48 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-5-22

  1. Morning….and you are covered in prayer this morning Aj…trusting you are resting physically and in the knowing our Lord is carefully watching over you ♥️

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  2. I have been on a scavenger hunt at Kosher Kroger. Since I have shopped more frequently there lately, they sent me a whole lot of coupons on things I’d be likely to buy. I used all but the one coupon for a product I had never bought. Then I took photos of flowers by the parking lot in front of the neighboring plant nursery. Glad to be back home with the Velcro Cat who is in my lap.

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  3. Another cold morning.

    Coffee is on. Neighbors are having plumbing issues requiring one of their bathrooms to be torn up. Plumbing co was there yesterday, they said they’ll try fixing it themselves if they can, otherwise. …

    But they’ll need new flooring in there and the kitchen as they connect through the laundry room and S wants the flooring all the match again.

    And there’s mold issues from the leak so that needs to be treated.

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  4. Dealing with Janie yesterday was pretty much “the usual” until evening came. She is used to them being home at some point in the day, even if they leave her for some time in an evening. But for both of them to be gone all day into the evening is very strange to her, and she doesn’t know what to do with herself.

    I wanted to keep her down here for the evening, so that she’d only be alone during the nighttime sleeping hours, but she would not settle down. As I said, she didn’t know what to do with herself, so she kept wanting to go out, and then come back in, and maybe some food, but maybe not, and let’s go out again . . . Etcetera.

    I had decided to not let myself feel too irritated by the situation, since it wasn’t merely a matter of Nightingale inconsiderately leaving her with me while they went off, but was more of kind of an “emergency” situation. So I understand that, and am trying to hold down the fort and take care of Janie. But I must admit that Janie is annoying.

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  5. So grateful to be living here as all of this work is done. Blessed

    Almost time to head off to one of the last soccer games. Archie has quite the rooting section as even their 80 year old neighbors come.

    Praying for rest for you, Aj.

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  6. I forgot to mention that I ended up putting her upstairs in her crate about 30 to 45 minutes earlier than I had planned, and hoped that that would not result in her waking me up earlier than I would like. (It didn’t.)

    Last night I awoke with a start around 1 am. I thought I had heard something, and didn’t know if I actually had heard something, or if it was that auditory thing I have in which I am startled out of sleep by a loud sound, often someone saying my name or a Heidi bark or something like that. I stayed in bed listening for a while, and when I realized that no one was in the house, I got up to go to the bathroom.

    While up, I turned on the light to the back porch (the front porch lights are on every night) and a light in the living room, so that I would be able to see better if I got scared again. Somehow, after a while, I managed to get back to sleep.

    So last night was that, and the night before was a scary dream. Let’s see what tonight will bring!

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  7. I like leaving a light on in the living room, I started doing that when I needed to get up so often with Cowboy over that last year or two and found I liked it.

    Yesterday was intense, two stories to jam out with PT in between. And I’m trying to get one more la City Council candidate’s number for election night nailed down today so the reporter working late will have all the contacts she needs.

    I pulled the long straw and will get to work the day shift on Tuesday, so relieved, really. Whew. We do sometimes run a live Election Day blog on our site if we have reporters available to go out into the field, hitting various polling places for color and interviews, so if that happens I’ll be the so-called “quarterback” for that, taking the input and posting it as it comes in.

    Otherwise, it’s just a matter to keeping tabs on anything else that may break in LA County, which is a fairly wide territory. There are usually some polling place glitches here or there, materials that didn’t arrive in time to open, etc.

    But in contacting some of our key candidates yesterday to line up Election Day “voting” photos, I found that most of them now are making use also of the drop-off and mail-in ballots. I set up an assignment to shoot one of the county supervisor representative in our area dropping off her ballot today at a box in a city park. Weird, though. But photo editor said we’ll make it work along with something else the city editor managed to line up also.

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  8. Kizzie, it’s very understandable how you ended up with Janie this weekend. But it doesn’t help when all you do is have to cater to her every whim, does it. Glad the early bedtime worked.

    We’re still trying to figure out how to get Kootenay calm before opening his crate when he needs to be taken out at night. He whines to go out, but then doesn’t stop. We don’t want to reinforce that the whining actually gets the crate open…

    Also, taking your puppy outside in the middle of the night: the stars are so bright and seem so close. At 4am there were northern lights going one night. Another night you could hear elk bulls fighting. The moonlight on the snow is incredible. It’s so good to crawl back into bed.

    Just found out husband may need to make a work trip in the next couple of weeks leaving me alone with the pup 😳. That could be interesting because I only hear the first and the morning whines… he gets the middle of the night ones usually.

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  9. Kare – Janie is often like a little kid getting to hang out at Mimi’s house when she is down here. I have to ignore her at times, but it is not easy because she is so intense. But even when I do respond to her, I let her wait and don’t just jump at her “requests”.

    I also think that she realizes that something is “not right” (in her world) with her people gone, so she is antsy. An already nervous, energetic dog that is antsy. 😀

    Nightingale is quite strict with her, and has trained her to wait before going through a door or going down the stairs – things like that – and she does not respond too quickly to Janie’s “requests”.

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  10. Janie and I have our little routine on the mornings of “regular” days when Nightingale is at work and Boy is at school. She is down here for a while playing with Heidi for a little while, and goes out a couple times. When she comes back in the second time, she knows it’s time to go back upstairs, and will walk towards the door. 🙂

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  11. I am finally off hold for my bank. Turns out things were down and everyone was calling. Now this computer is back on with my banks.

    38 minute hold, which I didn’t mind. What I minded was the repeating message. Even the music wasn’t too bad, but the message was too much too often.

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  12. Kizzie, that sounds traumatic @5:39

    Dropped my ballot off and then went to the pharmacy to get my flu shot. So that’s done.

    I still need to remember to turn the clocks back.

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  13. We done been told!! I got up at six and have had a wonderful time of Bible study and I got my ballot all filled out ready to drop off today. So many important issues.

    I did get locked in my bedroom as the key wouldn’t work. So I got dressed to crawl through the window, but when I tried one more time, after praying, it worked. Not a good idea for me to crawl through the window.

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  14. Jo, haha. Glad the lock finally cooperated.

    One nice thing about this time change is I naturally wake up earlier.

    I warmed up by taking a hot shower and am wearing multiple layers/sweats, but will get ready soon to head out to church. I’m also looking forward to running the car heater on the way there. 🙂

    We’re getting rain for the next 1-2 days, coming in as early as tonight, so it’ll be a rainy Election Day in LA. Glad to have the ballot finished and dropped off.

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  15. Oh Jo! Thankful you didn’t have to crawl through the window!! Waiting for service to begin…lots of chatting going on and no one watching the clock!

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  16. I lost my reading glasses. Maybe left them in my friend’s car. I need to buy 10 more pair to lose/break in a year. I can’t read antuning without yhen since I can’t see well enough with just a magnifuing glass for any length of tome.

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  17. Yes! I just found my next to last lost glasses! I am back in business😀

    I went to Sunday school and came home early. My two friends picked me up shortly after that and we went for an early lunch at Tzazikis. We sat outside in our muggy summer feeling weather. It was just like old times. One of them I have been friends with since maybe age 4 and the other since high school. After lunch I showed them the boardwalk trail but we did not walk far on it. Then they headed out, one to AL and the other to SC. I am blessed to have such long term friendships. God is so good!

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  18. Church began 10 minutes later than the usual start time and went over 15 minutes after the usual ending time. Meal afterwards which I always dread but today was different. A visitor and I started chatting and turns out she was visiting her sister. We discovered we had both lived in Clemson..she well after we had departed. We had a lovely time visiting while eating our lunch and others came to our table and joined in on the conversation. Thanking the Lord for helping me navigate waters where I find myself so uncomfortable.
    It is 41 degrees here with howling winds making a person’s face freeze off!! So thankful for a warm home and nowhere to go!

    Aj we continue to cover you in prayer this day and our hope is that you are resting while listening to Cheryl! 😊

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  19. Our last hymn at today’s service was “Holy, Holy, Holy.” Reminded me of being in the kitchen on the farm of my Christian friends in NY many years ago — we were all in the Quaker church back then and met at a (very) small conference in Kansas, of all places, but struck up a close friendship — and they had a tap of 2nd Chapter of Acts playing that song.

    It was March, there was still snow on the ground.

    So strange how random “moments” like that stick in your memory over the years, isn’t it?

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  20. There have been some other comments on here about some of us feeling uncomfortable at – or even skipping – those kinds of church luncheons or dinners. I must admit that I have trouble with those, too, but often end up enjoying myself IF I make myself go. It is much harder now that Hubby is not here to go with me.

    I skipped one last Sunday evening because it was a chili cook-off that then was going to turn into a “game night”. If it was only the dinner, I would have made myself go, but the game night thing did not appeal to me, and I figured the whole thing would be longer than I would like. Having to have someone drive me home means that I cannot just sneak out when I want to.

    Anyway, I want to get over that because fellowship is supposed to be an important part of being believers together in the same church. We are supposed to develop our closest friendships with those in our church.

    It is sad that so many of us struggle to feel comfortable in those situations, though.

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  21. The struggle is real. The cure is to do it with the recognition that we are never alone but always have the company of God with us. If we let Him shine through us, others will see His light and draw near. We have to talk to people that it feels unnatural to talk to. Last week I was waiting for SS to begin. A young guy waited in the same room who I recognized as one I thought worked in maintenance. I ended up sharing how my son, the prof, had worked in facilities at a college and once had to clean up a raw chicken someone had left in an elevator. I think I made a new friend. 😀 I had to make the first effort. These are people we will hopefully be in heaven with one day.

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  22. Janice – I am pretty good at striking up conversations. The problem comes if the other person does not reciprocate. That is so awkward! But happily, that rarely happens.

    I think some of the discomfort comes in when the others at our table know each other pretty well and are chatting away, and we can sometimes wonder if we are a so-called fifth wheel trying to join in. And yet, even though that is my usual concern, I have to say that it usually works out okay.

    A former friend of mine (we lived in different states and lost touch after a while) complained about small talk, saying that it was pointless. I replied that I thought that small talk was the way relationships often start, as we dip our toes into the waters. It’s often a necessary part of moving into an actual relationship.

    We do a lot of small talk on here, too, but it is part of keeping our feet wet. 🙂

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  23. Yes, Kizzie, totally agree! Wet feet and all!
    Even if we are 5th wheels, we sit as eavesdroppers getting to know what the people are interested in and gather bits of information to help with future conversations. It is so easy to hyper focus on the discomfort of the moment and not recognize the process that can lead to something beautiful in God’s timing. And those who neglect to include people in conversations are showing a bit of their fallen nature and we need to practice giving grace to them.

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  24. The most recent poll numbers in our Senate race shows Walker with the slightest lead, although this from a few days back still shows Warnock in the lead. There appears no way to escape a runoff and all those unwanted negative ads during Thanksgiving.

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  25. It’ll be interesting to see how accurate the polls are. Sometimes they really get things wrong, partly because not everyone tells the truth or because the polling process just isn’t as straight-forward and cut-and-dried as it once was when everyone had listed landlines they always answered because there was no Caller ID.

    Elections still deliver some surprises.

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  26. It’s 74° at almost 8 p.m. (really 9 p.m.). I was out walking on the driveway and sweating! Way too hot for Nov. So muggy, and my hair really shows it. I have on a tank top with a short sleeve silk shirt over it and leggings, something I might wear in summer. It has been a crazy weather year. And I heard another hurricaine is brewing

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  27. The temp here has gone down from the mid-70s to 66, but the humidity is 82% as we await the rain coming tonight. I had a couple air conditioners running for much of the afternoon. On November 6 in New England!

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  28. I’m still layering and bundling in jackets and fleece throws.

    I’ll call the Gas Co tomorrow to see if they still come out for heater inspections, but the website made it sound like they don’t.

    I’m feeling dubious about the heater, as it’s 25 years old (and I’ve read the typical lifespan is more like 15-20 years). It has been louder in the past few years, thumping on with a lot more noise than it did before. My guess is that it at least needs a serious look from someone.

    Weird having it get dark at just a little before 5 p.m.

    I’ve missed my walks in the last couple days, need to get back to that — though it’s supposed to be raining Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, and I’ll need to check out the lighting situation at the port, the walkway says it’s open until 10:30 p.m. so I’m presuming there will be lighting turned on after dark (which will be the only time I can really walk with the work schedule).

    Maybe I can get down there for a lunch break sometimes, we’ll see.

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  29. We are getting snow also in our mountain communities already, ski resorts are happy, more coming this week with highs around 30 up there.

    And the local weather/newscasters also are thrilled, they love actual weather to talk about.

    “Storm Watch!”

    And heaviest rain day will be Tuesday, Election Day, just wondering about the county supervisor we will be shooing that day, dropping her ballot off in a Vote Box at a local park.

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  30. DJ – If you need to come up with some heat before you can have your heating system fixed or replaced, those pretend woodstoves are nicer looking than regular space heaters. I have a couple – one in my living room to help out, and one in my bedroom since the heater in there died last year. (I did not keep it on all night.)

    We have electric heat here, which causes our electric bills in the winter to be horribly high. We do what we can to keep it down, but it’s still high. Recently I read that the cost of electricity here in Connecticut could possibly rise 20 to 40%. !!! That is a scary thought.

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  31. Kizzie, our electric company urged its customers to buy needed fuel earlier rather than later. They said the prices are predicted only to go up. Some of their electric heat customers can have the electricity shut off during over peak hours. Same with air conditioning. This summer had many over peak days. Makes you wonder how anyone thinks we can have everyone plugging cars in and not shutting down the electric grid.

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  32. 33 here going down to 25 and it’s windy! Later this week our highs will be low 30’s and our lows 15….brrr. Did I mention I love electric blankets? Turn it on about 20 minutes before going to bed and oh so cozy! I may need to purchase an electric throw blanket for my reading chair 😊

    It’s been a lazy day and I have gotten most of my stitching project completed…finally!

    Aj we continually pray for you and hope you have been resting this Lord’s Day. ♥️ nite all….


  33. Home again to a nice toasty house. Son did a great job. I did not look to see if any debris is down from our big windstorm in our absence. It hit just as we were leaving. Anyway, apparently had snow as well. It is thirty one here, expected to get down to twelve on Thursday. We had a very nice time.

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  34. DJ, you did not ask but I have been thinking and I really don’t think you should shoot the county supervisor. Is it just because she is voting or is it something she said or what? Really, even in Calif…

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