Our Daily Thread 8-29-22

Good Morning!

Today is NancyJill and Paul’s anniversary. 🙂


Yesterday I received an email from Linda Shull. On Friday and Saturday the family held a burial service and family gathering for Chas and Elvera. She sent a couple of pics. One is in the header, here is the other. 

More photos at her Instagram page @LindaShull12


Anyone have a QoD?


30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-29-22

  1. Good morning everyone! Love the header. What a wonderfully fruitful family Chas has! And he only had one child. What a blessed life. Who could ask for more.

    Happy Anniversary NancyJill and Paul! Hope it’s a pleasant and special day for you both.

    I have a busy day today with prayer group, PT, and doctor appointment. But I will be checking in off and on for any updates on Janice and on the Prayer thread for requests. Have a great day y’all.

    [I still can’t ‘like’ anything, and wordpress is being a little cantankerous with my login… but I still like the wordpress format. It’s hard to beat.]

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  2. Good morning, indeed! What a glorious header for today, a day the Lord has made to be glad and rejoice in it! So thankful I got to see that photo.

    I had a very restful night. I will check in with y’all late today or tomorrow. I have the refrigerator stocked with our easy foods and we had some rearranging last night of lighting as I will need to be on the other side of the bed.

    Happy Anniversary, Nancyjill and Paul.❤⚘❤⚘

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  3. Morning and oh what a sweet surprise header photo! Our dear Chas is missed sorely but looking upon his and TSWITW’s precious family is such a delight! He was so blessed by them all and knowing they too trust our Lord in all things. And “little Charlie” is growing up so fast….I can alway pick him out of the crowd 😊

    Praying for Janice this early this morning as soon as I awakened. Trusting the Lord to bring her through a successful surgery and recovery.
    And praying for you too Aj concerning test results…trusting Him.

    Hoping your PT is improving the hip mobility Debra. It’s always good seeing you! Word has been frustrating lately for many of us. I just got it to cooperate on my iPad and now it’s acting up on my phone. Soon it will right itself I am sure!

    47 years…we just kind of looked at each other this morning in amazement….once our eyes focused and we had our first cup of coffee. 😂

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  4. Well, that is something to behold this Monday Mornning. Chas’ birthday was this month too. Oh how I miss knowing that man is praying for me.

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  5. Sometimes I amuse myself. This weekend I showed property Saturday and Sunday to a great couple. Saturday we looked at everything from the beach to a horse farm. Yesterday we focused on one particular area they liked best and went to this house twice.
    Saturday the woman said she was thirsty. I told her I had an extra bottle of water in the car I would give her, so I did. Yesterday I told the husband “I am probably the only agent that would show you million dollar properties and give you a bottle of water from WalMart, but if it was good enough for Sam Walton…” He laughed and told me they weren’t “those kind of people”. I had the best time with them and he assured me that he would teach me how to use Google Maps…when you are on an island and you have braces and a southern accent Siri can take you to some interesting places. I had the best time with them. It reminds me of one of the reasons I do this.
    Of course yesterday afternoon I took a nap and then I slept 8 hours last night.


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  6. Happy Anniversary, NancyJill and Paul! Those years do fly by so fast.

    Many people have no idea that there are millionaires among them. As Chas once said, people tend to spend as they have all their lives, even if it is no longer necessary. Plus, millionaires usually do not get to that category by reckless spending. I remember watching a man, who was a millionaire, picking up the empty soda cans at a family gathering.

    Happy Anniversary for the blog also. Those years have gone by so fast also. Thanks for the photos. They are fun to see.

    It is a delight to see Chas’ wonderful family. His love for them was so evident. What a blessing for them to know he was praying for them! What a blessing it was to know he was praying for us! It is a blessing knowing we are praying for one another and those we love or have concern for.

    I have learned a lot from the blog and appreciate the different perspectives.

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  7. Happy Anniversary Nancyjill & Paul ! 🙂

    I woke up praying for Jance & AJ, big calendar days for both today.

    I’m making progress in clearing up the glitches and remaining confusion on my state disability claim; HR said the copy from my files of the doctor’s certification form, which I’d found and emailed to them late Friday afternoon, would suffice for them and they’ve now issued the letter confirming my claim.

    I also was able to get the dates aligned — HR had my “start” date as 8/17, the day of the surgery, but on the state claim form I filed maybe a week or more ago I used 8/15 as I’d taken those 2 days off before the surgery and they were used mainly to take care of the final pre-op arrangements — covid test, DMV visit for temp handicapped placard, phone registration with the hospital for the surgery.

    HR said they’d just change the date on their end to be also the 15th to avoid any discrepancy. Whew.

    Only other thing I need to check — but I left a few voicemails/emails on this last week so I’ll wait to hear from them today — is to make sure the doctor’s office got my state Confirmation # for the form I filed online which will allow them to now fill out their portion of the claim.

    Having surgery really is exhausting.

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  8. Good morning, all. Or maybe good afternoon. A beautiful day here. We have been busy with one thing and another. Now I am listening to daughter make beautiful music while son shovels out the horse stall for my gardens.

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  9. Made my first (very) informal outreach today on what will be the future new dog search, just information gathering.

    Called a dog trainer in town I’ve used and known for years, she and I also are in the same dog obedience training club, and she’s going to pass on an Aussie breeder contact (very reputable, she says) who also would know about adult dogs that may be available (and maybe could keep an eye out for me).

    I’m not ready right now, to be sure. But thinking perhaps fall sometime, or toward the end of the year, I may be.

    “Just looking,” as they say.

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  10. Yep.

    And for me, it has to start with the process of poking about, talking with “go-connected” friends, thinking what a good match might be.

    So I’m ready to start that process and by the time ‘the one’ turns up, I’ll be ready to adopt what would be my 9th dog.

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  11. (I’m also looking for some specifics, including breed but also a dog that’s cat-friendly, of course, which will require a bit of a wait, I’m guessing.)

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  12. Still in recovery in hospital gown. Waiting for discharge. It was more extensive than thought. Took more lumph nodes so I have a drain to learn about.
    Later time for surgery than scheduled. Still a bit groggy. Taped eyes shut for surgery. One eye hurts like with grit in it. Good enperience overall. Christian nurse from Uganda who I asked to visit my church.😀

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  13. Janice you are a trooper! Checking in with us while still loopy?! Thanks for reporting in and we pray now for complete healing with ease of care. We love you sister ❤️

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  14. Fifteen has decided she likes music and after her experience teaching herself piano, she is ready to take on some more. Bought herself a guitar the other day and is currently playing the accordion an old bar hopping polka playing sister in Christ gave us years ago.

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  15. oh, Janice, so glad that you are home. Get some sleep and rest well. I believe that there will be more walking during your recovery than during Dj’s.

    I went shopping today and am so sore. Very difficult to walk. I ended up at Home Depot where I just looked at things to get ideas. Got the stuff to finish removing the wall paper glue and the step ladder that I needed. I was looking for the ladder at WalMart and i asked someone for help. I told him I was looking for a three step ladder and he showed me regular ladders. Then around the corner, he said there it is. So laying down on top of the shelves, way up high, was just what I wanted and he lifted it down. I asked another question about a step stool and he said, I don’t know I work in the bakery.

    Another customer found me the step stool.

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  16. …he said, I don’t know I work in the bakery.….
    Thanks for that giggle Jo!! Glad another customer helped you! 🪜

    Praying for restful sleep tonight Janice. And for you too Aj!! And Dj!!! And all!!❣️

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