28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-15-22

  1. Aj, I hope you are doing OK.
    Happy Birthday Kevin!
    Janice, Is there a homeless shelter or some place that feeds people a hot meal for free? Perhaps you could bless them with the ham. I’m sure they don’t get Honey Baked Ham often.

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  2. All right, for yesterday’s story….
    Tuesday night one of my agents wanted to know if I wanted a listing referral in Alabama. Of course! Yesterday I called the lady and made an appointment to see her at 1pm. About 11 a lender sent me a text and asked if I wanted a listing referral in the same area. I was thinking Ok God what’s going on. The lender called me and I finally asked if it was this lady’s name. It was the same.
    It is a mobile home that she has lived in since 2002. She has been in the process of updating it and her husband died suddenly 8 or 9 months ago. I didn’t leave until 3 pm. I got there at 1pm. Sometimes being a realtor turns into being a therapist and listening. Her husband was 15 years younger than her. He had a photographic memory so he could remember the “marks” /logos on highly collectible items so part of the mobile home is filled with things that he picked up at garage sales and thrift stores then sold. He had left some of the things priced and she has been able to sell them but when she had someone come in to look at everythiing he offered her $2,700 for everything. Her husband also was a watch repairer and so she has thousands of dollars of his equipment but no one to sell it to.
    Anyway… As I sat talking to her she started telling me about him dying. Several months before he died she had been in the bathroom and almost touched the light switch with wet hands. She stopped but says she heard a voice say, “It doesn’t hurt to die. Lilly is under the porch”. Lilly was her 14 year old dog and when her husband got home they found her dead under the porch.
    At some point after this she was in Texas visiting family and her husband called her to tell her he had been watching a church service (locally broadcast) and that he was saved. He quoted a scripture to her and then she saw the scripture printed on something later that day. She said she was so relieved to know her husband believed and was saved.
    One evening they sat down to watch TV together and he made a groan. She said she just “knew” but asked God, “Please don’t take him”. She heard a voice say, “I have”.
    What is significant about this story is as you know my Aunt Sandy had a liver transplant. Her body produces too much iron and eventually it damages the liver. She had chosen not to be on the transplant list. She was home when she started bleeding and almost bled out. After that she went on the transplant list and received a liver.
    Several years ago, maybe 2018 or 19, she and I were driving to the beach for Black Family Christmas and she started talking to me about all of it. She held my hand and told me, “It doesn’t hurt to die”. She then told me how close she had come to death several times.
    As you can imagine hearing from this woman yesterday the same words, “It doen’t hurt to die”. sent a chill up my spine.
    Oh and in case you were wondering she asked me if I believed Jesus was my Lord and Savior. We had a good chat and came up with a plan to sell her house and get her closer to her mother and sister.

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  3. The flower is pretty. The ham (from yesterday) sounds delicious. May you be granted wisdom what is best to do with it. The story is very interesting, Kim.

    Happy birthday, Kevin.

    We had our first Wednesday off from playing music in months. There is too much Covid at the apartment building. The group plays this afternoon at an assisted living place. This place has the smallest audience. We have no idea why.

    We are back to cooler weather and rain is predicted. Sounds like we will get a couple of inches. The leaves are turning color. I decided to pick a bunch of apples from one of our crabapple trees. I have never picked any of the small apples before. This year the berries and apples are just so prolific I thought it would be a good year to see what the juice tastes like. I will use for crabapple jelly or crabapple/chokecherry jelly.

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  4. Kim, your Woo Woo stories seem a bit like foreshadowing when all added together๐Ÿ˜ณ And they would make for a good movie or Twilight Zone episode. I hear the music . . .

    I at first thought Woo Woo stories were Ah-woo-woo stories about being in trouble and guilty about something. I thought you must have been accused and needing to be guilted and shamed for your ancestors having owned slaves.

    I am thinking if I can get energized then I will put that ham in managable size quart freezer bags to have on hand for using later for events and holidays when we are with family and friends who eat meat. The monthly pot lucks with my WMU ladies hardly ever have much meat. Then I can truthfully send a thank you note to the client saying how our family will be using that ham at our special occasions. Knowing her personally, she is not one to donate much to anything other than animal causes.

    If I can’t round up energy then I will ask first at my new church which has a food pantry for dry goods. I know they know lots of people in need. Then, how do I word a thank you note?


  5. I actually pulled on a sweatshirt this morning.

    Today is the day we need to load up and pull the trash bins down to the curb for the Friday morning pickup. My neighbors have handled it for me since my surgery but now I think I’m good to do it on my own this week.

    Those are some strange tales, Kim.

    And I see the rail strike was averted (I was almost sure it would be, too much at stake).

    Thursday morning mental ramblings.

    This is Thursday, right?

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  6. Annie’s seriously overdue for a vet visit which I was going to take care of while I’m off.

    But I hate thinking of going to the vet’s — a place where there will be (for now) such a stark reminder of having to so recently put both of the dogs down. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  7. A little chilly here at 51. My youngest daughter brought a trunk that I had packed up from the basement for me. So I unpacked a blanket that her older sister had made me that is lined with flannel or polar fleece. It is just the thing.
    Well, I have heard nothing from that daughter since July when she was here. I decided to send her a text of appreciation for the blanket, which I did. She actually answered.

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  8. Thanks, Kim, for that thank you note suggestion.

    My energy level has not made up it’s mind yet.

    My nose is stuffy so waiting to see if that turns into anyyhing. I have been out late to the grocery stores due to Art’s stomach upset . . . Gatorade, saltines, gingerale, etc. and I knew it was a risky time to be out but felt it necessary. Of course I was double masked. And I have been around my brother some unmasked. He has been in many places helping his vet friend get services. Covid is always lurking in the back of my mind. How long has it been since Covid was not lurking?

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  9. “I know we will enjoy it.” — or, if it is donated, a wording tweak to: “It will be very much enjoyed.”

    Hopefully just the signs of a cold or allergy, Janice.

    We’re all thoroughly sick and tired of Covid. It was said early on that “Pandemics don’t last forever.” This one feels like it has. But I think even the Spanish flu lasted “only” 3 years?

    The expiration date on this one has to be coming soon.

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  10. So what I’m hearing is Cali just had its first “dog park cold” day of the year. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m doing OK, not nearly as horrible as the first time around for sure.

    Thanks for the prayers and concern folks, I appreciate it.

    Kim I know that ham will have something wonderful happen to it in your kitchen.

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  11. Yeah, I’m with AJ, keep the ham if possible ๐Ÿ™‚ Ham sandwiches!

    Glad to hear you’re doing ‘ok,’ Aj. This round seems to be much milder, thankfully.

    But we’re still praying.

    While it’s not exactly cold here, it is very comfortable at 75 degrees here near the coast just past noon. We are all much relieved. We’ll get even cooler weather by the weekend, highs in the 60s. No guarantees after that, however, as September typically is a very warm month out here.

    I spent some time on the stationary bike here at home, did a few exercises, more to come. And I’m starting to pick up around here at last. I need to also load up the car with a bag of clothing to drop off, unused canned dog food to take to the local shelter, and some amazon slippers to return (too narrow).

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  12. It’s 82ยฐ and feels like 83ยฐ in the high time for afternoon temps. Sweet! We are on a no rain streak for a week so I had to water some plants today. They are not acclimated to dry weather.

    I took ibupropin and have my friendly ice pack under my arm. It’s not necessary but feels comforting.

    What I’d really like is some mac and cheese with chunks of ham in it. I use to like tuna mac and cheese with maybe some green peas in the concoction.

    Well, I just happen to have the green peas right here!

    Bro is a good person to help take folks like his friend to the doctor. Since Bro use to be a pharma rep he knows many doctors and just what to say. He is able to get them to be even more attentive because he is aware of meds and procedures.

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  13. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I took the day off and have been spending the day catching up on things that were neglected during the Covid bout – some laundry, getting blood work done, getting and installing the fluorescent bulb over the kitching sink, stuff like that.

    AJ, I’m so sorry to read belatedly that you have Covid again. I’m glad it’s milder this time.

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  14. Dropped off the bag of donated clothes, got the ill-fitting slippers returned and dropped lots of cans of dog food at the city animal shelter.

    I was surprised when I started to cry after leaving the food, I guess it felt so final or something. I’ll always miss those 2 dogs. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  15. Oh, Dj. ๐Ÿ˜ฅThat is a sad moment. But I am so thankful you were up to doing that. I was thinking today how far you have come since your surgery. Leaps and bounds (well, almost) in progress! You are doing great.

    I spoke to my Nurse Navigator today who will be with me on this journey if I have questions. Pressing question was, how long do I have to wear the sports bra all day and night. I can cut down on it at night but can keep wearing it at night, too, if desired. It has been better than I expected.

    Then she said I can start driving๐Ÿ˜ณ I said I had already driven to and shopped at Sam’s last week๐Ÿ˜€ That was okay since I only took the prescription pain relief the first night. They don’t want people on narcotics driving.

    I found out that they don’t use the ‘old-fashioned’ staging numbers anymore there at this cutting edge (๐Ÿคฃ) hospital, but for those who ask I can say it equates to a 2 or 2 1/2.

    I also got good info on the radiation therapy. I am sure Art does not realize it is daily, M-F, for about four weeks or so. I had no idea. We once had to go daily for his PT for several weeks. All this, too, shall pass.

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  16. We had the best audience ever for music at that assisted living facility. Not sure if it was the cooler weather or what. I am always amazed how many residents and staff go outside to smoke at this place. The door they go out to do that is right by where the music is played, so we cannot help noticing.

    This facility is quite interesting. It was a hotel in its former life. The place the group plays is in the pool area. There are tables where the pool used to be. It is a large room with a lot of windows. The people sit in recliners right near the band or at one of the many tables available around the room.

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  17. Just got back from my house. I worked a little more on getting the wall paper glue off. I am very slow. It is hard to get up high or down low. But little by little I will get it done. You have to get it wet and then it comes off. I had the floor quite wet and was a little worried about slipping. Also haven’t done any walls where there are electrical outlets. I suppose that I should turn off the power first. hmmm… where is that?
    I also did some leaf blowing. I think that I mostly blew dirt on myself. Glad I didn’t take a shower today.
    I sound old, but my mobility is old.

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  18. Janice, you’re a trooper.

    I’m not leaping yet, but did have a fairly active day. And I got the 3 large trash bins loaded and wheeled down the driveway (which slopes into a downward hill half way, so you have to hold tight and walk with a steady gait so you and the wheeled, heavy bins don’t go flying).

    That’s the first time I’d done that since the surgery.

    I also got Annie’s litter box outdoors and washed out, hauled the new bag of litter from the front door to the back bedroom near the box (I’d put that off as those bags are pretty heavy).

    And I’m thinking that this next Sunday (or maybe the one after) I’ll make the return to live church, now that the surgery is behind me, along with the first weeks of rehab. Catching Covid now, should that happen, won’t pose so much of a hurdle. My main concern earlier was avoiding the surgery being postponed should I get sick so I was being a little extra careful about crowded indoor settings (which our church definitely is).

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