23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-17-22

  1. Good morning. We are off to the dentist for check-ups. Not a fun thing to do but blessed to be able to have our teeth kept in good shape. Another trace of snow on the ground. We are supposed to be back to fifty degrees next weekend so we will look forward to that. Of course, that won’t last long, but we hope long enough to get some raking done.

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  2. Good morning! Those are fascinating photos, AJ, and it’s hard to believe how history and sacred sites can so easily be destroyed. Thank you for sharing, AJ.

    I need to get back to the dentist, too. I hope you enjoy the clean and fresh feel afterwards, Kathaleena.

    My friend who gave me the Kerig, sent a 40 K-cup sampler pack last week. I tried Green Mountain Nantuckett yesterday and loved it. Today I am drinking Green Mountain Breakfast Blend which I do not care for but think my brother might like for its milder flavor.

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  3. Good morning, all. Today is our early Thanksgiving. One daughter and family left yesterday after a very pleasant visit. Son and wife stopped by yesterday, planning to visit with daughter and family but they had already gone. Son slept the day away after another night of heavy drinking and they did not feel like postponing their seven hour drive to accomodate him. Oldest daughter and family remain for our previously arranged quiet gathering. Looking to be a good time. Fifteen year old picked a couple dozen apples yesterday and made an apple pie. Sixteen made a large crockpot of applesauce. He prepped a green bean casserole and will make mashed potatoes and gravy today. She will be making fruit salad. Older daughter prepped sourdough rolls and will fix some squash and this and that today.

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  4. Morning all. 28 degrees and beautiful here this day. Kathaleena we are predicted to see our first snow next weekend…yay!

    Reading Janice and Mumsee’s posts makes me want pie and coffee on this crisp October morn!

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  5. I see the dentist at 10. We are discussing what to do with my teeth once I am finished with the braces.
    I have more to share but need to be off to the dentist

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  6. Mid forties here, expecting to see seventy today. But temps should begin drifting down and then dropping Saturday with highs in forties and lows in below freezing for the first time this end of the year. Still enjoying strawberries!

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  7. I’m listening to myself read the Lettie biography, making notes for any corrections and desperate to be done with this project.

    I was horrified on Friday when I listened, hearing “smacks” all over the place. 18 in the first chapter.

    My husband suggested I have someone listen to it–maybe I’m too close to it.

    So, I sent the narration to a professional viola musician friend and asked her to give me an opinion. She’s also a librarian and very deliberate.

    Didn’t hear a thing.

    Great relief.

    I have half the book left to hear, then Bible study prep, then memoir meeting prep, then, and on, and on, and on.

    Kids here all weekend–I’m out of practice with three-year-olds for three days on end. Just everything feels over the top way too busy.

    Spiritual warfare has been difficult of late.

    And then another high-pressured deadline cropped up for “hurry.”

    I’m not sure I have any hurry yet.

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  8. I spent about 45 minutes on the communication go-round trying to cancel an appointment only to end up with a person who gave me the first number I had called. Never has so much been put on patients who are already under stress. I have a call into my Nurse Navigator who will know what to do. I should have called her first but thought it would be an easy process so I would not bother her.

    I swept leaves from the carport again, the ever recurring chore like washing dishes. I do enjoy being outside.
    Right now it is around 70° and the low tomorrow night will be 33°.

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  9. M- I am still reading The Body Remembers.

    Several years ago I asked you all to pray for a woman at work whose son overdosed on heroin. She healed through all of that. She had dated several men but none were the one. A man she had known for a long time finally asked her when she was going to go out with him. They married and she has been the happiest person I know. He was a tennis instructor and last Tuesday night he had a heart attack. He died yesterday. It just doesn’t seem fair. She is devastated.

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  10. Oh and at the dentist. He really recommends capping the 6 front teeth and knowing that eventually we will cap 7 and 8.
    I have gone to him for almost 30 years and I trust him.

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  11. The caps seem good for the long haul, Kim.

    That is a horrible jolt about the woman losing the love of her life so unexpectedly and suddenly. Sad to hear about that! Every day that people are given in a loving relationship is a gift from God. Remembering the many precious daily gifts God gave Chas and Elvera. Some have years and others only a few days. Each carries its own form of sadness. Kizzie knows that well, too.

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  12. I guess a cap is different from a crown?

    My cleaning was on for sometime in September but when they learned I’d had (knee) surgery the month before they said better to postpone it due to post-surgery concerns about infection risks. So for now I think I’m on the cancellation call list.

    I’m working on my list of story ideas which I finally have in front of me, trying to find a photographer to shoot something tomorrow (we’re down a local photog this week, though, so seeing if photo editor can get someone).

    Window guy comes Thursday to check out why one of the newish casement windows isn’t latching at the bottom. He came out for that once before, thought it was fixed, but it wasn’t. It’s beyond the 2-year warranty, however, so I am hoping it’s nothing requiring much work, maybe just tweaking.

    Then I really need to find someone to paint the inside of that frame and sill.

    Kim, so sad about your work friend’s husband. What a shock, I take it he wasn’t that old?

    One of our most loved elders from my former church — probably in his 50s, but youthful, trim, a runner — died out of the blue like that some years ago, those unexpected deaths are so hard to get your head around.

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  13. Funny that some of you are talking about dentist appointments today. Earlier today, I finally made an appointment with a new (to me) dental practice.

    With my state dental insurance, my options are limited. A few months after Hubby died, I had trouble with a tooth and had to find a place. The dental office I went to seemed like a cut-rate place, and has had some bad reviews. (My short experience with them was fine, but I was not comfortable with the “feel” of the place.)

    The next time I needed some work done, I found a great place that I loved. But shortly after my appointments, they stopped taking the state insurance. I was so disappointed.

    Not many dental places accept the state insurance for adults, so I had to once again check online for where I might go next. Then I just kept putting off making the call – for probably about a year and a half or more. Finally pushed myself to do it today. I am pleased that it sounds like a good place, and it is not too far, just a couple towns over (about half an hour or less).

    I started to get a little nervous when the receptionist (a very pleasant woman) started to say that they didn’t have any appointments available for new patients. . .(that’s where I got nervous) . . .until mid-November. No problem for me! Phew!

    A silly, simple little thing – just a phone call – but I am glad I finally got around to it.

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  14. Glad you got that checked off your ToDo list, Kizzie.

    It’s extension deadline evening. I have a nice meal for Art but he might be real late so maybe I just need to put it in the fridge. He got home early last night because clients had not brought in what he needed to work on.

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  15. Back from my walk at the waterfront. There’s a guy there who comes with bags full of bread and rolls, tossing them out to all the sea birds.

    They were line up day by the dozens and dozens, gulls, pelicans, on the dock watching him tonight as he stood opposite them, at the walkway railing, his bags of bread sitting behind him and unopened yet. They all just stared at each other.

    Seemed like a scene out of Hichcock’s The Birds.


    I see on NBC News tonight that old-style film cameras are back — selling like hotcakes.

    Maybe like vinyl discs and turntables have made an unexpected comeback.

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  16. I bought (through Amazon) what was suppose to be a tall cat scratching post with some toys attached. I ordered it yesterday evening and it was delivered between 4-8 a.m. I found the smaller than expected box at 7 a.m. We put it together and she has no interest in it. Such a creature of habit.

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  17. 🙂 I have a lot of creative writing too, DJ. 😀

    That is so sad about that death, Kim.

    Dentist appointments were fine except for the icy roads and sidewalk to get there. We were literally a few feet from the door, and it was glare ice. Temps will be in the teens in the morning. Way too cold for this time of year but should warm up a bit soon.

    We have no dental insurance, but I have found regular checkups (every six months) saves money and pain in the long run. We get a slight discount when we pay right away.

    We went to a different dentist for years, but he retired. I was not crazy about the young man who replaced him. The woman we go to now started at that practice and then opened her own. She does not have all the fancy equipment, but we feel much better with her.

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  18. I guess a cap is different from a crown?

    Well, of course. Anyone can wear a cap but only a king or queen can wear a crown.

    Oh, wrong part of the head. I guess you were talking about dental coverings.

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  19. Sitting here in my quiet house as my family has left. There was a last minute, to me, idea for the 13 year old girl to stay a couple more days with her cousin. That means she would have been shopping with me this evening and who was taking her to the airport??? We spent the day playing with the younger cousins and then I took them to the airport. First we had an early dinner at Inn and Out Burger, which they loved. When we got to the airport she decided to go home with her family. It was a good decision as I could see that she was getting sick with a cold. She just needs to go to bed.

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