8 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-22-22

  1. Kidnapped you say?

    Nope, just lying lawyers and Democrat enablers.

    “DeSantis’ office hits back after class-action suit from migrants, reveals ‘consent form’ they allegedly signed

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent migrants to Martha’s Vineyard from Texas last Wednesday as part of his pledge to drop off illegal immigrants in liberal states”


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  2. Good times…..

    “FLASHBACK: New York City Once Exported Homeless People Out Of NYC To Hawaii And 32 Other States Without Telling Receiving Politicians Or Municipalities…”


    “New York City generously shares its homeless crisis with every corner of America.

    From the tropical shores of Honolulu and Puerto Rico, to the badlands of Utah and backwaters of Louisiana, the Big Apple has sent local homeless families to 373 cities across the country with a full year of rent in their pockets as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “Special One-Time Assistance Program.” Usually, the receiving city knows nothing about it.

    City taxpayers have spent $89 million on rent alone since the program’s August 2017 inception to export 5,074 homeless families — 12,482 individuals — to places as close as Newark and as far as the South Pacific, according to Department of Homeless Services data obtained by The Post. Families who once lived in city shelters decamped to 32 states and Puerto Rico.

    The city also paid travel expenses, through a separate taxpayer-funded program called Project Reconnect, but would not divulge how much it spent. A Friday flight to Honolulu for four people would cost about $1,400. A bus ticket to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the same family would cost $800.”

    It’s only bad when R’s do it.

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  3. Fifty people were sent to M.V. to draw attention to the huge and virtually ignored border problem? What about the 53 who recently suffered and died in a tractor-trailer in San Antonio? What about the thousands being shipped by our government to locations throughout the US under the cover of night? What about the newly-created cemetery in S. Texas to bury the dead?

    Preach it, Chip!

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  4. I saw this news from World:

    New rules: Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s administration announced new guidelines Friday that students choosing to identify as the opposite sex or as transgender will need to have parental permission to use a name or pronouns other than their legal name and biological pronouns. The state also said that students must use restrooms and locker rooms that correlate with their biological sex, and parents must be notified before their children are offered gender-related counseling. Teachers or other school staff with religious concerns about referring to a student by their preferred pronouns will be protected under the proposed guidelines, and schools would not be allowed to encourage teachers to withhold students’ information from their parents. The guidelines have a 30-day public comment period before school districts are required by a 2020 state law to create policies that reflect the guidelines.

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  5. A fairly ambiguous consent form – probably not designed by a lawyer. Hastily improvised consent forms might work in English common law. However consent forms have become extremely complex in recent years – consent to try out for a volleyball team runs four pages in middle school here. I imagine the judge’s political bias will determine its validity. If the lawsuit is filed in Massachusetts…….

    The asylum seekers are adamant they were promised Boston, shelter and jobs. Ayslum who turned down the offer and interviewed in San Antonio the same day gave the same version of the offer.

    NYC’s program appears to be a modernized version of the free bus ride to a different city approach. About 20 years ago, Toronto would offer free bus tickets to my city and sweeten with a few hundred. At the time, the cost of living was lower in my city. Many took the offer, but it was soon banned by the province.

    The important distinction between NYC, DHS, Abbot vs DiSantis is clear consent, money and jurisdiction. DiSantis used Florida money in Texas – clearly outside his jurisdiction and despite oral promises of financial incentives he did not follow through. If DiSantis flew asylum seekers from Florida (and there should be enough Cubans) to Martha’s Vineyard and paid a year’s rent then we will start to see some similarities.


  6. Jo

    Does the article mention the age of the children. At 18, I would think parental notification is not necessary and consent is needed from the student.

    I understand the privacy issues. If you just self declare a gender, and are not transitioning or have medical documentation, then use your biological sex washroom or a private washroom. And I also understand the parental right to know but at times this becomes difficult. I’ve taught a Muslim girl who
    had a lesbian relationship at school; we didn’t inform the parents. We don’t normally inform parents about middle school relationships (gay or straight) as relationship are usually short. In this case, informing the
    parents would’ve led to severe consequences. Similarly this may happen when students come out in terms of gender. For schools, the safety of the child is most important and this will sometimes trump a parent’s right to know.

    Citing religious freedom to allow teachers to use birth pronouns instead of preferred pronouns seems odd to me. Just by using their preferred pronouns doesn’t mean you approve, it just means you are creating a comfortable learning environment and adapting to their needs. Similarly, one does not refuse to teach a hajib wearing girl or turban wearing boy because their ideas and beliefs are different from yours.


  7. Good.

    Rise up and overthrow the tyrants.

    And Biden needs to stop enabling those tyrants.

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