37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-14-22

  1. Get plenty of rest, AJ. Of course, you already knew that. The the virus usually makes it such that all you want to do is rest.

    We’re all praying for you.

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  2. I am sorry AJ. I will suggest this:
    Find some Fever Tree Tonic Water. If you can find the Elderberry that would be even better. This tonic water has true quinine in it. Mix it with one package of Emergen-C. It makes a tasty little concoction. I have had one most moringing since I had Covid in January of 2021.
    Yesterday at the store the Fever Tree rep was there stocking the shelves. He made a comment about all the requests he is getting for the Elderberry. I smiled and told him why.

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  3. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here. The roosters are crowing and the smoke has lifted a bit though the fires continue to burn.

    Off to Moscow in a bit. We will leave in time to give daughter her meds and then get up there in time to relieve sis in law.

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  4. I told you I had a Woo Woo story to tell from Sunday.
    First let me say that the gathering for Byron was very nice and many stories were told about him. People cried as they told then and laughed as they told them. One of my favorites was to never take too much bait when you went fishing with him. He fished until all the bait was gone. Another was getting stopped by the marine police and they wanted to see the boat registration. He got his wallet, looked at one registration and said, “No this isn’t it”. After pulling multiple boat registrations out, the marine police told him never mind and let him go.
    The best for me was when a teacher at the Christian school his son’s children attend spoke. He said he knew Byron when he was a child but it was a priviledge to minister to him as an adult and the involvement he had at the school with his grandchilldren. It eased my mind some.

    Now the the Woo-Woo.
    I have known this story since I first met my friend Leslie. Her family were very involved in sailing and I got to go to many regattas with them. Before I met her there at been an accident at one of the regattas where 3 , 14 year old boys were electricuted on a boat. They had mentioned to the yacht club that the power line near their boat seemed low and were told it was high enough. Obviously it wasn’t.
    One of the boys is now married to a friend of mine. They were also friend’s of Leslie and we decided to go to the memorial together. There we met with Jay who turned out was also one of the boys who were electricuted. At dinner my friend asked him to tell her his story of what happened.
    He started with he had always attended church with his parents, but had gotten in his share of trouble as 14 year old boys tend to do. Turns out the night before the incident the boys had found a beer truck that was unlocked and helped themselves.
    He was thrown from the boat when the shock came through. He says he died and remembers coming to as they were doing CPR on him. Where his story differs is that while he saw a light, instead of getting closer to it, he was getting farther away from it and knew he was going to hell. I was fascinated because that is the first time I have ever heard a story like this where the person wasn’t going to heaven. He even made a comment about someone else who had “died and gone to heaven” that there weren’t telling the truth. It turns out that later it was proven the person had lied about it. Ok. I can hang with you through this….
    Until I couldn’t.
    He started saying there are no children in heaven. Everyone is the age that Christ was when they died. OK. I don’t know if that is true or not, what with never having been to heaven myself.
    Turns out when he was 26 he lost his job and stayed home to raise their children while his wife worked. He found a “minister” on TV that goes all they way back to the “original” Hebrew text to interpret the Bible. He started talking about Lucifer being cast out from heaven and having dominion over the earth. Somehow when the serpent spoke to Eve and gave her knowledge of good and evil he had sex with her. That is where Cain comes from. Since she now had this knowledge she went and had sex with Adam and that is where Able came from. White man has only been on this earth about 6,000 years but the Chinese, Indians, and other cultures have been here longer and they are of the devil.
    I’m not sure how he came to all of these conclusions but it turned scary to me. His wife started jumping in with comments. They don’t attend church because churches just have a formula. The read some scripture, talk for a few minutes, then pass the plate for money. They study the Bible at home and worship with their children there.
    I called my friend Monday morning and told her to be really, really careful. This is how cults get started.

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  5. Morning and oh no Aj! As Peter said we are praying you through this and trusting the Lord to heal you quickly ♥️ And you already had it at it’s earliest entry so what’s that all about anyway???

    It is a cloudy morn here with rain to move in later on. Fall is definitely in the air and the end of summer flowers are in their full glory. The deer have been kind to not encroach upon my garden space thus far. Perhaps the presence of two dogs is a bit intimidating to them

    Now I must go look up the concoctions Kim is talking about. I know of the Elderberry as that is quite popular with Moms in the area…the other is new to me! Thanks for giving us that tidbit of information Kim and Aj you need to listen to her!! 😂

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  6. In case anyone is interested, here is an update of our music-lesson dilemma about which I asked for some advice last spring. First, Michelle, I really took your thoughts to heart, which lessened my aggrevation around practice time. So thank you and others who commented.

    We tossed it around all summer and came up with a resolution we all like. Second granddaughter wants to take music lessons, too (flute) so the solution is that the lessons for both of them for the year will be their birthday and Christmas presents. That also solves the problem of gifts for them because they have so much “stuff” and their other grandmother continually buys them more. And this way, we don’t care whether they practice or not.

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  7. The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system. They could help tame inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect your heart, too. Some experts recommend elderberry to help prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms.Sep 21, 2020

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  8. That sounds like a wise decision, Linda.

    Sorry to hear your news, Aj. You are in my prayers.

    That theology is way off the mark, and it doesn’t matter whether he thinks he was heading to heaven or hell. Dangerous territory for him and his family and all others influenced by him. He surely needs prayer!

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  9. Morning all. Bible study Fellowship begins today so I’d better get cracking. I said I would be a greeter so have to be there early. Good thing that I only have to walk across the parking lot.

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  10. Picking up on what kathaleena said at 10:45, it’s been said we are all theologians — we can be good theologians or bad theologians. That’s definitely some off-the-wall theology (the “theology of me”) @9:31. Making it up as we go along, taking bits and pieces from various dubious sources along with one’s own dreams or visions or fanciful ideas, all cobbled together.

    The Bible tells us we need sound teaching and we ignore that at our peril.

    What a good night’s sleep I had last night — after I didn’t get a moment’s sleep the night before thanks to the misfiring smoke alarm in my bedroom (which now sits disarmed on the patio).

    And our weather is cooling off nicely, it actually feels a little bit like fall here this morning.

    Sorry to hear about the covid test, AJ, may it be mild and short-lived.

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  11. We bought Adorable 9 (how?!) two months of guitar lessons for her birthday. We’ll see how she does and if she likes it, will continue paying.

    I would have preferred something like flute, but it wasn’t my choice. 🙂

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  12. Meanwhile, out here we had a 4.4 earthquake last night, about two miles west of our house. Followed by a pretty strong aftershock and that was it.

    I’ve never been so close to the epicenter before.

    The curious thing was I just finished teaching a class about the prophetic books Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. We had a lot of discussion about what prophecy is and why God spends 1/3 of the Bible on prophecy.

    They learned the lesson well.

    Yesterday during our prayer time, someone brought up earthquakes. “We haven’t had one in a long time.”

    She gets a gold star next Tuesday for practicing a prophetic gift. 🙂 LOL

    Anyway, the curious thing about an earthquake is you generally don’t realize you’re in one until someone says, “Is this an earthquake?” and half the time the earthquake is over.

    There’s usually one strong aftershock and then it’s over–all the while you’re still trying to reconciling yourself that you’ve been in an earthquake!

    The phone went positively berserk–which is why we knew for sure we were in an earthquake (!)–and there I was, scrambling around trying to 1. find it and 2. turn it off, while the house continued rattling.

    No damage except to my emotions, which remained unsettled for quite awhile.

    And, of course, now I need to find some gold star stickers somewhere for next Tuesday. 😉

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  13. Good morning, late. I put an update on the prayer thread.

    So sorry to hear that Covid is again with you, AJ. Agree in prayer that it will be mild and not repeating as Kevin’s did.

    Wow, Kim, your Woo Woo story was something and not along the lines I anticipated. It’s so sad to hear such distortions of God’s truth! He and his family need prayers to be led out of the darkness and lies from the pit of hell.

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  14. I’m selfishly struggling here. I was invited to speak at a women’s retreat on Biddy and My Utmost for His Highest–the last weekend we are in Israel.

    I so much want to go, that I looked into leaving the Israel trip early.

    I mean, Boston is halfway home, right?

    But, it’s impossible.

    So, I’m sending materials and trying to be at peace, but . . . this IS my subject. 😦

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  15. BSF was very different today since we hadn’t done a lesson. So they had us do a mini study during our group time. I was going to look up a word on my phone in the dictionary. And then realized my phone had done something , my daughters phone number was no longer there. I was confused and mentioned it and another gal said ‘rabbit trail’, which it was and then moved on with someone else. We were only in a little group of four. It sure felt strange to be rebuked by someone I didn’t know.

    Now as to that phone… have I lost contacts? that was my place that I kept everyone’s address and phone number. Very weird

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  16. Michelle, 😦 That would be a frustrating conflict. But Israel … what a wonderful time that will be. You’ve been before or not? I guess they can’t move the retreat on the calendar? I know those take much advance planning so I’m guessing not.

    Jo, your mention of BSF caused me some nostalgia. Those were fun years when I was super-involved in that back in the 1990s and early 2000s (I finally left in 2003 after 13 years). I guess it’s gone through a lot of changes (some good, I believe) based on what I’ve seen here and there and what I’ve picked up from a woman in my church who’s also been a discussion group leader as I was (but she also recently left).

    Sweet memories.


  17. Thanks NancyJill, I saw something pop up on FB this morning.

    I see the rail strike is still a live issue, it was one of the last deep-dive stories I did on the final week before I left for knee surgery. Hopefully it can be averted, otherwise it’ll be a pretty big supply-chain mess.

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  18. No, at these prices, this will be our only trip to Israel.

    When I looked through my material, I discovered more than enough information for the kind women in Boston, and one of them do the Q&A using my material.

    I volunteered to do a video beforehand or answer questions but, it turns out, I’m so thorough, the work is done already.

    So, I email all to them, will send two women copies of A Poppy in Remembrance (why ever not?), and will release the disappointment.

    It’s just a shame I haven’t mastered how to be in two places at once (think how handy that would be?), but then, I still can’t read my husband’s mind yet either, so maybe I’m just a mortal? 😉

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  19. Jo – That lady’s response sounds rude to me. You weren’t going down a rabbit trail with the study, but were having a problem with your phone. But I wasn’t there, so maybe it wasn’t as rude as it seems to me?


  20. Actually, the rabbit trail ban was what I didn’t like about BSF–that and the fact I learned (myself, no one did this to me) how rebellious I was.

    I always topped off the good Bible study by listening to Elisabeth Elliot driving home and she always finished convicting me! 🙂

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  21. Michelle: “It’s just a shame I haven’t mastered how to be in two places at once”

    Hey, if anyone can do that, it’ll be you 🙂

    BSF had some very strict rules that I understand have been loosened up a bit, which is good. The rabbit trail was a thing when I was around, too, but it really applied more to the actual group lesson time (which actually made sense as there was limited time to get through each week’s lesson). The fellowships, which were held maybe quarterly, were much different, time for each small group to relax and share in a much more informal way.

    My main concern about BSF “back in the day” was the rule about never sharing the notes with anyone, not even one’s pastor. It seemed to be working against the church in that way, I thought.

    But because members came from all different denominations, including some Roman Catholics, the idea (I believe from what I remember) was to be something of an island that focused exclusively on the Scriptures alone, guarding against denominational differences.

    Anyway, glad it’s still going and that they’ve loosed some of those “rules” up in more recent years (from what I understand).

    It serves a good purpose.

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  22. Oh, AJ, that’s not fun. Praying for an easy and quick recovery.

    I’m on my fourth or fifth week of what the doctor thinks is a viral infection. She said before Covid, they were noticing these viruses that made people sick for 6 – 8 weeks – feeling better one day and then sore throat and sick the next. She thinks now that C is slowing down (a bit) they are noticing those other viruses again. Sigh.

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  23. World Health Organization is now saying “The end (to the pandemic) is (or may be) in sight.”

    It’s what I keep thinking as no new variant alerts seem to be coming in the wake of the one that’s been dominating for so long now.

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  24. Kare – That is interesting to me because I was getting over Covid, then got a sore throat and continued feeling sick, although more mildly. However, in my case, I have thought that maybe my sore throat was really caused by swallowing a piece of something that had not been chewed well enough. The pain is more off to the side of my throat, not in the “usual” place.

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  25. Newest dilema: receipt of a $40.00 Honey Baked Ham from a nice client. I have exceeded my weight limit on lifting restricted to 5 lbs. by almost double. Still considering what to do with it . . . being veganish, on a low salt and sugar diet, and all . . .


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