32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-4-22

  1. Yes, praying for Aj here, too.

    I would rather be with Michelle in Jerusalem than with mumsee in her bedroom. Just catching up from yesterday’s daily thread. Since I can be in neither place, I will just carry on here.

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  2. Remembering you in prayer AJ.

    Good morning all. Off in awhile to do routine lab work and dentist appointments.

    I’m thanking God for each one of you this morning, as you are all a part of God’s grace in my life.

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  3. God hears AJ’s name and needs being lifted up from Atlanta, GA this morning.

    The header photo was taken on a detour off the route home from the hospital where I had my body scans done. These trees are right behind the community garden where I take photos of flowers. Art sat in the car while I snapped my photos.

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  4. Morning all. We just see a dusting of snow and thick fog this morning but Denver is a mess they are reporting on the news. Daughter drives to the Denver office on Fridays so praying for her safe travels this morning.

    Of course you were my first prayer point this morning Aj and continue to be on our hearts and minds…we love you dear brother.

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  5. Good morning from north central Idaho. I messed up. When I picked up the meds from my friend who was giving them to daughter in my absence, I forgot to leave an emergency set. Snowing, windy, low visibility, several fresh inches on the road. This will be a test of my long unused driving skills and my Subaru.

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  6. oh, Mumsee, good thing that God covers our mess ups. Praying you will be safe in the storm.

    I am going to make another dump run today for all of the vinyl flooring that was taken out this week. Expensive, but wow does he do a good job. Taking up every staple so that the floor is smooth and ready for new flooring.

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  7. I guess I missed something.

    Michelle’s in Jerusalem?

    But Mumsee’s not in her bedroom anymore, from the sounds of it, she’s out in the wild, battling the elements.

    The heater filter cleaning chore is moved up in urgency for Saturday. It’s inn the mid 50s in the house this morning. The hot shower helped and I’m wearing multiple layers with a sweatshirt and sweatpants on top.

    Coffee’s ready.

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  8. “inn,” that was the shivering with my teeth chattering.

    And I see Jo’s going to be hanging out at the local dump again today. She has all the fun.

    I have a scary-busy day, yesterday got swallowed up by a marathon port meeting and 2 stories to write. Today, two more with one of them requiring the processing of multiple pieces of art, renderings and graphics.

    And a physical therapy appointment to squeeze in at 12:30.

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  9. And just like that, we are home again. Took daughter for her grocery shopping excursion. She looked lovely in dress and heels. The store owner suggested long pants and boots. I explained that the store owner was very kind to make the suggestion, shows she cares about her customers.

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  10. I’ve been to Sprouts and Publix today. Sprouts had good prices on fresh items that are pricey at Publix. And I indulged on their oatmeal raisin cookies so there went my savings!

    Is Michelle in Israel for Blood Moon on our election day? Cool!

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  11. I’m thankful for my Subaru. We’re getting another foot or so of snow tomorrow (supposedly). I’m also thankful when I’m the only one on the road. And when I can stay home😊

    Kootenay has learned to come when called (but only for a kibble treat) but…progress.

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  12. My past several years have been to stay home during snow or heavy rain or high winds. I am grateful to God for putting me back in a Subaru and having my children at the ages they are when I need to travel for the folks. It had been in my mind that husband would be here to hold down the fort if winter storms hit and I would just stay in Moscow. God had other plans and so we adjust.

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  13. I have been outside raking and praying for AJ and others. I had to restrain myself from mowing. The yard is such a mess. I have friends on town for our 50th class reunion so hoped to have the yard looking better for when they pick me up for a visit. I had thought my brother would mow tomorrow but he will be out of town. I decided it would not be wise for me to push a heavy mower wiyh bags full of leaf mulch yet. So it’s rake, rake, rakeπŸ˜€πŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸ

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  14. X is in a psych ward. . .in Brooklyn! We have no idea what he was doing there.

    Knowing that he can be released and sent home at any time, I will still be on the alert, but am not too worried.

    Wouldn’t ya know, though, I started out the day waking up from a scary dream. I saw the figure of a man in Nightingale’s kitchen, which scared and panicked me, but then he turned and I saw that it was Hubby. I asked him what he was doing, since he was supposed to be at work. He didn’t answer, but on his face was a horrible expression of dismay and fear. Then I awoke.

    What a way to start the day! On top of that, along with the mostly bare trees out there, it was overcast, with a heavy layer of fog. Looked like a scene from a scary movie!

    Eventually the fog burned off, and it has turned out to be a sunny, warm day.

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  15. Kizzie, that’s a disturbing dream.

    But good to hear X is in a hospital. For now.

    Off to PT, one story turned in, 2 more to go when I get back.

    And I’m still cold.

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  16. Carol was from Brooklyn, I remember right before the pandemic on one of my last visits to her, before all the lockdowns at her place, we looked up the old apartment where she and her brother grew up online, the building is still there and it was fun to see her give me a little tour.

    Therapist taped up my knee again — with the thin, black strips of tape that looks like Halloween hosiery. The knee and was getting some swelling back causing it to feel stiff again.

    I’m back home, warmer outside but my house is still really chilly so I’m actually wearing a black, Eddie Bauer puffy jacket from years gone by.

    Over a short-sleeved T-shirt, a long-sleeved T-shirt and a sweatshirt. Arms don’t move.

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  17. I remember on one of those visits — maybe December 2019 or Jan.-Feb. 2020, Carol expressed concern about “this virus” that was spreading in China.

    Oh, I said, it won’t come here, it’s nothing to worry about.

    So much for my news judgement.

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  18. Dj, sorry to hear you needed the supportive tape again. It just takes longer to heal than what the medical gurus say.

    I did a longer walk session on the driveway and the soreness seemed to leave my knee after I walked more than I have lately. I really don’t understand how that works. It seems like more walking would make it more sore. Msybe more walking makes things get into better alignment?

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  19. Dj, don’t remember if I said before, but our dump has an incredible view of the Sierras. We had to wait in line for a bit and I could see the snow covered mountains all along the horizon and such a clear day.

    All of that old vinyl is gone. So many staples and nails. Lucky that we did not get pierced by any. We even disposed of an old toilet. Some younger fellas next to us, dropping off stuff, said they would take care of the toilet.. So when the truck was almost empty, they came over and one of them picked it up and just tossed it like it was nothing. amazing.

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  20. oh, I also just resubmitted my flooring order. Turns out that my credit card company declined it. So I called them and they removed the hold.
    Then I called Home Depot and they placed the order again.

    Then I found that I had given them the wrong email as I said it was dot com instead of dot org. So several mistakes had to be corrected. But they told me that the delivery dates were the same.

    Painters should finish on Monday. One of the three checks that I wrote yesterday was almost the same amount as the pay check that I got today.

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  21. Loved that scene in A Christmas Story. Yes, I sort of felt like that!

    Jo, dump has a nice view then! So not such a bad place to hang out.

    Knee is still good, I think I still need to move it more (especially now that I’m back working again). The stiffness is from arthritis but goes away — though it takes about a year, according to the surgeon and others who’ve had the surgery tell me. It feels better when I’m moving. So overall, much better than before.

    But after a year, I’m told, you no longer have to even think about it. πŸ™‚ Either way, I’m very glad for the surgery and, as I said, it’s SO much better than it was before.

    A little swelling and fancy tape I can handle.

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  22. We were still at four seventy nine for fuel on Thursday. I will find out what it is tomorrow morning when we head out bright and early.

    Movement is good because it causes the lubricants to activate. That is my understanding. When my hip was bothering me, I found that my exercise bike put an end to the discomfort pretty quickly and it lasted. I am sure it depends on the injury.

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  23. Headed to Bethlehem and then home.

    Exhausting, thrilling, deep, wonderful trip.

    And just like that, the one project I didn’t finish is screaming at me.

    Monday, Monday, zooming in and out.

    I think I’ll think about that . . . Tomorrow.

    Scrambled brain!

    Filled soul.

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