The Blog’s 10 Year Anniversary

It was 10 years ago we began this little adventure. We’ve shared our ups and downs, joys and sadness, prayers and praises. It’s been a fun ride and I’m thankful you’ve all come along for it.

We’ve seen some members leave us and pass on to be with the Lord. The loss for us was hard, but their reward through faith in Christ and the salvation He offers was great gain for them. That knowledge made their loss easier to handle. We have been greatly blessed having known them.

You all have spent time in prayer for, loving on, grieving for, praying for, glorifying our Lord and sharing what’s He’s done for you, and lifting up one another. You’ve demonstrated what fellowship means, and I’m thankful for you all.

So this morning, I’ve put together some pics from all of you. We’ve all shared our “views” at one time or another, so here’s a small glimpse.

11 thoughts on “The Blog’s 10 Year Anniversary

  1. Oh my word I smiled and cried my whole way through the photos! Thank you Aj for keeping us together…I recall Chas saying those very words too!!! Love you fellow wanderers!!!

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  2. AJ, thank you so much for keeping this going each day. Thankyou for keeping this a place to share fellowship, joy, pain, prayers, struggles. I am thankful for each of you. Hoping for 10 more years.

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  3. Wow, internet and phone were down this morning and I just now got on. What a wonderful collection, such memories.
    Held together by prayer indeed.
    I know God is with me when I am alone, but He also sent all of you.

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  4. I just found time to look through the photos and read the posts. Wonderful collection you put together, AJ. It made me joyful to scroll through them.

    And thank you so much, A J, for keeping us afloat, when all of a sudden it seemed we’d been thrown overboard without a life jacket. Your ministry here is such a blessing to us all.

    In that song, Count Your Blessings . . . name them one by one, each of you individually are on my list!

    What a joy to go to a placd each day where everyone knows your name, but not only that, they are Christian anc will pray for you in the namr of Jesus. Thank you all again for praying for me at this time of need.

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  5. Some great photography here, nd cute pictures of children and pets, as well as wildlife.

    This song was going through my head while I looked at them:


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