21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-21-22

  1. Good morning! It’s gonna be a hot one, up to 93° today and 92° tomorrow, to say bye to summer and welcome to fall. After tomorrow we should get a cold front and proper temps for fall.😀 Bring on the pumpkins!

    Crazies have invaded our land. Kim, it truly might be a good time to go to an unlisted number.🙏

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  2. Some interesting thoughts from the Ask Ligonier livestream I listened to yesterday.

    * How to look at people when we’re annoyed, whether they’re driving poorly and are in our way or are politically on the other side:

    ~ (re humility and loving our enemies) I am no better than they are. I would be as lost as they are had God not sought and found me. This applies to people I disagree with, people I ‘despise,’ people I vote against. There but for the grace of God. ~

    How (and where) is mumsee? I presume dealing with the folks and caregiving issues?

    We’re warming up again (mid to high 80s where I am, looks like) this weekend. A friend calls it the “wobble” season, back and forth until it figures out which season it’s supposed to be.

    I noticed activity on our local pumpkin patch site the other day — lots of pumpkins at Sprouts, too, the other day when I stopped in.

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  3. Sitting in waiting room at cardiologist. Convicted Dj…I was reeeaally annoyed at a couple of drivers into town ….I may have scowled and growled at them🙁

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  4. I’m off to have lunch out with my cousin in a few hours — for a change we’ll be getting together without a doctor’s or PT visit attached on my behalf! And I’ll be driving up her way.

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  5. DJ – re: the Ligonier quote.

    Just this morning, I was thinking of how some believers have become so wrapped up in their politics and political discussions (arguments) that they forget to be winsome and loving to unbelievers. Some harsh and even rude comments towards unbelievers have made me cringe and almost cry.

    On the flip side, I have read comments by very liberal unbelievers who are calm and respectful in their disagreement. (HRW is usually like that.)


  6. I had bought a bag of cat food, Blue Wilderness for Mature cats, because they never had the one in stock that I usually buy, Indoor Cat food. Since I still had food left in the bag I’d left at the vet’s office I decided to return the Mature cat food and see if they had the Indoor cat food on the shelf. All they had was the giant bag and the clerk at customer service said there are shortages of cat and dog food. I told her that my cat could not eat that 35.00 bag of food before it got stale. She told me to keep the receipt and bring back up to even half the bag if it got stale. It seems so wasteful, but I bought the giant bag thinking I might not find more. It was their last bag. Get it while you can. The clerk uses that same kind with her cat so she knows all about my efforts to find the smaller bag. She got to see a photo of Miss Bosley😀 We had a nice cat lady conversation. I think she may be Muslim since she had on the head gear often worn by Muslim ladies.

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  7. Serious sore throat last night and today, had to cancel the lunch date with the cousin. Think I’ll go back to bed. I took some DayQuil but not helping. Negative covid home test, though. I’ll test again in another day or two unless this goes away.

    Concerned because I spent time with the neighbor yesterday (before the sore throat hit) and she’s got some added risk affects (and has shunned the vaccines ever since her friend convinced her that her stroke was brought on by the first vaccine).

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  8. So sorry, Dj, about the sore throat. I keep knocking bugs out with the two punch whammy of Rosehips tabs/tea and a little aloe vera juice in my bottled water. And I did wonder if I might have a stroke from that Moderna vaccine I took since it messed with my head something fierce for a week, and my arm, too, and also my taste for coffee for a full six months. Responses are so individual, and I am sure there there are variances in the doses given. And then my brother lost hearing in one ear from the shingles vaccine; it was suppose to help even though he’d had shingles, but it flared up around his initial location on his neck and hit his ear after the vaccine.

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  9. I’ve not had much reaction to any vaccine beyond the usual (sore arm, fatigue for a day or so but only in some cases).

    Laid down for a while, sore throat is still with me.

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  10. I am glad you don’t get much reaction to vaccines, Dj. I also only took the first pneumonia vaccine because of the strong reaction to it (first of two). That made me aware that I would probably have a big reaction to the Covid vaccine. I have had plenty of flu shots with the expected minor reaction so I know the difference.

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  11. hmmm…. are there two pneumonia vaccines?? Maybe I missed that.

    Things are humming along over here. I ordered the doors today. Please pray with me that they are delivered quickly as that is what everything else depends on.
    Then I called the painters. There is a group that is all gals that all of my friends are raving about. So we are meeting Friday morning at 9am. But they can’t paint until the doors are done.
    Tomorrow I go shopping with my friend. To purchase fans. My friend said to get the newer styles. How do I know what that is??? Also looking at lights for the bathrooms. I will just use cam lights in the kitchen. And then we could look at stoves. The one i have now has a microwave attached above it. Can I leave the microwave and just get a new stove??
    I also want to get some flooring samples so I can make that decision. And I should make an appointment for them to come measure my house for flooring.
    Then on Saturday I meet the electrican. Maybe he is just coming to look, I don’t know. But I thought if I actually purchased some fans, maybe he could get started.
    Monday the fella from the stove store comes to see about a propane, fake wood stove, if it will fit.

    How can this all be happening in one week??? Nothing was happening and now it is all ahead full.

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  12. Since I know we have some very good folks on here. Anyone want to suggest paint colors for accent walls. I must admit, other than the black and white, the colors Dj was looking at are ones that I like too.
    I like gentle browns or gray blue. And what about the bathroom that used to be pink?? Should I just have it painted off white? or do an accent in there?


  13. Ok, Dj, I just looked at the color palette that you shared for your house and those are my colors. Did you ever have your interior painted? Did you do whole rooms or just accent walls. If you used those colors, I would appreciate seeing pictures. I think you have my email or Michelle does. since it got changed to wycliffe dot org.

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  14. If anyone would like to see my house. Send me a message and I will send you the address. I use a PO box because the property managers put up pictures of all my rooms. So, if you enter my address in a search it shows you the whole house. Not something I want to share with everyone.
    Oh, my doors, I am widening the back door from 30 inches to 36 and the master bedroom will now have a single door instead of a double door. I am also adding security screen doors.

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  15. No, I haven’t had the inside of the house painted yet. Vaguely remember the colors I was thinking about way back when, light blue/green? I have wainscoting throughout the living room so the idea is to paint upper walls a different color and wainscoting another color (I’d lean toward off-white for wood wainscoting with the wash of “color” on the top plaster walls). No accent walls. But maybe a different (but still soft) wall color for the dining area. Can’t remember what was talked about now, but I think I still have the swatches the consultant left for me. Consultant explained that most of my interior furnishings were very warm tones so walls should be cooler so everything didn’t just fade into the furnishings.

    😦 Interior definitely needs painting.

    I still love the exterior colors though, that was more important for me to get done. It was blue with white trim but the blue had faded to a white-washed gray. Now it’s a strong/deep terracotta shade which fits the style (Spanish Mission) and vintage of the house (100 years old next year!) so much better.

    Can’t remember if I got the 2 pneumonia shots, I think there are two kinds, one has 2 shots the other just 1 — and I think I got the single shot version.

    Guess I’ll give my doctor a call in the morning, still feeling not so good and am now running a modest temperature with the sore throat, coughing and headache.

    Does this mean I have to start watching Cary Grant movies now?

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