32 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-12-22

  1. Blaming Pres. Trump for the lack of a “red wave” is just the progressive and RINOs’ way of seeking to divide and conquer conservative Republicans. NO ONE did more to help elect Republicans than Pres. Trump did.

    DeSantis is a great governor, but Pres. Trump is the one who gave hope to the USA once again and made things better for just about everyone. The 2020 election was stolen from him, and he should be given the opportunity to get the four years that he was cheated out of and complete the job of cleaning up the mess and draining the Swamp.

    He should, however, stop focusing on how bad he was treated by the Left and all the damage they have done to this country – we already know that. What we need to hear is what the Right is going to do to make sure that the corruption from the Left never happens again, and that our election systems are cleaned up. Big Media, Big Corporations, Big Pharma and Big Government need to be held accountable for their corrupt ways.

    DeSantis need do nothing but sit tight and continue to govern the Free State of Florida for the next four years. He should do the job that Floridians elected him to do. (He should also take the opportunity to spend quality time with his children during their formative years.) As Kari Lake said, right now, we need strong governors to keep control of our states and the representatives within those states. DeSantis should focus on joining with like-minded states to protect what’s left of the Constitutional Republic. His time will come in 2028 and beyond.


    “The Bush clan have wrapped their arms around Governor Ron DeSantis as a 2024 weapon to counteract the MAGA movement. They have poured hundreds of millions into the “acceptable Republican” effort and are in full control of the DeSantis campaign management.

    The Mitt Romney’s, Mitch McConnell’s, Paul Ryan’s, Kevin McCarthy’s, etc are trying to leverage the club dynamic over Ron DeSantis and provide enticements to maintain the alliance with their internal battle plan to retain full control over the Republican Party.

    The Never Trumpers, financed by donors, the professional party system and club officials, are all part of the internecine battle.

    When President Trump labels the former congressman, now Florida Governor as “Ron DeSanctimonious,” that background reality is the who, what, when and why.

    This battle is about Republican Party control and the use of Ron DeSantis by the club members who refuse to let go of power.”

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  2. Yep.

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  3. Cured?

    Or changed?

    This is fraud.

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  4. I think it’s cute they actually thought it was about facts and truth.

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  5. It begins….

    And 30% of the R party believes this trash.

    Not one.


  6. Voting is never a privilege. It’s a right and a responsibility.

    They should put a DeSantis vs Trump debate on pay per view with a coupon for free popcorn.

    Maybe its a bad recording but Walker’s accent is really thick and I had a hard time understanding him

    I can’t understand why the Republicans haven’t made better use of early voting. If you can get party loyalists to vote early, you can make better use of your get out the vote team on election day.

    “Curing” votes is weird. How do they know whose ballot it is? Granted American ballots are far more complex than most countries but if you make a mistake, you make a mistake. If a machine or a human can’t determine what your vote is, then your vote is ruined (or whatever the term is)

    I wonder if Gaetz will protect American soldiers who happen to be gay or trans? or non-Americans using their service to fast track citizenship?


  7. The Kherson retreat is interesting. The Russians stationed their best troops there in the last few months. The recently mobilized were put in the Kharkiv and Luhansk regions where they promptly ran away, surrendered or were killed. Other untrained mobilized troops were placed under the Wagner group and sent to the Donbass which resembles WWI trench warfare. In this area, Russia is constantly launching attacks but in a battle of attrition which is the Donbass, it becomes a meat grinder with no results. While this was happening, their best troops were stuck on the west bank of the Dnieper with minimal supplies as all the bridges were destroyed. Now where do they go?

    Some have suggested the Russians have already dug three lines of defense on the east bank. Others think they will destroy the dam, flood the east side of the river and retreat to Crimea, leaving the Ukrainians in a soggy mess unable to follow and harass the retreat. Finally others suggest the troops will be moved to the Donbass to launch a push through the Ukrainian defenses. I’m sure the soldiers would prefer to retreat to Crimea.

    The problem for Russia is by retreating, they will allow the Ukrainians to cut off the water supply to Crimea. Ukraine is now in range of the Sevastapol naval base and can also destroy the electrical supply to Crimea. Life in Crimea is going to become difficult.


  8. Take days and days to count ballots until you reach the number you need to be declared the winner. Don’t be surprised if they somehow maintain control over the House of Reps, too.

    Nevada elects a Rep. governor yet loses the Senate seat only after days of dragging out the counting… not buying it!

    The camera lights went out in Nevada with Mr. Laxalt in the lead by thousands of votes, with only predominantly conservative counties’ votes left to count, yet once the cameras came back on… bingo, the Democrat ends up winning. This is 2020 all over again…

    It’s interesting that all the states that can’t count votes in a day end up electing Democrats. Republicans in PA, AZ & NV should not concede, but rather demand a recount and audit!


  9. The Dems worked with Fauci and Wuhan to release Covid. They then came up with mail-in ballots for the ‘safety’ of all. Pres. Trump ‘lost’ the election to a demented old man sitting in his basement in large part because of the fraudulent mass mail-ins.

    Fast forward to today – Fetterman won in pretty much the same way, and the same shenanigans occurred in AZ and NV, and elsewhere. It’s amazing that this is still happening in 2022, but if we don’t outlaw mass mail-in voting, then Conservatives will never win another key race, at least not in the near future.

    And McConnell and McCarthy need to go!


  10. Invalid votes shouldn’t be “cured”, they should be discarded for not following the rules.

    This is fraud, and they’re doing it right in front of you.

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  11. Arizona: As of Friday, there are still 620,000 ballots to be counted! 407,664 of those are in Maricopa County alone (which includes 62% of the state’s population). Of those, most are mail-in ballots or early ballots that have to go through a signature verification process before they can even get to the in-person ballots.

    How is it that states with much larger populations can count all their votes in one day, yet there is still such a voting mess in Arizona?

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  12. It’s a Christmas miracle!

    Or fraud.

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  13. Frauds and hoaxes.


  14. There’s nothing conspiratorial or surprising here. Democrats use advance voting far more than Republicans so even in a conservative district advanced votes will be Democrats. Some Republican stragists have admitted they need to use mail in and advanced voting as it is a more efficient use of volunteers etc when getting out the vote. If you want to speed up the process, get rid of signature verification – my signature is a scrawl which differs considerably.

    The last time a third party audit was conducted Arizona ended up with more Democratic votes. Sure Nevada and Arizona need to get their act together but it’s incompentence not corruption. Just count the early ballots ahead of time without announcing results. As for “curing”; if it’s a signature problem maybe but if you can’t determine who they voted for its invalild or spoiled.

    When I said the Senate would depend on Nevada and Georgia, I was already counting PA and AZ as Democratic. Pollsters used 2020 demographics to determine sample size and likely voter profile. Some predictions sites even “corrected” polls based on how wrong they were in 2020. However if you looked at registered voter polls and the increase in under 30 registered voters, the results I called were fairly predictable. The under 30 voters came out and over 2/3rds voted Democratic.

    In a period of high inflation and a so-so economy, the opposition should have done better. However, the Dodd decision motivated young women, less qualified candidates (Walker and Oz were not a good idea), and the Democratic campaign all made a difference. The last one was simple, they rebranded the Republican party as the MAGA Republican party. Multiple candidates used the term multiple times so I assume they tested it with a focus group and received the results they wanted. By emphasizing MAGA and Trump, they made the election about two parties and not a refurrendum on the Biden presidency.

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  15. Our Republic is dying a slow death…

    The Dems are domestic terrorists who are killing it off through fraudulent, backroom corruption and manipulation under the cover of darkness. Republicans are also at fault because they stood by and did almost nothing to clean up and secure our election system over the last two years.

    We really need whistleblowers to come forward…


  16. Not sure where your video creator got his New York map. Here’s the final results and it unfolded as it usually does Democratic in the cities and upstate New York heavily Republican. The Republicans actually did really well in House races in New York flipping four and maybe five seats. This may be the margin that gives them the House. If the Democrats cheated, they were really bad at it.


  17. In Nevada, every single poll that used “registered voters” as opposed to “likely voters” had Cortez ahead. Here we are back to how the pollsters used 2020 demographic profiles when constructing the sample for likely voters. They underestimated the under 30 vote, voters who would most likely vote by mail or in advance. This is a generation that doesn’t wait in line rather they use a phone for everything. If they could vote via the Internet as they do in Estonia, they would.


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