12 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-3-22

  1. Some folks just don’t get it. They hate us, regardless of who we pick.

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  2. The Fetterman tweets reveal desperation on the part of the RNC. The first video has no context and has nothing to do with the businessman’s color simply his business. The second tweet comparing two charts and citing the missing Black Lives Matter in the second misses the very obvious point that the two lists are entirely different. The RNC is hoping to dampen the black male vote so Oz actually stands a chance. But as McConnell admitted the problem with state wide votes is candidate quality matters. Implicit in that statement is the candidate quality doesn’t count in district races since they’re gerrymandered. Oz in Penn and Walker in Georgia are poor candidates in states the Republicans should’ve been competitive. FOX polling has both Fetterman and Warnock at + 4%.

    The poll you posted is bizarre. The first one makes sense; it adds up to 100% but the second one adds up to 104%. Even accounting for rounding, that’s impossible with only three choices. It turns out they combined party affiliation and leaning to a party as one which is also bizarre. The generic congressional poll is probably more accurate which now averages at 1% for the Republicans. This is helped by recent polls by Trafalgar and Rasmussen both notorious for leaning Republican in their poll results. However, looking at the trends in the polling data from those two groups it still shows the Democrats with momentum since July. The polling numbers began to shift after the Supreme Court decision. Next week the FOX poll will come out, and if its still on the Demcratic side, they might just keep the House.

    Right now 538 is predicting the Republicans will win the House but with only a four-five seat majority. In comparison, in June they were forecasting over 15-20 seats. RCP polling is a little more generous. However, the numbers are slowly turning the Democratic way – they just need to get young women to vote and the Supreme Court is the motivation. As for the Senate, it stays Democratic


  3. Kizzie – French is correct and makes a similar point to one I’ve expressed before. Both DeSantis and Abbott acted “to own the libs” and Newsom reacted to serve his base. All three are guilty of politicizing the family and violating what is personal. Medical and family decisions need context and must be done individually. The state needs to stay out of it.

    AJ – voter fraud in the 1980s is relevant now??

    As someone who reads both the left and right side of the internet, the “left” is not trying to rule red America. They just want red America to leave them alone. They want red America to respect privacy rights. Sure the blue side wants to win elections but that’s the point of a democracy. Red America is of course a slight minority but there’s no need for paranoia.

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