of “got aways”….

    Also, if that’s for our benefit them coming in, why are they encouraging, paying for, and transporting pregnant illegals for abortions?

    Yeah, another lie.

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  7. And Dj,

    From me there will be none of that. No matter who wins, it’s better than any Dem.

    Maybe you guys could remember that.

    Me, I’ll be the guy with the bowl of popcorn watching the fights, egging them on at times when a fight should be had. Sometimes a fight is exactly what a political party needs, especially with dinosaurs who won’t leave and never offer any new solutions.

    Politics is great entertainment, and at times, comedy gold.

    There is no perfect candidates, they’re all toads with warts, and the lesser evil always gets my vote, because in a 2 party system, you only have 2 choices.

    I accept that reality, and wish more did.


  8. The nomination fight is gonna be epic, it may turn into Trump and DeSantis in a butt kicking contest with a bunch of one legged also rans. Led of course by Pence, McMuffin, a Bush, or 2 even, and maybe even bitter Liz, if we are lucky.

    I’m so looking forward to it.


  9. Yep.

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  10. Weird, right? 🙄

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  11. AJ, surely you jest about the popcorn, I’ve never known anyone as stressed and obsessed about politics as you 😀

    I am grateful Trump had Pence in his orbit, I suspect he provided some stability, and certainly much prayer which Trump needed.

    Get those pearls!

    I watched the FBIs last night after the basic announcement was over.


  12. AJ and I agree again – it’s time for popcorn. Both for political debate and a sh@t show. Unfortunately, a DeSantis vs Trump isn’t a debate but a matter of style. The 2016 primary had multiple candidates which let Trump win. Not sure if Trump will be as lucky again.

    The abortion narrative is intersting. The Democrats did benefit in some instances; Michigan for example. However, pro choice groups delibrately put abortion on the ballot in several states seperate from party votes. Based on the Kansas vote, they thought women who usually voted Republican on the basis of economy and law and order would vote for abotion rights on the basis of personal autonomy. This strategy worked in places like Kentucky which rejected abortion bans while still voting Republican.

    Demographic decline is not a unique US issue. The general correlation is the greater wealth and education the less children are born. This is true no matter the race, country or civilization. There is no racist conspiracy replacement theory. Take any society and create a large wealthy upper middle class and the birth rate will go down. Forget wealth and simply teach women to read and the birth rate will drop – see Bangladesh.

    An interesting thing about the law and order and crime wave narrative during the election – the Albquerque police just corrected the narrative after election. Violent and property crime is actually in decline as the police chief admitted in a tweet.

    The Democrats can’t wait for a Trump nomination – they see it as an easy win whereas they view DeSantis as a serious challenge. The policies are the same but the style is different.

    People are most likely to be murdered by someone close to them; sexual orientation and gender identiy is not an issue. Marry the wrong person and your chances will go up.


  13. Dj,

    I’ve reached the point where I have now embraced the suck that is politics in America. Voters seem to stupid to admit their mistakes in electing Democrats and rectifying it, so the choice is clear.

    Burn. It. Down.

    Sometimes, a forest fire aids the forest in the long run. It does away with the downed, old, diseased, and dead timber to make way for new growth.

    That’s where the R party is right now, in need of some cleansing fire.

    Luckily for us, Trump brought some matches. 🙂

    So, I say light it up.

    I’ll bring marshmallows, someone else can bring the chocolate and graham crackers. We’ll make smores. 🙂


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