22 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-27-22

  1. Of course, and Biden will do nothing to stop the invasion.

    “Migrant Caravans Are Preparing To Flood The US Border Ahead Of Midterms, Senior Guatemalan Official Warns”


    “Guatemala’s interior minister has intelligence that large caravans of migrants will try to get to the U.S. in anticipation of the midterm elections, he said in an exclusive sit-down interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

    Migrants, who believe the midterm elections could end with Republicans taking back control of Congress, are heading to the U.S. border in large caravans, Guatemalan Interior Minister Napoleon Barrientos told the DCNF. The migrants think that they have a short window to make the trek because it may not be as easy to immigrate to the U.S. after the midterm elections, with Republican lawmakers promising to beef up border security and tighten oversight.

    “We have information that caravans will be coming in the next few weeks, particularly before the date of November 8. So we’re doing operations in our borders to stop the flow migration,” Barrientos said.

    Recent polling suggests that Republicans are likely to take back the House, and stand a decent shot of winning the Senate as well.

    If Republicans take power, they are likely to push for stricter border policies that include finishing the construction of a border wall, increasing funding to federal border authorities and reinstating several Trump-era expulsion tools, though it’s unclear how successful these efforts will be.”


    Republicans may tighten the border’s security, but they won’t do squat about the 4 million invaders who’ve come in since Biden took over. They never do.

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  2. Once again, our dishonest media is exposed as hacks.

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  3. A real journalist would seek answers as to why things are this way, and report on it, including who is responsible.

    But we’re not dealing with an actual journalist, just some guy who plays one on tv.

    This is the result of policies you advocate for every day dude. Just take the L.

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  4. I love the smell of desperation in the morning. 🙂

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  5. Ableists!


  6. Like

  7. Newsweek beclowns themselves with another bogus “fact check”…


    They never heard of them….

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  8. Seeing similarities in Biden and Fetterman? Neither can put two words together …. They are mentally diminished yet “the people” want them to have “control” over our lives? I don’t think so……

    We have those “journalists” locally “reporting” too. Always putting the left spin on the news. No backbone of their own as they spew out what the head bosses command. Locals are fed this garbage day in day out and we are considered a training market for just graduating “reporters and journalists”. Imagine what they will become if they survive and join the big boys when they “mature” in their craft!

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  9. More garbage from our trash media.

    Garbage in, garbage out.

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  10. I wonder how voting against so-called slavery in prisons affects the work prisoners do to keep the prisons running. I know prisoners have been exploited for work and can understand that practice being abolished. I am unsure about other work, such as cleaning bathrooms, laundry, kitchen work etc. that is routinely assigned to prisoners. It seems prisoners would need work to learn, stay relatively productive and not let idleness be the devil’s workshop, so to speak. How is that affected by the vote Debra mentioned yesterday?

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  11. Well this excuse narrative died quickly….

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  12. Betting on politics seems stupid, but is a thing apparently.

    Water carrying for Dems is stupid too, especially when it’s our “unbiased” media doing it.

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  13. Remember this poor woman who was attacked by her own allies for daring to report the truth about Fetterman?

    She’s looking vindicated now.

    “NBC’s Dasha Burns on Fetterman’s Debate: ‘It was Very Similar to the Conversation That We Had’

    “And of course, we posted the entire interview online as well after we conducted that so folks can go back and look. He is clearly still struggling with some of those issues.””


    “The media crucified NBC’s Dasha Burns when she admitted Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman “had a hard time understanding” their conversations and “had a hard time understanding what he’s hearing” along with “some challenges with speech.”

    NBC stuck by Burns. Meet the Press‘s Chuck Todd applauded Burns. I give them credit.

    Burns has also not backed down. Todd had her on Meet the Press on Wednesday, where she confirmed Fetterman’s disastrous debate performance did not surprise her:

    “We, of course, had been in a room with him before. We had used that closed captioning system, and so, for us watching the debate, there were no big surprises. It was very similar to the conversation that we had. And of course, we posted the entire interview online as well after we conducted that so folks can go back and look. He is clearly still struggling with some of those issues. The campaign, beforehand…did play down some of the expectations, saying, look, this isn’t his format, the closed captioning may play a role in how long it takes him to get those answers out. … But Chuck, it was interesting, the contrast from the campaign the night before the debate versus the night of the debate, right after, in that spin room. The campaign came in, a spokesperson saying that they were thrilled with Fetterman’s performance, saying that he won in countless exchanges with Oz. They were very enthusiastic about how Fetterman did, especially comparing it to his performance in the primary. But stepping back and looking at some of the reactions and the aftermath today, I don’t know that that’s how much of the audience read it, especially those that were sort of seeing him for the first time in this context.”

    Fetterman bombed the debate. The man needs to devote 100% of his time to recovery from his stroke in May. Drop out, recover, and run later. This isn’t hard. But the Democrat Party put politics above health. Look at Biden.”

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  14. FIFY.

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  15. Kathaleena, the new replacement wording makes it clear that rhe constitutional change does not affect the ability of pprisoners to do voluntary labor.
    I also considered that as well. Just don’t want slavery legal in any form.


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  16. Thanks Debra, I was curious about all of that — and would wonder, too, if there’s some kind of payment or benefit provided for the volunteer work. Some also work fighting fires, training assistance dogs, etc.


  17. Around here they pay the prisoners who work, but a tiny amount, not even half of the 7.50 minimum wage.

    They get it in commissary privileges if they chose, or it gets put in an account until they leave.

    Most do it because it gets you out of your cell and active, makes the day go quicker and you’re not spending 23 hours a day in your pod.

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  18. Right. That’s what I thought. So I would assume that the bills that were passed to outlaw “slavery” in prisons would be referring to things like the old chain gangs. They may not be around anymore (at least I hope not), but making that kind of thing illegal not only fills in a gap in the law, but prevents that kind of thing from coming back in the future.

    (It seems unlikely, but lots of things we may have thought unlikely have come to pass.)


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