50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-1-22

  1. Morning all. Up early to meet an electrician at my house. I will work on getting the last little bits of wallpaper and glue off. My friend brought her grandson over yesterday and she said that they got almost all of it off in an hour. Can’t wait to see it.

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  2. Just a figment? Seems way to small for you, mumsee.

    That is one happy looking couple. Such a beautiful moment.

    Wow! Most off in an hour. Someone must have prepped that wall properly before putting it on. Nice.

    I am still amazed at all the crabapples, berries and green leaves we have. Leaves have hardly begun to fall. We have a couple of maples, and one is just turning yellow. The one that gets orange and red is somewhat hidden by the garage, unfortunately.

    Speaking of crabapples. I made crabapple/chokecherry jelly, and it did not gel as it should have. I had a bit in a jar and boiled it again. This time I overboiled it and it became too firm. I ended up cutting it up and rolling in sugar. It makes for some delicious candy. It made me wonder how many recipes come from mistakes.

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  3. Peter,

    The other shoe is actually the same shoe, only it’s light blue like the dress. It’s one of my daughter’s personal, unique touches. She has a flair for the unusual, but always tastefully. 🙂

    I’ll post a pic of the 2 next week.

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  4. ” I learned this morning that I am the figment of a sick mind.”

    Well we’ve always suspected this, but didn’t want to be the first to mention it.

    But now that it’s out there….. 🙂

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  5. Morning! Beautiful blue skies for the Air Force/Navy game. I am hearing the interstate is a mess and don’t even try to go out to eat today. I wasn’t planning on it!

    We got snow in the mountains but not here…yet.

    Such a happy couple….may all their days together find joy and direction from our Lord.

    Well if it’s just a figment Mumsee you got nothin’ to worry about!! 🙃

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  6. Better a figment than a fig; a figment has substance. A fig . . . a ripe mushy fruit.

    I can’t seem to get warm today. I need to go take a hike!

    Art and I carried pie to the neighbor late yesterday but before dark. He met us with apologies which I in return gave Key lime pie and a card with our names and contact info. I said I like to give new neighbors a pie. He loves Key lime pie (I had the receipt in case he wanted a different dasert). I told him how much the dog had frightened me. He said they were getting a big box out of their vehicle and it must have spooked the dog. He said the dog would never bite me and promised it would not happen again. I did get his name and number. He is probably younger than our Wes. He works from home selling software to folks across the ocean. Glad Art went with me. Glad we have peace. I will still be on guard about the dog.

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  7. Far as the curse is found …

    Thanks for the article, M. — it seems that the “new earth” in terms of our theology has been somewhat lightly passed over, maybe because, like “heaven,” we aren’t given extensive chapter-and-verse detail with specifics about it in Scripture, just hints of what is to come. That sometimes leaves us with more questions than hard-and-fast, detailed answers.

    It’s ultimately a misty vision we have through the fog on this side.

    “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” – 1 Cor. 13:12


    Janice, what a good visit that sounds like you had with the neighbor. And he realized there had been a problem. (Though one can’t ever say a particular dog would “never” bite.) Seems like the dog got spooked by the box — and being in a new neighborhood also takes some adjustment for pets. So many new things, new smells, new people. They’re on high alert for a while (not sure how recently they moved in). Owners are busy getting settled in and not paying as much attention, everyone’s tired and trying to adjust.

    Leash walks help!

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  8. So I did some more online reading about these Covid tests and found that they can say “positive,” off and on, for many days beyond when symptoms have vanished.

    Not very helpful. What does that even mean? They aren’t really sure.

    So now that I’m feeling pretty much back to normal, symptoms have been gone for about 2 days now, I think I’ll take that drive down to the waterfront just to read, hang out and test myself on a walk, see how far and for how long I can go. Not being able to get out to walk has really slowed me down I’m afraid. And what better scenery than the harbor. Ocean air, cool temperatures — we are barely breaking 70 today.

    For indoor visits to stores, I’ll be careful for a while about masking, just on the off-chance I am still contagious with those ongoing ‘positive’ (but faint) test results. While I’ve had bouts with the seasonal flu that were worse, this did have a distinct kick to it and is not something I’d want to share. Felt like I lost more than a week with the fatigue and tiredness is brought on.

    I had no dreams about mumsee or red jackets last night.

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  9. Alcorn’s mention of the suffering of animals — that certainly struck home, I’ve known those looks too well just thinking back to my two recent dog losses.

    I was in touch with a young woman from church this past week whose beloved therapy dog, an Aussie named Daisy, who came to church with her, died in her arms when the dog’s spleen burst at a fairly young age, she was devastated and the dog no doubt went through some suffering as they raced her to the vet’s. Heartbreaking.

    It’s also why I have a hard time, personally, with the “sport” of hunting — though I’m not opposed to hunting by necessity, including for food supplies, and see there can be a need for it. I’m thinking mostly of hunting “as sport.” I can’t get my head or arms around that one at all.

    And yes, I sometimes eat meat (and see it as a diet essential to some degree, in moderation) so I get the personal contradiction.

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  10. I don’t consyider hunting a sport. I do consider shooting a sport. But hunting is the putting of food on the dinner table. Maybe a healthier version of food from an animal a bit better treated than the average steer or chicken or turkey or pig or sheep or goat. Most hunters I have known have understood this. With the exception of the young and stupid who were not properly trained.

    Shooting is going to the target range and competing with self or others at accuracy. A sport.

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  11. I only have fired a gun in one circumstance, while doing a story on the LAPD practice shooting range in our community. I don’t think I even hit the target.

    I was hoping no one was shot as this is an outdoor range and I wasn’t sure there was something behind the targets (there probably was, I’m sure) that would stop stray bullets.

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  12. Janice it would seem the Lord did indeed lead you in your decision and His plan and purpose will unfold. Praying for your young neighbor that he will see just “Who” was behind your kindness ❤️…..

    My husband “shoots” at the shooting range. It gives him great joy to try to hit the bullseye! He doesn’t “hunt” for which I am thankful. What I don’t like with “hunters” is the “trophy” shot. My nephew is a great fisherman and a hunter. He does so to fill his freezer for provision. The photos of him holding up a dead deer facing the camera is awful. I would tell him to have it processed and get in the freezer already…no need to display dead bodies. And yes he has a couple of his prized kills mounted on his living room wall…I don’t like that either. But I don’t live there.

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  13. I now have two new fans with lights, and remote control switches, as well as four cam lights in my kitchen. Still two fans and two cam lights to go.
    He was unable to find the cam lights at the store as all of the boxes were open and he won’t purchase open boxes as they are usually missing something and need to be returned. He mentioned trying in Yuba City, about 35 miles away. I said that I could drive there. So we found what he wanted online and knew they had the lights and off I went. I got back just as he was ready to install them.

    He had to cut into the ceiling so there was a bit of sheetrock dust on the floor of my kitchen after he left. Then I remembered that I have a built in vacuum. When I plugged it in it worked so that took care of the dust.

    Then it was time to go to Archie’s soccer game. Fun times.

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  14. Ceiling fans are great.

    I walked along the waterfront, what a joy to be out again and moving. The knee still feels a bit stiff but from lack of movement, I’m sure. It’s a good sort of pain, compared to before when it just caused me to eventually limp and have to turn back too soon.

    A cruise ship was heading out of the harbor, folks all standing out on the balconies, and another yacht was getting ready to leave, one of the rentals available for fishing or other ventures at sea. A few skateboarders on the boardwalk. A woman walking two “doodle” type dogs.

    Wished I had a dog with me — I used to take my two down there frequently — but it was good to get my walking legs back in movement again after being laid up for a week.

    I stopped at Sprouts to pick up a few things, including one of their precooked, individual microwavable heat-up meals, Salisbury steak with carrots, green beans and potatoes.

    My condolences to the Salisbury who was sacrificed. 😦

    But it was very good — and the first meat I’ve had in quite a few weeks.

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  15. I think so, had some eggs yesterday and some fish the night before, have some bean-and-cheese burritos also from Sprouts. I should have maybe specified “red” meat 🙂

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  16. I emailed a friend to ask about my computer security. Just as I thought, the messages that keep popping up about dangerous viruses is a scam. Something coming from the goggle drive.

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  17. oh, now I am wondering if there is a Sprouts near me. you made me hungry, Dj. I do go to Trader Joe’s. I told then once that they should offer a discount for anyone with the name Jo. 🙂

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  18. Oh, I found one, I found one. Turns out that there is a Sprouts right behind the Costco that I go to. Do they have somewhere that you can eat in store?? Now you just have to tell me what you enjoy there. But no onions. 🙂

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  19. I went to Sprouts this morning 😀 The meals do look good, but I have never gotten one. Their oatmeal oookies are wonderful but since I am not eating many sweets, I pass them by. I did buy a giant pack of fresh mushrooms which I cooked up and use for various things such as the pizza I made tonight. I will have them with quinoa and also in soup.

    The Key lime pie was God’s idea, really. If I wait on Him, He usually gives me the best idea of how to proceed on things. It’s when I rush ahead of Him that things don’t go so well. There is a reason the Bible instructs to wait on the Lord.

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  20. The rotisserie chickens at Sprouts look good but were 8.99 for a smallish chicken. The ones at Sam’s must be a loss leader because they are about half the cost and are larger. I get those when Wes will be home. They are great for making chicken noodle soup or sandwiches.

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  21. I sent over a release and cancellation for the contract on the Pensacola house.
    We went over Friday to get a quote on the fence we would need -$6,500!!!!
    There are some pine trees that should have been taken down when they cleared the lot. Two of the largest are right by the power line. Pines are the first to fall in a storm. The quote for them was $2,000. Friday I also received the loan disclosures. The estimated payment was going to be $2,200/month. In Alabama you have to have the lot fully sodded and minimal landscaping done. They were only going to sod 5 feet around the house and no landscaping. I was going to deal with all of this to make Mr P happy. Oh and we were going to have to pay someone to move us.
    Anyway, the final straw was the front yard. There is a drainage ditch that runs across the front edge of the lot. I had wrongly assumed they would install pipe and cover it like every other lot/house on the street. They didn’t.
    Mr P made the call. He didn’t want the house. We did our best to talk each other into going through with it since the plan was for it to turn into a rental in 2 or 3 years. I told him we should “sleep on it” before cancelling so we did. He got up yesterday and said cancel it. So I did. I am relieved.
    We celebrated by going to Lowe’s and buying a new stove for this house.
    Did you know you can buy a “smart stove”? You can turn it on, off, and set it to clean from your phone!!!! Really???? It wouldn’t hurt to actually walk to the stove and turn it on or off.

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  22. I took Cheryl to a shooting range for our anniversary a few years back. She enjoyed her first time shooting a pistol. We have her target here at the house. We shot 50 rounds each, her with a Remington .22 match pistol, me with a Barretta 9 mm. She did really well at it.

    I was called a show off. All 50 rounds on target, most center of mass. The range guy said I was high with a few shots. I told him no, I was aiming for the head on 5 of them, and was right on target.

    Not to brag, but I qualified Expert on the M-16, the Colt M1911A1, and the grenade for all 10 years, reg. and reserve. I was once on a Top Gun crew when we qualified on the range with our M60A3 tank as well, but that was with 3 others in a 4 man crew, I was the gunner. 🙂

    I love shooting.

    And blowing stuff up too, of course. 🙂

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  23. A new day with new mercies.

    This is the first Sunday since September 4 that I can be at church. I keep reminding the bos not to schedule me more than 2 Sundays in a row. So I filled in Request Off forms, asking for all the Sundays in October, and every other Sunday in November. We’ll see if that works.

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  24. Good morning, all.

    Speaking of smart stoves, as Kim was, I was thinking of how much better it would be for my dad if he could get up and walk over to the tv to change the channel rather than having to deal with the remote. Rarely can he remember how to make it work, but a channel knob is fairly straight forward. Sometimes, in making our lives easier, we take away freedoms.

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  25. Morning! It is a cool cloudy morning here with misty rain. I shall be wearing my coat in church!

    Kim that must be a huge relief to have that behind you. Did you get the smart stove? Too many gadgets for me in these new fangled appliances and cars. I still don’t know what my car can do and I kind of think I don’t want to know.

    Sprouts…their Hatch Chile rotisserie chicken is the best. A bit pricey but much cheaper than going out to eat for the two of us and we usually have some left over to put over a salad the next day. When I compare the cost of a similar sized uncooked chicken at the grocery it isn’t much more…and I don’t have to cook!

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  26. No on the stove. I have enough smart things in my life as it is. I still don’t like pushing a button to start my car. Luckily it won’t start if the key isn’t inside of it.
    I am relieved. I was doing this for several reasons and one was for Mr P. When he said he didn’t want it I was relieved. I would have made it happen somehow.
    Another factor is I have had 2 lenders tell me the rates will
    Go down in the spring. Waiting seems wise. The truck will be paid off in the spring. It will be easier to rent this house. There are many reasons to wait.

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  27. The Sprouts’ rotisserie chickens are good, though I rarely buy one. But now I’m sort of developing a craving after what Nancyjill said … I’ve never seen that variety though. Barbecue or herb seasoning only last I checked.

    No, there’s no in-house eating at Sprouts unless you want to inappropriately snack in the fresh produce aisle. 🙂

    I’m live-streaming again this morning, will hope to get back in person next week once I know I’m clear of Covid. Our director of congregational care staffer, a young dad (late 30s, 40ish?) who is immune-compromised, is down with Covid now and asking for prayer as his condition isn’t (yet) improving much after several days. Sounds like they’re watching it closely.

    My ’18 Cherokee has “some” new things but was on the lower-end of the tech package for the Jeep line so it doesn’t have nearly what most newer cars have. For example I have a backup camera but no alerts if something is in the way other than the visual aid; also no internal GPS. On the bright side, fewer glitchy things to go wrong 🙂

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  28. I’ve never been to Sam’s Club — used to have a Costco card but don’t anymore, it really didn’t work for me as a single who could only get there to shop on Saturdays when it was a chaotic madhouse. I hate that kind of atmosphere and the quantities were way too much for me. Not worth the supposed “savings.”

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  29. I went to church. I had empty chairs on both sides for the Sunday school time but the guy who came in late and sat two chairs over from me was the only one in the room with a cough.😳

    I looked up my neighbor on Linkedin and almost chuckled to see that for over three years he was an Animal Technician caring for dogs. He graduated from our nearby noteworthy university in 2016 which might make him around 28.

    Our worship leader was in a bad accident on Tues., totaled the car, and has a concussion. Then on Fri., his wife was taking their boys to school and they were in a multi-car accident and totaled that car. Their son, our worship band bass player, has messed up his shoulder. It seems impossible for all that to happen to their family in one week. The wife’s accident was on I-285, the same interstate perimeter on which Art was in his pileup accident.

    We had an excellent visiting pastor to speak. He is planting churches in innercity Baltimore. He preached on verses in Romans (1:16-17). My church is in prayer to see if led to support them in their efforts.

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  30. One thing I love at Sprouts are the pre-cooked salmon and chicken patties they sell in their deli. So good, seasoned just right (they have 3 options for the salmon seasonings), all you do is heat them up and add some veggies or whatever else you want to have with it. Kind of expensive so it’s a special treat and best if eaten that night or the next.

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  31. I love those rotisserie chickens. I will make stock with the carcass as I can’t find purchasable stock without onions or onion powder.

    AJ, you and husband would have fun together. He likes shooting and blowing things up, too! :). I like shooting, but only at targets or large zucchini or other fun targets.

    Kim, sounds like a bit of stress is gone now. Thankful for that.

    I am coring and roasting tomatoes every day now as they ripen quickly. We should have enough salsa and sauce for at least two years when all is done.

    Sounds like a lovely walk, DJ.

    No church for me today as husband is working and our internet is so sketchy lately there’s no streaming possible.

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  32. Kim, agree about the unneeded stress now — and probably just not a great time (or place, Fla.? even in a part not that affected by the hurricane) for real estate right at this moment. Lots of economic uncertainty.

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  33. Kim, what a relief. It would have been nicer to be close to little Miss, but so many other hassles. Fun that you already found something new to focus on with your home.
    Working on my many Bible studies, must get the homework done. Plus tonight is Awana so I looked over the lesson.

    I mentioned some things to the contractor doing my doors and he said that we need a sheet rock guy for the finish things. He will find someone.
    Doors should be done this week.
    I forgot to get the unused fan from my house so I will probably go get it tomorrow. Then I need to return it and get two more that have longer blades.

    In Sunday school they were telling hunting stories and I found out that the plumber I called is out camping and will be home soon. That explains why I never got a call back.

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  34. I thought about doing the pigskin picks again, but without Chas it would be different. It was sad when he dropped out last year due to eye sight issues.

    Would it be worth starting up, even though the season is 1/4 over?

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  35. My leg felt so good last night, that I did some simple exercises as I sat here in the recliner. Just lifting my leg up and back and forth. I was in pain this morning and left church before communion. Came home for ice and advil and now I am icing it for the second time today. Oh, well…

    The plumber called me this evening. He asked me questions that I knew nothing about. I need to learn a little bit more about propane.

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