17 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-24-22

  1. Interesting report from Ligonier today out of the annual survey they do of those who self-identify as “evangelical Christians.”

    ~ Who determines your gender—you or God? Not long ago, most people dismissed questions like this one as absurd. But in recent years, rapid and alarming changes have taken place in American views on important ethical issues such as gender and sexuality. Ligonier’s 2022 State of Theology survey reveals that nearly half of U.S. adults now believe that gender identity is a matter of personal choice.

    With the steady rise of secularism in the United States, it’s tragic yet unsurprising to see so many people embracing the false notion that we, rather than our Creator, have the authority to determine our gender and to alter this identity at will. More disturbing, however, is the finding that 37 percent of professing evangelicals* now also think that gender identity is a matter of choice. These survey results represent an increase of 15 percent in only the last two years. ~


    Eye opening. Also a caution on how to interpret polling (which is ramping up again as election season is upon us) that says “evangelical Christians” support this or that candidate. These are folks who, for whatever reason, self-identify as believers but who are either not believers at all or are so ill-informed spiritually that their views don’t really reflect a biblical position.

    As one commenter said, these folks are not evangelical Christians at all. Many also are not regular church goers, a finding that came out a number of years ago. So always beware when polling stats indicate evangelical Christians support this or that that candidate.


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  2. I read this article and this is why the southern Governor’s need to get the attention and force the hands of those not living there. Those who continue to insist the Border is secure and there is no issues. I feel for those living in the southern most parts and face these situations. We are facing more and more crime in our area but so far nothing to this extreme.


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  3. This is the price for no mean tweets.


    “Americans have lost $4.2K in income under Biden, study says”


    “The average American has lost $4,200 in annual income since President Biden took office — entirely wiping out gains made under the Trump administration, an analysis from the Heritage Foundation shows.

    The losses come down to surging inflation and higher interest rates, experts at the conservative think tank said in a Thursday report.

    Their analysis found that the average American has lost about $3,000 in annual purchasing power because consumer prices, which have risen 12.7% since January 2021, have spiked significantly faster than wages.

    Wages have risen just 8% over the same period, which has effectively resulted in a pay cut for Americans struggling to pay for daily necessities including food, gas and rent.

    Higher interest rates and borrowing costs have also reduced the average person’s purchasing power by another $1,200, according to the report.

    “Simply put, working Americans are $4,200 poorer today than when Biden took office,” said EJ Antoni, a research fellow in regional economics with the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis.

    “This financial catastrophe for American families is the direct result of a president and Congress addicted to spending our money, combined with a Federal Reserve compliantly enabling this addiction by printing more dollars.”

    Under the Trump administration, Heritage said the average American’s annual earnings had increased by $4,000.”

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  4. Pro-life clinics targeted for vandalism, fire bombing, and what not, but not one arrest.

    But this they pursue?

    The FBI is a joke.

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  5. And yet some folks think it wrong for the Gov. to try and rid his state of these invaders.

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  6. Let’s take a journey….

    And there’s more, it goes on and on….

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  7. Why do they need more time to produce what they stole in less than a day? How long did it actually take them to rummage through the Trump family’s personal belongings in order to steal the docs from Mar-a-Lago?

    It seems that the Russia hoax that was implemented to impeach Pres. Trump is still an ongoing dog and pony show investigation – and that is just fine with the Federal Bureau of Instigation.

    A reasonable government, having realized its overreach, would have returned all the documents to Pres. Trump by now – to their original location and with a public apology – except for the hundred or so that they claim to have classified markings.

    Since we’re obviously not dealing with a reasonable government, an honorable judge would have already ordered this to take place, but we don’t have that either.

    Instead, we have yet another huge cash burn taking place to the benefit of ambulance chasers and to the detriment of Trump and every citizen who doesn’t chase ambulances for a living.

    They are harassing Pres. Trump because he wants to end all the government corruption (and he now knows exactly who is who).

    It now seems clear that nobody with a Conservative worldview can get justice in today’s USA.


    “The special master on Sept. 24 approved a request from U.S. officials for more time to provide former President Donald Trump and his counsel the thousands of documents that FBI agents seized from Mar-a-Lago in August.

    U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie, a Reagan appointee, is now giving Trump and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) until Sept. 27 to agree and enter a contract with a document storage vendor to process the documents from paper to electronic form.

    That’s four days later than Dearie, the special master in the Trump records case, previously put forth.”

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  8. Spotted on Twitter:

    ~ I’ve known some giants of the faith who were quite liberal. And some who were quite conservative.

    Follow Jesus not a political party or ideology. ~

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  9. They have to keep coming forward and speaking the truth – there’s simply too much at stake.


    “An FBI whistleblower recently came forward and issued warnings about alleged politicization at the FBI, saying that the bureau is spying on law-abiding Americans and that many of its domestic counterterrorism cases are tantamount to “entrapment.”

    Kyle Seraphin, who has spent six years in the FBI, was suspended without pay and cannot seek another job without quitting or asking for permission.

    “The number of guys who say, ‘I don’t agree with what’s going on here, but I’ve got three years to retire,’ it’s heartbreaking,” he told podcast host Dan Bongino in a Sept. 22 interview.

    In one instance, Seraphin said he was forced to blow the whistle last year when Attorney General Merrick Garland told lawmakers that the Department of Justice was not targeting parents. He first provided a member of Congress with an email that was circulated within the FBI that stated Garland ordered the usage of the controversial PATRIOT Act to target parents with a tag, “EDUOFFICIALS.”

    At the time, in May 2022, Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Mike Johnson (R-La.) alleged that the investigations involved parents who were “upset about mask mandates and state elected officials who publicly voiced opposition to vaccine mandates,” while accusing Garland of making false statements to Congress.

    But of that investigation, Seraphin suggested the FBI is targeting individuals for political purposes.

    “That’s when you become part of political hatchet jobs, and I didn’t sign up for that, and nobody I know signed up for that either,” Seraphin told Bongino. “That’s not what people want to get involved in.”

    Later in the podcast interview, Seraphin suggested that more FBI employees will come forward in the future due to the bureau’s now-partisan nature.

    At least 14 FBI whistleblowers have come forward in recent months to provide information about recent actions inside the bureau, said Jordan, on the FBI’s investigations into the Jan. 6 Capitol breach, parents at school board meetings, and Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

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  10. Other pieces I have seen about Mark Houck say that he pushed the man (who is 72) on two occasions, but on the same day, and that the man needed medical attention after the second time. (Granted, “medical attention” is a very broad term.) That muddies his story a little bit. Even so, the FBI arrest was beyond overkill.


  11. 30 federal agents terrorizing a man and his family (with seven children), a guy who doesn’t want babies killed.

    This is what is happening in the USA? November 8th can’t come soon enough…

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  12. I know what you said – I made my own comment emphasizing that this is another event revealing how out of control our government is.

    This certainly isn’t the first instance of the FBI acting beyond overkill – why do you think they are doing so?

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  13. Sorry Kizzie, but if you scream obscenities into the face of someone’s kid, most people are gonna knock you on your arse, regardless of your age.

    That’s reality, and justified to back you off the child.

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