30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-16-22

  1. Off to visit with two Junior High friends for the day!

    But first, my Son #2 takes his mom to work (where a friend will pick me up)!

    I’ll be talking and listening all day!

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  2. Morning! Pretty flowers once again up there.
    Light is breaking through and the school bus will be going down the road in a few minutes. I think of those sleepy children on that bus and ask the Lord to protect their minds and hearts….that they might know Him…

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  3. Good morning! Lovely flowers that have me curious as to what they are?

    Art had chills and fever all night so surgery would have been cancelled for today even had he waited to decide and reported. He is now using a Covid test we got in the mail. I have been trying to make an appointment for him to see a doc. There is a Catch-22 built in and all these layers of communications to go through to get an appointment these days. Several years back in dealing with that cataract surgery I discovered that schedulers are the ruling class in the medical realm here. The system has the most excellent doctors and nurses, but can you get to see them? Sorry that my frustrations are being outed this morning.

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  4. Header is a form of lobelia, possibly great blue lobelia, and a cardinal flower (which is also a form of lobelia). I don’t think I’ve ever seen them growing together like this, but maybe it’s a garden.

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  5. He did not do the Covid test.

    I got my huge magnifying glass and figured it all out. He is clueless without me. I am so slow with all my eye issues, but we got it done and are waiting. I had to use two solutions because with poor eyesight I did not aim the first packet right to get it in the tube. This is like a miracle that between the two of us we managed the procedure. Of course he breathed all over me . . . I forgot all about the sting of my incision because I was so focused on him♡ I patted him on yhe shoulder and said, “This, too, shall pass.”

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  6. The pic was taken at the reservoir. They have an area with bird feeders and a hummingbird’s favorite flowers.

    I didn’t know what they were, so thank you Cheryl.

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  7. Hey Cheryl.

    Janice, those tests are a pain, I think I’ve taken 3 of them through the past few years when symptoms seemed to warrant (always came back negative, though “false negatives” aren’t uncommon with those at-home tests). The tests are cumbersome and I can never remember from one time to the next what all the steps are.

    Praying for you both as you go through this personal storm that can’t be easy. At least it’s not tax season on top of it all.

    I had to laugh about the ‘ruling class’ medical schedulers, that’s really so true.

    I’m off to PT again today in a couple hours. This work break feels like it’s going by quickly. I was pretty active yesterday, which is good — and I need to plan more days like that, especially with the walking.

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  8. Thank you, Dj. God does not waste trials and tribulations but grows us through them. That is why we are to count it all joy, for the resulting maturation. Doen’t my gray hair show I am maure enogh, already?

    I was just on the phone with Georgia Power folks who trimmed my neighbor’s maple on our property line. They left a limb dangling almost to the ground in our yard. I had to leave detailed info and someone will be back with me on Tues. I said they coild send one guy with a ladder and saw or a long handled tree tfimmer. It wouldn’t take one of their big trucks.

    And Art is launched off to Urgent Care. It took all morning to work out an appointment, but not with our provider’s office but with an affiliate urgent care.

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  9. A long handled tree trimmer robot, lol!

    It is the second high season for taxes. Corporate extension deadline was on Thurs. so Art spent Wed. night at the office trying to salvage what he could, and personal tax extension deadline is Oct. 15, so we do have business stresses mingling in with all the medical mess of late. It is amazing to see how many things can go crazy all at the same time. But I am Woman! God strengthens me when I am weak. Wearing a sports bra 24/7 empowers me to be up for the challenge and battles of life😀💪🏋️‍♀️ And I am on estrogen blocker!!!

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  10. Thanks for the humor, Janice. Just went for a walk with my friend. Went further and faster than I would have gone alone, but it felt good.

    Phone has deleted contacts, none of my children are in there. My friend showed me that I could find them in messenger. This is crazy.

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  11. Trials and tribulations — our sermon last week was on “Where Was God on 9/11” but it also extended to the question of where is God during any difficult time. All for His purpose.

    I’ve been through a season of much personal loss in the past 2-1/2 years, still struggling through it all.

    PT went well, he had me on what they call the “shuttle” — they had me using that before when the knee was initially injured. Hardest part is getting on and off the thing, you lie down with your feet and lets up on a board and then push off, back and forth.

    But it’s all good, getting flexible and stronger. The knee is doing well, pretty much normal range now on bending it all the way up and back while lying down, and going straight.

    There will be some residual pain, he said, that’s normal, but he said to jump on the stationary bike I have at home as often as I can and also to walk, of course.

    Hope Art doesn’t have a long wait at Urgent Care. I like the idea of him being “launched” out 🙂

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  12. A couple nights ago before bed, as I was checking in the entryway to make sure the front door was locked, I noticed that one of Boy’s shoes was kicked off in front of their door. Whenever I see something like that, I kick the shoe or whatever off to the side so that no one trips on it coming through their door. As I went to do just that, I ended up stubbing my toes on the weedwhacker that is lying down on the floor off to the side.

    Couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of hurting myself in trying to keep them from getting hurt.

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  13. BSF is doing an entirely new study called the Divided Kingdom. I could actually purchase, tho someone gave it to me, the whole year’s notes and questions bound in a ring binding.

    My son texted me today and we had a great conversation. They are planning on coming down in October.

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  14. Jo, that sounds like a good study — and getting notes in advance, in a binder, what a treat. In the past, as you probably also remember, they were guarded under lock and key, distributed on the week of the study only, no exceptions.

    Glad to hear the organization has lightened up a bit.

    I made the long-overdue appointment for Annie Oakley with the vet, I take her in on the 26th for various shots and checkups. The vet was sending me strongly-worded cards that were making me feel guilty and like a very bad owner.

    “This is our third attempt to contact you … ” “Annie Oakley is extremely past due …” “Please make an appointment as soon as possible”

    Oy. Ok, Ok.

    The two very-needy old dogs had sucked all the air out of the room for the past 2 years with regard to pet care here.

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  15. Art saw a great doc. I looked him up since Art liked him and found he is regional director of this urgent care group. Art was given a script for an antibiotic and they took a sample from his gut which should reveal if he has a problem somehow related to the colonoscopy. He tested negative for Covid and flu, and they are doing a second long version of the Covid test. So glad we found a new good doc. Our closest facility in this group, only a mile away, was being difficult to access for an appointment. Art got right in at this one which is along the way to our small but excellent hospital.

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  16. I had that congestion most all of yesterday, but drank lots of herbal tea and took a rose hips capsule in the morning and one late. After I took the second one it all seemed to clear out. Not a problem today.


  17. Hi Kim.

    Good news, Janice, hope he’ll be on the mend quickly with those meds.

    I just got back from my modest neighborhood walk — I find I have to greet and say something to all the dogs and dog owners I pass.

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  18. Janice, I believe that is why my dad always said he and my mom were like a well-matched pair of Percherons (sometimes it was Clydesdales). I see it more and more in our life as we age. Both helping each other is what it takes.

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  19. Went to my youngest daughters after a couple of errands. She is really getting the new house together. I went because Archie had an assignment to interview a relative and find out things about when they first came to this county. Then I kept telling Becky things. As the youngest she doesn’t know as much family history or my history.

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