16 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-11-22

  1. Happy Veteran’s Day to AJ and all others who have served.

    We will take advantage of a free breakfast for my husband at a local restaurant we often frequent. It is always fun to visit with other veterans who are out and about on this day. We would have loved to take advantage of a steak dinner further away, but husband’s jam group has to play music at a senior residence, and it will be too late to travel that far.

    We are covered in snow again, although it is just a small amount. I am sure the deer hunters are happy. I would love it to just stay on the ground now. It is good insulation and so much prettier than all the grays. I startled a deer, standing near a window this morning, when I pulled the shade a bit to see why the garage light was on. Hopefully, people will practice good winter driving skills when we are out and about.

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  2. Good morning! Happy Veteran’s Day to AJ and all of the spouses of our fellow wanderers. It is also my sister’s birthday. In the 20s here. It is hog butchering weekend for us.

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  3. Good snowy Veterans morning to you!! Aj and all who served…and thank you for continuing the fight for freedom! Never give up….

    Just a dusting of snow overnight and 18 degrees this morning…brrr. Even the wildlife is hunkered down…no squirrel, deer, birds…a quiet morning in this forest.

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  4. Have to head to my house soon as there will be a delivery of flooring for the stairs. The rest comes next week.

    I am not too fond of deer. And everyday I see them in my yard. They seem to enjoy it. This morning I realized that they are keeping things trimmed down. What a concept to thank the deer for yardwork. I was thinking about how our organization hires goats to eat down things and then realized that the deer are doing it in my yard.

    I do want to trim and take out the juniper though

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  5. It is 66° with lots of rain here.

    Art is in surgery. Brother is at the hospital now. I will be there later. It’s just a short distance away, and I have plenty to do here. We were up at 4 a.m.

    I am tired but must rally up some energy from somewhere.

    Miss Bosley is a nuisance at times like these. She failed hygiene class. She has been swatted at a few times as I have been trying to keep things in order. She can fly like a bird from swatting hands.

    Bro called and said he is out. Will update later today or tomorrow.❤

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  6. Sadly pruners of beautiful blossoming flowers! But I do enjoy watching them meander through the forest…leaping in front of my car not so much!!!

    Thankful your brother is at the hospital Janice. Stay safe as you drive in that rain.

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  7. Praying for Art. So early there Janice, that makes surgery day extra jarring.

    And Miss Bosley, just trying to help. Annie’s especially annoying in the early mornings.

    When I woke up I thought it was Saturday — but I have to work this Saturday so I kept thinking I have to get up and get down to the waterfront …

    I still had to get up, but not go anywhere, except the shower. But having to run the sweats through another spin of the dryer first.

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  8. The heater works, thankfully, and it didn’t set off the new carbon monoxide alarm. Feels so good, it was 53 degrees inside my house when I got up this morning, a little to cold for comfort; now it’s in the 60s and feels SO good. …

    Heating company can’t come for 10 more days and I decided I couldn’t wait that long to test things out.

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  9. Good afternoon everyone. I did not sleep well last night. I don’t know why if you wake in the middle of the night, everything is doom and gloom and you can’t go back to sleep…you have so much you have to fix the next day and you don’t know how you will get it all done, then the dog wakes at the normal time and you are exhausted and cannot focus.
    Luckily our office was closed today. I had to entertain Little Miss for Papa but when it was nap time we all three had a lie down and I snoozed for a while.
    I did not accomplish much of anything today and I will pay for it later.
    The good news for today is that when my disabled veteran was on his way to pick up his little girl this morning, he was alert when a truck pulled out in front of him and didn’t have an accident. I am terrified of something happening to him right now. There isn’t enough bubble wrap.

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  10. I’ve been in Art’s room since about 4 p.m. Hours passed and we heard nothing. It was odd. He was out of surgery at 10:30. I got a call st 2:30 and was told his room number. That waz all. They were suppose to talk to my brother in the waiting room and not call me. We are in the Twilight Zone . . . hear the music?
    Art is having a delicious pot roast meal for dinner. He has pain from the stent as expected. I have a semi-bed for sleeping in here tonight. Thankful Art is alert and himself, catheter bag and all😀

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