8 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-18-22

  1. “The Pro-Life Movement Charts a New Path”


    “For a half-century, anti-abortion protestors have traveled from across the country to Washington for the March for Life, an annual demonstration that starts on the National Mall and traditionally ends at the steps of the United States Supreme Court.

    Now, for the first time in 50 years, the route will change. Organizers say they will start in the same place, but they won’t march to the high court. “It is more important that we finish at the U.S. Capitol,” Jeanne Mancini, president of the March for Life Defense and Education Fund, which has organized the march since 1974, told RealClearPolitics. Noting that in the wake of the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade, the question has been returned “to our elected officials and to the people through their elected officials.”

    A symbolic change, the demonstration before Congress also reflects a necessary new strategy on the part of the anti-abortion movement. Mancini said the march will celebrate the reversal of Roe, “but also mark the start of a new leg on our journey towards building a culture of life.”

    Among other things, that means defending the Hyde Amendment, a measure banning federal abortion funding, and staving off the Women’s Health Protection Act, a bill expanding abortion access. It also comes at a moment when the debate over this contentious issue is right where most pro-life forces have long insisted they wanted it – before elected officials, and not the courts.”

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  2. Groomer alert.

    “Parents Blast California School Board for Halloween Party Featuring Drag Queen Show

    Parents have hired a law firm to submit a public record request about the organization of “Boo Bash” and its connection to the school board.”


    “Many pundits and politicos now predict a “Red Tsunami” this November 8th.

    If that’s the case, then I assert the wave’s origin stems from the insidious trend of progressives to target America’s children with their gender justice antics.

    One data point for my hypothesis is news of a recent event in my neck of the woods, the San Diego County city of Encinitas, California. Parents are thoroughly blasting its school board for distributing a flyer featuring a Drag Queen Show/Halloween event sponsored by a gay bar.

    The “Boo Bash: Queerfest Family-Family Drag Show” is sponsored by Rich’s Gay Bay and Align Surgical Associates, a gender reassignment surgery center.

    Parents of students in EUSD schools are outraged and have formed an alliance with other community members to organize a “Protect Encinitas Kids” protest outside the district office.”

    “Once the school board refused to stop promoting the event and apologize, parents confronted the members directly at a public meeting. The result was a viral video that should spook the Encinitas school board members and others like them across the nation.

    In a widely circulated video on social media, Brittany Mayer accused the Encinitas Union School District of acting as “groomers and activist pimps” after it invited community youth and families to a “queer” Halloween party featuring a “family-friendly” drag queen show.

    In an interview on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday, Mayer said that the Oct. 29 “Boo Bash” event angered dozens of parents who repeatedly asked the board to stop promoting the event and issue an apology. When they refused, Mayer and others showed up at Tuesday’s school board meeting to confront them.

    “We asked the board again and again to reconsider and to issue an apology and an explanation, which they didn’t, which is why we decided to show up,” Mayer told the Fox News host.

    In the clip posted on her personal Twitter account, Mayer noted that the purportedly family-friendly event was sponsored by a local San Francisco gender reassignment surgery center in collaboration with a popular gay nightclub.
    Mayer verbally dissected the event and slammed everyone associated with its organization.

    “I just want to know what it is that makes a drag show family friendly?” Mayer sarcastically asked the board, footage she posted of her blistering rant showed.

    “What is it about a grown man costumed in a sparkly bra with augmented boobs busting out and wearing a miniskirt barely covering his twerking ass with duck tape on his front while spreading his fish-netted legs as he writhes on the ground, grinding his groin next to a minor, family friendly?” she demanded before demanding an apology.

    “While we have a culture with a massive problem with child porn and child sex trafficking, you, a little school district board of adults made the decision to feature an event to hypersexualize your children,” Mayer raged.”


    They’re teaching perversion and degenerate lifestyles. They aren’t educating kids, they’re indoctrinating them.

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  3. Teachers who don’t want to participate in the grooming are being fired.

    “California School District Allegedly Fires Teacher for Refusing to Read LGBTQ Book to Children”


    “A year ago, I noticed that at least a couple of times per week, stories like this one would come up. Now, it seems these reports are surfacing every single day. School districts, despite the national backlash coming from parents, remain intent on indoctrinating young children into far-leftist ideas on race, sexuality, and gender identity.

    Parents taking issue with this movement have been demonized as bigots for refusing to allow this conditioning to take place. But even teachers have been under the proverbial gun – especially those who resist efforts to force them to inculcate their students with these radical ideas.

    A school district in California fired a teacher allegedly because she refused to read books about same-sex marriage to young students between the ages of one and five years old. The Thomas More Society filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against Bright Horizon, a national childcare company. The suit also alleges harassment and retaliation.

    The educator, named Nalli Parinsenkova, worked at the Studio City location for four years before being terminated. The lawsuit alleges that after the director of this location discovered the teacher’s Christian beliefs, she “enforced company policy requiring all teachers to support and promote celebrations of ‘diversity’ including same-sex marriage to children in the care program.”

    The educator claims the director harassed her and had security remove her from the premises “like a dangerous criminal.” The director then fired her after she requested that she not be required to read these books to students because of her religious convictions.

    The issue arose in April 2018 after Parinsenkova found that the classroom in which she taught contained LGBTQ material. In the lawsuit, she claims she took her concerns to the director and was provided with “an informal accommodation that she would not be required to read books to the children promoting same-sex marriage.”

    In April 2022, the director, who is a lesbian, found out Parinsenkova was a Christian and reported her to human resources. She took “personal offense” at the teacher’s beliefs according to the filing.

    “Bright Horizons did not engage in any negotiations and made no attempt whatsoever to determine whether a reasonable accommodation could be reached,” the lawsuit reads. “Instead, Bright Horizons issued a counseling memo with false statements, terminated her life-insurance benefits, required her to complete retraining in diversity issues, and encouraged her to resign her position.”

    Paul Jonna, the attorney representing the teacher, said in a press release that her firing was “unethical” and “blatantly illegal.”

    “Make sure you know what books are on the shelf in our children’s care programs and schools,” the lawyer said. “This is a clear-cut case of one of the largest childcare employers in the country having anti-religious workplace policies that promote indoctrination of young children with the LGBT agenda.”

    This is one of several stories in which educators have been punished for refusing to go along with the progressive agenda in schools. Earlier this year, I spoke with a teacher in Colorado who was disciplined for not affirming a supposedly transgender student’s gender identity.”


  4. Quick!

    Remind me again who is beholden to the Russians…..


  5. Well it’s funny they should ask…


  6. This was an interesting piece. One portion of it is about how some Republican candidates are fine-tuning their positions on abortion since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

    “Split decisions
    Inflation. Abortion. An unpopular president. And yes, Donald Trump. The factors weighing on voters’ minds make the 2022 midterms among the most unique elections in American history”



  7. So what took so long?

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  8. With the Dem Marxists in charge , there’s no accountability at any level of their criminal organization.

    Check the bank accounts. Our government has been corrupted beyond repair.”


    “ALEXANDRIA, Va.—A key source for the anti-Donald Trump Steele dossier was acquitted on all counts by jurors in Virginia on Oct. 18.

    Igor Danchenko, a Russian national, was acquitted on four counts of lying to the government after about 10 hours of deliberations.“


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