3 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 11-12-22

  1. That is a big rave and a praise, Kizzie.

    🙂 The election is (mostly) over.

    😦 Now we have to endure the screaming and yelling and accusations and all the rest in the aftermath. Our new normal.

    😦 Our country clearly remains divided, perhaps more than we’ve realized. The Republican Party is seriously divided as well, which just further weakens (and will shrink) it.

    😦 Our culture is in desperate need of the gospel, of Jesus, the only answer. Not politics.

    😦 The US has had a good run. Is it on a course that will eventually bring an end to that? A house divided cannot stand.

    How, then, are Christians to live in this environment?

    Serious question, and a very serious challenge to all of us.

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