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  1. Or perhaps his quote doesn’t mean what he said and someone will be along with a more nuanced explanation for why he didn’t mean what he said.

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  2. The question of what is allowed in local libraries has nothing to do with free speech. No one can walk into a library and just hold forth speaking, nor can they add whatever books they want. Libraries are run by boards. There is a head librarian who also makes decisions. Ultimately, they are run by city, county, state or federal boards. Speakers and those leading activities are invited in.

    If we say everything must be allowed in libraries (or zoos for that matter) we must be ready to accept the most absurd interpretation. I could give examples, but let your imagination go. It is foolish nonsense.

    Our country has been for free speech since its founding and never would have accepted this nonsense and pure evil. Our country is accepting more and more evil. Each individual will choose for themselves to vote for this or participate in it (by whoever they vote in office). For myself I will never support it. It has absolutely nothing to do with free speech.

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  3. Sad, sad, sad that people think others need to kill their child to succeed in school or life. There are millions of examples of those who managed to succeed when they had unexpected pregnancies. Woe to those who spread this and cause others to sin. Luke 17:1-3

    I pray daily for a fear of God for those in office. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

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  4. Obviously “the president’s wallet” is a figure of speech. However, the contrast has been drawn; DeSantis spends state money on a publicity stunt but then needs federal money for what gov’t is supposed to do. In addition, contrasts have been drawn between Trump and Biden in how they handle disaster relief — no one saw Biden throwing paper towels. And he avoided distinguishing who and who didn’t vote for him .

    I interpreted the quote from the Education Secretary, “students need health care to thrive in school and life, including reproductive health care” to mean students need access to health care in general and specifically he mentions contraception and “reproductive health”. It’s an endorsement of some type of universal health care, the latter are mentioned for political reasons. The Democrats want to remind young women to vote and to vote for “reproductive health care”. I’m sure they did their polling and it shows it’s a winning issue. Nuance with a healthy dose of cynicism.

    Libraries are public institutions; the person who is in charge of bookings and activities can’t discriminate based on their personal feelings or beliefs. Of course, there has to be order – hence you book in advance, you state what the purpose is, and you stick to it. Does this mean your local neo-nazis can book a story hour? Those of a liberatarian attitude towards free speech would say unfortunately yes, I’d hope people would have the common sense not to show up. Both people on the left and right would disagree but my reply is usually “I like to know who are the idiots in my community, let the nazis out themselves”


  5. I agree with hoping people have the common sense not to show up. However, libraries are places that children can walk to (and often do) all by themselves. Not all their parents would even know it was happening in this age of a lack of newspapers and busy parents.

    The library I go to was a place my children could wait for us to pick them up after school, as it was for many other children. There is also the fact that if I have to avoid going to the library because this is happening in the main public area, that takes away my freedom. Small potatoes that last thing, but none the less.

    There was a reason that cities had red light districts. It is sad that we no longer think protecting children’s sensibilities is worthwhile.

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  6. As the article I shared yesterday said, one can disagree with French’s view on whether or not Drag Queen Story Hours are a part of free speech, but don’t insinuate that he is in favor of them. Among even conservatives, there is controversy over what can be considered free speech and what goes over the line. But French’s words were in favor of his view of free speech, whether you agree with it or not, not in favor of DQSH. He used a figure of speech and hyperbole to make his point.

    An example of that kind of view was back in the 70s when the ACLU defended the right of Nazis to march in Skokie, Illinois, while also being very much opposed to Nazis.

    French also made this point:

    “Few American communities benefit more from court-mandated equal-access rulings than the American Christian community. Strike down viewpoint neutrality as a principle (or close public access to public buildings entirely), and you would suddenly find the doors of university classrooms, library reading rooms, and publicly-owned civic centers slammed in Christian faces in cities across the land.

    Sohrab ominously mentioned that there are 35 “chapters” of drag queen reading hour across the land. Yet there are thousands of churches that access public buildings. There are tens of thousands of chapters of Christian groups such as Young Life, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Cru, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship that access public buildings.

    Simply put, “free speech for me but not for thee” cannot be an organizing principle of American life. It is unjust and unwise.”

    The article goes on to make the point that communities that do not want DQSH in their libraries can take it up with those libraries.

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  7. Tip of the iceberg…

    This is almost exactly what Mike Lindell was alleging after the stolen 2020 elections. Lindell contended that he had records showing election day internet data transfer between election machines and sites in Communist China.

    For his trouble, what he received was Democrat harassment, a lawsuit filed against him, and his phone taken by the corrupt FBI.


    “The head of Konnech Corporation, a Michigan-based software company, was arrested on Oct. 4 for allegedly stealing and storing personal data of Los Angeles County election workers on servers in China.

    Konnech’s CEO Eugene Yu, 51, was arrested on charges of stealing “the personal identifying information” of LA County election workers, according to the LA County District Attorney’s Office.

    Investigators also seized computer hard drives and other digital data relevant to the case. The office said that it would seek Yu’s extradition to Los Angeles.

    According to the office, Konnech won a five-year, $2.9 million contract with LA County in 2020 for an election worker management system—named PollChief software—that was used by the county in the last California election.

    The software was designed to assist with poll worker assignments, communications, and payroll, LA County District Attorney George Gascon said in a statement.

    Under the contract, Konnech was supposed to securely maintain the data and only provide access to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. But investigators found that it stored the data on servers in China.”

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  8. Public libraries and public schools are similar in that they are public spaces we share in which children spend a lot of time. Traditionally these areas and others are referred to as the “commons”. As parents, we need to teach our kids how to navigate the commons according to our beliefs. I was (am? she’s 24) an extremely liberal parent but my daughter knew what I valued – equity, human rights, social justice, etc. In the public schools where I teach, there is a diverse mix of people (deliberate in my city as public housing is dispersed throughout the city) and thus a variety of different values in the classroom. Parents who teach or model their values well are easily known through their children’s actions and words. Parent well, and your kids will know when the “commons” are not demonstrating their values and perhaps its time to be critical. Trust your kids, everyday I see kids acting according to their parents’ values. A drag queen story hour won’t turn them away from their parent’s value system, they will simply move to a different part of the library.

    As for freedom, we share public spaces and thus we need to compromise and share the privilege and responsibility civil society gives us. It’s not a matter of freedom, it’s a matter of sharing the commons.


  9. French is using the 1st ammendment as justification to exploit children. That’s what these shows do, they groom and exploit.

    He’s excusing that and celebrating it as a good use of the protections it provides.

    The 1st ammendment doesn’t excuse criminal behavior. In any other setting grinding and stripping in front if children is a crime, this is too.

    This isn’t difficult, unless your looking to excuse his comment.

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  10. As I said earlier, one can disagree with his view of how far freedom of speech goes, but that doesn’t mean that he is in favor of DQSH.


  11. Yes, Kizzie, but where IS the line drawn? With that argument you could not stop a stripper’s club from going in and demonstrating stripping or any of thousands of other possibilities. The kinds of programs you could have are endless. And it will continue to go down the slippery slope until Jesus comes or until Christians start being light and salt. To take the side that this is okay does the opposite. The reason Christian activities have always been in these places is because of our history and traditions. To continue that does not mean we have to continue this. I reject the premise. Ultimately hearts do have to be changed, of course.


  12. Kathaleena – Whether or not DQSH should be allowed and whether or not French is in favor of it are two different issues that seem to be getting tied into one. To be clear, my comments have not been in favor of DQSH. I have simply been trying to say that David French’s quote has been taken out of context, that he is not in favor of DQSH but rather is in favor of how he views freedom of speech.

    That one quote that has been taken out of context seems to me to have been to make a point with some exaggeration, and probably was unwise, considering how quotes are used and twisted on social media.


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