43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-8-22

  1. Morning all! And we ask the Lord for His continued blessing upon M and R’s marriage. 💕

    It is a thick foggy morning here and to see the deer meandering through the property is pure delight. Life goes on with all of His creation…even when we are in a fog!

    We are having friends over tonight for dinner. There is much I need to get accomplished before dinner time but for now…coffee and peaceful solitude…have a blessed day dear wanderers…

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  2. Yesterday, Mr. P and I were married 10 years. We agreed to only exchange cards. We were going to go on vacation over Thanksgiving to celebrate, then we bought a house that we cancelled. Sooooo. We just went out to dinner last night after we dropped Little Miss off to her mommy. Turns out the people at the table behind me were celebrating their 5th anniversary.

    In other news I went to get a pedicure yesterday. They weren’t busy so I got about two hours of pampering between a pedicure and a plain manicure. I also get “Hannah’s” full life story. Her mother had her at 18. Her grandparents and a friend of her mother’s really helped raise her while her mother worked and went to school.
    Hannah got pregnant at 21. She is now 23. She had twins and 7 months ago her mother arranged for a cousin to adopt the children. Hannah was depressed, her mother didn’t want to raise the children, and then she “kicked Hannah out”.
    So….pretty much Hannah got counceling from me. I told her the most important thing a mother can do for her children is make the right decision for the children no matter how much it hurts her heart. Luckily this is going to be an open adoption and the twins will grow up with a sibling and a mommy and daddy.
    I gave her financial advice which included fix the car you are driving – do NOT go try to buy a car right now they will take advantage of you.
    I gave her my card because she said she may be interested in getting into real estate. I told her I could offer her a free real estate course but to save up money before she decided to try that.
    She show me pictures of the twins on her phone. As she went to ring me up and let me gather my things, I left what little cash I had under her phone, and I gave a generous tip. The wrecker service had come to get her car to fix it, as it wouldn’t crank and a new battery didn’t fix it.
    I guess all of this goes back to the post I made yesterday about the past two years, real estate has been very good to me.

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  3. Happy Anniversary Kim and Mr P. ♥️

    Praying for Hannah. Thankful the Lord led you where He did…His timing is best. May she someday soon know the One who placed you there.

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  4. Thank you.

    We’ll do the “state of the marriage” lunch/ dinner tomorrow.

    Kitchen cabinets go in today at our daughter’s house in a friendly work party.

    Then it’s 4-6 weeks for the countertops (!) and the hardest house work season is done.

    She’ll move in next month.

    I guess the kid is finally leaving home for good. 🙂

    I can’t believe how much emptier the house will be. I guess I have been paring down more effectively than I thought. Most of the kids’ possessions are almost gone.

    Now, about my father-in-law’s books and papers . . . (He died in 1998).

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  5. Good morning everyone!

    Happy Anniversary M & R! And many more happy ones to come.

    Kim, that was a great story! And what a fortunate girl to have you as a customer to help encourage her along the way. Indeed a divine appointment. Sounds like you have a nice Thanksgiving planned. But what about the new house you bought? Aren’t you still moving?

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  6. Debra, they said no to the house.

    I got an email yesterday and I am invited to my sisters for dinner. along with her husbands mom and aunt. Fun to see their home and catch up.

    So an old friend came to visit at my friends house yesterday, a fellow that we all know from college. Well this may be his last trip so she invited some other old friends and my two daughters, along with Archie and Lucy. A sweet time of visiting.

    And then we all drove over to see my house. So I finally got to show my house and what I am doing to my daughters. It was dusk so I was glad that the new fans had lights. The kids just raced all over, which was what I wanted. I wanted them to know that this is grandmas house. I just forgot to take pictures. But it was wonderful to share.

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  7. Yesterday afternoon, Boy was outside playing with Gabby and a couple kids from the apartment house next to us. At one point, Gabby (whose mom had gone out for a bit and locked their door) asked if she could come in and wash some dirt off her hands. While she was doing that, she and Boy were talking about their annoyance with the little boy who had been playing with them.

    I had to laugh upon hearing Gabby (who will be 13 in three months) complain that “Kids under ten think they can just do whatever they want!” As if 12 and 13 year olds don’t try the same thing. 😀

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  8. Happy anniversaries!

    Kim, I love to hear about God’s orchestrated meetings and perfect timing. You were blessed to be a blessing. Praying for Hannah, and most immediately that her car gets fixed for an affordable price.

    I saw a headline a while this week that said the new cars are finally coming back into stock — but no one can afford them as the prices are now much higher than they were.

    Used cars also are through the roof now, apparently, and without a big selection, so I’m grateful I was forced to make that purchase a couple years ago. Due to working from home these past few years, I’ve also put only about 7-8,000 miles on the “new” used car, it’s only at about 49,000 miles now, so it should have a good lifespan left.

    As for the house, it’s getting to be crunch time for clearing off the home office spaces I will need to use again in just a few more days.

    I’m trying get some enthusiasm going for the return to work. But that’s proving to be a challenge.

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  9. Not bad, M.

    I used to put tons of miles on my cars, and I would never trade them in before well over 100,000 miles — my former VW Jetta (bought new) had 200,000 miles on it when I sold it to buy the gently-used (and beloved) 2007 Jeep Liberty (6,000 miles) in early 2008.

    The Jetta took me far and wide and on numerous, regular weekly trips and from to various Bible studies, choir practice, work assignments, at least a couple Ligonier conferences within the state. Life is much closer to home these days.

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  10. Coffee Creamer Update:

    A couple weeks ago or so, I mentioned how good the Aldi brand of Almond Milk Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer was. The strange thing is that the next day, it didn’t seem to taste as good as the first day, although it was still good.

    Since then, we have had the regular Aldi brand (Barissimo) Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer, and I think that that was better than the almond milk one. Very good.

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  11. We survived the karate tournament. I brought a book, recommended here: Surprised by Oxford. But sitting on a bleacher bench for seven and a half hours is hard on the body.

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  12. Good morning, all. Beautiful morning here following a beautiful night with a full night and bright Jupiter and a chicken loss from the chicken tree at two in the morning so I was up to see the beautiful night.

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  13. God is good. The flash drive worked and I was able to get pictures from my ipad to my computer to the powerpoint. Whew!

    I texted my kids yesterday to tell them that I was doing this. No pressure, didn’t even invite them, just let them know that it was happening.

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  14. I’ve watched and printed out power points (for work, makes writing some stories so much easier) but I have never had to put one together. Hope all goes smoothly, Jo!

    Mumsee, so sorry you’re not feeling tip-top, praying it’s short-lived.

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  15. Last Sunday was the fifth anniversary of Hubby’s death. (I don’t remember if I mentioned that here on that day or not.) I was touched that a couple of my friends at church remembered.

    There’s something hitting the five year mark that has been hard to deal with emotionally. The day itself wasn’t too bad, although I did cry on and off throughout the day, but this past week has been hard.

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  16. Between Nightingale’s schedule and a couple appointments, and whatever Chickadee had going on, we were not able to get together close to the 2nd for our commemoration of Hubby’s death. But we will be getting together this Tuesday. I am praying for a blessed time for each one of us, and a sense of deeper bonding among us.

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  17. My time of sharing went well. There was a nice group each time. And they asked lots of questions. Mostly by the few who are new and don’t know me or what I have done at all. Still they were all good questions. I gave anyone who wanted one a one kina coin from PNG. They are quite unique with a hole in the middle so they can be hung. This is to remember that their money came from trading shells that were worn on a necklace.

    I thought that they were going to have snacks or something, but there was nothing. Just prayed for me at the end. I guess that that is it.

    No one from my family came.

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  18. So I turned the sound down all the way during Sunday school, but my phone still rang. Yesterday I got a call during a funeral.

    Today it was Home Depot with my flooring quote. Much more than I was thinking. Now I have it printed, I will go over it carefully.

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  19. Even after you turn the phone all the way down you have to move the top button on the left side down on my phone. Then it shows a strip of orange and you won’t hear it.

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  20. Thanks, Kizzie, that was hard.

    So I called them back on the flooring quote. They emailed it and we went over several things. After we were through, I went on my computer and printed it to look over. The first thing it said at the top was that the bid expires tomorrow. I called them back and protested. The fellow could do nothing about it.

    I will not be ordering it tomorrow. I need to pray a bit and see what God has to say. Very unhappy that a bid expires in one day. They even charge for disconnecting and connecting the toilets, which I understand, but it was not cheap.

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  21. It’s nice to have Wes here for a visit. We hiked the board walk trail, and I was able to do the one and a half miles which is not flat, but we went slowly with lots of stops for photos. It encouraged me to do this.

    We also played Upwords and tied at 275 each until I reminded that I had one unused tile so one point subtracted meant a win for him. We always learn new words. For me, I learned the word bole which he knew from a poem by Yeats. A bole is a tree trunk. I used the word po and joked that it is short for poor. He looked it up and discovered it is a chamber pot, so we joked some about being too po to have a po, etc.

    He also went to church with me this morning. It was a weepy service as the fantastic youth pastor announced that he and his wife and new baby will be leaving at year end to pursue a long held calling to go back to MS to pastor a rural church because there is a tremendous need there. Also one of the deacons died this morning. And our worship leader was still out with the concussion from the car accident. But it was a sweet, sweet service, and Sunday school was great as always.

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  22. Jo, Let it expire.

    Get at least one more bid, probably more. First roof bid I got was $10,000. Got it done for $6,000 several bids later, a great father and son team who were excellent workers, permit required city inspections which all passed.

    Bids, bids, bids.


  23. Father and son were from Guatemala, the mom was going through breast cancer treatments and they were working toward becoming full-time roofers. They drove in every morning from way east of LA and worked hard, were delightful and I also hired them to do my bathroom demo and put in the new cast iron tub.

    $10,000 roofer chased me for a while, telling me what a good job he’d do, but didn’t lower his price. No thanks, I told him, I’m sure you’d do an excellent job but it’s not what I can spend.

    You’ll find outrageous bids out there which is why you need to spend some time getting some others lined up. Bids are free. And also can be an excellent education.


  24. Thanks, Dj. The painting bid was wonderful and more than reasonable.
    This was for the whole house, but I could always do less


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