20 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-24-22

  1. Good morning!
    Oh, what a beautiful header. I heard this past weekend may have been peak for our fall leaf colors. I can’t remember how many years it’s been since we drove around to view the leaves We did have that one steam-engine train excursion to the mountains for a day trip when Wes was young. Glad we got to do that. We were given free passes.

    Voter turnout has been tremendous for this election so far. Glad to see people are energized to get to the polls.

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  2. Dutch Blitz came up last night, I see. We play it often. But like Jo, Mrs L is methodical and slow, so she doesn’t do well at it, unless playing the younger grandchildren. With them, we don’t play for points, just for fun.

    And for those who’ve never heard of the game, here is the website: https://www.dutchblitz.com/

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  3. Snow is pretty and smells fresh, but at this age and stage life is easier without it. I understand all the winter snowbird crowd who winter in the south.

    I am glad for those who live in snowy areas and can enjoy it. I sure liked it as a child♡ And probably living where it causes so many traffic mishaps makes me have a more negative view of it.

    It was lovely at Yellowstone when we were there in Sept. 1985 and an early snow storm hit. That was the year we married. My favorite memory of snow. It would be more like some of my blog family hete experience in your lovely settings.

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  4. I often end up with a headache after or while playing Dutch Blitz or double solitaire. Those are games, though, that I have played with the grands for years. My oldest and I would have ongoing games which we would leave and come back to play at will. His younger brother would join in and leave at will, too. We didn’t care. We were competitive, but we mostly just wanted to be together. The time he didn’t answer his phone even though it was a girl gave me a clue how serious that relationship was. 😉

    I have played it with many more players. As long as you have the space you can play with a whole lot of players. Six makes it far more of a challenge and fun. It can get physical if people are too competitive. It can be like the game of spoons we used to play as children. Some moms had to ban using spoons, since the spoons could end up damaged. There was a packaged game using painted wooden dowels. That limited the number players, of course. Dutch Blitz limits the number of players, too, unless you have a couple of game sets.

    The things you learn on this blog site. Yesterday I learned that Kizzie does not, I repeat, does not, drink toilet water. I was greatly relieved to learn this. Who knows what marvelous things I may learn today?

    Oh, the beauty of fall. Nice photo.

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  5. Good morning, all.

    We have played with up to three sets but it gets too complicated for my brain to keep up. I like four to six players, though two or three can be companionable.

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  6. I have never played it but have the impression it is like the game Slap Jack that I use to play with Wes only more complicated than that easy game. He and I played many two player games. My brother played some but Art never did.


  7. Beautiful fall landscape!

    Hi Mike!

    Jo gets an escape from the house stuff!

    Monday sure came fast. I had a very involved dream going early this morning, one of those full-length films (though they are all short, from what I’ve read). It involved all sorts of people, there was a group of us hiking around some redwoods, taking a speed boat somewhere, having a salad lunch at the home of a friend from childhood and teen years I haven’t heard from in quite a while now (she’s lived in Aspen ever since we were in our early 20s), going as a group into a hospital meeting room for some big presentation. A whole cast of characters in and out of that dream.

    But now it’s Monday morning and I have a harbor commission meeting to cover later this afternoon and photo assignments to make.

    I’m drinking some coffee now, had my shower, and put a load of laundry in.

    Gardener also comes today, I need to make out the monthly check for him.

    And our weather has turned, as it usually does this time of year, quite chilly overnight and in the mornings now. I’ll have to deal with getting that heater cleaned out and ready to use.

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  8. Stop it, DJ. He is not in LA. But you may say hi to him when he comes home as he often passes through there on the way. Bizarre.

    It is snowing! I love this time of year!

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  9. quite warm here, but nice inside. Would love to say hello to Mike. Shall I send Mumsee my phone number??

    Well, I am here and I got to thinking that I am not going home on Southwest so do I need to select a seat. So I just went online to do that and the only seats that are left you have to pay for. Oh, well. For the four hour flight, I selected the economy plus but just a simple seat for the 2 hour flight.

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  10. Iwent to the computer help desk twice today, I think that I got my missing contacts back. I also filled out a retirement form so Dec. 31st is official. But, of course some things are messed up. Oh, well

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