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  1. Mass social contagion, by design.

    This is learned behavior and kids trying to fit in, all encouraged by teachers and indoctrination centers formerly known as schools.

    Perversion is what they learn today. And it’s all encouraged by the media.


    “Number Of Trans Youth in 2021 Up 70% From 2020, 9 Reasons Why Media Is At Fault”


    “In 2020, there were roughly 24,000 new diagnoses of gender dysphoria from kids aged 6-17 but in 2021, that number has nearly doubled in size to more than 42,000 cases. Reason being? The media and society recruiting today’s impressionable kids to force the leftist, progressive narrative and facilitate delusions of gender dysphoria.

    Author David Marcus tweeted an image of a graph from Komodo Health analyzing the findings of an October 6 Reuters report. Reuters cited The National Institutes of Health — the numbers are staggering. Again, in 2021 there were 42,167 new diagnoses of gender dysphoria. What’s more, 17,683 children have started on puberty-blockers or hormones in the last five years, 5,063 of them in 2021. Reuters noted that “These numbers are probably a significant undercount since they don’t include children whose records did not specify a gender dysphoria diagnosis or whose treatment wasn’t covered by insurance.”

    Oh great! Even more trans kids!”

    The Reuters article mentioned a quote from Dr. Rachel Levine the assistant secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, oh and if you didn’t know, Levine is transgender. (And, in case you doubt the media complicity in creating this social contagion, note that Levine was named a USA Today “Woman of the Year” for 2022.)

    “Gender-affirming care for transgender youth is essential and can be life-saving,” Levine noted.

    That’s exactly why we have an issue with this sudden surge of transgender youth. The current administration is not only enabling but encouraging its staff, Big Tech, legacy media and schools to push any and all narratives that promote this gender delusion to kids.

    Here are nine examples accumulated from various MRCTV articles from just the last 12 months that prove who is at fault for this attack on our kids.

    School districts buy and push books emphasizing transgenderism

    In California, a book was distributed to kids that listed ten different sexual orientations and eight different genders. In the same state (no surprises there) kids were trained using a Genderbread Man to learn about what is in between their legs and how to use it. In Portland, Kindergartner’s were presented with explicit and graphic images on transgenderism and over in Minnesota, a principal suggested her elementary school students read a book about a transgender toddler.

    Other than books, schools present lessons on transgenderism

    A school in Colorado encouraged a 12-year-old to question her gender and identity, then told the child not to tell her parents.
    When MRCTV visited the streets of Alexandria, VA, numerous civilians concluded that schools should continue pushing the trans agenda in curricula.

    Children’s programing pushes the trans agenda

    Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven reboot introduced a trans character this July. A month earlier, Disney+ put out a show where the male character Baymax explained that men can have periods too. No they can’t … unless they’re actually women.
    Children’s hospitals provide puberty-blockers and hormone therapy

    Numerous hospitals have been exposed for various pro-transgender youth services. Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital reportedly helped a 9-year-old child switch genders and in Akron Ohio, doctors claimed that puberty suppression helps “buy time.” The hospital in Akron helps kids as young as seven at its “Gender Affirming Center.”
    The media glorifies transgender youth

    Whether it be CNN, MSNBC, ABC or even Fox News, there’s overwhelming support for gender dysphoria in youth. In June, Fox News anchor’s Brian Llenas and Dana Perino presented the story of a 14-year-old transgender child to show his/her “extraordinary courage” for coming out as trans. That segment aired for Fox News’ millions of viewers.

    Media is silent on many crises that arise as a result of gender dysphoria

    In August, transgender activist Eli Erlick was accused of sexually assaulting people after illegally distributing hormone pills. The media never blinked an eye.

    Not to mention a major lack of coverage for cases where youth transition and then de-transition when reality sets in. Why paint that side if it could convince children and parents that transitioning is not wise?
    Celebrities encourage transgenderism”


    There’s more, including “kid friendly” perversion pushed by groomers seeking to bring your kids to the dark side.

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  2. Do go on lady who made her living putting pot smokers in jail….

    And our useless media never call her on it.

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  3. But no mean tweets, right?

    That’s something at least….

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  4. Clutch those pearls harder while normal people laugh at you clowns.

    Point and laugh, it’s what they deserve.


  5. Enjoy!

    And remember to thank those Biden voters for this.


  6. Again, thank those Biden voters for this.

    They helped Joe build this.


  7. What’s the matter?

    You no like living in Dem run Utopias? 🙂

    Then stop electing them.


  8. I think I see why they’re leaving…..

    “Seven days of mayhem: Random killings expose lethality of Democrat crime policies

    More than three-quarters of U.S. voters said violent crime is a major problem in a poll taken one month from Election Day.”


    “A college dad shot by two homeless men high on drugs and long sought by police. An illegal migrant who stabbed eight on the Las Vegas strip. An abused wife slaughtered after her husband was released without cash bail.

    In a single week, the Democrats’ permissive approach to law enforcement — insecure borders, cashless bail and exploding homelessness — left a lethal wake of innocent victims that shook communities coast to coast and invigorated a political debate less than 30 days from mid-term elections.

    “Policymakers have decided that law-abiding citizens are secondary and that those who commit crimes are afforded protections that embolden more crime,” Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro in New York told Fox News earlier this week.

    Molinaro was reacting to the tragic shooting death of Paul Kutz, a 53-year-old college dad who was gunned down in a suburban New York hotel while visiting his son during family weekend at Marist College.

    The suspects were two homeless men wanted in connection with other crimes who were smoking a PCP-like substance and had bomb-making materials in their room, police have said,

    New York has been ground zero for liberals’ experimentation with cashless bail, and the toll exacted by repeat offenders is mounting daily.

    U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin, the GOP nominee for governor of New York, has focused relentlessly on the killing last week of 40-year-old Keaira Bennefield, who was shot dead in front of her children, while wearing a bulletproof vest and fearing for her life from her husband.

    Her husband, Adam Bennefield, is suspected of killing her after he was released on cashless bail on five different charges, including assault, harassment, and menacing — none of which are bail-eligible.

    “There are too many pro-criminal laws getting passed right now up in Albany,” an exasperated Zeldin said last week. “When do we say it’s time to start sticking up for law-abiding New Yorkers instead of sticking up for criminals?”

    The crime wave came literally to Zeldin’s doorstep on Sunday, when two men were shot in front of his Long Island house with his daughters inside.

    The men collapsed by Zeldin’s porch as the congressman was headed to a Columbus Day event in the Bronx, making his home a crime scene.

    The daughters “were at the kitchen table doing homework,” Zeldin said. “One of the bullets landed just 30 feet from them. They acted very swiftly and smartly in response​​​​​.”

    Halfway across the country, the iconic Las Vegas Strip was turned into a bloody killing field Thursday when a Guatemalan man illegally in the United States knifed eight victims, killing two, including a showgirl, police said.

    The episode stunned tourists and street entertainers alike, some of whom said they were afraid to go back on the streets.

    “We’re all really distraught — it happened on one of the safer locations on the Strip and at 11 o’clock in the morning,” showgirl Mikayla Yegge told the New York Post.

    “We don’t feel safe being out there,” she added. “We don’t know what we’re going to do next or how we are going to continue to make money.””

    This is the work of Democrats.

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  9. Cowards.

    They don’t dare risk exposing their views on issues to the voters.

    “Democrats Are Afraid to Debate GOP Opponents

    Some are simply refusing to defend their own records in public forums.”


    “Americans have long since come to expect debates between candidates for major public office. For many voters, these encounters provide the only opportunity to see how competing candidates comport themselves in a venue that is nominally beyond their control. In close contests, these debates can sometimes be crucial to the final outcome. Yet, as the November midterms rapidly approach, many Democrats have been extremely reluctant to meet their Republican opponents face-to-face on a debate stage. Indeed, in several high-profile contests, they have flatly refused to do so.

    U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) is the latest Democrat to back out of a public debate with a Republican challenger. The NH Journal reports that the senator’s campaign contacted the Nashua Chamber of Commerce, which was to have hosted the debate, and announced that Hassan would pull out of the event if she would be required to appear on stage alongside retired Brig. Gen. Don Bolduc. According to Chamber President Wendy Hunt, both campaigns had previously agreed to participate in this standard debate format. Now, Hassan’s campaign presumably believes it can run out the clock because she seems to be leading in the polls.

    But an email to donors from the Senator’s campaign manager, Aaron Jacobs, warns that “the polls are sugar-coated for any Democratic candidate.” His email, which was originally reported by Axios, adds the following: “Our own internal polling shows that Don Bolduc is quickly consolidating the Republican base and is rapidly making up ground against Senator Hassan.” This is particularly significant because, due to New Hampshire’s late primaries, Bolduc has been the official GOP nominee for less than a month. The Bolduc campaign responded to Hassan’s refusal to debate him with the following statement:

    Senator Hassan’s refusal to stand on stage beside General Bolduc is perfectly understandable but also entirely unacceptable.… Public officials owe it to the people they are seeking to represent to make the case directly and answer their questions, not hide behind attack ads sponsored by special interests in Washington. This is the action of a desperate politician who knows she is going to face the music from voters in a few short weeks and her time in politics is running out.

    Another high-profile contest that features a debate-shy Democrat is the Arizona gubernatorial race. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs justifies her refusal to face off with Republican nominee Kari Lake with this word salad: “Unfortunately, debating a conspiracy theorist like Kari Lake — whose entire campaign platform is to cause enormous chaos and make Arizona the subject of national ridicule — would only lead to constant interruptions, pointless distractions, and childish name-calling.” Lake is a former television journalist who excels in the cut and thrust of political combat. This is, of course, the actual reason Hobbs won’t face her.

    Hobbs’ refusal to debate Lake is particularly risky, considering that the latter holds a slight lead in the polls, according to the RealClearPolitics average. Hobbs is clearly counting on the corporate media to provide her safe spaces where she can accuse Lake, who has been endorsed by former President Trump, of extremism without being questioned about her controversial tenure in the Arizona Senate. Hobbs, as it happens, was found guilty of racial discrimination against staff while she was Minority Leader of that body. Lake reminds Arizona voters of that sordid episode in a video response to Hobbs’ refusal to face her in a debate:

    For the first time in the history of our state there will be no Clean Elections gubernatorial debate. Bucking state tradition my opponent, Katie Hobbs, made it official: She will not share a debate stage with me under any circumstance. To be honest, I’m not thrilled with the idea of sharing a debate stage with a twice convicted racist like Katie Hobbs. I have made it abundantly clear that I would do so because the Arizona voters deserve nothing less than to hear from both of us.

    Yet another high-profile race in which a Democrat refuses to face a Republican opponent involves Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial contest. Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro is running against GOP State Sen. Doug Mastriano, who has challenged the former to debate him in a venue where the media can’t run interference (à la Candy Crowley). Mastriano has instead proposed an arrangement whereby he and Shapiro would pick moderators of their own choice and field questions from both during an October debate. Shapiro refuses to consider any such arrangement, and dismisses any suggestion that the legacy media is biased.

    That claim was debunked last Friday during a debate between GOP Sen. Ron Johnson and Democratic challenger Mandela Barnes. The event was broadcast from the studios of Milwaukee PBS, and the first question asked had nothing to do with top voter issues like inflation, the economy, crime, or illegal immigration. It was about, as the questioner phrased it, “the topic of marijuana legislation.” The next question was about the exigencies of cash bail. By that point it had become clear that the event was little more than a media showcase for Mandela Barnes. This is what Democrats expect, and usually get, in a “debate.”

    Some Democrats have tried to avoid even this kind of softball tournament. In Pennsylvania, Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman used every dodge in the book to avoid debating his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz. Fetterman finally caved under public pressure and will allegedly debate Dr. Oz once on October 25. Likewise, Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) stalled as long as possible before agreeing to a single debate with GOP challenger Tiffany Smiley. Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) temporized as long as he could before finally accepting a single debate proposed by Republican challenger Herschel Walker on October 14.”

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  10. Unserious Clown Alert!

    You knew this had to be Trump’s fault…. 🙄

    But grifters grift, and he can’t blame Biden because this clown told you to vote for Biden, so he would further shame himself.

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  11. It seems the clown from the Miami Herald is just full of fake news.

    Here’s more of her rifting….


  12. Once again Dems in powerful places leak personal medical info for political purposes, which is promptly published by their Pravda like outlets.

    Women should be outraged about this.

    This seems way worse than one woman calling another a skank too….

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  13. The increase in gender dysphoria can be attributed not to teachers and public schools but the fact that in 2020, many kids were out of school and supposedly learning online. It’s online where kids learn the most about gender dysphoria. Sure some schools have attempted to make trans children comfortable in school but for the most part teachers don’t actually encourage gender dysphoria. Most of my colleagues are uncomfortable teaching “growth and development” and for years handed the task off to me, and that was just body parts, birth control, STIs, etc. Gender in Ontario is discussed in gr 7 and 8 but for less than one lesson and most kids find it irrelevant so they warn to move on. It’s the internet that initiates the child’s curiosity.

    The left is well aware of Harris’s conviction record. She was called out on a radio program when she was running to be the nominee. She admitted to smoking pot while in university – obviously the next question was do you feel like a hypocrite.

    The United States is still the world’s leading producer of oil and gas. The US is still a net exporter of oil and gas. The US is still energy independent. The whole tweet is a lie easily discerned in two minutes on google. The only thing that has changed is the increased greed of corporations. The price per barrel is the same as it was 2014 but it’s not the same price per gallon.

    I have sympathy for small businesses but it’s not Biden’s fault – inflation is everywhere in the world. It was initially a supply shock to pent up demand and now its simple profit gouging. Corporate profits are at record levels in almost all sectors and people are distracted by politics as opposed to greed.

    The move from some states to other states is not much different from the movement from provinces to other provinces. Ontario and BC are losing to internal migration to places like Alberta and Nova Scotia and the simple reason is property/rental costs and then commuting time to work. I imagine it’s the same for California and New Jersey. I have friends who’ve moved to Nova Scotia – sell their over priced house here and buy something cheaper over there and have money leftover to retire early. My retirement plan also includes selling my overpriced house in the GTA and moving to a cottage at least 5 hours away from Toronto. With the money left over, I will live very comfortably.

    Many candidates from various parties will refuse debates. It’s the same here, Liberals and Conservatives will frequently skip debates if they feel they are ahead. In many cases its game playing as candidates seek debate conditions favorable to them which is why they usual settle disputes and have a debate toward the end of the campaign especially if its close.

    The Lincoln Project just released an ad connecting the Republicans and Trump to supporting Putin or at least withdrawing support to Ukraine. I imagine it’s a strategy that’s polled to be advantageous to Democrats. And it’s not that over the top – American First in the thirties was isolationists and opposed FDRs support to the allies. The current American First has similar isolationist tendencies.

    Twitter is not journalism. Its journalists gossiping so they can call “first” if they are actually right. Hence, don’t believe twitter.


  14. Oh – and would not the increased business in smuggling be a sign that Biden’s America is more attractive than Trump’s America? Or and more likely its a sign that there is greater economic and political distress in Latin America especially Venezuela. Don’t want Venezuelan migrants; change US policy towards Venezuela.


  15. Uhhh… sure HRW….

    Biden’s US is clearly more attractive to the criminal smugglers and fentanyl dealing cartels.

    But that’s not the win you think it is.

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  16. Smears are in again.

    “The Democrat/Media Smear Machine Comes for Herschel Walker in Georgia Senate Race

    “The Democrats want to destroy this country, and they will try to destroy anyone who gets in their way””


    “In the race for U.S. Senate in Georgia, Herschel Walker was making significant gains in polls up until about a week ago. Democrats and their media allies sharpened their claws and came after Walker, hammering him with negative news stories, and unfortunately, it has affected his poll numbers.

    Raphael Warnock now has a 3.8 point lead in the Real Clear Politics average of polls.

    According to NBC News, neither candidate wants to talk about the allegations:

    Abortion bombshell rocks Georgia Senate race. Neither candidate wants to discuss it.

    Another shoe dropped in the unfolding drama involving Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker when The Daily Beast reported Wednesday that the ex-girlfriend whose abortion he is alleged to have paid for in 2009 is also the mother of one of his four children.

    But the next day, neither candidate wanted to talk about it.

    Walker, who supports a ban on abortion without any exceptions, issued another blanket denial when asked about The Daily Beast’s reporting Thursday, telling reporters after a campaign event in Wadley: “The abortion thing is false. It’s a lie.”

    “The Democrats are desperate for this seat. This seat is important. They’re very desperate for this seat,” Walker said.

    His Democratic opponent, Sen. Raphael Warnock, sidestepped two questions from NBC News here about whether he believes Walker’s denials and whether he thinks Georgians can trust Walker. Warnock then pivoted to his support for abortion rights, saying, “The people of Georgia need a senator who will stand with women.”

    Herschel Walker is right. Democrats are desperate to hold on to this seat. And Raphael Warnock doesn’t need to discuss the allegations. He has the entire media to do that for him.”

    “FOX News reports:

    Sens Rick Scott, Tom Cotton to stump for Walker after abortion payment accusation: ‘I’m on Herschel’s team’

    Sen. Rick Scott, the chair of the Senate GOP’s election arm, and Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., will travel to Georgia for a Tuesday event supporting Herschel Walker, the first major campaign stop following accusations that the Republican Senate nominee paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion a decade ago.

    Walker has denied that he paid $700 a woman to get an abortion or had a child with her, and further reports have alleged that he encouraged the woman to have a second abortion, which she refused to do. But as the accusations trickle in, Republicans have rallied around Walker as he runs to defeat incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in a crucial midterm race that could determine whether the GOP retakes control of the Senate.

    “The Democrats want to destroy this country, and they will try to destroy anyone who gets in their way,” Scott, the junior senator from Florida and chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, told Fox News Digital in a statement…

    The Walker campaign event is scheduled to take place Tuesday afternoon in Carrollton, Georgia.”

    Sure it’s a smear, but some folks fall for anything, because it’s what they want to be true.

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  17. Good.

    Make the people who voted for these people pay for it.

    If it doesn’t cost them, they’ll never learn their lesson.

    “Court: Barrington (RI) School Committee Liable For Attorney’s Fees Of Teachers Fired Over Covid Vax Mandate

    A follow up to our prior coverage of the three Christian teachers fired after the district refused even to consider their requests for religious exemption. Court imposed a $500 fine for an open meetings violation and more significantly, the teacher’s attorney’s fees that could be $30,000.”


    “Three Barrington, Rhode Island school teachers fired by their school district for refusing the COVID vaccine achieved a welcome but limited victory at the end of September in Rhode Island Superior Court.

    As we reported here, this past May, Associate Justice Jeffrey A. Lanphear ruled that the Barrington School Committee violated Rhode Island’s Open Meetings Act (OMA) when it failed to give the public sufficient notice before enacting its Covid vaccine mandate. Following a hearing in August to determine the penalties for the committee’s violation, Judge Lanphear has now awarded attorney’s fees that could total tens of thousands of dollars and imposed a nominal $500 fine on the committee.

    The teachers’ battle to get their jobs back is not over, however, because the court declined to void the policy.

    Greg Piccirilli, the teachers’ lawyer, said in an interview last week that they are pursuing other legal options to reinstate the teachers and recover their back pay.”



    Piccirilli says, though, that there are other roads to recovery for the beleaguered teachers to get their jobs back and recover lost wages.

    The teachers’ administrative appeal of the school committee’s decision to fire them—stayed pending Judge Lanphear’s final decision—is now set go forward, Piccirilli says, once a hearing date is scheduled.

    There are also state and federal discrimination claims in progress that will likely end up in court down the line.

    And although Judge Lanphear did not directly address back pay, Piccirilli is confident the teachers will eventually recover their lost wages. He says that whether the education department upholds the teachers’ terminations or not, there will be an appeal to the superior court. Once there, the law on back pay is on the teachers’ side and he believes they will win.

    Even so, Piccirilli says the school committee and its lawyer show no signs of backing down. They have taken a “guerilla tactic approach to this litigation.” It’s “as if these teachers were like axe murderers.”

    But they are such good people and good teachers, he says, all extremely well qualified and so undeserving of the vitriol and venom hurled at them by the school officials.

    “All that they spew on these poor women is just staggering.””

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  18. That’s part of the service they provide Democrats. They pretend Dems are running ahead to discourage potential R voters. It’s the oldest trick in the Dem/Media collusion handbook.


    “Polls infamously don’t tell the whole story regarding an election. They’re effectively using a sample of people to gauge the voting population’s mood before they head to the voting booth to pull the lever.

    One trusted pollster who tends to get it right more than others is sounding the alarm that polls during the midterm election season are a bit off and is warning Democrats, in particular, that their leads in many polls aren’t as strong as they may think.

    According to the Daily Wire, Trafalgar group founder and senior strategist Robert Cahaly sat down with the site’s new show “Election Wire,” where Cahaly noted that Republicans are being severely underrepresented and the Democrats don’t have the numbers most polls are telling them they do:

    “These submerged voters aren’t answering polls, they aren’t putting stickers on their cars, or signs in their yard — they’re not even posting on social media,” Cahaly said. “They are underwater. They’re not saying a word to anybody until election day.”

    Cahaly said voters shouldn’t trust polls in the coming weeks, considering many pollsters failed to accurately predict the last three elections by highly favoring Democrats and undercounting Republicans.

    “Polls have two purposes,” he said. “They’re either to reflect the electorate, or they’re to affect the electorate — and too many of these media and university-based polls are designed to affect the electorate and are trying to create a false narrative quite often when there’s not one.””


    “The thing is, even with Republicans being undersampled, many mainstream polls are already signifying Republicans are doing very well. If Trafalgar is right — and they have a record of being more on the accurate side — then the rumored Republican red wave is very real.”


  19. So no choice at all.


    “A curious phenomenon has unfolded in the post-Dobbs media landscape. Democrats decided to make abortion their midterm rallying cry after the Supreme Court overturned Roe, making the issue a convenient distraction from Joe Biden and the economy … or so they hoped. The media played along with it all summer long, especially when Republicans began drafting legislation that produced limits on abortion.

    Aha!, Democrats cried. The Handmaid’s Tale is upon us!

    However, the specifics of those proposals forced the media into an uncomfortable position for Democrats. The media began to ask tough questions about limits, and two Democrat gubernatorial candidates demonstrated over the weekend how extreme their party has become.

    First off, let’s look at Katie Hobbs’ version of “choice” in Arizona. Even under Major Garrett’s mild questioning on CBS’ Face the Nation yesterday, Hobbs refused to support any limits on abortion:”


    “This clip misses Hobbs’ claim that GOP candidate Kari Lake was “misconstruing” her view on abortion by claiming that she supports “abortion right up until birth.” And immediately after that, Hobbs refused to set a limit on abortion anywhere other than “right up until birth.” Lake also noted that Hobbs voted against a form of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act as well, a point that Garrett doesn’t mention.

    At almost the same time, Stacey Abrams tried claiming that the question is invalid because no one can define when pregnancy starts. Huh?”

    “Now that Democrats made abortion their main plank in the midterms, they have no way now to hide from their extreme positions. Their campaign promises to “restore Roe,” but Roe and Casey had allowed for limits on legal abortions in states, usually at or near viability. Now that the courts stopped being the arbiter of policy, Democrats have to articulate what their policies will actually be. The answers they give show just how radical Democrats actually are on abortion, and how little they actually represent the mainstream of American thought.

    The big surprise here is that the media is actually pinning them down on their favored issue. But perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised; Democrats left them little choice, and Republicans’ efforts to specify their policies stripped away the cover Democrats and the media had.”


    Gee HRW, this doesn’t look like the winning campaign issue you and Dems thought it was.

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  20. A neutral media would be all over this, but we don’t have one of those.

    “Why Does John Fetterman Have Convicted Murderers on His Payroll?

    They are only free now because a political hack who wants to break our justice system found it expedient to let them out.”


    “The media usually find a way to twist facts to fit their political narrative, but their powers of distortion are being tested by Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman. Shockingly, or perhaps not, the soft-on-crime progressive has two convicted murderers working for his campaign. This scandal somehow flew under the radar until September, when Dr. Mehmet Oz, his Republican opponent, started making it an issue. Even now, the self-appointed “fact checkers” have barely touched the story, and with good reason.

    Dennis and Lee Horton were convicted of second-degree murder for their unambiguous roles in a deadly armed robbery in 1993. The mainstream media have credulously repeated the brothers’ shoddy narrative of the crime, resorting to the usual liberal clichés to paint the Hortons as victims of the system and model prisoners deserving of a second chance. While obligingly noting that the brothers “maintain” their innocence, the Hortons’ advocates have not supplied any real evidence to cast doubt on the verdict and the judgment of the courts, which rejected their appeals repeatedly, that is, until they were sprung out of jail by their pal Fetterman.

    The evidence at trial showed that the Hortons and a third man, a childhood friend named Robert Leaf, held up Filito’s Bar in Philadelphia on Memorial Day. During the robbery, a man named Samuel Alamo was shot dead. A woman and her daughter were also shot. When police caught up with the robbers a mile from the bar, they found a .22 caliber rifle in the back of their car. Eyewitnesses, including the injured woman and her daughter, identified the Hortons as participants in the robbery, and they were convicted of second-degree murder, which in Pennsylvania comes with an automatic life sentence. Leaf was convicted of third-degree murder.

    The Hortons claim that they just happened to pick Leaf up in their car during a fateful beer run without realizing he had just killed someone. This dog-ate-my-homework story has been repeated by Fetterman and most media, including the publicly-funded PBS.

    Without any meaningful exculpatory evidence, the Hortons and their advocates have made much ado about nothing. Exhibit A is a police note marking Leaf as the shooter that the Hortons obtained from the so-called Convictions Integrity Unit, an office established by far-Left prosecutor Larry Krasner. The trial court heard from three witnesses that Dennis Horton, not Leaf, killed Alamo. For good measure, the Hortons invoked hearsay from a cellmate claiming that Leaf confessed to the murder and asked for a DNA swab from Leaf’s sweatshirt.

    The Superior Court of Pennsylvania found last year that none of these challenges would raise any doubt that the Hortons participated in a lethal armed robbery, which under Pennsylvania’s laws made them liable for second-degree murder. Fetterman, not surprisingly, has blasted the state’s murder laws as unjustly harsh. The Hortons’ frivolous plea was likewise based on vague, sweeping complaints about the police process that the courts found unpersuasive, not to mention contradictory: while much of their case was premised on police being told initially that Leaf was the shooter, the Hortons sought to discredit eyewitnesses who identified them as robbers with blunderbuss attacks on the validity of eyewitness testimony in principle. This is criminal justice, progressive style: ignore the evidence, and attack the system.

    The Hortons spent almost 30 years in jail before Fetterman came to their rescue last year with a pardon that he orchestrated from the Board of Pardons, which he runs and has used to aggressively pursue a reformist agenda. Fetterman now accuses Oz, with typical self-righteousness, of “smearing” the “wrongfully convicted” Hortons. By Fetterman’s circular logic, they are “wrongfully convicted” because of a pardon that Fetterman himself helped to secure.

    Even Josh Shapiro, the Democratic progressive candidate for governor, initially opposed pardons for the Hortons. But they became an important piece of a phony personal narrative for Fetterman, who with odd familiarity described the brothers as two of the “kindest and hardest-working people I know.” Coming from the man who was living off his parents until middle-age, that isn’t much of a compliment. “

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  21. There goes Joe, making the US more appealing to invaders again. This is way better than Trump.

    Obama phones for illegal invaders.

    “Biden DHS Hands Out Cell Phones to Over 255,000 Illegal Aliens”


    “Over the course of the last year, the Biden Administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has given out free cell phones to at least 255,000 illegal aliens who either crossed the border or were captured and released into the United States.

    Breitbart reports that the data was published by the DHS, as part of the department’s broader Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program, which seeks other methods of handling illegals besides simply apprehending and deporting them. The DHS claims that the purpose of the cell phone scheme was to be able to track their locations using the phones.

    To this end, the over 255,000 phones were given to illegals over a one-year period between October 1st, 2021, and September 30th, 2022. The phones themselves are allegedly incapable of making calls or searching the internet. The program costs approximately $360,000 per day.

    In Fiscal Year 2021, only about 26,000 illegals were given cell phones in the same fashion, thus indicating an 880 percent increase in 2022.

    Since Biden first took power and implemented an “open-borders” policy on immigration, the number of illegals who have entered the United States currently exceeds 2.2 million; this includes those who have made the border crossing without being detected by Border Patrol agents, which are known as “gotaways.” Since January of 2021, at least 1.35 million illegals have ultimately been released into the country after being apprehended. The DHS’s designated “non-detained docket” has released over 3.3 million illegals.”


    Here’s the proof via Breitbart


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  22. You do know that most fentayl is either made in the US or smuggled in by US citizens at legal border points including via shipping containers and airplanes.

    I like the cognitive dissonance displayed by Republicans. “Democrats are engaged in a smear campaign…….Democrats want to destroy the country”

    I still don’t understand a religious exemption to one particular vaccine. I’d like to see the theology behind it.

    Pro-choice is exactly that. The woman chooses the medical treatment for their own body not the gov’t. This attempt to obscure the Republicans position which in some cases is extreme. Its also misleading to say someone supports abortion until birth because they don’t want to legislate on the issue. Abortion is complex and simple numbers ie 20 vs 22 vs 2nd trimester hide the personal health needs of each individual. In addition, allowing women complete choice isn’t the equivilant of abortion til the end. There are no laws on abortion in Canada. However, its almost impossible to procure abortion in the 3rd trimester. OB/GYNs who do abortions will not touch it unless its absolutely necessary (not to mention the insurance costs if this is a common practise). In practise, 90% of all abortions are obtained in the first 12 weeks. If abortion is completely legal, late abortions are extremely rate so in effect asking Democrats for a time is a gotcha question. Abortions are mostly done by 12 weeks.

    30 years in jail is a life sentence. They’ve served their time and after 30 years they should be allowed to be full participating members of society. I imagine they are still on parole. Honestly a waste of money to keep some people in jail for 30 years.

    Cell phones for those claiming asulym or migrants makes sense — its a tracking mechanism plus you can email and/or text the information for their next hearing.


  23. Trafalgar Group, although good, is a Republican polling firm so the CEOs comments are not that surprising. They had one really good year, 2016. Since then they lean to the Republican party by about 2-3%. Rasmussen, another Republican pollster, leans about 1-2%. On the other hand YouGov is usually 2-3% on the Democrat side. Aggregates usually smooth over these internal biases. In the last two elections FOX News polls have been the most accurate. And right now, they favor Warnock and Fetterman.

    An interesting point I’ve noted so far this year is the different results between Registered Voters and Likely Votes. A poll of RVs will tend to favor Democrats and LV favors Republicans. This isn’t surprising since Democratic voters tend to need more motivation (which in the Dodd case was the turning point). The demographics of the LV sample is based on previous voter demographics. Thus if more young women vote than the previous two elections, it will favor the Democrats and the RV polls will be more correct than LV. Voter turnout and motivation is key for the democrats. Motivated by their desire to get rid of Trump created the largest turnout in American history. The question now is will the Dodd decision create the largest mid term turnout.


  24. As for the aggregates RCP says 0.9% Republican and 538 gives Democrats the same margin in a generic vote. Currently it looks like the Democrats keep the Senate by 1-3 seats and the Republicans get the House by a margin of 1-7. The Democrats need about 3% more votes to counter the rural and gerrymander advantage of the Republicans.


  25. If the Dems gain in the house and senate it will be only due to one thing…they cheated..simple.

    Pro-choice is exactly that. The woman chooses the medical treatment for their own body not the gov’t-

    let’s not forget it is not “medical treatment for their own body”….there happens to be another body involved….and therein lies the rub….seems some just refuse to acknowledge that FACT.

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